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Abel, Joseph Martin Leaving Special Educators Behind? An Analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act and its Impact on Special Education Teachers Social Work 2009-11-10
Ahn, Bonnie The Perceptions of and Attitudes toward Partner Abuse among First Generation Korean-Americans: Their Relationships to the Incidence of Partner Abuse Social Work 2002-04-01
Alghafli, Zahra Aqeel Familial Relationships Among Muslim Couples and Parents in the United States: A Qualitative Study Social Work 2015-03-09
Allison, Kelly Dale Stress, Anxiety Symptomology, and the Need for Student Support Services for University Freshmen of First-Generation Status, Low-SES Backgrounds, and those Registered with Disabilities Social Work 2015-04-13
Bickham III, Louie Fletcher A Cross-Sectional Study of the Relationship between Political Ideology and State Legislative Responses to Payday Lending Social Work 2012-04-19
Bickham III, Louie Fletcher Testing the Asset-Based Theory of American Social Welfare: Does a Future-Orientation Mediate the Relationship between Asset-Ownership and Financial Responsibility? Social Work 2016-03-01
Blackmon, Bret James Reducing Juvenile Justice Involvement through a Childhood Truancy Intervention Social Work 2014-03-31
Borne, Pilar Thompson Social Work Students’ Attitudes Toward Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: The Importance of Religiosity and Feminist Ideology Social Work 2011-04-21
Bowman, Angela M. Psychometric Re-evaluation of the Spiritual Support Scale Social Work 2012-04-06
Boykin, Lolita Cecelia Integrating Natural Coping and Survival Strategies of African American Women into Social Work Practice: Lessons Learned from the Works of Nannie Helen Burruoghs Social Work 2003-07-07
Brothers, Jonathan Scott Exploring the Predictors of Psychological Distress in Children Following the Gulf Coast Hurricanes of 2005 Social Work 2015-04-13
Brown, Mary Ellen Investing in the Civic Economy: Social Capital and Choice Neighborhoods Social Work 2015-07-13
Calix, Alexandra R Is the Ecomap a Valid and Reliable Social Work Tool to Measure Social Support? Social Work 2004-04-07
Carhee, LaKeshia Marie The Qualities That Black Men and Women Most Appreciate about One Another: A Qualitative Examination Social Work 2014-12-11
Chevallier, Michelle Elise An Exploratory Study of Social Work Supervisors' Supervisory Styles, Motivations, and Evaluative Processes Social Work 2008-04-08
Crutchfield, Jandel The Louisiana Recovery School District's Long Term Relationship to Student Dropout and Achievement Social Work 2013-05-30
Curtis , Meagan Relationship Between Adult Mentors and Placement Outcomes Among At-Risk Youth Social Work 2012-04-26
de la Houssaye, Deborah Ann National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) New Orleans Helpline Analysis Social Work 2016-04-08
DeJohn, Tara Valinchus An Exploration of the Paradigm of Kinship Caregiving and Caregivers’ Experiences with Child Welfare and Public Welfare Systems Using Critical Theory Analysis Social Work 2011-04-24
Dinecola, Cassie Correlates of Interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders Among Social Work Graduate Students Social Work 2012-04-23
Faulk, Karen Caring Attitudes Among Child Welfare Caseworkers: Associations with Client Participation in Services Social Work 2010-07-07
Foil, Heather Chance Psychometric Extension of the Memory for Names Test Social Work 2016-04-05
Foretich, Rachel Suzanna Government Spending and Child Well-being: A correlational study of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Countries Social Work 2013-04-11
Fortier, Andre' Alzheimer's Caregiving Appraisal Social Work 2008-07-09
Geiger, Jennifer R. SNAP Use Among Older Adults Social Work 2013-04-11
Guan, Xian Early Behavior Problems in School, Juvenile Delinquency, and Adult Incarceration: A Longitudinal Examination of Pathways to Crime among a Ten-Year Birth Cohort in Louisiana Social Work 2012-08-17
Harrison, Rob Distance as a Barrier to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Access in Post-Katrina Orleans Parish Social Work 2008-11-13
Hasha, Margot H. Measuring the Impact of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Intervention on Perceived Stress and Study Skills of Social Work Graduate Students Social Work 2009-07-13
Hawkins, Vonnie L Student Social Workers' Attitudes about Domestic Violence and Implications for Social Work Education Social Work 2007-04-11
Hebert, Corie Gail An Examination of the Presence of Social Work Intervention with Home Health Care Recipients and Related Home Health Care Outcomes Social Work 2007-04-10
Hebert, Racheal E Rape Myth Acceptance Among Law Enforcement Social Work 2013-04-12
Hilton, Jaime Collins Let the Church Rise: The Acceptance of Government Funding By the Religious Community in New Orleans Post-Katrina Social Work 2008-04-09
Hodnett, Rhenda Hotard Parent Education in a Child Welfare Setting: Understanding Maltreatment Following an Intervention for Parents and Their Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-school Children Social Work 2010-04-08
Hunter, Dana R. A Preliminary Investigation of the Demographic, Systematic Risk, and Systematic Promotive Factors that Influence Higher Educational Attainment among Foster Care Youths and Young Adults who Age Out of the Foster Care System Social Work 2013-10-22
Johnston, Elizabeth S. LSU Mental Health Service Program Evaluation Social Work 2007-04-12
Jordan, Rhonda Lee The Effects of Coping Strategies on Burden among Louisiana Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers Social Work 2012-04-19
Joseph , Alice A Study of Elementary School Children at Risk for Truancy: Exploring Gender Differences, Services Offered, and Other Factors Related to Truancy Social Work 2008-04-11
Keegan, Robyn Eileen Volunteer Retention at the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center Social Work 2014-04-13
Kim, Shinyeol The Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Social Support, and Acculturation on the Mental and Physical Health among Korean American Older Adults in Chicago Metropolitan Area Social Work 2002-10-29
Kim, Heeyoung The Effect of Children's Perceptions of Attachment Security and Emotion Regulation on School Disengagment among Elementary School Truants Social Work 2008-04-07
Landeche, Patricia The Correlation Between Creativity and Burnout in Public School Classroom Teachers Social Work 2009-07-08
Ledoux, Melissa Clare TOPS Tech Utilization: Systemic Barriers and Facilitators in Louisiana Social Work 2014-04-14
Lewis, Lisa Marie Attitudes Toward Police among College Students: Differences among Race, Social Work Status, and University History Social Work 2016-04-05
Little, Kristina Psychometric Evaluation of a Proposed, Alzheimer's Aggression Scale Social Work 2011-04-05
Lovelace, Lauren McKinsey The Effect of Coping Strategies on Burden Among Male Alzheimer's Caregivers Social Work 2012-04-26
Lovett, Erin Wallace Caregiver Attitude, as Expressed Verbally in a Group Setting,and Its Association with Children's Attachment Security Social Work 2011-04-28
Maberry, Steven L. Physical Activity Promotion from the Social Cognitive Theory Perspective: An Examination of Mobile Fitness Apps Social Work 2016-06-27
Maillet, Margaret Haviland Infertility and Marital Adjustment: The Influence of Percpetion of Social Support, Privacy Preference and Level of Depression Social Work 2002-10-31
Malone, Missy T The Influence of Social Support and Mental Illness on Punishment for Rule Violations Among Male Prisoners Social Work 2017-04-06
Masinter, Blaine Stewart Interrelationships Among Physical Health, Health Risk Factors, Psychosocial Characteristics, and Social Support in Individuals with Major Depressive Disorder Receiving Integrated Care in Community Mental Health Settings Social Work 2016-05-18
Mills, Rachael Elizabeth Individuals with Dementia in Respite Care: Longitudinal Changes in Anxiety, Social Engagement, and Problem Behaviors Social Work 2016-04-04
Moon, Lisa Braddock A Comparison of Mental Health Service Delivery Programs in Arkansas Public School Systems Social Work 2009-07-02
Muggivan , Sean Seosop The Times-Picayune's Coverage of Three Incidents Resulting in Capital Trials Social Work 2011-04-26
Murray, Jill Elizabeth Differentiating Beliefs of Insured and Uninsured, Insurance-Eligible State Employees: A New Application of the Health Belief Model Social Work 2004-01-28
Nichols, Alan J. The Influence of a School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Program in Reducing Smoking Among Sixth Grade African American Students in Louisiana Social Work 2006-11-09
Nicholson, Alan Altruism and Alcohol Dependence: Is There a Relationship Between Helping Others and Recovery? Social Work 2010-07-09
Norwood, Rhonda Comparing Kin and Non-Kin Foster Parents' Emotional Investment in Their Young Children. Social Work 2007-07-13
Novoa, Martha P The Effects of Reiki Treatment on Mental Health Professionals Who Are at Risk for Secondary Traumatic Stress Social Work 2011-11-04
O'Pry, Rachel Kathleen Louisiana Social Workers: A Study on Attitudes Toward LGBT Youth Social Work 2012-04-26
Olson-McBride, Leah Examining the Influence of Popular Music and Poetry Therapy on the Development of Therapeutic Factors in Groups with At-Risk Adolescents Social Work 2009-11-10
Onwujuba, Chinwe A Tale of Two Cultures: A Qualitative Narrative of Nigerian Immigrant Parenting in the United States Social Work 2015-06-09
Ourso, Jena Leigh Family-Related Risk Factors and Their Associations with Behavior Problems of Children in Foster Care Social Work 2013-07-11
Pennington, Laurie Elizabeth Comorbid Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse among Women: Knowledge, Training, and Preparedness of Graduate Counselor Education and Social Work Students Social Work 2005-04-14
Phillippi, Jr., Stephen W Analysis of the Association between Socio-Demographic Variables, Juvenile Offending, and Formal vs. Informal Juvenile Justice System Handling in a Non-Urban Sample Social Work 2007-11-12
Picciola, Alethia Marie The Role of Managers within the Welfare System: How Race and Negative Stereotypes about Clients Affect Managers’ Tolerance of Caseworker Discretion Social Work 2012-04-16
Powell, Francis J. Assessing the Identity of Black Indians in Louisiana: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Social Work 2004-01-17
Prattini, Robert J. Participation in Active and Passive Music Interventions by Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: Effects on Agitation Social Work 2016-11-07
Rawls, Jessica Marie Infusion of Gerontological Competencies in Social Work Social Work 2014-04-09
Rhodes, Judith L. Interrelationships Between Demographic, Psychosocial, and Academic Characteristics and GED Attainment Among At-Risk Youth Social Work 2007-07-07
Rhodes, Judith L. F. The Predictive Ability of Demographic and Psychosocial Risk Factors, School-Related Characteristics, and Service Interventions on Grade Attainment Among At-Risk Elementary School Children in a Truancy Intervention Program Social Work 2011-04-20
Richard, Laura Predictors of Practice Approaches and Activities of Louisiana School Social Workers: Toward a Model of Practice Social Work 2013-01-17
Schillings, Mary Katherine Spiritual Support as Coping among Alzheimer's Caregivers Social Work 2012-04-16
Skipper, Antonius Delvecco The Role of Religious Coping in the Marital Stability of Strong, African American Couples: A Strengths-Focused Approach. Social Work 2016-06-10
Smith, Margaret H. Discrimination of Sexual Minorities and Plans to Relocate Social Work 2013-04-15
Sternberg, Katherine Riker Interrelationships of Caregiving Characteristics, Burden of Caregiving, Depressive Symptomology, Physical Health, Self-Care, Life Satisfaction and Social Support of Social Workers Social Work 2013-04-02
Thomas, Johanna M An Examination of the Effectiveness of an Early Truancy Intervention for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism Amongst At-Risk Students through the Use of Regression Discontinuity Analysis Social Work 2011-03-31
Thomas, Katherine Anne Sociodemographic, Health, Health-Related, Health Risk, Psychosocial, and Treatment-Related Characteristics Associated with Retention Among Community Mental Health Clients in an Integrated Health Program Social Work 2017-04-07
Valle, Laura Pier Interrelationships among Medication Types and Health Characteristics in Individuals with Bipolar Disorder Receiving Integrated Health Services Social Work 2017-04-10
Ward, Crystal Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services: A Study of Child Welfare Workers' Burnout Social Work 2013-04-15
Weinzettle, Ruth Thornhill Parents Whose Attitudes Do Not Support Corporal Punishment: Descriptives, Correlates, and Predictors of Parents Who Spank and Parents Who Do Not Spank Social Work 2003-11-06
Whitney, Sabrina Michelle Juvenile Justice in Louisiana: An Exploratory Study of Trends Surrounding Juvenile Incarceration Social Work 2012-04-26
Wilson, Joseph Edward Investigating the Influence of Anti-Racist Education in Achieving Prejudice Reduction among Secondary Education Students Social Work 2006-04-05
Wright, Amy L. Relationship between Childhood Sexual Abuse, Weight, and Attitudes toward Obesity in Lesbians Social Work 2013-04-15
Abraham, Amanda J. Lock'em Up and Throw Away the Key: Racial Attitudes and the Structural Determinants of Support for Crime Policy among White Americans Sociology 2006-04-01
Aravena, Veronica Cuartas Mexican Women and Migration: The Effects of Education and Family Status Sociology 2002-04-19
Balan, Michelle Monique Effects of Immigrant Status on Mexicans in the United States Sociology 2002-01-28
Barranco, Raymond Latinos, Immigration Policy, and Geographic Diversification: Examining the Effects of Concentrated Poverty, Segregation, and Low-skill Employment on Homicide Sociology 2011-03-11
Bedenbaugh, Cheryl Papa Measuring Fear of Crime on Campus: A Study of an Urban University Sociology 2003-07-04
Berthelot, Emily R. Person or Place? A Contextual Event-History Analysis of Homicide Victimization Risk Sociology 2010-08-20
Bisciglia, Michael Gregory Cause of Hispanic Homicides in Major Metropolitan Areas Sociology 2008-01-11
Boutte, Michael L. Variation in Job Search Strategies: Job Search Strategies and Job Retention in Louisiana Sociology 2006-02-15
Brown, Timothy C. Social Change, Social Capital, and Civic Community: A Qualitative Study of the Long-Term Effects of Industrial Restructuring on a Coastal Community Sociology 2010-05-28
Bryerton, Will Mind Playing Tricks: Individualism, Upward Mobility, and the Commitment to Self-Determination Among the Urban Poor Sociology 2015-04-05
Campion, Patricia Marie Space and Organizations: The Ecology of Rural NGOs in San Luis Potosí­, Mexico Sociology 2002-10-17
Caraway, Angela Prejudice and The New Latino Migration: The Geographic Locus of Anti-Latino Sentiment Sociology 2010-11-15
Castle, Luke Visionary Sociology in Action Sociology 2016-11-10
Ceaser, Donovon Keith Critical EE at OSBG: A Case Study in Addressing Environmental Action through Critical Education Sociology 2012-03-09
Ceaser, Donovon Keith Educating for Environmental Justice: Social/Environmental Marginality and the Significance of Experiences for Environmental Activism and Proenviromental Behavior Sociology 2013-07-10
Chancey, Laurie Voluntary Childlessness in the United States: Recent Trends by Cohort and Period Sociology 2006-04-03
Chauvin, Chantel Dufrene An Ecological Analysis of US County-Level Suicide Rates: An Application of Spatial Patterning Models Sociology 2013-07-01
Cleary, Joseph The Unequal Distribution of Professional Autonomy in Schools Sociology 2013-04-01
Cleary, Joseph Paul The Limits of Professional Autonomy: An Interview-based Comparative Analysis of the Workplaces and Perceptions of Educators and Healthcare Professionals Sociology 2016-04-08
Cutlip, Anna Influence of Locus of Control on Court Attendance Sociology 2002-04-18
Cutlip, Anna Community Social Capital and Suicide Rates Sociology 2009-06-09
D'Antonio-Del Rio, Julia Maria Traditionalism and Temporal Variance in Predictors of Gendered Homicide, 1970-2000 Sociology 2010-11-09
Davidson, Theresa C. Lost in Transition: Welfare to Work in Louisiana Sociology 2005-07-15
Davis, Russell R. Integration-Regulation and Rural Suicide: A Test of Three Alternative Models Sociology 2007-04-10
Davis, Patricia Perceptions of Criminality: An Experiment on Race, Class, and Gender Stereotypes Sociology 2016-04-08
Doucet, Jessica M. Crime in New Orleans: Applying the Civic Community Perspective to Urban Violence Sociology 2011-07-05
Duque, Richard B. How the Internet is Shaping the Chilean Scientific Community: Globalization and Dependency Sociology 2007-04-12
Fontenot, Kayla Determinants of the Onset of Disability in Old Age Sociology 2007-04-05
Fontenot, Kayla R. Civic Community, Structural Disadvantage, and Suicide: An Ecological Analysis of Middle-Age Non-Hispanic White Male Suicide Across the Rural-Urban Continuum Sociology 2015-04-06
Ghosh, Bonny Educational Qualification and Racial Attitudes: Does Educational Qualification Really Matter? Sociology 2011-08-17
Graham, Jr, Patrick Joseph An Investigation of the Relationship Between Religion and Marriage on Self-Reported Health Sociology 2011-10-23
Green, Dari Reach Back and Get It: Community Cultural Wealth, the P-20 Pipeline, and the History of Black Illiteracy Sociology 2017-03-12
Gremillion, Skylar Craig The Culture of Conservative Protestantism and Income Inequality: A Multilevel Analysis Sociology 2008-07-10
Gremillion, Skylar C Dragged into the Future: How Internet Communications and Media Legitimacy Facilitate Lagging Gender Norms Sociology 2013-11-25
Guan, Win The Social Contagion of Adolescent Depression: Applying a Differential Susceptibility Model Sociology 2016-04-05
Guerra, Susana The Influence of Ethnic Embeddedness on the Gender Role Attitudes and Division of Household Labor of Married Hispanic Women Sociology 2004-07-07
Hayes, Timothy Curt Re-Examining the Subculture of Violence in the South Sociology 2006-07-02
Hori, Makiko Gender Differences and Cultural Contexts: Psychological Well-Being in Cross-National Perspective Sociology 2010-04-20
Hu, Chiung-Yin The Division of Domestic Labor in Taiwanese Households Sociology 2002-11-12
Hu, Chiung-Yin A Longitudinal Study of Married Women's Probability of Being Housewives in Reforming Urban China Sociology 2008-09-09
James, M. Kelly Pleasure Principles: The Social Construction of Gambling and Sex Addiction Treatment Sociology 2002-05-17
Jones, Chanika Renee An Analysis of Gender Differences in Property Crime Arrest Rates Sociology 2007-11-08
Labbe, Pamela Anne A Study of After-School and Summer Programs: The Effectiveness of Law-Related Youth Educational Programs for Adolescents in Marginalized Communities Sociology 2015-04-02
LeBlanc, Matthew Gregory Developing Mediators: An Analysis of the Changing Associations of Ghanaian Internet Cafe Users between 2003 and 2014 Sociology 2016-05-19
Lehman, Brett Peer Bullying of Academically Oriented Students: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and School Context Sociology 2014-06-03
Lin, Ya-Feng Are We Really Bowling Alone? Family Changes and Social Capital in American Society Sociology 2016-04-07
Lu, Alexander An Examination of the Chinese Immigrant Social Movements during the Chinese Exclusion Era Sociology 2007-04-04
Luthra, Asha D. The Relationship of Crime and Oil Development in the Coastal Regions of Louisiana Sociology 2006-06-12
Lyons, Jason Alan General Strain Theory and Social Support: A Study of African Americans Sociology 2002-07-09
Manning, Amy Constructing Resilient Marital Relationships: A Panel Study of Marriages under Pressure Sociology 2005-01-24
Matt, Nancy Making the Internet Transition: Assessing the Needs of Secondary Public School Teachers Sociology 2003-01-29
Mbuba, Jospeter M. Juvenile Recidivism: An Analysis of Race and Other Socio-Demographic Predictors within Three Intervention Modalities in the State of Louisiana Sociology 2004-10-14
Mecom, Dorothy Hispanics and Violent Crime in the United States: Examining the Effect of Segregation Sociology 2002-07-11
Melder, Mark The Anomaly of Racial Variance in Female Perpetrated Spousal Killing: A Structural Explanation Sociology 2008-06-09
Michel, Lacie Lin Marie The Structure of Social Networks: Examining Gender Differences and Effects on Social Support and Psychological Distress Sociology 2009-11-11
Miller, Beverly Paige Women and Science in Development: A Longitudinal Analysis of Gender, Networks, and Information Technology in Ghana, Kenya, and India Sociology 2009-06-09
Myers, Candice A. Population Change and Social Vulnerability in the Wake of Disaster: The Case of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Sociology 2007-04-04
Myers, Candice A. Exploring the Influence of Civic Community Structures on Family Poverty in a Multilevel Context Sociology 2012-08-02
Norris, Claire Effects of Network Capital and Social Support on Mental Health by Race and Class Sociology 2009-09-02
Orak, Ugur Alcohol Consumption among Turkish Adolescents: A Test of General Strain Theory Sociology 2015-11-13
Patrick, Le'Brian Alexander Vagrant Masculinity: A Process of Masculine Self-Conceptualization in Formerly Incarcerated Black Men Sociology 2013-04-10
Patterson, Michael J. Who Helps in a Crisis: Differentiating among Adult Children as Sources of Support and Stress for Their Caregiving Mothers Sociology 2003-04-10
Pearce, Jessica Simpson The Feminization of Private Investigation: A Sociological Analysis Sociology 2010-03-23
Perry, Ashley Marie Battered Men and Our Changing Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence Sociology 2014-06-09
Reynolds, Rachel Maher Times They Are A' Changin': Effects of Social Structural Positions and Network Characteristics on Changes in Gender-Role Attitudes Among Returning Women Students Sociology 2003-04-11
Riden, Carl Marie Staying In or Getting Out: Social Capital and Occupational Decision-Making Among Louisiana's Croatian Oyster Harvesters Sociology 2003-01-28
Robicheaux, Sally Perceptions of Social Support within the Context of Religious Homophily: A Social Network Analysis Sociology 2003-02-11
Sam, Claire Racial Variations and Social Support and Its Impact on Stress and Depression Sociology 2005-11-17
Simpson, Shemona Renae Freedom as the Ends and Means of Development: An Examination of Garrison Communities and Their Effects in Kingston, Jamaica Sociology 2003-09-03
Smith, Jordan Carlee Inmate Populations in a Disaster: A Labor Force, a Vulnerable Population, and a Hazard Sociology 2016-11-03
Stevenson, Ginger Donise Gender Inequality, Concentrated Disadvantage, and Homicide Victimization: A Sex and Race Specific Analysis of Homicide Victimization Rates in Large U.S. Cities Sociology 2003-04-03
Thomas, Shaun A Beyond Crime Quantities: A Multilevel Analysis of the Relative Prevalence of Interracial Violence Sociology 2009-06-30
Thomas, Danielle Jo Leveling the Playing Field: Sport and Resistance in Low-Wealth Communities Sociology 2016-11-01
Walsh, Sarah Prater Nonprofit Organizations in the Making of Civic Community: Exploring How the Structure of Nonprofit Sectors Matters for Community Wellbeing Sociology 2013-04-15
Ward, Aaryn Does School Context Matter for the Low SES Student? Investigating the Causal Effects of School Context on College Enrollment Sociology 2011-06-05
Wilkinson, Matthew E. Destructive Behavior Among Adolescents: The Role of Social Integration in the Academic Institution Sociology 2008-11-12
Winters, Lisa Income Inequality and Mortality: A Test of Competing Pathways Sociology 2012-11-14
Yildiz, Muhammed A Test of General Strain Theory: Suicidal Ideation and Attempt Among Adolescents in Istanbul, Turkey Sociology 2015-11-14
Ynalvez, Marcus Antonius Hidalgo Dynamics of Globalization in Philippine Scientific Communities Sociology 2006-11-08
Yuksek, Durmus Ali Why Interpersonal Ties are Important for People: An Analysis of the Concept of Social Capital and Its Dimensions of Holism, Convertibility, and Conductibility Sociology 2015-06-23
Berkos, Kristen Marie The Effects of Message Direction and Sex Differences on the Interpretation of Workplace Gossip Speech Communication 2003-06-06
Burleson, Jacqueline D. Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed in the Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication Classrooms Speech Communication 2003-06-12
Butcher, Joni Melissa The Bardic Utterance in Situation Comedy Theme Songs, 1960-2000 Speech Communication 2003-09-02
Cavenaugh, Gregory Lee Flesh and Spirit Onstage: Chronotopes of Performance in Medieval English Theatre Speech Communication 2004-04-13
Choi, Charles The Influence of Imagined Interactions on Verbal Fluency Speech Communication 2002-04-17
Croghan, Jon M. "You Stupid, Lazy Kid": Perceptions of Verbal Aggressiveness in Older Adults Speech Communication 2003-05-19
Drake, Webster Ford Performance as Ministry: An Ethnographic Study of Three Christian Repertory Theatre Troupes Speech Communication 2004-06-02
Flanagan, Lisa The Bauhaus (Per)Forms Speech Communication 2002-05-31
Ford, Sherry Greenwood The Role of Imagined Interaction and Self-Efficacy in Psychosocial Adjustment to Spousal Bereavement: A Communication Perspective Speech Communication 2003-11-07
Foster, John Robert Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Monitoring the Evolution of an Agency through Rhetorical Snapshots of Speeches by Generals Omar N. Bradley, Earle G. Wheeler, George S. Brown and Colin L. Powell Speech Communication 2003-01-29
Goins, Darren C. Performing Masculinities: U.S. Representations of the Male Body in Performance Art Monologues Speech Communication 2004-06-09
Grano, Daniel Anthony The Means of Ignorance: Genuine Dialogue and a Rhetoric of Virtue Speech Communication 2003-05-28
Hopson-Sparks, Carol Melissa Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Bridging the Divide between the Jesus Seminar and Its Opponents through a Burkeian Approach Speech Communication 2003-06-16
Hunt, Lyman Davis The Dual Paths of a Political Movement: Convergence and Divergence in Contemporary Conservative Public Address Speech Communication 2003-11-10
Louis, Ross McKeehen Critical Performative Pedagogy: Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed in the English as a Second Language Classroom Speech Communication 2002-04-13
Scott, Andrea Towers Communication Characterizing Successful Long Distance Marriages Speech Communication 2002-04-16
Sears, Danielle Elise Isleno Decima Singers of Louisiana: An Interpretation of Performance and Event Speech Communication 2002-11-08

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