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Muldoon, Jeffrey Leader Benefits: Exploring How Leaders Benefit from LMX Management 2014-07-01
Solomon, Shelby John Artisan Entrepreneurship: Staying True to the Social Movement in the Face of Contradictory Conventional Wisdom. Management 2017-07-01
Taylor, Erik C. Audere est Facere: Reconsidering Proactivity and Examining its Impact on Teams Management 2017-05-22
Byabashaija, Warren New Firm Emergence: The Significance of Social Embeddedness and Resource Bootstrapping to the Process of Nascent Firm Emergence Management (Business Administration) 2008-01-03
Cashen, Luke Hendrik Governance Structures in the Post Asset Restructuring Period: Responses by Boards of Directors and Top Managers to Institutional Pressures Management (Business Administration) 2005-11-14
Cater, John James, III Stepping Out of the Shadow: The Leadership Qualities of Successors in Family Business Management (Business Administration) 2006-06-08
Cheramie, Robin Anne The Individual, the Source, and the Context: An Investigation of Antecedents and Consequences of Feedback Seeking Behavior Management (Business Administration) 2004-03-31
Choi, Sungwon Task and Relationship Conflict in Subordinates and Supervisors Relations: Interaction Effects of Justice Perceptions and Emotion Management Management (Business Administration) 2010-04-01
Faulk II, Larry Hugh Pay Satisfaction Consequences: Development and Test of a Theoretical Model Management (Business Administration) 2002-09-05
Henagan, Stephanie Case The Perils of Workplace Recognition: Antecedents and Consequences of Discomfort Associated with Being the Target of Threatening Upward Comparisons Management (Business Administration) 2006-06-01
Krenn, Mario Explaining Strategic Firm Responsiveness to Institutional Processes in the Evolution of Corporate Governance Systems: The Reform of Director Remuneration Reporting in Germany Management (Business Administration) 2013-05-14
Liguori, Eric William Extending Social Cognitive Career Theory into the Entrepreneurship Domain: Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy's Mediating Role Between Inputs, Outcome Expectations, and Intentions Management (Business Administration) 2012-06-15
Minsky, Barbara Dale LMX Dyad Agreement: Construct Definition and the Role of Supervisor/Subordinate Similarity and Communication in Understanding LMX Management (Business Administration) 2002-11-12
Morgan, Yun-Chen Tsai Reevaluating the "Magic Spell": Examining Empowerment, Stress, and Workplace Outcomes Management (Business Administration) 2013-05-26
Srivardhana, Thongchai The Multiple Dimensions of The Interfirm Network: The Critical Sources of Product Innovation Management (Business Administration) 2006-05-25
Taylor, Shannon G. Cold Looks and Hot Tempers: Individual-Level Effects of Incivility in the Workplace Management (Business Administration) 2010-03-02
Wang, Zhengjun East Meets West? Determinants of Chinese Firms' Response to Pressures towards International Corporate Governance Standards Management (Business Administration) 2010-05-27
Yang, Jixia The Role of Trust in Organizations: Do Foci and Bases Matter? Management (Business Administration) 2005-04-05
Fennell, Patrick The Dual Role of Price on Purchase Likelihood Marketing 2017-04-01
Hiler, Jacob Lee The Role of Motives and Decision Rules in Restaurant Tipping Marketing 2015-11-09
Porter, McDowell WOM Or eWOM, Is There A Difference?: An Extension of the Social Communication Theory to Consumer Purchase Related Attitudes Marketing 2017-05-23
Bernard, Elena Kiryanova "To Integrate or to Differentiate?" - Towards Resolving a Multi-Channel Dilemma Investigation of the Effects of Channel Integration Strategies on Consumers' Evaluations of Multi-Channel Utility and Their Adoption of Multi-Channel Shopping Marketing (Business Administration) 2006-07-12
Bhowmick, Sandeep Essays on Three Price Judgments: Price Fairness, Price Magnitude, and Price Expectation Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-07-05
Bose Godbole, Mousumi “Why Do I have Fifty Pairs of Shoes?” Characterizing and Explaining Acquisitive Buying Behavior Marketing (Business Administration) 2009-06-07
Burman, Bidisha Partitioned Pricing: Can We Always Divide and Prosper? Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-06-08
Das, Neel Regret from Consumer Action Versus Inaction: The Effects of Post-Decision Information, Decisional Responsibility and Perceived Source Expertise Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-07-05
Dutta, Sujay Postpurchase Implications of Low Price Guarantees and Consequences of Low Price Guarantee Default Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-04-01
Foster, Jamye Conceptualizing the Consumer-brand Relationship as a Truly Dyadic Process Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-01-26
Fukawa, Nobuyuki The Effect of Supraliminal Goal Primes on Brand Preference: The Mediating Roles of Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-11-17
Garity, Carolyn Popp Paradoxes and Consumer Decision Making Marketing (Business Administration) 2012-10-25
Hartley, Phillip M. What's Love Got to Do With It? The Role of Brand Love in Brand Community Experience Marketing (Business Administration) 2013-04-15
Jaber, Mazen Temporal Reframing of Prices: A Conceptual Framework Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-11-18
John, Jeannie Denise The Effects of Employee Service Quality Provision and Customer Personality Traits on Customer Participation, Satisfaction, and Repurchase Intentions Marketing (Business Administration) 2003-11-10
Kerr, Anthony Hugh Service Recovery and the Elusive Paradox: An Examination of the Effects of Magnitude of Service Failure, Service Failure Responsiveness, Service Guarantee and Additional Recovery Effort on Service Recovery Outcomes Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-04-15
Kuzmina, Yana Brand Portfolio Management and the Role of Brand Acquisitions Marketing (Business Administration) 2009-07-08
Landreth, Stacy For a Good Cause: The Effects Pf Cause Importance, Cause Proximity, Congruency and Participation Effort on Consumers' Evaluation of Cause Related Marketing Marketing (Business Administration) 2002-04-15
Makienko, Igor The Effect of Consistency of Price Promotion Cues on Retailer Credibility, Product Quality, Value of a Deal and Purchase Intentions Marketing (Business Administration) 2008-11-14
Pounders, Kathrynn The Good, the Bad and the Unintended: The Role of Negative Self-Conscious Emotions In Marketing Marketing (Business Administration) 2011-04-25
Ricks, Jr., Joe M. The Effects of Strategic Corporate Philanthropy on Consumer Perceptions: An Experimental Assessment Marketing (Business Administration) 2002-04-01
Rodrigue, Christina Simmers The Impact of Masking of Persuasive Intent on Persuasive Message Effectiveness Marketing (Business Administration) 2006-04-05
Russ, Kenneth Randall Consumer Expectation Formation In Health Care Services: A Psycho-Social Model Marketing (Business Administration) 2006-11-15
Schmit, Dora Elizabeth Examining Customer Felt Gratitude and Indebtedness in Exchanges: Their Conceptualizations, Causes and Consequences Marketing (Business Administration) 2012-05-31
Sun, Jie A Typology of Consumer Preference Parabolas Marketing (Business Administration) 2013-11-13
Thota, Sweta Chaturvedi What Irritates Consumers? An Empirical Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Irritation Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-04-04
Walz, Anna Maria The Definition, Creation, and Evolution of Buyer-Seller Relationships Marketing (Business Administration) 2009-07-01
Wu, Yinglu Online Reviews and Consumers' Willingness to Pay: The Role of Uncertainty Marketing (Business Administration) 2012-10-31
Abad, Andrew Exploring Intermedia Agenda Setting Effects of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Mass Communication 2016-04-07
Adesanya, Folasade A'lyce In-Group Effects of News Use on African Americans Mass Communication 2017-07-10
Albrecht, Misty Dawn The Plame Game: Framing a Political Scandal Mass Communication 2009-04-14
Allen, Cleo Joffrion Foreign News Coverage in Selected U.S. Newspapers 1927-1997: A Content Analysis Mass Communication 2005-07-08
Altinay, Zeynep Melis Communicating Sustainability with Visuals: Issue Perception and Issue Engagement Mass Communication 2015-04-07
Alvarez, German Adolfo In Search of State Government: The Lack of State Legislative Coverage in Local Television News Mass Communication 2010-08-05
Bannerman, Jodi Kathleen Did White House Reporters Defer to the President after September 11? Mass Communication 2004-05-28
Barnidge, Matthew Holt Press Independence in Newspaper Coverage of the 2009 Health Care Debate Mass Communication 2010-04-14
Bauman, Bonnie Anne Bonjour Canada: A Case Study of the 1995-2000 Louisiana Public Relations Campaign to Attract Canadian Visitors to Louisiana Mass Communication 2005-04-13
Bellizaire, Arianne Parker Country Roads Magazine: Has the Move from the "Country" Influenced Baton Rouge Advertisers' Buying Habits? Mass Communication 2004-04-02
Besova, Asya A Foreign News and Public Opinion: Attribute Agenda-Setting Theory Revisited Mass Communication 2008-04-01
Best, James Connor Clear and Present Danger: Brandenburg Test after September 11, 2001 Mass Communication 2007-07-12
Bhayroo, Shenid The Ownership of Onlilne News: A Political Economy Analysis of and Mass Communication 2008-11-12
Billingsley, Susan An Analysis of the President-Press Relationship in Solo and Joint Press Conferences in the First Term of President George W. Bush Mass Communication 2006-03-31
Biswas, Masudul Ethnic Online Newspapers vs. Mainstream Online Newspapers: A Comparison of the News Coverage of the 2010 Health Care Reform Debate Mass Communication 2011-05-19
Blanchard, Tobie Marie Are Murders Equal in the Eyes of the Media? A Study of Race, Gender, Class and Quality of Coverage Mass Communication 2005-04-13
Bordelon, Lance Stephen Les Miserables: The Twitter Revolution—A Study of Fan Activity, Parasocial Relationships and Audience-Persona Interactions Mass Communication 2014-04-14
Borden, Nancy Leah Target Audiences and Communication Channels of Lighten Up Programs in the United States Mass Communication 2006-07-07
Boyle, Amy Marie The Effectiveness of Sports Sponsorships: A Study of the New Orleans Zephyrs Mass Communication 2001-11-14
Brewer, Chad The Stereotypic Portrayal of Women in Slasher Films: Then Versus Now Mass Communication 2009-04-09
Briscoe, Andrea Exploring Influences on Gender Equality in Photojournalism: Is the Field Picture-perfect? Mass Communication 2014-11-14
Broussard, Blair Alexis Forever New Orleans?: A Look Back and Beyond Mass Communication 2009-04-06
Brunken, Brigette Lynn Hurricane Katrina: A Content Analysis of Media Framing, Attribute Agenda Setting and Tone of Government Response Mass Communication 2006-07-10
Burke, Kathryn Elizabeth How the Media are Portrayed in Print Advertisements: A Content Analysis of Magazine Advertisements throughout the Twentieth Century Mass Communication 2002-04-17
Burroughs, Amy Civic Journalism and Community Newspapers: Opportunities for Social and Civic Connections Mass Communication 2006-11-05
Carville, Claire S. From "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" to "If You're Reading This": Patriotic Themes in Country Music Between 2000-2010 Mass Communication 2011-04-25
Charbonnet, Aariel Roxanne From the Viewbook to Facebook: A Content Analysis of Universities' Facebook Posts to Measure Organization-Public Relationships Mass Communication 2012-06-06
Charpentier, Tristi Bercegeay The Portrayal of Science in Children's Television Mass Communication 2007-04-11
Chen, Xiaowei Whose Input Counts and Which Paradigm Prevails? A Content Analysis of Mass-Mediated Debate on U.S.-China Relations in 1990s and a Policy Critique on Republican Virtue of the Policy Tradeoff Mass Communication 2006-11-12
Chenevert, Reagan Thomas The Sports Appeal: Are Athletics a Viable Academic Marketing Vehicle in Higher Education? Mass Communication 2004-10-13
Chighizola, Kristen E Where the Good Times Roll: New Orleans as a Destination for Sports Event Tourism Mass Communication 2012-04-23
Chon, Myounggi Social Media Activism and Activist Publics: Testing an Integrative Model of Activism on Contentious Issues Mass Communication 2017-04-04
Christensen, Britt Don The American Empire: A Content and Textual Analysis of the Media Coverage of the 2009 U.S. and Colombia Military Base Agreement Mass Communication 2011-04-27
Christensen, Britt Can You Hear Me Now: A Cross-National Analysis of Media, New ICTs, Press Freedoms and Sociopolitical Instability, Conflict, and Democracy. Mass Communication 2015-04-07
Clesi, Andrea Louise A New Focus for a University: Designing a Web Site to Feature Community Service Mass Communication 2010-02-21
Cobas, Michelle M Mass Media Ethics Vs. Ethnicity: The Cuban American National Foundation's Battle with the Miami Herald Mass Communication 2001-11-14
Cooley, Skye Chance Entertainment Media and "Backstage" Event Framing: How 24 Defines Torture Mass Communication 2008-04-01
Cortright, Amanda Bradford Moving Toward a Small-Screen Culture: Examining the Relationship Between Computer and Smartphone User Characteristics and Online Participation and Creation Mass Communication 2013-11-13
Cozma, Raluca Risk Reporting and Source Credibility: Trying to Make the Readers Interested Mass Communication 2005-04-13
Crosswell, Laura H. Unconscious Awareness of a Branded Life: Consumer Disillusionment and the Cultivated Commercialization of Public Health Mass Communication 2013-07-01
Cummings, Jr., Jimmie E. Unbalanced Media Coverage and the 2004 Presidential Election: The New York Times Vs. the Washington Times Mass Communication 2006-04-03
Cuttner, Elizabeth The Future of Broadcast Television: Online Streaming Infringement and the U.S. Supreme Court Mass Communication 2014-04-06
Dabbous, Yasmine Tarek “Blessed Be the Critics of Newspapers:” Journalistic Criticism of Journalism 1865-1930 Mass Communication 2010-07-08
Daigle, Jenice Corporate America and Web Access for the Blind: Are Public Relations Practitioners Communicating with the Blind Public? Mass Communication 2002-11-13
Dailey, Jane Catherine Internet Use and Environmental Justice: An Exploratory Study Mass Communication 2008-11-10
Danelia, Nino Covering the Revolution of Roses (Differences and Similarities between Georgian State and Independent Television Companies) Mass Communication 2005-11-15
Day, Anita Grace Public Affairs Advertising: Corporate Influence, Public Opinion and Vote Intentions under the Third-Person Effect Mass Communication 2006-11-08
De Carlo, Cara Francesca What Content Makes People Want to Use Sports Websites? Mass Communication 2010-11-07
Delatte, Jamie Mabile How Should Sports Organizations Handle a Crisis?: A Focus on Collegiate Institutions Mass Communication 2003-11-12
DeLaune, Ryan Patrick How Local Nonprofit Organizations can use Narratives to Build Organizational-public Relationships on Digital Media Mass Communication 2015-03-31
Deshotel, Kelly Thompson Losch Behind the Scenes: Uncovering the Structures and Manipulations of Tabloid Talk Show Workers, Guests and Audiences Mass Communication 2003-11-04
Dickson, Carly Nicole Nutrition and Eating Habits in Adolescent Television Programs: A Content Analysis of Food and Beverage Consumption on Popular Teen Television Mass Communication 2009-07-07
Dickson , Kaleigh Elizabeth Public Perception of Male Athletes Vs. Female Athletes in the Media Mass Communication 2015-04-06
Dill, Roxanne Kearns An Investigation of Focus: Local, Regional, and National Newspaper Coverage in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Mass Communication 2006-11-16
Duhon, Madelyn Kay Journalist and Hoaxer: William Francis Mannix and the Long History of Faked News Mass Communication 2017-04-07
duPlessis, Renee Chantal A Convergence of Modes: Present Status of Online News Sites. A Content Analysis of 100 Online Newspaper Web Sites Mass Communication 2003-06-29
Duru, Adaobi Vivian Framing the Ebola Outbreak: Systemic Influences on News Coverage Mass Communication 2016-07-06
Edman, Haley Twittering to the Top: A Content Analysis of Corporate Tweets to Measure Organization-Public Relationships Mass Communication 2010-04-29
Evans, John Robert Defining Dad: Media Depiction Of The Modern Father In Print Advertising Mass Communication 2015-07-13
Flournoy, John Craig Reporting the Movement in Black and White: The Emmett Till Lynching and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Mass Communication 2003-06-11
Forbes, Jeffrey Evan Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Credibility, Engagement, Interactivity and Brand Metrics of Social Network Sites Mass Communication 2010-01-13
Gaddy, James "Don't Pooh-Pooh Our Poo Poo": Penalty, Subsidy, and Refusal to Fund in the Aftermath of National Endowment for the Arts V. Finley Mass Communication 2004-04-14
Gavin, Katharine Claire Knowledge Gap and Cable Music Television: A Survey of MTV, BET, and VH1 Target Audience Members Mass Communication 2010-11-15
Gevorgyan, Gennadi Culture and Persuasion Online. Predicting Attitudes, Cognitions, and Behavioral Intentions In a Culturally Diverse Online Marketplace Mass Communication 2009-06-30
Glass, William Natural Order: The Case for Applying Biomimetic Design Principles to Mass Communication Technology Design Mass Communication 2015-04-02
Goodman, Lauren Hudel Planned Parenthood In Crisis: Social Media Strategies And Frames Mass Communication 2016-03-16
Goudelocke, Ryan Credibility and Authority on Internet Message-Boards Mass Communication 2004-07-08
Grable, Bettye A African-American Women's Reception, Influence and Utility of Television Content: An Exploratory Qualitative Analysis Mass Communication 2005-06-13
Greener, Theodore Charles Fandom, Media Consumption, and College Sports Knowledge: A Survey of College Undergraduates Mass Communication 2011-04-12
Hammond, Tarana Media Use, HIV/AIDS Knowledge, and Sexual Beliefs: An Exploration of Differences between Races Mass Communication 2006-11-16
Harang, Paul Why Is It Washing Away? Advocacy Groups and the Framing of Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands Loss in Local Newspapers Mass Communication 2009-11-11
Harrington, Brooke Alayne Message Framing and Interactivity in Direct-to-Consumer Internet Advertisements: Visual and Textual Cues of Web Sites for Prescription Medications Mass Communication 2008-05-30
Hatley, Lesa D'Anne The Intersection of News Frames: Examining the Top Two Health Problems in the United States Mass Communication 2006-09-04
Haynes, Jasmine Elise The Role of Race in Television News Coverage of Shortcomings in U.S. Secondary Education Mass Communication 2010-07-09
Henderson, Keren Esther News Narratives and Television News Editing Mass Communication 2007-07-06
Henderson, Keren Esther Compromising the Craft: A Mixed-Methodological Analysis of the Products and Processes of Storytelling in Local Television and Digital News Mass Communication 2015-04-10
Henry, Nicole Webb Celebrity Versus Non-Celebrity: Parasocial Relationships with Characters in Reality-Based Television Programs Mass Communication 2011-11-10
Hesson, Ashley Correcting the Conversation: An Argument for a Public Health Perspective Approach to University Timely Warnings about Sexual Assault Mass Communication 2015-04-02
Higdon, Kristen Marie When Your Good Friends Wear Prada: A Study of Parasocial Relationships, Attractiveness, and Life Satisfaction Mass Communication 2013-04-15
Hobbs, Scott Attribute Agenda-Setting in an Open Primary: An Examination of Press Coverage and Political Ad Effects Mass Communication 2001-11-14
Honore, Lisa R. An Analysis of the Social Networks of Local Television Reporters Mass Communication 2009-09-24
Hotard, Rebecca Ann Media Framing of Prescription Drug Coverage Following a Recall Mass Communication 2006-03-28
Hu, Xiaoge The World Wide Web as a Vehicle for Advertising Movies to College Students: An Exploratory Study Mass Communication 2002-11-14
Hutchinson, Jessica Did you Watch #TheWalkingDead Last Night? An Examination of Television Hashtags and Twitter Activity Mass Communication 2013-07-08
Hyderkhan, Angela Broussard Mammary Malfunction: A Comparison of Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding Product Ads with Magazine Article Content Mass Communication 2005-11-10
Indest, Christine Cidalise Taking PR to School: A Case Study of Three Private High School Public Relations and Development Departments Mass Communication 2002-04-16
Ivy-O'Donnell, Camille Nicole In the Shadow of Big Oil A Media Content Analysis of the 'Big Oil' Stigma Mass Communication 2015-04-09
Izadi, Foad U.S. Public Diplomacy toward Iran: Structures, Actors, and Policy Communities Mass Communication 2009-04-02
Jackson, Crystal Betties and Broads: A Qualitative Examination of the Maiden and Whore Archetypes in "The Golden Girls," "Designing Women," and "Sex and the City" Mass Communication 2010-11-03
Jarreau, Paige Brown All the Science That Is Fit to Blog: An Analysis of Science Blogging Practices Mass Communication 2015-04-07
Jenkins, Benjamin Staying Objective: The Effect of Corporate Public Relations on Video Game Journalists Mass Communication 2010-11-19
Jenner, Eric Jeffrey Greenwashing: Visual Communication and Political Influence in Environmental Policy Mass Communication 2005-04-14
Johnson, Misty Noel The Black Church and Political Mobilization of African Americans Mass Communication 2007-05-30
Jones, Gabrielle P March Madness for Men Mass Communication 2013-11-18
Juric, Pavica Mass Media Usage during a Natural Disaster: LSU College Students and Hurricane Katrina Mass Communication 2006-04-03
Kaiser, Christopher Lee Medical Issue or Policy? A Framing Analysis of the Medical Marijuana Issue in U.S. Newspapers Mass Communication 2013-07-02
Kang , HyunMee Application of Counter-Stereotype Strategy for National Image Management: A Comparative Study of U.S. and South Korean College Students’ National Stereotypes of China Mass Communication 2011-06-07
Keshelashvili, Ana Patterns of Self-Expression and Impression Management in Blogs Mass Communication 2005-01-17
Khudiyev, Ilgar Coverage of the 2003 Post-Election Protests in Azerbaijan: Impact of Media Ownership on Objectivity Mass Communication 2005-11-15
Kim, Nam Young An Investigation into the Moderating Role of Fear Appeals on the Relationship between Regulatory Fit and Persuasion Mass Communication 2012-11-09
Kim, Young Exploring Organizational Resilience Asset and Its Antecedents for Effective Internal Crisis Communication Mass Communication 2016-04-04
Kirzinger, Ashley Elizabeth Making News in 140 Characters: How the New Media Environment Is Changing Our Examination of Audiences, Journalists, and Content Mass Communication 2012-04-26
Klein, Tim Vest Different Approaches to Investigatory Journalism in the Muckraking Era Mass Communication 2015-04-09
Knobloch, Katherine Rhodes Conversations on Citizenship: Young People's Perceptions and Performances of Democratic Citizenship Mass Communication 2008-04-11
Kong, Ying U.S. Regional Newspapers' Coverage on China's Entry into the WTO--A Regional Economy Approach Mass Communication 2003-06-03
Koplatadze, Baadur Media Coverage of the 2003 Parliamentary Election in the Republic of Georgia Mass Communication 2004-11-08
Kozman, Claudia Baseball and Steroids in the News: How Politicians and Reporters Construct the News Mass Communication 2005-04-11
Kral, Abby Print Media Impact on State Legislative Policy Agendas Mass Communication 2003-03-20
Kulikova, Svetlana Viktorovna New Media in New Democracies: Perceptions of Good Governance Among Traditional and Internet-Based Media Users in Kyrgyzstan Mass Communication 2008-06-10
Kulkarni, Arti Impact of Endorser and Message Appeal on the Success of an Online AIDS PSA Mass Communication 2009-11-05
Ladley, Amy Splitting a Pair: Playing the Gender Card and the Race Card in American Politics Mass Communication 2012-01-25
Lane, Les L. A Reexamination of the Canon of Objectivity in American Journalism Mass Communication 2001-11-14
Lang, Rebecca Chronic Pain in Entertainment Media: Using Empathy to Reduce Stigma Mass Communication 2013-11-18
LaPlante, John M. When Everybody's a Critic: Effects of a Newspaper's Self-Improvement Program Mass Communication 2001-10-19
Latham, Brecke Megan Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco: Her Press Strategies and the Local Press Mass Communication 2005-07-13
Ledbetter, Jennifer Bhatia 2001 Louisiana Legislative Special Session: Do We All Read the Same News? Mass Communication 2002-04-11
Lee, Jeremy The Effects of Fantasy Football Participation on Team Identification and NFL Fandom Mass Communication 2011-04-14
Leist, Lauren Michele What Female Candidates Need to Know: Current Research on Gender Effects in Campaigns and Elections Mass Communication 2015-04-05
Lemon, Miranda Coy Grinding the Axe Body Spray: Linking Gamer Experience and Brand Recall in Guitar Hero III Mass Communication 2008-05-28
Levasseur, Portia Indexing and Economic News: Coverage of the 2009 Economic Stimulus Debate Mass Communication 2011-10-02
Lewis, Ben Measuring Player Perceptions of Advertising in Online Games Mass Communication 2006-11-16
Li, Minjie Impression Formation in the Online Amateur Setting: An Examination of Transgender People Mass Communication 2014-04-14
Lieber, Paul Stuart Ethics in Public Relations: Gauging Ethical Decision-Making Patterns of Public Relations Practitioners Mass Communication 2003-07-07
Lieber, Paul Stuart Public Relations Ethics: A Cross-Cultural Analysis Mass Communication 2004-12-09
Lopez, Lilliana Laura Message Appeals Used by Nonprofits on Twitter to Increase Public Engagement Mass Communication 2014-04-11
Mabry, Emily Fay Engaging Audiences: An Analysis of Social Media Usage in Advertising Mass Communication 2010-04-16
Madison, Thomas Phillip Polygamy is Creepy, Wrong, and Sick! (However, I Find It Fascinating): Parasocial Comparison, Parasocial Processing, Parasocial Contact Hypothesis, and Polygamy Mass Communication 2013-09-25
Marino, Stephanie A Comparison of the Moral Development of Advertising and Journalism Students Mass Communication 2008-04-11
Marks, Kristin Nicole Volunteer based organizations: Bridging the gap between political efficacy and civic engagement Mass Communication 2012-04-23
Marquez II, Mark The Purpose of Magazine Web Sites Mass Communication 2005-04-11
Martin, Amy Elizabeth Seeing (RED): A Qualitative Analysis of the Product (RED) Campaign and Integration of Public Relations and Marketing Theory Mass Communication 2008-04-16
Mason, Nia Francis Minority Recruitment Efforts Aimed at Increasing Student Diversity at Historically Black Public Colleges and Universities and Predominantly White Public Institutions Mass Communication 2006-03-31
Massey, Joel D. Are You Ready for Some ... Sex, Violence, and Gender Stereotypes? A Content Analysis of Monday Night Football Commercials and Programming Promotions Mass Communication 2006-06-21
McCluskey, Lindsay M. Examining Local Law Enforcement Public Relations Mass Communication 2016-08-24
McCollough, Christopher Jon Pressures, Centralization, Economics, Technology, and Ethics: Factors that Impact Public Information Officer – Journalist Relationships Mass Communication 2012-11-05
McDaniel, Misti Media Use, Linguistic Preference and Social Capital in the Hispanic Community Mass Communication 2006-11-16
McNeal, Dionell Perceptions of Collegiate and Professional Black Male Athletes Based on the Media Mass Communication 2014-07-14
Medrano, Silvia Irene Segmentation in Hispanic-Targeted Marketing Mass Communication 2013-11-17
Meguerditchian, Tamar Grace Public Relations and Political Controversy: A Case Study of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations’ Public Relations Campaign Regarding the Ottoman Empire’s Deportation of the Armenians Mass Communication 2007-04-09
Melancon, Neil Preception of and Reactions to the Presence of URL's in Print Advertising of a Non-Technology Brand Mass Communication 2002-01-31
Menard, Meghan Elizabeth Reporting for the State Department: Carl W. Ackerman's Cooperation with Government during WWI Mass Communication 2015-11-16
Milford-Hoyt, Patricia Ann Art Tweets: A Content Analysis of Social Media Activity Among Six Top Art Museums in the U.S.A. Mass Communication 2014-01-23
Miller, Ben Man without a country: How character complexity primes racial stereotypes Mass Communication 2012-07-05
Mirzoyan, Viktorya Corporate Use of Social Media Mass Communication 2013-04-15
Mislan, Cristina The Black Press as a Political Institution: How the Chicago Defender Portrayed Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama's Historical Presidential Campaigns Mass Communication 2009-04-07
Moore, Isabelle Engagement Across the Pond: The NFL's Attempts to Increase Social Media Engagement Through the Cultural Targeting of Messages Mass Communication 2015-04-05
Moses, Megan Lee The Act of Raising Donors: An Assessment of Fund-Raising Stewardship Practices in Healthcare Institutions Mass Communication 2010-04-06
Mrazek, Pavel Creating Brands Online: Third Party Opinions and Their Effect on Consumers' Trust in Brands and Purchase Intentions Mass Communication 2010-04-27
Nambiar, Sonora Jha Social Protests, Asocial Media: Patterns of Press Coverage of Social Protests and the Influence of the Internet on Such Coverage Mass Communication 2004-03-31
Narcisse, Liana L. Public Perception and the Oil Industry: An Analysis of Oil Employees' and Nigerians' Opinions Regarding Exxon Mobil and Shell Oil's Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts Mass Communication 2010-04-29
Nealy, Elizabeth A Case Study of the National Advancement Plan at Louisiana State University as Implemented by the LSU Foundation in the Memphis, Tennessee, Area Mass Communication 2004-04-15
Nergadze, Nico Deterrence Factors for Copyright Infringement Online Mass Communication 2004-01-19
Newport, Lindsay Nicole The Effects of Comedic Media Criticism on Media Producers Mass Communication 2010-04-30
Padgett, Jeremy Predictors of National Broadcast and Cable Television News Coverage of the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Mass Communication 2014-07-02
Pallais, Denise Michele How African-Americans and Hispanics Perceive Their Racial Equality in American Advertising Mass Communication 2006-03-27
Palmer, Cydney Lauren There's an App for That: The Ways Young Adults Access Digital Information Mass Communication 2011-11-09
Paul, Newly Gender Stereotypes and the Strategic Use of Emotions in the 2008 Elections Mass Communication 2015-06-01
Persaud, Christina The Effects of Interactivity and Involvement on Users' Attitude Toward and Perception of Brands and Purchase Intent on Facebook Mass Communication 2013-04-15
Pfetzer, Emily Marie Identity as a Compass for Understanding Media Choice Mass Communication 2013-11-17
Powell, Rachelle Women's Uses of the Internet Mass Communication 2005-07-08
Rabalais, Lindsay Colleen Framing Theory and Its Application to the Fracking Controversy in St. Tammany Parish Mass Communication 2015-04-11
Ricks, Damiane Christopher A Tale of Two Champions: LSU and Southern University Compete for Coverage in Louisiana Newspapers Mass Communication 2004-12-09
Rivers, Emily Barbara Adoption in New Orleans: What Agencies are Doing to Promote It Mass Communication 2005-11-16
Roberts, Shearon Gulf Coast Journalists and Hurricane Katrina: Mounting Challenges to the Work Routine Mass Communication 2007-03-29
Robinson, Eric P. Adding Flesh to Sullivan’s Bones: The Legacy of St. Amant v. Thompson Mass Communication 2016-06-06
Roussell, Stephanie Ortego An Analysis of Femininity: How Popular Female Characters In the Media Portray Contemporary Womanhood Mass Communication 2013-04-09
Rowland, Maryann M The Changing Face of the U.S. Military: A Textual Analysis of U.S. Army and U.S. Navy Recruiting Advertisements from Pre-9-11 to Six Years into the Iraq War Mass Communication 2009-04-14
Rowley, Karen M. A Textual Analysis Comparing the Content of "Black Enterprise," "Forbes," and "Fortune" Magazines and the Message Each Presents to Its Readers Mass Communication 2001-11-14
Rowley, Karen M. Statewide Public Affairs Television: Expanding the C-Span Model to the State Level and Achieving Institutional Status in the Process Mass Communication 2006-11-15
Saghaye-Biria, Hakimeh United States Propaganda in Iran: 1951-1953 Mass Communication 2009-04-08
Saha, Paromita Journalism and the "Dark Arts" - A Comparative Study of British and American Media Ethic Codes Against the Backdrop of the British Phone Hacking Scandal Mass Communication 2014-07-12
Sanati, Melissa From Products to Politics: Understanding the Effectiveness of a Celebrity Political Endorsement Mass Communication 2017-04-10
Sanchez, Lacey Elizabeth NCAA Student-Athletes and Defamation: Understanding Plaintiff Classification and First Amendment Protection Mass Communication 2017-04-07
Sarver, Danielle Lynn "But Seriously, Folks...": Understanding the Political Effects of Late Night Television Comedy Mass Communication 2007-10-29
Satchel, Roslyn M. Burn, Boil & Eat: An intersectional analysis of stereotypes in the most influential films of all time Mass Communication 2013-06-27
Schafer, Matthew Speak, and Speak Immediately: The Risen Subpoena, The Executive Branch, and the Reporter’s Privilege Mass Communication 2013-04-12
Schmidt, Ellen Mullee "Operation Red Campus”: An Experimental Analysis of CRNC Advertisements Targeting the Millennial Generation Mass Communication 2015-04-13
Schoen, Mary Presley Museum-Public Relationships: Exploring the Relationship Management Theory of Public Relations Mass Communication 2005-10-25
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Moreira Filho, Amaro Borges An Original Composition, Diamundo, and a Historical Survey of Music Spatialization Music 2007-04-03
Mueller, Andrea Lori Laitman and Sara Teasdale: A Performer's Guide to The Metropolitan Tower and Other Songs, Mystery, and The Years Music 2009-11-12
Mun, Ji-Won A Stylistic and Analytical Study of Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 33, by Lee Hoiby Music 2002-04-12
Murph, Megan Elizabeth Max Neuhaus and the Musical Avant-Garde Music 2013-05-30
Musgrave, Monty Roy A Wind Ensemble Adaptation and Conductor's Analysis of Selected Movements of Darius Milhaud's Saudades do Brazil, with an Examination of the Influences of Ernesto Nazareth Music 2005-06-13
Nelson, Karl Erik An Introduction to the Life and a Cappella Music of Sven-David Sandström and a Conductor's Prepatory Guide to Etyd Nr 4, Som I E-Moll and Laudamus Te Music 2005-06-15
Nelson, Robert Neil An Exploration of Secondary Level Instrumental Music Educators' Receptiveness to Select Philosophical Writings Music 2011-07-05
Nicolette, Andrew David A Model of the Tonal-Chromatic System and Its Application to Selected Works of Gustav Mahler Music 2015-03-26
Novak, William Earl Symphony No. 1 Music 2015-04-08
Oechsle, Nikie An Annotated Catalogue of Selected Cuban Piano Works from the 18th-20th Centuries Music 2010-10-29
Oh, Yeamin Audio-Based Visualization of Expressive Body Movements in Music Performance: An Evaluation of Methodology in Three Electroacoustic Compositions Music 2014-06-10
Oliveira, Ronaldo Cadeu de Crime and Punishment: One Act Ballet Music 2009-04-17
Oliveira, Ronaldo Cadeu de The Louisiana Sinfonietta, a New Orchestral Model, and an Original Composition, Concerto for Guitar and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 12 Music 2010-07-08
Onalbayeva-Coleman, Kadisha Sofia Gubaidulina: Chaconne for Solo Piano in The Context of Her Life and Work Music 2010-04-05
Owen, Justin Andrew Hidden Music: Vowel Formant Theory and the Languages of Verdi's Don Carlos Music 2012-01-26
Oyan, Sheri Mindfulness Meditation: Creative Musical Performance through Awareness Music 2006-03-31
Packwood, Gary Compelled to Compose: An Introduction to the Life and Music of Paul Basler, with a Conductor's Analysis of Missa Kenya Music 2004-11-01
Padgett, Bethany Transcription and Analysis of Ravi Shankar's "Morning Love" for Western Flute, Sitar, Tabla and Tanpura Music 2013-06-13
Pan, Yong Hao The Transcription for Two Double Basses of Selections from Pièces de Violes, Quatrème Livre, Deuxiême Partie: Suitte D’un Goût Etranger by Marin Marais Music 2006-11-09
Paraschoudis, Paraschos Southeast Asian Youth Chamber Orchestra (SEAYCO): A Musical Bridge within the Southeast Asian Region Music 2015-11-11
Patrick, Joseph Timothy An Original Composition, "Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Wind Ensemble," and a Comparative Analysis of the Concerti for Orchestra of Béla Bartók and Witold Lutosławski Music 2011-04-29
Pavlovski, Branko William Blayney - Clarinetist and Teacher, Contributions and Influences on Clarinet Playing in the Twenty-First Century Music 2012-01-20
Peeva, Teodora Dimova Lillian Fuchs: Violist, Teacher, and Composer; Musical and Pedagogical Aspects of the 16 Fantasy Etudes for Viola Music 2011-04-15
Peiser, Sacha Alexandra Grace Les Mains Désenlaceuses: Unlocking the Relationship of Text and Music in the Proses Lyriques Music 2009-06-10
Pereira, Hoffmann Urquiza A Conductor's Study of Villa-Lobos's Magnificat-Alleluia and Bendita Sabedoria Music 2005-04-03
Pereira Silva, Vladimir A. A Conductor's Analysis of Amaral Vieira's Stabat Mater, Op.240: An Approach between Music and Rhetoric Music 2005-04-11
Perniciaro, Joseph Charles A Performer's Guide to Ross Lee Finney's Song Cycle, CHAMBER MUSIC Music 2007-10-18
Perrine, John M. Crossover Considerations: Performing Three Works by Ludmila Ulehla, Phil Woods and Bill Dobbins Music 2002-06-11
Pettit, Leanne An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Individual Dramatic and Musical Elements in the 1956, 1973 and 1988 Versions of Leonard Bernstein's Candide Music 2009-04-13
Pfeifer, Zachary Bioluminescence Music 2010-04-27
Phillips, Rebecca L. John Mackey: The Composer, His Compositional Style and a Conductor's Analysis of Redline Tango and Turbine Music 2007-07-09
Phillips, Jamie Laurance From Distant Shores Music 2016-04-07
Pinson, Heather Koren Aspects of Jazz and Classical Music in David N. Baker's Ethnic Variations on a Theme of Paganini Music 2002-07-12
Pinto, Diego Daflon Tavares Brazilian Music for Youth Choir by FUNARTE: Exploring Issues of Pedagogy and Authenticity in Brazilian Choral Music Music 2011-07-07
Plummer, William Floyd Selected Works of Richard Burchard: A Resource Guide Music 2017-04-07
Porter, Amy Robin A Performance Guide for Thomas Pasatieri's Bel Canto Songs for Voice and Piano Music 2016-04-04
Power, Celeste Zoltán Kodály’s Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello, Op. 8: One Cellist’s Path to Performance Music 2013-04-09
Preston, Ebony Darshay A Performer's Guide to Gwyneth Walker's Setting of Poetry by Lucille Clifton- "No Ordinary Woman!" and "Three Songs for Lucille Music 2011-11-14
Price, William Morris An Original Composition, Symphony No. 1, Pollock and an Analysis of the Evolution of Frank Zappa's "Be-Bop Tango" Music 2003-12-09
Ray, Jonathan Michael Songs from Liquid Days by Philip Glass: A Performer's Guide Music 2017-04-03
Raybon, Jr., C. Leonard An Old Form Newly Clothed: Exploration and Conductor's Analyses of Morten Lauridsen's Madrigali: Six "Fire-Songs" on Italian Renaissance Poems Music 2003-11-10
Redding, Jane McCalla An Introduction to American Song Composer Daron Aric Hagen (b. 1961) and His Miniature Folk Opera: Dear Youth Music 2002-02-20
Renea, Simina Alexandra George Enescu's "Concertstück for Viola and Piano": A Theoretical Analysis Within the Composer's Musical Legacy Music 2011-11-04
Rettie, Christopher Scott A Performer's and Conductor's Analysis of Ingolf Dahl's Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Orchestra Music 2006-01-10
Rhodes, Jami A Performer's Guide to Oskar Morawetz' From the Diary of Anne Frank Music 2009-05-27
Richardson, Edward Rex Structural Elegance and Harmonic Disparity in Selected Solos by Jazz Trumpeters Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw Music 2006-07-12
Richter, Travis Archie A Comparative Study of and Performer's Guide to Selected Songs by the Swiss Composer Othmar Schoeck Music 2011-11-04
Rigling, Savanna Song and Russian Futurism: The Early Vocal Works of Nikolay Roslavets and Arthur Lourié Music 2017-05-20
Roberts, Kimberly Ann The Selected Sacred Solo Vocal Motets of Claudio Monteverdi Including "Confitebor tibi, Domine" Music 2007-09-03
Rodriguez de la Hoz, Monica Pamela A Forgotten Composer and His Music: Two Viola Compositions by Arends Music 2014-05-26
Roessner, Katharina A Performer's Guide to the Songs for Soprano by the Austro-American Composer Eric Zeisl (1905 - 1959) Music 2007-11-07
Rogers, Ethan Loyd Convergent Styles: A Study of Dave Brubeck's Points on Jazz Music 2017-02-24
Rominger, Laurie Musicianship in Beginning Level String Pedagogy: A Content Analysis of Class Method Books Music 2016-04-09
Rose, Leslie Paige The Effects of Contextual Interference on the Acquisition, Retention, and Transfer of a Music Motor Skill among University Musicians Music 2006-07-11
Roste, Vaughn The Seven Last Words of Christ: A Comparison of Three French Romantic Musical Settings by Gounod, Franck, and Dubois Music 2013-03-22
Rowe, Alissa Ann Mercurio A Conductor's Analysis of Theodore Morrison's "War and Reconciliation" Music 2010-04-11
Rozman, Jure The Formation of a Style: Selected Early Works by Hugo Wolf Music 2007-04-03
Rozman, Julie Powell Joseph Messner's Organ Music: Evolution of a Style Music 2009-05-13
Rudd, Brenda Lowe A Conductor's Analysis of Poetry and Music in J. A. C. Redford's Antiphons Music 2016-11-04
Ruggiero, Susan Elizabeth Draganski and Schafer: A Perspective on Works for Voice and Woodwind Quintet Music 2010-04-22
Russell, Christine Renee Effects of Pitch and Rhythm Priming Tasks on Accuracy and Fluency during Sight-reading Music 2016-07-11
Sadoh, Godwin Simeon The Organ Works of Fela Sowande: A Nigerian Organist-Composer Music 2004-02-21
Saeed, Timothy David Analysis and Expressive Performance: Four Selected Works by Chopin Music 2014-06-03
Saez, Alejandra Alberto Ginastera's Twelve American Preludes: Descriprive Analysis and Performer's Guide Music 2014-01-21
Schlegel, Amanda Lynn The Effect of Directed Attention Score Study Procedures on Music Majors' Error Detection in Three-Part Instrumental Music Music 2010-11-16
Schuesselin, John Christopher The Use of the Cornet in the Operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan Music 2003-04-07
Sexton, Natasia Liturgical Expressions of a Classical Romantic: A Choral Conductor's Investigation of Selected Sacred Treble Chorus Compositions by Josef Rheinberger Music 2007-01-08
Shi, Jiazi East Meets West: A Musical Analysis of Chinese Sights and Sounds, by Yuankai Bao Music 2016-04-08
Shirley, Jennifer Rae A Taxonomy of the Effects and Affects of Surface-level Metric Dissonance Music 2007-11-13
Silva, Francisco Coelho Ribeiro da Concertino for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, by Mozart Camargo Guarnieri: A Performing Edition with Reduction of the Orchestra for Second Piano Music 2005-10-31
Simmerman, Karl Joseph The Sketches for Mendelssohn's Paulus, Op. 36 Music 2016-11-07
Smith, Kevin Doyle The Style of Meditation: A Conductor's Analysis of Selected Motets by Rihards Dubra Music 2004-06-03
Smith, William Clay Drum Taps: A Performance Guide to the Song Cycle by Richard Pearson Thomas Music 2009-08-27
Spinazzola, James An Introduction to the Music of Tania Leon and a Conductor's Analysis of Indigena Music 2006-04-04
Spurlin, Adam Corey A Conductor's Theoretical and Performance Analysis of Nicholas Maw's "American Games" for Symphonic Wind Ensemble Music 2007-04-01
Steinbron, Matthew James Background Conglomerates in Alkan's "Quasi-Faust," Op. 33, No. 2 Music 2006-07-14
Steinbron, Matthew Polyfocal Structures in Franz Schubert's Lieder Music 2011-04-25
Steinhauser, Joanna A Historical Analysis and Performer's Guide to Serge Prokofiev's Sonata for Solo or Unison Violins, Op. 115 Music 2009-11-13
Stokes, Samuel Howard An Original Composition, Symphony No. 1, "Eustace the Monk" and Compositional Techniques Used to Elicit Musical Humor Music 2013-04-09
Strickland, Kathryn Elizabeth Why They Stay and Why They Go: A Study of Retention and Attrition During the Transition from Middle to High School in the Large-Ensemble Instrumental Music Classroom Music 2010-11-18
Strickland, Kathryn Elizabeth The Effect of Real-Time Pitch Tracking and Correction on High School Instrumentalists' Tuning Accuracy Music 2013-08-21
Taylor, Pamela G. The Role of Music-Making in the Identity Construction of Members of an Adult Community Band Music 2012-04-26
Taylor, Benjamin Francis McLuhan.js: Live Net Art Performance with Remote Web Browsers Music 2016-05-16
Tian, Lin The World of Tan Dun: The Central Importance of Eight Memories in Watercolor, Op. 1 Music 2014-07-14
Toups, Katie Elizabeth The Consensual Assessment Technique as a Measure of Creativity in Children's Musical Compositions Motivated by Visual and Verbal Stimuli Music 2008-07-09
Trotta, Michael John A Church Musician’s Resource Guide to the Available Resources from the Choral Public Domain Library for the Liturgical Year A Music 2012-03-15
Truitt, Jon Steffen American Verismo? Insights into "The Padrone", an Opera by George Whitefield Chadwick (13 November 1854 - 4 April 1931) Music 2004-04-08
Tuck, Patrick Brahms's Ein deutsches Requiem: Dialectic and the Chromatic Middleground Music 2007-04-09
Tucker, Jenna M. A Survey of Professional Operatic Entertainment in Little Rock, Arkansas: 1870-1900 Music 2010-04-08
Turner, Joseph Christopher A Survey and Guide to the Most Frequently Programmed Lieder in the Undergraduate Studios of Selected Major Music Institutions in the United States Music 2010-07-02
Uschkrat, Betsy Marie Tracing the Development of Willie Stark and Its Place in American Opera Music 2016-07-10
Vaden, Sam An Analysis of Printemps d'amour (op. 40) and L'Union (op. 48): Two Programmatic Piano Solos by Louis Moreau Gottschalk Music 2014-01-19
Varnado, LaTerence Edward Musical Explorations in Creation and Performance: A School's Alternative Approach to Music Education Music 2015-04-08
Waite, Esther June Background, Analysis, and Performance Guide for Edison Denisov's Sonata for Flute and Piano Music 2013-04-15
Wang, Wennan “Shui Diao Ge Tou” from Poems of the Sung Dynasty Music 2008-06-08
Wang, Wennan Moonlight Shadows and Night Thoughts (Symphony No.1) and An Analysis of Qigang Chen’s Extase II Music 2012-04-24
Washer, Nancy Ellen "Los motz e.l so": Words, Melody, and Their Interaction in the Songs of Folquet de Marseille Music 2002-11-06
Wei, Mei-Mei Summary of Lecture Recital: Bright Sheng's Selected Chamber Music for Strings: Two Violin Solos, and Two String Quartets Music 2006-11-08
Wells, David D. An Introduction to the Life and Music of Javier Busto and a Conductor’s Analysis of "Missa pro Defunctis" (1997) Music 2009-01-16
Whitaker, Jennifer A. Analyses of High School Band Students' and Directors' Perceptions of Verbal and Nonverbal Teaching Behaviors Music 2008-04-01
Whitfield, Andrew David A Performer's Guide to Virgil Thomson's "Five Songs from William Blake" Music 2004-05-19
Willis, Reid The Direction We Grow Music 2009-08-21
Womack, James Jeffery A Study and an Approach to Historical Performance Practices in the French Baroque Based on Francois Couperin's Treizieme Concert À 2 Instrumens À L’Unisson Music 2003-01-28
Woodworth, Grace Ellen A Background, Analysis, and Performance Guide for Eugene Goossens's Concerto in One Movement for Oboe and Orchestra Music 2016-05-26
Wu, Li-Fang The Alfred Cortot Study Edition of Chopin's Etudes & How the Alexander Technique Can Facilitate Progress towards Performance through His Suggested Exercises Music 2010-10-19
Xian, Qiao-Shuang Rediscovering Frederic Chopin's "Trois Nouvelles Etudes" Music 2002-11-12
Yap, Jin Hin A Performer's Guide to Stephen Paulus' "Mad Book, Shadow Book: Songs of Michael Morley" Music 2012-04-26
Yee, Kit Loong Poised Between Two Worlds: Nikolai Kapustin's Piano Sonata No. 1 and the Classical and Jazz Tradation Music 2014-04-02
Yunek, Jeffrey Scriabin's Transpositional Wills: A Diachronic Approach to Alexander Scriabin's Late Piano Miniatures (1910 - 1915) Music 2013-04-12
Zhao, Yuxi Zhenfang Zhao’s Widow Xianglin [xianglin sao] and New Directions in Modern Huai Opera Music 2016-06-30
Zholondz, Vera Ghost Rags by William Bolcom: A Descriptive Analysis and Performance Guide Music 2017-06-30
Zidaru, Lucian B. Dragos Tanasescu's Treatise of Pianistic Technique Music 2005-06-08
Zirkle, Thomas Allen Developing a Four-Mallet Marimba Technique Featuring the Alternation of Mallets in Each Hand for Linear Passages and the Application of this Technique to Transcriptions of Selected Keyboard Works by J.S. Bach Music 2003-09-03
Zivkovic, Jovan A Performer’s Guide to John Corigliano’s Mr Tambourine Man – Seven Poems to Text by Bob Dylan Music 2013-04-14
Zoller IV, Linwood William Historical Études for Oboe: 17th−20th Centuries Music 2011-11-11
Zyskowski, Rafal A Tale of Lovers: Chopin's Nocturne Op. 27, No. 2 as a Contribution to the Violist's Repertory Music 2014-04-10

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