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Nabatilan, Marilou Montevirgen Enhanced Degradation of Phenanthrene and Benzo(a)Pyrene in a Field-Contaminated Sediment Inhabited by Ilyodrilus templetoni: A Microcosm Study Chemical Engineering 2005-12-14
Nabatilan, Larry Bargola Factors That Influence Visual Attention and Their Effects on Safety in Driving: An Eye Movement Tracking Approach Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2007-07-12
Nabukalu, Pheonah Development of an Efficient Sea Oats Breeding Program for Coastal Restoration Agronomy & Environmental Management 2013-06-10
Nacko, Scott Occurrence and Phenology of Polistine Wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in Southern Louisiana Entomology 2017-04-05
Nadarajah, Kandasamy Development and Characterization of Antimicrobial Edible Films from Crawfish Chitosan Food Science 2005-04-14
Nadendla, Venkata Sriram Siddhardh Secure Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks via Encryption of Sensor Decisions Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-07-09
Nadimpalli, Uma Devi Image Processing Techniques to Identify Predatory Birds in Aquacultural Settings Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2005-03-23
Naghawi, Hana H. Transit-Based Emergency Evacuation Modeling with Microscopic Simulation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-03-19
Naghshbandi, Seyedehghazal Gazelle All Are Immigrants Art 2016-05-28
Nagineni, Venu Gopal Rao Simulation Study of Sweep Improvement in Heavy Oil CO2 Floods Petroleum Engineering 2011-04-28
Nahid, Mohammad Nazmul Hasan Degradation Behavior of Shape Memory Polymer due to Water and Diesel Fuel Mechanical Engineering 2010-07-09
Nair, Archana Acoustic Emission Monitoring and Quantitative Evaluation of Damage in Reinforced Concrete Members and Bridges Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-11-09
Nair, Archana Damage Detection and Identification in Fiber Reinforced Plastic Structural Members and Field Bridges Using Acoustic Emission Technique Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-04-27
Najolia, Gina Marie Affective Dysfunction and Affective Interference in Schizotypy Psychology 2010-03-15
Najolia, Gina M. An Examination of Speech Characteristics Under Conditions of Affective Reactivity and Variable Cognitive Load as Distinguishing Feigned and Genuine Schizophrenia Psychology 2013-08-13
Naka, Luciano Nicolás The Role of Physical and Ecological Barriers in the Diversification Process of Birds in the Guiana Shield, Northern Amazonia Biological Sciences 2010-07-07
Nambiar, Sonora Jha Social Protests, Asocial Media: Patterns of Press Coverage of Social Protests and the Influence of the Internet on Such Coverage Mass Communication 2004-03-31
Namburi, Lakshmikanth Electrodeposition of NiW Alloys into Deep Recesses Chemical Engineering 2001-11-09
Namli, Suat Multiplicative Renormalization Method for Orthogonal Polynomials Mathematics 2007-11-16
Nanduri, Kishori Scalable Schemes against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-06-14
Naoki, Kazuya Evolution of Ecological Diversity in the Neotropical Tanagers of the Genus Tangara (Aves: Thraupidae) Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-07-10
Naquin, Brian J Herbicide Retention as Affected by Sugarcane Mulch Residue Agronomy & Environmental Management 2005-04-13
Naquin, Paul Jude The Need for Autonomy Philosophy and Religious Studies 2003-04-11
Naquin, James Dustin Hurricane-Induced Geologic Change and Palynological Assessment of a Rapidly Subsiding Deltaic Environment in Coastal Louisiana Oceanography 2014-11-06
Narahari, Bharat Modeling and Design of Low Cost Customizable Household Robot Computer Science 2008-10-31
Naranjo, Victor D. Evaluation of Novel Dietary Feed Additives for Nursery and Growing/Finishing Pigs Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-11-09
Naranjo, Victor D. Carbohydrate Sources and Maximizing the Use of Supplemental Amino Acids in Diets for Weanling Pigs Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2010-11-05
Narayan Jagadish, Naveen Characterization of NanoGUMBOS for Future Electronic Devices Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-12-19
Narayana, Tejaswini Simulation of Cell Seeding and Retention in a Disordered Polymeric Scaffold Chemical Engineering 2011-01-20
Narayanan, Purnima Photoelectrochemical Etching of Isolated, High Aspect Ratio Microstructures in n-Type Silicon (100) Chemical Engineering 2011-06-11
Narayanaswamy, Narendran Optimization of New Chinese Remainder Theorems Using Special Moduli Sets Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-11-05
Narcisse, Damien A On-line Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2009-08-26
Narcisse, Liana L. Public Perception and the Oil Industry: An Analysis of Oil Employees' and Nigerians' Opinions Regarding Exxon Mobil and Shell Oil's Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts Mass Communication 2010-04-29
Nasir, Hasan Turbine Blade Tip Cooling and Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering 2004-09-22
Nasirov, Michael Stephan Feathers and Tuxedos: An Analysis of Political Cartoons about Indian Gaming Geography and Anthropology 2003-04-10
Nasser, Khaled “Do It for Me, My Dear:” Structuration and Relational Dialectics among Mother-Daughter Dyads in Lebanese Arranged Marriages Communication Studies 2010-07-08
Natarajan, Seenivasan High Temperature Stress Responses of Salvia Splendens and Viola X Wittrockiana Horticulture 2005-07-14
Navajas, Roberto E. Analizing Changes in Contractual Practices in the Louisiana Nursery Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness 2003-04-10
Navarre, Lauren Nicole Determination of Predominant Species of Oil-degrading Bacteria in the Oiled Marsh Sediment in Barataria Bay, Louisiana Environmental Sciences 2014-04-14
Navin, Chelliah V Morphology Controlled Coating of Catalytically Active Gold Structures within Flow-Focused Millifluidic Reactor Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2012-11-13
Nayar, Arun B A Study of Distributed Clustering of Vector Time Series on the Grid by Task Farming Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2005-01-24
Nayyer, Shahab An Application of Parallel Computation to Collaborative Optimization Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2005-04-05
Nazaripouya, Hamidreza Fault Observabillity in Distributed Power System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-06-15
Nazzal, Munir Darwish Field Evaluation of in-Situ Test Technology for QC/QA during Construction of Pavement Layers and Embankments Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-10-09
Neal, Jamie Lynn Control of Food Intake and Body Weight Following Smoking Cessation in Premenopausal Women Psychology 2002-01-24
Neal, Daniene Examination of the Reliability and Validity of a New Observation Measure for Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Autism Spectrum Disorder Observation for Children Psychology 2012-07-25
Neal, Jr., Francis Brent Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Adhesion and Nanoindentation of Gallium Arsenide Physics and Astronomy 2002-05-24
Nealy, Elizabeth A Case Study of the National Advancement Plan at Louisiana State University as Implemented by the LSU Foundation in the Memphis, Tennessee, Area Mass Communication 2004-04-15
Nealy, Elizabeth A An Experimental Study of the Effects of Workforce Bullying on Three Affective Constructs: Self-Efficacy, Satisfaction and Stress Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2009-07-08
Nebel-Schwalm, Marie S. The Relationship between Parent-Adolescent Conflict and Academic Achievement Psychology 2006-04-06
Nebel-Schwalm, Marie S. Reliability and Validity Study of the Motivation for Fear (MOTIF) Survey Psychology 2010-04-13
Nedelea, I. Cristian Analyzing the Cost of Harvesting and the Economic Structure of Florida Grouper Fishery Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2007-10-05
Nedelea, Iustin Cristian Three Essays on the Efficiency of Rural Hospitals in the United States Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2012-11-05
Needham, Hal Identifying Historic Storm Surges and Calculating Storm Surge Return Periods for the Gulf of Mexico Coast Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-30
Neer, Julie Ann Aspects of the Life History, Ecophysiology, Bioenergetics, and Population Dynamics of the Cownose Ray, Rhinoptera Bonasus, in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-05-26
Negulescu, Ioan-Horia Defense Gland Protein from Coptotermes Formosanus Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2012-01-23
Neidhardt, Colton James Joan: A Play With Broken Songs Theatre 2015-04-09
Neil, Elizabeth Errett Open Space for the Public: An Evaluation of Designed Open Spaces on Urban University Campuses Landscape Architecture 2002-05-28
Nel-Themaat, Liesl Gamete and Cell Technologies for Use in Biological Resource Banking Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2006-04-05
Nelsen, Donald Jay A Phylogenetic Analysis of Species Diversity, Specificity, and Distribution of Mycodiplosis on Rust Fungi Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2013-04-04
Nelson, Victor Samuel Racks, Quandles and Virtual Knots Mathematics 2002-07-08
Nelson, Sharon Strange Fire English 2003-11-04
Nelson, Karl Erik An Introduction to the Life and a Cappella Music of Sven-David Sandström and a Conductor's Prepatory Guide to Etyd Nr 4, Som I E-Moll and Laudamus Te Music 2005-06-15
Nelson, Dorothy Burton Academic Concept Mapping (ACM):A Critical Thinking Tool in Academic Advising for Improving Academic Performance in College Freshmen Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2007-06-26
Nelson, Piper Lynn Depolarization by Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin 4 in Pancreatic Alpha-Cells Regulates Glucagon Secretion Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2010-11-15
Nelson, Robert Neil An Exploration of Secondary Level Instrumental Music Educators' Receptiveness to Select Philosophical Writings Music 2011-07-05
Nelson, Christopher William Perception, Power, Plays, and Print: Charles II and the Restoration Theatre of Consensus Theatre 2012-04-26
Nelson, Elizabeth Godbold Hierarchical Linear Modeling versus Visual Analysis of Single Subject Design Data Psychology 2012-04-25
Nelson, Shaneá Morrison An Examination of the Impact of Postsecondary Transition Program Models on College Self-Efficacy Beliefs of First-Generation College Students Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2014-04-14
Nelson, Bradley Bayesian Model-building in Phylogenetics Biological Sciences 2014-06-11
Nelson, Ryky First-principles and Many-Body Methods: Implementations and Applications to Study Spintronic Materials Physics & Astrononomy 2015-11-12
Nelson-Smith, Kenyetta Quenishia Learning Styles and Students' Perception of Teachers' Attitudes and Its Relation to Truancy Among African American Students in Secondary Education Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2008-04-10
Nemeth, Robert J. The Impact of Gruesome Evidence on Mock Juror Decision Making: The Role of Evidence Characteristics and Emotional Response Psychology 2002-11-07
Nemetz, Lois B. A Study of Communication in Baby Boomers' Romantic Relationships and the Effects of their Children's Communication about the Relationships Communication Studies 2010-11-19
Neoh, Cheowway Computing Moments of a Binary Horizontally/Vertically Convex Image Using Run-Time Reconfiguration Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-04-14
Nepal, Sukirti An Economic Analysis of Cover Crops in Corn-Dominated Production Systems Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2010-06-09
Nergadze, Nico Deterrence Factors for Copyright Infringement Online Mass Communication 2004-01-19
Nesteruk, Olena Parenting Experiences of Eastern European Immigrant Professionals in the U.S.: A Qualitative Study Human Ecology 2007-03-29
Netherland, Megan Implicit Bias and Inattentional Blindness Philosophy & Religious Studies 2017-04-10
Nettles, Damon Thermomechanical Characterization of a Shape Memory Polymer Based Syntactic Foam Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-10
Nevarez, Javier G. Lymphohistiocytic Proliferative Syndrome of Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis): a Cutaneous Manifestation of West Nile Virus Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2007-04-03
Newell, Patricia Jean Pileated Woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus) and Saproxylic Beetles in Partial Cut and Uncut Bottomland Hardwood Forests Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-10
Newell, Jordan Andrew Quality of Care: Analyzing the Relationship Between Hospital Quality Score and Total Hospital Costs Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2013-08-31
Newkirk, Brandi Lynette The Auxiliary System of Typically Developing Children Acquiring African American English Communication Sciences & Disorders 2010-07-06
Newman, April Elea Water and Solute Transport in the Shallow Subsurface of a Riverine Wetland Natural Levee Renewable Natural Resources 2010-02-04
Newman, April Effect of Sugarcane Residue Management on Soil Organic Carbon in a Louisiana Agricultural System: Implications for Carbon Sequestration Agronomy & Environmental Management 2014-04-11
Newman, Catherine Elizabeth Evolutionary History of a Large-Genome Salamander Across Five Disjunct Regions of the Southeastern United States Biological Sciences 2017-06-30
Newport, Lindsay Nicole The Effects of Comedic Media Criticism on Media Producers Mass Communication 2010-04-30
Newsom, Matthew All-Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Gender, Psychoanalysis, and Meaning Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-19
Neylon, Skyler Laboratory and Field Measurements of Bioturbation by Macrofauna in a Coastal Setting Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-04-04
Ng, Laura Ellen Feminist Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction as Political Protest in the Tradition of Women Proletarian Writers of the 1930s English 2005-04-11
Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas Anthony Understanding an Indigenous Curriculum in Louisiana through Listening to Houma Oral Histories Curriculum & Instruction 2006-01-24
Nganai, Shadrack Kirwa Iron (III) Oxide and Copper (II) Oxide Mediated Formation of PCDD/Fs from Thermal Degradation of 2-MCP and 1,2-DCBz Chemistry 2010-09-18
Ngunjiri, Johnpeter Ndiangui Designing Surface Chemistries for in situ AFM Investigations of Biomolecular Reactions with Proteins at the Nanoscale Chemistry 2008-04-08
Nguyen, Holly M. Activity-Based Anorexia: The Effects of Resistant Starch Human Ecology 2004-04-08
Nguyen, Nhung Kim Asians in the American Mind: How Americans View Asian Americans Politically Political Science 2011-05-20
Nguyen, Khue Dang Supercritical Pyrolysis of Toluene Chemical Engineering 2011-11-07
Nguyen, Quoc Phuc Characterization of Biocompatible Parylene-C Coating for BioMEMS Applications Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2011-11-10
Nguyen, Khoa Huynh The Roles of Deinococcus radiodurans Dps-1 and Dps-2 in Nucleoid Organization and in Survival During Oxidative Stress Biological Sciences 2013-03-04
Nguyen, Nhan Thanh Legacy Phosphorus Implications in the Lake Pontchartrain Estuary Sediment Due to the 2011 Bonnet Carre Spillway Opening Oceanography 2014-11-14
Nguyen, Alex Long Boron Functionalization of BODIPY Dyes, and Their Evaluation as Bioimaging Agents Chemistry 2016-02-22
Nguyen, Thuong Thi Finding Voice in the Academy through Yellow Storytelling: An Asian American Autoethnography on Suffering in Higher Education Education 2017-04-03
Niang, Mame Fatou De L’Autre Coté Du Periph’ : Les Lieux De L’identité Dans Le Roman Féminin De Banlieue En France French Studies 2012-06-06
Nicholas, Judy Lavender An Exploration of the Impact of Picture Book Illustrations on the Comprehension Skills and Vocabulary Development of Emergent Readers Curriculum & Instruction 2007-03-10
Nichols, Alan J. The Influence of a School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Program in Reducing Smoking Among Sixth Grade African American Students in Louisiana Social Work 2006-11-09
Nichols, Geoffrey Paul A Treatment Planning Comparison of Dual-Arc VMAT vs. Helical Tomotherapy for Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy Physics & Astronomy 2012-04-25
Nicholson, Alan Altruism and Alcohol Dependence: Is There a Relationship Between Helping Others and Recovery? Social Work 2010-07-09
Nicolette, Andrew David A Model of the Tonal-Chromatic System and Its Application to Selected Works of Gustav Mahler Music 2015-03-26
Nicoll, Taryn Moller Chronicle & Character Art 2017-04-10
Nicolle, Pamela Stone Technology Adoption into Teaching and Learning by Mainstream University Faculty: A Mixed Methodology Study Revealing the ‘How, When, Why, and Why Not’ Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2005-07-11
Nidumolu, Bala Sesha Giri Rao Functionalization of Gold and Glass Surfaces with Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Biomolecular Interactions Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2005-04-15
Nieto, Prixia Ecological Risk Models for Visceral Leishmaniasis in Bahia, Brazil and Diagnosis of Trypanosoma cruzi Infection in Dogs in South Central Louisiana Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2009-01-22
Nikolov, Krassimir Zhivkov Stability of Stochastic Pricing Models under Volatility Fluctuations Mathematics 2005-04-15
Nili, Abdolmadjid Ferromagnetism and Transport in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Physics & Astronomy 2010-07-07
Nilufar, Fahmida Assessing Sample Bias and Establishing Standardized Procedures for Weighting and Expansion of Travel Survey Data Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-07-07
Nimbarte, Ashish Dashrathrao Effect of Back Belt on Inter-Joint Coordination and Postural Index Value under Self Selected Manual Lifting Technique Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2005-06-12
Nimbarte, Ashish D. Modeling the Risk Factors Associated with the Neck Disorders During Manual Material Handling Tasks Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2009-06-30
Nimmagadda, Sudheer Modeling the Fate and Transport of Chlorinated Benzenes in Baton Rouge Bayou Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-07-14
Ningbinnin, Bani Gouda Les Inplications de la Litterature dans L'avenement de la Democratie dans les pays du Golfe de Guinee entre 1988 et 1998 French Studies 2005-11-09
Nistala, Goutam Jagannadha Development of an Inexpensive Guidance System for Agricultural Purposes Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2006-01-12
Niu, Ying Resistance of Fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) to Bacillus thuringiensis Entomology 2014-04-03
Nix, Karen Elizabeth Evaluation of Vetiver Oil and Alate Biology as Preventative Measures against Formosan Subterranean Termites, Coptotermes Formosanus Shiraki (Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae) Entomology 2005-11-04
Nix, Elizabeth Ashby Developing a Gulf-Wide Oyster Reef Restoration Plan: Identification of Spatial, Socio-economic and Geo-political Constraints Environmental Sciences 2011-11-02
Nix, Robin Andrew Applying Deep Learning Techniques to the Analysis of Android APKs Computer Science 2017-01-05
Njenga, David Nganga Seventh-Grade Curriculum in Probability (A Guide For Teachers) Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-08-19
Njenga, Jonah Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Structures in Improving Students’ Performance Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-08-25
Njoroge, Samuel Kimani Integrated Modular Microfliuidic System for Forensic Alu DNA Typing Chemistry 2011-06-07
Noack, Franziska The Effects of Habituation and Changes in Cognition on Anxious Children’s Performance on the WISC-IV Psychology 2014-04-13
Noack, Tonje Bakke Sexual Dimorphism in the Crania in a Norwegian Sample Geography & Anthropology 2015-04-10
Noble, Elizabeth Lorena Add, Subtract, and Multiply: Paintings Art 2008-11-12
Noetzel, Sibylle Maria Local Norms and Innovations within the System of Locative Prepositions in Cajun French French Studies 2007-03-30
Nogueira, Ricardo Chabarria Atlantic Tropical Cyclone: Climatology and the Contribution to Monthly and Seasonal Rainfall in the Eastern U.S, 1960-2007 Geography & Anthropology 2009-03-18
Nolan, Dana Elaine A Study of the Realitionship of Teachers' Self-Efficacy and the Impact of Professional Learning Community as an Organizational Structure Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2009-06-10
Nolan, Chad Michael The Advertising Exposure Value of Tyrann Mathieu to LSU Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-04-11
Nookala, Prashanth K Modification of CT Quality Assurance Phantom for PET/CT Alignment and PET Resolution Physics & Astronomy 2005-04-13
Noonan, Bonnie "Science in Skirts": Representations of Women in Science in the "B" Science Fiction Films of the 1950s English 2003-01-30
Nord, James S Playschool Art 2014-05-26
Norman, Charles William The Effect of Periodic Operation on Biofilters for Removal of Methyl Ketone from Contaminated Air Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2002-04-18
Norman, Christopher B Efficacy of Prepartum Intramammary Lactating Cow Treatment in Dairy Heifers Dairy Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2004-07-01
Norris, John Harlan The Still Beat Art 2005-07-13
Norris, Claire Effects of Network Capital and Social Support on Mental Health by Race and Class Sociology 2009-09-02
Norris, Brianne Elizabeth Composition and Physiological Characteristics of the University Lake Ecosystem Phytoplankton Community: Impacts of Seasonal and Episodic Events Environmental Sciences 2012-06-09
Norton, Courtney Bailey The Effect of Frequent Quizzing on Student Learning in a High School Physical Science Classroom Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-06-28
Norwood, Rhonda Comparing Kin and Non-Kin Foster Parents' Emotional Investment in Their Young Children. Social Work 2007-07-13
Noto, Rebecca Where Do Transnational Terrorists Operate?: the Impact of State Capacity and Civil Conflict Political Science 2013-04-08
Nouilati, Mohamad Performance Assessment of Coated Cemented Carbide Tools in Turning AISI 1018 Steel Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2004-04-14
Novak, Neal A. Une Societe Nouvelle: The Decline of the Gaullist Party and France's Move to the Left History 2005-04-11
Novak, William Earl Symphony No. 1 Music 2015-04-08
Novakovic, Djuro Numerical Reservoir Characterization Using Dimensionless Scale Numbers with Application in Upscaling Petroleum Engineering 2002-06-11
Novelo, Noel D. A Standardized Ultrasonography Classification for Channel Catfish Ovarian Development Renewable Natural Resources 2014-07-14
Novoa, Martha P The Effects of Reiki Treatment on Mental Health Professionals Who Are at Risk for Secondary Traumatic Stress Social Work 2011-11-04
Novoa-Martinez, Brenda Strength Properties of Granular Materials Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-07-11
Nowling, Lauren Kay Platform Recruited Reef Fish, Phase I: Do Platforms Provide Habitat That Increase the Survival of Juvenile Reef Fishes? Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-11-14
Nuanla-Or, Sunantana Creating Sustainable Future of a Degraded Urban Canal: Mae Kha, in Chiang Mai, Thailand Landscape Architecture 2016-04-06
Nugent, Rick Alton The Effect of Exopolymers on the Compressibility and Shear Strength of Kaolinite Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-01-20
Nugon, Robert Welsh Salinity Tolerance of Juveniles of Four Varieties of Tilapia Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-04
Nunez, Kelley Gwin Selective Enrichment Through Capture (SEC): A Technology for Retrieving Specific DNA Sequences from Complex Mixtures Biological Sciences 2015-07-29
Nur, Md Shihab A Study on Advantages of Sourcing Apparel from Bangladesh Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising Design 2016-03-18
Nuss, Sara Kathryn Soil Organic Carbon Determination for Louisiana Soils via Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Agronomy & Environmental Management 2013-08-31
Nyaupane, Narayan P The Adoption of Best Management Practices in the Louisiana Crawfish Industry Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2010-02-26

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