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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

O'Brien, Kathryn Shea Liquid Feeding in the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis Invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Entomology 2005-10-24
O'Brien, Edward The Stereospecific Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation of Rosin and Fatty Acids Chemical Engineering 2011-11-11
O'Brien, Keely Virginia The Effect of Frozen Storage on the Survival of Probiotic Microorganisms Found in Traditional and Commercial Kefir Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2012-04-25
O'Brien, Keely Virginia The Effects of Post-Exercise Consumption of a Kefir Beverage on Performance and Recovery During Intensive Endurance Training Animal Science (Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences) 2015-04-07
O'Callaghan, Patrick Michael The Efficacy of Noncontingent Escape for Decreasing Disruptive Behavior during Dental Treatment Psychology 2005-04-05
O'Connell, Jessica L. Coastal Marsh Restoration Using Terraces: Effects on Waterbird Habitat in Louisiana's Chenier Plain Renewable Natural Resources 2006-11-16
O'Connor, Bridgette Boe Post-disaster Family Resilience: The Use of Humor as a Coping Strategy Human Ecology 2010-04-16
O'Connor-Dennie, Tanika Ivel Mineral Utilization in Poultry as Affected by Virginiamycin or Mineral Source Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2004-07-08
O'Day, Kathleen Tropical or Colonial? A Reception History of Jean Prouve's Prefabricated Houses for Africa Art 2009-11-11
O'Hea, Erin L Adherence to Medical Regimens in Low-Income Adults with Type II Diabetes: The Influence of Perceived Control Constructs Psychology 2003-07-29
O'Leary, Kristen Colleen An Examination of the Relationship Between Measurement Methods of Treatment Integrity Using the Good Behavior Game Classroom Intervention Psychology 2013-04-01
O'Malley, Ryan David This Is What I Meant When I Told You Art 2005-06-13
O'Mara, Patrick Eduardo Association of Lean Implementation on Perceived Organizational Maturity Levels of Managers and Staff in the Public Sector Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2014-11-15
O'Neal, James Steven Analyzing the Impact of Changing Software Requirements: A Traceability-Based Methodology Computer Science 2003-09-29
O'Neill, Edward J Street Fighting: Lessons Learned from the Battle for Hue for 21st Century Urban Warfare Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-01-28
O'Pry, Rachel Kathleen Louisiana Social Workers: A Study on Attitudes Toward LGBT Youth Social Work 2012-04-26
O'Shea, Brian J Evolution of Vocal Signals in a Neotropical Avian Lineage Biological Sciences 2009-10-22
Oaks, Jamie Richard Phylogenetic Systematics, Biogeography, and Evolutionary Ecology of the True Crocodiles (Eusuchia: Crocodylidae: Crocodylus) Biological Sciences 2007-07-11
Oard, Svetlana V Parallel Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Antimicrobial Peptides Computer Science 2004-04-13
Obanda, Diana Nasirumbi Biotransformation of Organic Wood Preservatives by Micro-organisms Renewable Natural Resources 2008-03-27
Obubuafo, Joyce Mamle Awareness of the Environmental Quality Incentive Program and Subsequent Adoption of Best Management Practices by Cattle Farmers in Louisiana Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2006-01-24
Obulareddy, Sandeep Fundamental Characterization of Louisiana HMA Mixtures for the 2002 Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-07-14
Ochoa-Winemiller, Virginia J. Places to Live: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Maya Houses in Yucatan, Mexico Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-13
Odeh, Fuad Mohammad Tawfiq Quantitative Inheritance of Calpastatin Activity as an Assessment Measure for Meat Tenderness in Brahman Steers Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2003-07-01
Oechsle, Nikie An Annotated Catalogue of Selected Cuban Piano Works from the 18th-20th Centuries Music 2010-10-29
Oertling, Jeremiah Effect of Bulk Flow Modulations on a Normal Jet in Crossflow at a Mean Blowing Ratio of 0.25 Mechanical Engineering 2006-11-14
Oestringer, Amy Leah An Evaluation of the Perceived Obstacles for Policy Officials Regulating the Post Harvest Treatment of Raw Oysters to Control the Human Health Vibrio vulnificus Problem Environmental Studies 2008-07-10
Oetgen, Jesse G. Effects of Repeat Sampling in the U.S. Waterfowl Parts Collection Survey Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-04-15
Ogden, Lorna Louise Coordination of the Lower Extremity Muscles during Gait Transitions Kinesiology 2002-04-15
Ogden, Kirsten E. An Aloha State of Mind: Performing Hawaiian Cultural Identities Theatre 2011-06-05
Oghumu, Stanley Onyema Finite Element Modeling Approach and Performance Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sandwich Bridge Panels Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-04-12
Ogunc, Kurtay N. Essays on Endowment Fund Management Information Systems and Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2002-04-15
Ogunc, Asli K Essays on the Bayesian Inequality Restricted Estimation Economics 2002-04-06
Ogunyomi, Gbemisola Yewande Evaluation of Interwell Connectivity of Little Creek Field Mississipi from Production Data Petroleum Engineering 2009-11-09
Oguz, Umut Design and Synthesis of Constrained Dipeptide Units for Use as Beta-Sheet Promoters Chemistry 2003-04-07
Oh, Yeamin Audio-Based Visualization of Expressive Body Movements in Music Performance: An Evaluation of Methodology in Three Electroacoustic Compositions Music 2014-06-10
Ok, Jeong Tae Droplet Motion on Miniaturized Ratchets Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2011-04-26
Okoli, John Chituanya Expert Assessments of E-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Theoretical Model of Infrastructure and Culture for Doing Business Using the Internet Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2003-10-21
Okoro, Ifeanyi Janarus Effect of Surface Roughness on the Efficiency of Self-Healing Polymers. Mechanical Engineering 2013-05-31
Olabode, Abiola Olukola Experimental Investigations in CO2 Sequestration and Shale Caprock Integrity Petroleum Engineering 2012-11-10
Olcott, Donya Dupree Effect of Vaccination of Goats with H-Gal-GP and H11 Antigens from Intestinal Membrane Cells of Haemonchus Contortus Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2006-04-07
Olinde, Emily Spaced-Retrieval Effects on Memory for Scenes in Older Adults with Probable Alzheimer's Disease Psychology 2006-07-12
Olinger, Rachel Marie Teachers' Perspectives on the Need and Acceptability of School-Based Identification and Treatment for Children Exposed to Violence: A Mixed-Methods Approach Psychology 2015-02-24
Oliveira, Ronaldo Cadeu de Crime and Punishment: One Act Ballet Music 2009-04-17
Oliveira, Ronaldo Cadeu de The Louisiana Sinfonietta, a New Orchestral Model, and an Original Composition, Concerto for Guitar and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 12 Music 2010-07-08
Oliver, Devon Charles Movements and Habitat Use of Southeastern Blue Sucker Cycleptus Merdionalis in the Lower Pearl River Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-26
Olsen, Philip Dmitri The Synthesis of Deuterated Arylamine DNA Adducts for Use in the Development of an Isotope Dilution LC/MS/MS Method Chemistry 2001-11-11
Olson, Michael William Biomechanical Characteristics of Low Back Tissues during Trunk Flexion-Extension Kinesiology 2006-03-20
Olson, Stephan Jay Generally Covariant Quantum Information Physics & Astronomy 2008-07-07
Olson, Ryan D. An Overview of Green Jobs in the Louisiana Forest Sector Renewable Natural Resources 2011-10-11
Olson, Gregory Michael PAH Concentrations Found within Gulf Menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) Populations Located off of the South/Southeast Coast of Louisiana Environmental Sciences 2012-04-23
Olson Beal, Heather Kathleen Speaking the Language of Integration: A Case Study of South Boulevard Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-05-20
Olson-McBride, Leah Examining the Influence of Popular Music and Poetry Therapy on the Development of Therapeutic Factors in Groups with At-Risk Adolescents Social Work 2009-11-10
Omonuk, Joseph Ben Rate Regulation and Earnings Management: Evidence from the U.S. Electric Utility Industry. Accounting 2007-07-03
Onalbayeva-Coleman, Kadisha Sofia Gubaidulina: Chaconne for Solo Piano in The Context of Her Life and Work Music 2010-04-05
Ongarora, Benson Getenga Syntheses and Characterization of Water-Soluble Phthalocyanines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Chemistry 2012-10-31
Ongayi, Caroline Owendi Synthesis of Symmetric and Asymmetric Water-Soluble Porphyrin Derivatives Chemistry 2005-11-16
Onodera, Isoko Myths and Realities Art 2011-06-03
Onwujuba, Chinwe Laura Infant Communicative Behaviors and Maternal Responsiveness Human Ecology 2009-07-07
Opiri, Jane Andayi The Influence of Self-image Congruity on Perceived Value and Brand Loyalty Concerning Sportswear Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising Design 2015-04-29
Ordonez Jr., Samuel Agbayani Molecular, Statistical, and Genetic Analyses of Complex Agronomic Traits in Rice Agronomy & Environmental Management 2009-07-01
Oremus, Glenn R. Effects of Mid-Season Avermectin Treatments of Cattle on Pyrethroid Resistance in Three Populations of Horn Flies, Haematobia Irritans Irritans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae) Entomology 2003-09-03
Orgera, Ryan Constructing Wilderness: The Nexus of Preservation and Ocean-space in the United States Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-12
Orgeron, Albert Joseph Planting Rate Effects on Sugarcane Yield Trials Accounting 2003-06-03
Orgeron, Blake John Focus Question Effect on Dynamic Thinking in a Concept Map Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-06
Orgeron, Albert Joseph Sugarcane Growth, Sucrose Content, and Yield Response to the Ripeners Glyphosate and Trinexapac-ethyl Agronomy & Environmental Management 2012-11-07
Orlik, Sarah Tammy Nicole Copper Oxide Wire Particles in Feed Pellets for Controlling Gastrointestinal Nematode Infection in Ewes and Lambs Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2010-06-01
Orooji, Mahdi Fast and Reliable Detection of Incumbent Users in Cognitive Radios Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-03-15
Orooji, Fatemeh Risk-Based Wind Loss and Mitigation for Residential Wood Framed Construction Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2015-04-08
Oropeza, Catherine A New Approach to Evaluate Fracture Strength of UV-LIGA Fabricated Nickel Specimens Mechanical Engineering 2002-04-16
Orr, Kimberly Estimation of the Effect of Misclassifications on Diagnostic Test Performance in Two Persistent Bovine Viral Infections Epidemiology & Community Health (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2004-04-12
Ortego, Jennifer Pitre One-Week Stability of Forearm Venous Outflow as Assessed by Venous Occlusion Plethysmography Kinesiology 2002-04-02
Ortego, Tyler Ray Analysis of Bioengineered Concrete for Use in a Submerged Reef Type Breakwater Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2006-06-12
Ortiz, Norma Dynamical Systems with Time Delay Mathematics 2005-02-08
Ortiz-Barrientos, Daniel The Genetics of Speciation by Reinforcement Biological Sciences 2005-04-06
Ortlieb, Evan Thomas Characteristics of Four Highly-Regarded Literacy Teachers in Rural and Urban Elementary Schools Curriculum & Instruction 2007-03-09
Ory, Justin Hull Examining Reliability and Validity of the RoadSign Perception Test Psychology 2012-03-27
Osborn, Michelle Lynn Effects of Handedness on the Skull and Shoulder Bones Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-02
Osborn, David James Quantification of NOx Reduction via Nitrate Accumulation on a TiO2 Photocatalytic Concrete Pavement Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-05-30
Osborn, Michelle L The Shoulder Suspension of Bipedal Humans and the Head Suspension of Quadrupedal Cats: A Reconstruction of Macroevolutionary Changes of Complex Systems Based on Natural Experiments, Comparative Anatomy, and Biomechanical Analyses of Extant Organisms Biological Sciences 2013-04-11
Osborne III, William Galloway Skepticism about Contextualism Philosophy & Religious Studies 2005-11-16
Osborne, IV, James F Danger Shelter Opportunity: The Coastal Fortifications of Nineteenth Century Louisiana Art 2014-06-03
Ostrom, Kelli Vernacular Exposures at the Aillet House: Anthropological Interpretations of Material Culture and Cultural Change Geography & Anthropology 2005-01-24
Oswalt, Selena Mathematical Modeling in the High School Classroom Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-03
Ota, Carrie Lou The Impact of Training on Caregiver Responsiveness Human Ecology 2005-11-02
Otieno, Anthony Canaan A Comprehensive Analysis of Human Pre-Ta LINE-1 and Ya-Lineage Alu Mobile Elements Biological Sciences 2005-03-18
Ott, Eric Paul Chemical Ecology, Fungal Interactions and Forest Stand Correlations of the Exotic Asian Ambrosia Beetle, Xylosandrus crassiusculus (Motschulsky) (Curculionidae) Entomology 2007-09-03
Ou, Shangli Non-Linear Development of the Secular Bar-Mode Instability in Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars Physics & Astronomy 2004-10-28
Ouedraogo, Serge Arisitde Limit on the Muon Neutrino Magnetic Moment And A Measurement of the CCPIP to CCQE Cross Section Ratio Physics & Astronomy 2008-09-10
Oufnac, David Swenson Determination of Antioxidant Capacity in Corn Germ, Wheat Germ and Wheat Bran Using Solvent and Microwave-Assisted Solvent Extraction Food Science 2006-11-15
Ould Dedah, Cheikhna A Bioeconomic Supply Model for Louisiana Nutria and Impacts on Wetlands Conservation Associated with Economic Incentives Environmental Studies 2005-07-12
Ould Dedah, cheikhna Incentives, Risk, and the Role of Private Investments in Louisiana Coastal Wetland Restoration Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2010-11-18
Ourso, Jamie Lynn Using Least-to-Most Assistive Prompt Hierarchy To Increase Child Compliance With Directives in an Inclusive Preschool Classroom Human Ecology 2007-11-15
Ourso, Jena Leigh Family-Related Risk Factors and Their Associations with Behavior Problems of Children in Foster Care Social Work 2013-07-11
Overall, Natalie Herpin Validity of the Reflux Symptoms Index for Post-Pubescent Female Vocalists Communication Sciences & Disorders 2006-01-23
Overholser, Lynette C. Influences on Public Support for Green Infrastructure: An Examination of Urban Wetland Restoration in Post-Katrina New Orleans Environmental Studies 2010-05-02
Oves, Scott Dosimetry Intercomparison Using a 35-keV X-Ray Synchrotron Beam Physics & Astronomy 2008-01-18
Owen, Justin Andrew Hidden Music: Vowel Formant Theory and the Languages of Verdi's Don Carlos Music 2012-01-26
Owens, Falyn LeAnn Response of Disturbance-Dependent Breeding Bird Communities to Two Site Preparations in Loblolly Pine Plantations Renewable Natural Resources 2011-11-10
Owens, Brittany Elin A Revision and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Genus Eutyphlus LeConte (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae) with a Comparison of Sampling Methodologies Entomology 2014-11-07
Owolana, Boluwatife Evaluating the Duration of post-LGM Grounding Events in the Glomar Challenger Basin Paleotrough, Eastern Basin Antarctica, Using Sediment Flux Calculations. Geology & Geophysics 2011-11-04
Oyan, Sheri Mindfulness Meditation: Creative Musical Performance through Awareness Music 2006-03-31
Ozkan, Senda Analytical Study on Flood Induced Seepage under River Levees Civil and Environmental Engineering 2003-04-03

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