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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Aleixo, Alexandre Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography, and Population Genetics of Xiphorhynchus (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) in the Amazon Basin Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-07-09
Benson, Lori Keene Aspects of the Behavioral Ecology, Life History, Genetics, and Morphology of the Hawaiian Kuhliid Fishes Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-09-18
Boeing, Wiebke Johanna Costs and Benefits of Daphnia Antipredator Behavior and Consequences on Community Stability Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-07-11
Devitt, Thomas James Systematics of the Western Lyresnake (Trimorphodon biscutatus) Complex: Implications for North and Middle American Aridland Biogeography Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-03-31
Haynes, Kyle Jonathan Herbivore Movement and Spatial Population Dynamics in a Heterogeneous Landscape Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2004-04-12
Hoffpauir, Brian Kevin Modulation of GABAergic Signaling in Retinal Amacrine Cells Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2004-01-09
Hrincevich, Adam Wayne Patterns of Nucleotide Substitution within and among Mitochondrial Gene Regions in Sea Stars (Leptasterias Spp). Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-01-20
Latiolais, Jared M. The Phylogenetic Underpinnings for Spatial Patterns of Morphological Disparity: Analyses Using Strombid Gastropods Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-11-12
McRae, Mark G. Microhabitat Use in an Assemblage of Native and Introduced Stream Fishes in Wailoa Stream, Island of Hawaii Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2001-11-13
Moyle, Robert Glen Molecular Systematics of Barbets and Trogons: Pantropical Biogeography, African Speciation, and Issues in Phylogenetic Inference Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-11-11
Naoki, Kazuya Evolution of Ecological Diversity in the Neotropical Tanagers of the Genus Tangara (Aves: Thraupidae) Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-07-10
Parham, James Elliott Spatial Models of Hawaiian Streams and Hawaiian Stream Fish Habitats Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-04-19
Rankin, Michele Lynn Odorant Receptors: Regulation, Signaling, and Expression Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-07-09
Rolen, Shane Howell Polyamines as Olfactory Stimuli in Goldfish Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-07-01
Styring, Alison Robinson Local, Regional, and Global Patterns of Woodpecker (Picidae) Diversity: Ecological Explanations and Practical Applications Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-11-05
Weckstein, Jason David Systematics and Cophylogenetics of Toucans and Their Associated Chewing Lice Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-09-25
Wissel, Bjoern Effects of Water Color on Food Web Structure in Freshwater Lakes Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2001-10-19

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