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Xavier, Déborah Magalhăes The influence of Commerce silt loam soil texture on reproduction and pathogenicity of Rotylenchulus reniformis on cotton Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2013-04-07
Xia, Miao Time-Variant Performance Assessment and Improvement of Existing Bridges Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-04-13
Xia, Tian Blind LDPC Encoder Identification Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-11-18
Xia, Kai Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Single DNA Nucleotides Transport Through Nanoslits Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2015-06-22
Xian, Qiao-Shuang Rediscovering Frederic Chopin's "Trois Nouvelles Etudes" Music 2002-11-12
Xiang, Hanyu Spatio-temporal Modeling of Louisiana Land Subsidence Using High-resolution Geo-spatial Data Geography & Anthropology 2017-06-06
Xiao, Ke Fractal Compression and Analysis on Remotely Sensed Imagery Geography and Anthropology 2003-01-24
Xiao, Yao Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Modulation and Inter-Carrier Interface Cancellation Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003-04-11
Xiao, Limin Gamma Ray Burst Redshift Catalog and Applications Physics & Astronomy 2010-07-07
Xiao, Nian Innovative Heat Transfer Augmentation Techniques in Mechanical Face Seal Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2014-08-27
Xie, Ning Oligomers of Beta-L-Arabinosides of Hydroxyproline: Synthesis of the Carbohydrate Epitope of the Art v 1 Allergen Chemistry 2013-07-19
Xie, Lin Optimization of Adult Multipotent Stromal Cell-Bioscaffold Interactions for Tissue Regeneration with Bioreactors Accounting 2012-01-25
Xie, Zhiqiang Novel Design and Synthesis of Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2017-04-09
Xin, Tinghui Monolithic Integration of High-Aspect-Ratio Microstructures with CMOS Circuitry Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-06-24
Xing, Jinchuan Mobile Elements and Primate Genomic Variation Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2005-03-04
Xu, Rong Analysis of Diagnostic Testing of Sustained Casing Pressure in Wells Petroleum Engineering 2002-11-14
Xu, Yichuan Solid-Phase DNA Sequencing Reactions Performed in Micro-Capillary Reactors and Solid-Phase Reversible Immobilization in Microfluidic Chips for Purification of Dye-Labeled DNA Sequencing Fragments Chemistry 2003-02-21
Xu, Aimin Chemical Production Complex Optimization, Pollution Reduction and Sustainable Development Chemical Engineering 2004-10-25
Xu, Baifu An Economic Analysis of Private Market Wetland Values in Southwestern Coastal Louisiana Environmental Studies 2004-11-12
Xu, Wei Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Interfacial Interactions at Reservoir Conditions Petroleum Engineering 2005-04-11
Xu, Han Created Environments Voluntarily Colonized by Spartina Alterniflora in Coastal Louisiana Agronomy & Environmental Management 2006-01-12
Xu, Yanlong Simulating Protein Evolution Via Thermodynamic Models Chemistry 2006-07-12
Xu, Baifu An Hedonic Analysis of Southwestern Louisiana Wetland Prices Using GIS Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2007-07-12
Xu, Yanjun Creep Behavior of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Renewable Natural Resources 2009-08-30
Xu, Wanli Silicon Nanowire Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Fabrication, Characterization and Solid Electrolyte Interphase Chemical Engineering 2011-05-19
Xu, Junyue Essays on Risk and Volatility Economics 2011-11-03
Xu, Ping Immigration, the Welfare State and Income Inequality in Sixteen OECD Countries, 1970-2007 Political Science 2012-05-25
Xu, Huanhuan Non-rigid Registration of 2-D/3-D Dynamic Data with Feature Alignment Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-11-09
Xu, Huanhuan Heterogeneous Volumetric Data Mapping and its Medical Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-06-21
Xu, Huanhuan Adaptive Stochastic Conjugate Gradient Optimization For Temporal Medical Image Registration Mathematics 2013-09-03
Xu, Yanqing Built Environment and Risk of Obesity in the United States: A Multilevel Modeling Approach Geography & Anthropology 2014-08-27
Xu, Guoji Investigating Wave Forces on Coastal Bridge Decks Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-06-23
Xu, Wangwang Novel Design of Nanostructured Material for Advanced Energy Conversion And Storage Devices Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2017-06-23
Xue, Lin A Study on Fairness and Latency Issues over High Speed Networks and Data Center Networks Computer Science 2014-04-07
Xue, Zhichao Ex-companions of Supernovae Progenitors Physics & Astrononomy 2017-07-06
Xypolia, Aspasia Children's Perception of Racial Urban Boundaries: A Case Study in Baton Rouge Landscape Architecture 2003-07-08

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