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Allahdadi, Mohammadnabi Numerical Experiments of Hurricane Impact on Vertical Mixing and De-Stratification of the Louisiana Shelf Waters Oceanography 2015-01-09
Barker, Victoria Anne The Effect of Artificial Light on the Community Structure and Distribution of Reef-Associated Fishes at Oil and Gas Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography 2016-03-14
Bevington, Azure Elizabeth Dynamics of Land Building and Ecological Succession in a Prograding Deltaic Floodplain, Wax Lake Delta, LA, USA Oceanography 2016-10-21
Bramer, Noelle Marie Habitat Preferences of Adult Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Oceanography 2015-10-15
Danielson, Tess Marie Everglades Mangrove Forest Response to Large-Scale Disturbance: Long-Term Assessment of Structural and Functional Properties Oceanography 2016-11-10
Foss, Kristin Leanne Feeding Ecology of Red Snapper and Greater Amberjack at Standing Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Disentangling the Effects of Artificial Light Oceanography 2016-07-01
Glenn, Hilary Day Does Reproductive Potential of Red Snapper in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Differ Among Natural and Artificial Habitats? Oceanography 2014-10-23
Herman, Rachael W. Investigating Species and Population Level Foraging Variation and Individual Specialization in Pygoscelis Penguins Using Stable Isotope Analysis Oceanography 2016-07-06
Hurff, Kieley Shannon A Contemporary Approach to a Classic Model: Exploring the Influence of Local Interactions and Disturbance on Mangrove Forest Dynamics with a Spatially-Explicit Version of FORMAN Oceanography 2017-01-05
Hurst, Nia R. The Effect of Restoration on Nitrate Reduction and Biogeochemical Functioning in Louisiana Wetlands: Bottomland Hardwood Forests and Deltaic Sediments Oceanography 2016-07-07
Keeney, Nicholas Richard Simulating Behavioral Microcystin Impairment in Fish Oceanography 2017-01-06
Kormanec, Marshall James Otoliths Then and Now: A Study of Ancient and Modern Fish Populations in Louisiana's Coastal Waters Oceanography 2015-06-11
LaBone, Elizabeth Dawn Modeling the Effects of Hypoxia on Fish Movement in the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone Oceanography 2016-11-09
Langland, Todd Fish Assemblage Structure, Distribution, and Trophic Ecology at Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Banks Oceanography 2015-05-25
Levine, Brian Michael Implications of the Long-term Presence of Crude Oil from the Deepwater Horizon Spill on Salt Marsh Biogeochemistry Oceanography 2016-09-16
Naquin, James Dustin Hurricane-Induced Geologic Change and Palynological Assessment of a Rapidly Subsiding Deltaic Environment in Coastal Louisiana Oceanography 2014-11-06
Nguyen, Nhan Thanh Legacy Phosphorus Implications in the Lake Pontchartrain Estuary Sediment Due to the 2011 Bonnet Carre Spillway Opening Oceanography 2014-11-14
Peterson, Stacy Nicole Failed Agricultural Impoundments: An Interdisciplinary Assessment of Community Structure and Social Resilience Oceanography 2014-11-17
Reeves, David Bradley Oil and Gas Platforms on Ship Shoal, Northern Gulf of Mexico as Habitat for Reef-Associated Organisms Oceanography 2015-04-07
Reynolds, Emily Marissa Fish Biomass and Community Structure Around Standing and Toppled Oil and Gas Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using Hydroacoustic and Video Surveys Oceanography 2015-06-24
Sha, Xiaoyu Characterization and Modeling of Sediment Settling, Consolidation and Suspension to Optimize the Retention Rate of Sediment Diversions for Coastal Restoration Oceanography 2016-07-05
Sinclair, Carrie Comparison of Group Size, Abundance Estimates and Movement Patterns of Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Mississippi Sound, Mississippi Oceanography 2016-07-11
Steinmuller, Havalend Ellen Anthropogenic Impacts on Soil Microbial Processes in Coastal Wetlands: Nutrient Loading and Rising CO2 Levels Oceanography 2015-07-09
Zhang, Qian Numerical Simulation of Cold Front-Related Hydrodynamics of Wax Lake Delta Oceanography 2015-05-13
Abeare, Shane Comparisons of Boosted Regression Tree, GLM and GAM Performance in the Standardization of Yellowfin Tuna Catch-Rate Data from the Gulf of Mexico Longline Fishery Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-11-04
Adamack, Aaron Thomas Quantifying Habitat Quality of Larval Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) in Chesapeake Bay by Linking an Individual-Based Model with Spatially-Detailed Field Data Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-11-11
Adamack, Aaron Thomas Predicting Water Quality Effects on Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) Growth and Production in Chesapeake Bay: Linking Water Quality and Individual-Based Fish Models Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-07-12
Andrus, Thomas Mitchell Sediment Flux and Fate in the Mississippi River Diversion at West Bay: Observation Study Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-11-12
Atchison, Amy D Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms as Stepping Stones for Expansion of Coral Communities: A Molecular Genetic Analysis Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-04-05
Bass, Aaron Stuard Application of Disturbance Theory to Assess Impacts Associated with a Three-Dimensional Seismic Survey in a Freshwater Marsh in Southwest Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-01-28
Baustian, Joseph Restoration Success of Backfilling Canals in Coastal Louisiana Marshes Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-04-13
Baustian, Melissa Millman Benthic Communities in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Area: Potential Prey for Demersal Fish Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-07-14
Baustian, Melissa Millman Microphytobenthos of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Area and Their Role in Oxygen Dynamics Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-06-27
Becker, Daniel Farrell The Effects of Aluminum Concentration on Growth Responses in Six Spartina alterniflora Genotypes Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-12-15
Berkowitz, Jacob Franklin Incorporating Science-Based Approaches into the Rapid Assessment of Wetlands and Streams: Validation, Restoration Trajectory, and Method Development Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-06-18
Bi, Hongsheng Population Dynamics of Clausocalanus furcatus (Copepoda, Calanoida) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-03-23
Boswell, Kevin Mershon Quantifying Changes in Fish Habitat Use in Coastal Waters of Louisiana, USA: A Hydroacoustic Approach Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-11-10
Branoff, Benjamin Lee Nitrogen Biogeochemistry in a Restored Mississippi River Delta: A Modeling Approach Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-08-23
Brantley, Christopher Nutrient Interactions, Plant Productivity, Soil Accretion, and Policy Implications of Wetland Enhancements in Coastal Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-10-24
Briseño-Avena, Christian Fine- To Basin-Scale Distributions of Calanus finmarchicus and Its Predators in Three Deep Basins of the Gulf of Maine during December 1998 and 1999 from Video Plankton Recorder (VPR) Data Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-06-17
Broussard III, Whitney P. A Century of Land Use and Water Quality in Watersheds of the Continental U.S. Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-07-07
Brown, Harmon Assessing Linkages between Petroleum Platforms and Pelagic Fishes Using Telemetry, with Emphasis on Blue Runner (Caranx crysos) Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-07-10
Callihan, Jody Lynn Spatial Ecology of Adult Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in Louisiana Coastal Waters Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-08-07
Carle, Melissa Spatial Structure and Dynamics of the Plant Communities in a Pro-grading River Delta: Wax Lake Delta, Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-11-15
Carpenter, Kate Effects of Adding Sediment to a Fresh Water Thin Mat Floating Marsh Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-11-01
Castaneda, Edward Landscape patterns of community structure, biomass and net primary productivity of mangrove forests in the Florida Coastal Everglades as a function of resources, regulators, hydroperiod, and hurricane disturbance Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-06-09
Caudill, Melanie Christine Nekton Utilization of Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) and Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) Sites in Southwestern Caminada Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-11-14
Chaichitehrani, Nazanin Investigation of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter and Dissolved Organic Carbon Using Combination of Ocean Color Data and Numerical Model in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-06-26
Collis, Hilary Amanda Application of Short-Term Sediment Dynamics and Particle-Bound Phosphorus Fractionation Methods (SEDEX) to Estimate the Benthic Nutrient Loading Potential in Upper Newport Estuary, California Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-09-03
Conkle, Jeremy Landon Pharmaceutical Compounds in Treatment Wetlands: Potential Removal and Effects on Microbial Processes Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-03-25
Creekmore, Sean Brandon Modeling the Population Effects of Hypoxia on Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-06-29
Czubakowski, Jessica Estuarine Phytoplankton Response To Annual and Manipulated River Inputs Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-07-08
Darby, Faith Armand Belowground Biomass of Spartina alterniflora: Seasonal Variability and Response to Nutrients Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-11-14
Das, Anindita Modeling the Impacts of Pulsed Riverine Inflows on Hydrodynamics and Water Quality in the Barataria Bay Estuary Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-11-10
de Mutsert, Kim The Effects of a Freshwater Diversion on Nekton Species Biomass Distributions, Food Web Pathways, and Community Structure in a Louisiana Estuary Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-04-08
Del Rio, Ross Neurotoxin in a Louisiana Estuary: Quantitative Analysis of Domoic Acid in Gulf Menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) and Qualitative Modeling of Links in a Shark Nursery Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-05-20
Dufrene, Triniti A Geologic Variability and Holocene Sedimentary Record on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Inner to Mid-Continental Shelf Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-03-29
Duque, Guillermo Influence of the Marsh Edge on the Structure and Trophic Ecology of the Fish and Macroinvertebrate Community in a Louisiana Estuarine Ecosystem Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-04-15
Edrington, Clint Hoyt Depositional History of the Trinity-Tiger Shoals Region: A Transgressed Delta Complex of the Middle Holocene Mississippi Delta Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-04-09
Ellis, Robert D Modeling Gag Grouper (Mycteroperca microlepis) in the Gulf of Mexico: Exploring the Impact of Marine Reserves on the Population Dynamics of a Protogynous Grouper Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-07-08
Feng, Zhixuan Hydrodynamic Response to Cold Fronts along the Louisiana Coast Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-06-10
Freeman, Angelina Analysis and Modeling of Hurricane Impacts on a Coastal Louisiana Lake Bottom Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-01-24
Gardner, Lisa Michelle Denitrification Enzyme Activity as an Indicator of Nitrate Loading in a Wetland Receiving Diverted Mississippi River Water Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-04-10
Garner, Steven B Effects Of Mimic Artificial Oyster Reefs On The Ecology Of Juvenile Fishes In Marsh Ponds: A Before-After-Control-Impact Analysis Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-04-17
Gelpi Jr., Carey George Function and Diversity of the Ship, Trinity, and Tiger Shoal Complex, with Emphasis on Macrofauna and Spawning Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-04-20
Giraldo Sánchez, Beatriz Eugenia Belowground Productivity of Mangrove Forests in Southwest Florida Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-10-26
Granados-Dieseldorff, Pablo Habitat Use by Nekton in a Saltmarsh Estuary along a Stream-Order Gradient in Northeastern Barataria Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-11-02
Greene, Michelle The Anatomy of a Coastal Bay/Lake System Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-11-12
Guidroz, Walter Scott Subaqueous, Hurricane-Initiated Shelf Failure Morphodynamics along the Mississippi River Delta Front, North-Central Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-10-19
Guilbeau, Eric Tyson The Effects of Sediment Grain Size and Oil Exploration on Microbial ATP Biomass Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-08-06
Harwell, Grace Elizabeth Acoustic Biomass of Fish Associated with an Oil and Gas Platform Before, During, and After "Reefing" it in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-12-17
Henry, Kelly Marie Linking nitrogen biogeochemistry to different stages of wetland soil development in the Mississippi River delta, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-06-27
Hoeppner, Susanne Sigrid Swamp Ecology in a Dynamic Coastal Landscape: An Investigation Through Field Study and Simulation Modeling Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-01-22
Holm, Guerry O., Jr. Nutrient Constraints on Plant Community Production and Organic Matter Accumulation of Subtropical Floating Marshes Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-11-15
Huang, Bin Nitrate Reduction and Methane Formation as Influenced by Iron-Centered Intermediate Redox Processes in Rice Soils Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-03-29
Hyfield, Emily Christina Grace Freshwater and Nutrient Inputs to a Mississippi River Deltaic Estuary with River Re-Introduction Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-11-01
Izdepski, Caleb W. Early Flotant Establishment and Growth Dynamics in a Nutrient Amended Wetland in the Lower Missisippi River Delta Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-11-08
Jones, Patrick Robert Polonium-210 Dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-01-10
Kar, Devyani Integration of Paleotempestology with Coastal Risk and Vulnerability Assessment: Case Studies from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-11-05
Kiehn, Whitney Marie Oligohaline Wetland Response and Recovery Following Storm-driven Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-06-27
Klotzbach, Kari Elizabeth Impacts of Artificial Reef Addition on the Nekton Community of Louisiana Marsh Ponds: A Before-After-Control-Impact Analysis Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-11-16
Kobashi, Daijiro Bottom Boundary Layer Physics and Sediment Transport along a Transgressive Sand Body, Ship Shoal, South-Central Louisiana: Implications for Fluvial Sediments and Winter Storms Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-01-22
Kulaw, Dannielle Helen Habitat- and Region-Specific Reproductive Biology of Female Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) in the Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-07-13
Lachica, Ronald B. Using Life-History, Surplus Production, and Individual-Based Population Models for Stock Assessment of Data-Poor Stocks: An Application to Small Pelagic Fisheries of the Lingayen Gulf, Philippines Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-07-12
Land, Lauren Physical and Microbial Responses of Dredged Sediment to Two Soil-Stabilizing Amendments, Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum, for Use in Coastal Wetland Restoration Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-10-29
Lane, Robert Raymond The Effect on Water Quality of Riverine Input into Coastal Wetlands Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-11-11
Laursen, Kristen Raye The Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on the Decomposition of Belowground Organic Matter in a Sagittaria Lancifolia - Dominated Oligohaline Marsh Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-11-04
Le, Loi Tan Effect of Hydrology on the Structure and Function of Mangrove Ecosystems in the Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-05-30
Lenaker, Peter L. Applying the Isotope Pairing Technique to Evaluate How Water Temperature and Habitat Type Influence Denitrification Estimates in Breton Sound, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-10-30
Lentz, Jennifer Anne Developing A Geospatial Protocol For Coral Epizootiology Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-04-18
Lewis, Kristy A. Addressing the Land Loss-Fish Production Paradox Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-03-25
Li, Zhi CDOM Optical Properties Near DWH Site, Gulf of Mexico: Post Oil Spill Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-01-16
Liwa, Evaristo Joseph A Neural Network Model for Classification of Coastal Wetlands Vegetation Structure with Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-Radiometer (MODIS) Data Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-03-30
Lundberg, Christopher Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Nutrients Dynamics in Restored Wetlands of the Mississippi River Basin Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-01-10
MacRae, Pamela Sharon Dawn A Community Approach to Identifying Essential Fish Habitat of Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion Nebulosus, in Barataria Bay, La. Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-07-12
Maiaro, Jamie Lynn Disturbance Effects on Nekton Communities of Seagrasses and Bare Substrates in Biloxi Marsh, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-07-03
Marks, Brett Whitfield The Effects of Salinity on Nitrogen Cycling in Wetland Soils and Sediments of the Breton Sound Estuary, LA Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-04-26
Martinez-Andrade, Fernando A Comparison of Life Histories and Ecological Aspects among Snappers (Pisces:Lutjanidae) Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-11-13
McCloskey, Terrence Allen Proxy Records of Paleohurricanes for the Western and Southern Caribbean Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-11-06
McDonough, Michael Oil Platforms and Red Snapper Movement and Behavior Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-01-16
Miller, Cara Edina Abundance Trends and Environmental Habitat Usage Patterns of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) in Lower Barataria and Caminada Bays, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-11-13
Monk, Melissa Hedges Identification and Incorporation of Quantitative Indicators of Ecosystem Function into Single-species Fishery Stock Assessment Models and the Associated Biological Reference Points Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-07-03
Muhammad, Zahid Sedimentation on a Mixed Siliciclastic/Carbonate Continental Margin Over Decadal to Millennial Timescales: Gulf of Papua Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-07-01
Murphy, Cheryl Anne Modeling the Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on Atlantic Croaker: Understanding Biomarkers and Predicting Population Responses Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-03-21
Neer, Julie Ann Aspects of the Life History, Ecophysiology, Bioenergetics, and Population Dynamics of the Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera Bonasus, in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-05-26
Neylon, Skyler Laboratory and Field Measurements of Bioturbation by Macrofauna in a Coastal Setting Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-04-04
Nowling, Lauren Kay Platform Recruited Reef Fish, Phase I: Do Platforms Provide Habitat That Increase the Survival of Juvenile Reef Fishes? Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-11-14
Patterson, Luke Jeremiah Petrological and Geochemical Investigations of Deep Sea Turbidite Sands in the Pandora and Moresby Troughs: Source to Sink Papua New Guinea Focus Area Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-04-04
Peabody, Megan Blythe The Fidelity of Red Snapper (Lutjanus Campechanus) to Petroleum Platforms and Artificial Reefs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-04-14
Pei, Shaofeng What Does the C-14 Method for Estimating Photosynthetic Rates in the Ocean Really Measure? Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-08-25
Perry, Carey Lynn Ecosystem Effects of Expanding Populations of Avicennia germinans in a Southeastern Louisiana Spartina alterniflora Saltmarsh Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-11-14
Piazza, Bryan Patrick The Role of Climate Variability and Riverine Pulsing in the Community Dynamics of Estuarine Nekton in Breton Sound, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-04-13
Pietroski, Jason Paul Effect of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Critical Marsh Soil Microbial Functions Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-06-25
Plunket, John A Comparison of Finfish Assemblages on Subtidal Oyster Shell (Cultched Oyster Lease) and Mud Bottom in Barataria Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-06-26
Putnam, Lorna Anne CBOD5 Treatment and Nitrogen Transformations of the Marshland Upwelling System in Intermediate and Saltwater Marshes Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-10-21
Quinones-Rivera, Zoraida Jazmin Assessment of Oxygen Sources and Sinks in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using Stable Oxygen Isotopes Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-04-02
Raulerson, Gary Eugene Leaf Litter Processing by Macrodetritivores in Natural and Restored Neotropical Mangrove Forests Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-09-29
Reed, Allen Hagerman Quantification of Marine Sediment Properties from Planar and Volumetric Pore Geometries Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-04-16
Rego, Joao Lima Storm Surge Dynamics over Wide Continental Shelves: Numerical Experiments Using the Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-06-30
Riekenberg, Philip Martin Biomass and Mass Balance Isotope Content of Mussel Seep Populations Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-11-15
Rosati, Julie Dean Barrier Island Migration over a Consolidating Substrate Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-04-08
Roth, Agatha-Marie Fuller Anthropogenic and Natural Perturbations on Lower Barataria Bay, Louisiana: Detecting Responses of Marsh-Edge Fishes and Decapod Crustaceans Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-04-10
Rotondo, Kristina Anne Transport and Deposition of Fluid Mud Event Layers along the Western Louisiana Inner Shelf Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-06-22
Roy, Eric Daniel A Multi-scale Investigation of Nutrient Dynamics in the Lake Pontchartrain Estuary and Basin Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-10-31
Russell, Micah Spotted Sea Trout (Cynoscion Nebulosus) and Pinfish (Lagodon Rhomboides) Dietary Analyis According to Habitat Type Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-12-09
Saari, Courtney Rose Comparison of the Age and Growth of Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) Amongst Habitats and Regions in the Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-07-11
Sable, Shaye Ellen A Comparison of Individual-Based and Matrix Projection Models Applied to Fish Population and Community Dynamics Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-07-06
Sandy, Elin Rose Patterns of Habitat Suitability and Abundance Trends of Current and Candidate Coastal Fish Species of Concern in Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-11-18
Satterwhite, Michelle C. RNA:DNA as an Indicator of Nutritional Condition and Growth in Larval Naked Goby, Gobiosoma bosc Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-07-03
Schrift, Angela Marie Salt Marsh Restoration with Sediment-Slurry Amendments Following a Drought-Induced, Large-Scale Disturbance Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-06-01
Schwartzkopf , Brittany Dawn Assessment of Habitat Quality for Red Snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: Natural vs. Artificial Reefs Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-05-23
Siadatmousavi, Seyed Mostafa Skill Assessment and Optimization of the Third Generation Wave Models for Applications in Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-04-18
Silva, Soraya Effects of Diesel-Fuel and Copper Contaminants on Benthic Microalgae Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-07-12
Simonsen, Kirsten A The Effect of an Inshore Artificial Reef on the Community Structure and Feeding Ecology of Estuarine Fishes in Barataria Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-04-09
Simonsen, Kirsten A Reef Fish Dynamics on Louisiana Artificial Reefs: The Effects of Reef Size on Biomass Distribution and Foraging Dynamics Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-04-12
Singh, Shatrughan Seasonal Variability in Absorption and Fluorescence Properties of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter in the Barataria Basin, Louisiana, USA Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-11-02
Sluis, Michelle Zapp Variability in Red Snapper Otolith Microchemistry among Gulf of Mexico Regions Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-10-28
Smith, Nicole Adele Feeding Ecology and Morphometric Analysis of Paddlefish, Polyodon Spathula, in the Mermentau River, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-11-10
Smith, Christopher Gerald Elucidating Marine Pore Water Exchange and Fresh Aquifer Sources in Estimates of Submarine Groundwater Discharge to a Coastal Lagoon Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-07-02
Smith, Emily Anne Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms in South Louisiana Estuaries: A Synthesis of Field Research, Management Implications, and Outreach Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-03-14
Snedden, Gregg River, Tidal, and Wind Interactions in a Deltaic Estuarine System Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-01-20
Spaziani, Amy Lynn Geological Analysis and Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tropical Cyclone Influence: Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Inner Shelf Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-04-30
Spicer, Jennifer S A Comparison of Channel Morphology, Marsh Elevation, and Biological Processes in Natural and Dredged Tidal Salt Marshes in Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-10-01
Stagg, Camille LaFosse Remediating Impacts of Global Climate Change-Induced Submergence on Salt Marsh Ecosystem Functions Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-03-31
Stanton, Lee Ellis The Establishment, Expansion and Ecosystem Effects of Phragmites Australis, an Invasive Species in Coastal Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-01-24
Steyer, Gregory Dean Landscape Analysis of Vegetation Change in Coastal Louisiana Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2008-11-07
Ullah, Sami Denitrification and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cultivated and Wetland Alluvial Soils Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-01-14
VanZomeren, Christine M. Fate of Mississippi River Diverted Nitrate on Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Coastal Marshes of Breton Sound Estuary Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-06-28
Velardo, Brian Detailed Geochronology of the Mississippi Sound during the Late Holocene Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-04-07
Watkins, Katherine Shepard An evaluation of alternative approaches for simulating animal movement in spatially-explicit individual-based models Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-06-05
Watzke, Dana Ann Short-Term Evolution of a Marsh Island System and the Importance of Cold Front Forcing, Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-09-14
Wells, Robert Joseph David The Effects of Trawling and Habitat Use on Red Snapper and the Associated Community Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-04-03
Willis, Jonathan M. Edaphic and Vegetative Controls on Mercury Cycling in Oligohaline Wetlands Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-04-21
Woods, Jennifer Howard Stormwater Diversion as a Potential Coastal Wetland Restoration Method Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-06-08
Zhang, Chenguang Effect of Hurricane Forward Speed and Approach Angle on Coastal Storm Surge Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-04-18
Zhang, Fan Inertial Oscillations in the Gulf of Mexico during 2005 Hurricane Season Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-06-30
Althauser, Laura Lynette An Ecopath/Ecosim Analysis of an Estuarine Food Web: Seasonal Energy Flow and Response to River-Flow Related Perturbations Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-04-07
Barry, Kevin Patrick Feeding Habits of Blacktip Sharks, Carcharhinus limbatus, and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Rhizoprionodon terraenovae, in Louisiana Coastal Waters Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-06-06
Conger, Robert Mark Black Willow (Salix nigra) Use in Phytoremediation Techniques to Remove the Herbicide Bentazon from Shallow Groundwater Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-01-28
Ditty, James G. Ontogeny and Intervals of Development in Five Reef-Associated Species of Blenny from the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Teleostei: Blenniidae) Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-11-04
Harmon, David J The Effects of Fall Coldfront Passages on the Nekton Community in a Tidal Creek in Port Fourchon, LA, as Monitored by Hydroacoustics Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-06-04
Inniss, Lorna Veronica Scientific and Management Perspectives in Wetland Groundwater Hydrology Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-04-08
Iwai, Roy Ryuta Denitrification Potential of Sediment from a Future Mississippi River Diversion Site in Louisiana Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-04-16
Jarosz, Ewa Tidal Dynamics in the Bab el Mandab Strait Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-01-28
Keenan, Sean Francis The Importance of Zooplankton in the Diets of Blue Runner (Caranx crysos) near Offshore Petroleum Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-07-09
Pahl, James Wesley The Combined Effects of Salinity and Sulfide on the Growth and Physiology of the Freshwater Marsh Plant Panicum Hemitomon J.A. Schultes Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-09-03
Park, Dongho Hydrodynamics and Freshwater Diversion within Barataria Basin Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-05-15
Sanders, Renee Lynn Sedimentation Rates and Metal Retention in an Urban Louisiana Swamp Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-11-14
Stead, Mark Alan Swimming Performance of Juvenile Florida Pompano (Trachinotus Carolinus) and Atlantic Spadefish (Chaetodipterus Faber) Exposed to Sublethal Concentrations of Ethylene Glycol and Methanol: Individual and Synergistic Effects Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-01-28
Switzer, Theodore Scott The Ecology of Two Estuarine-Dependent Tonguefishes, the Blackcheek Tonguefish (Symphurus Plagiusa) and the Offshore Tonguefish (S. Civitatium), in Coastal Louisiana Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-05-22
Teeter, Allen Michael Sediment Transport in Wind-Exposed Shallow, Vegetated Aquatic Systems Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-01-25
Wheelock, Katherine Pulsed River Flooding Effects on Sediment Deposition in Breton Sound Estuary, Louisiana Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-04-04

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