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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Aiken, Christopher Adam Motor Learning Effects of Two Types of Stressors: Implications for Practice Specificity Kinesiology 2015-06-26
Allen, Jason David The Time-Course of Vascular Adaptations Following Localized Short-Term Exercise Training Kinesiology 2001-11-12
Allerton, Timothy The Immediate and Extended Effect of Diet and Exercise on Metabolic Flexibility Kinesiology 2017-04-03
Alomari, Mahmoud Awad Arterial and Venous Adaptations to Short-Term Handgrip Exercise Training Kinesiology 2003-09-03
Arce , Arturo Exercise and Peripheral Vascular Function in Health and Disease Kinesiology 2008-01-22
Azzarito, Laura Students' Construction of the Body in Physical Education Kinesiology 2004-08-12
Bahadir, Zeki Influence of Venous Emptying on Reactive Hyperemic Blood Flow Kinesiology 2004-04-15
Baum, Brian Svercauski Investigation of the Differences between Inertial and Cadence Effects on Neuromuscular Coordination during Cycling Kinesiology 2001-11-15
Beasley, Emily Kristin Physical Self-Concept and Gender: The Role of Frame of Reference and Social Comparison Among Adolescent Females Kinesiology 2013-07-08
Blalock, Paul Joseph Comparison of Brachial Artery Vasoreactivity in Elite Athletes and Age-Matched Controls Kinesiology 2009-10-23
Bossier, Robyn M Physical Function and Health Related Quality of Life in Culturally Diverse Elders: Evidence of Environmental Press Kinesiology 2005-09-08
Bryan, Charity Leigh Self-Determination in Physical Education: Designing Class Environments to Promote Active Lifestyles Kinesiology 2006-03-28
Bunol, Calynn Davis Autonomic Nervous System Modulation of the Heart Following a High Carbohydrate Liquid Meal Kinesiology 2005-09-08
Burden, Joe W Assessing Ethnorelative Pedagogical Preparedness in PETE Programs Kinesiology 2007-01-19
Burnside, John Frederick Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: Effect on Strength and Range of Motion Kinesiology 2004-06-23
Canton, Stephen Paul Active Versus Passive Control of Arm Swing: Implication of the Restriction of Pelvis Rotation during Human Locomotion Kinesiology 2015-11-16
Cheramie, William Mathieu Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Protocols on 4000m Track Cycling Time Trial Kinesiology 2004-11-11
Cortez, Cory Christopher Methionine Restriction-Induced Metabolic Changes in C57BL6J Mice Kinesiology 2014-03-31
Coulon, Christian Louque The Influence of the Lower Trapezius Muscle on Shoulder Impingement and Scapula Dyskinesis Kinesiology 2015-03-12
Credeur, Daniel Paul Plasma Nitrite Reserve and Vascular Function Before and After Handgrip Training in Patients with Heart Failure Kinesiology 2011-08-16
Cropper, Robin Differences between Targeted and Measured Body Weight Support with the Usage of a Body Weight Support System Kinesiology 2005-11-18
Daigle, Kay Gordon Gender Differences in Participation of Physical Activities: A Comprehensive Model Approach Kinesiology 2003-07-02
Daray, Laura A. An Evaluation of Endurance and Combined Endurance and Resistance Training on Fitness and C-Reactive Protein Kinesiology 2009-11-12
Dasinger, Timothy Michael Parental Pressure, Anxiety, and Performance Among Age Group Swimmers Kinesiology 2014-07-08
Davis, Greggory Ryan The Effects of Chronic and Acute Exercise Modalities on Substrate Utilization and Plasma Adiponectin Concentration Kinesiology 2013-03-07
Delgado, Lauren E Perceptions of the Motivational Climate and Gender Class Structure in Physical Education Kinesiology 2013-11-07
DeLong, Lori Lynn College Students' Motivation for Physical Activity Kinesiology 2006-11-06
DeRouen, Jusonda LeRay Discrimination of Cardiac Health and Disease by Assessment of Heart Rate Variability: Wavelet Vs. Fast Fourier Transformation Kinesiology 2002-11-12
deVeer, Melissa J. Hemodynamic and Ocular Responses to Caloric Stimulation and Age-Related Disparities Kinesiology 2005-09-01
Dobrosielski, Devon Vascular Function, Physical Performance and Aging Kinesiology 2007-07-10
Domangue, Elizabeth A A Critical Examination into Motivation and Gender in Youth Physical Fitness Testing Kinesiology 2009-06-07
Dunbar, Amy Elizabeth A Comparison of Self-Report and Performance-Based Measures of Physical Function in Older Adults Kinesiology 2001-12-14
Early, Kate Suzanne Cardiovascular and Autonomic Nervous System Function: Impact of Glucose Ingestion, Hydration Status and Exercise in Heated Environments Kinesiology 2016-04-04
Edwards, William W. Arm Crank Power and Hyperammonemia in Response to L-Aspartic Acid Supplementation Kinesiology 2003-02-24
Fabre, Jennifer Marie Identification of Falls Risk Factors in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Validation of the Comprehensive Falls Risk Screening Instrument Kinesiology 2009-04-10
Farney, Tyler Mitchell Relationship Between Metabolic By-Products and Nervous System Failure/Fatigue Kinesiology 2016-07-10
Ferachi, Kellye A Physical Function and Quality of Life in the Very- and Oldest-Old: Gender Differences Kinesiology 2003-07-09
Fischer , Molly Voelz Resiliency and Selfless Service Development in Army ROTC Physical Training: A Qualitative Investigation Kinesiology 2014-07-11
Foreman, Jeremy Joseph Managerial Labor Mobility in the National Football League Kinesiology 2017-07-07
Forney, Laura Vitamin D Status, Adiposity, and Athletic Performance Measures in College-Aged Students Kinesiology 2012-06-22
Forney, Laura Ann The Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Vitamin D and Exercise Kinesiology 2014-11-07
Frisard, Madlyn Irene Health and Lifestyle Profiles across the Lifespan: Results from the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study Kinesiology 2005-11-15
Fuller, Scott Eric Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope and Functional Physical Performance in Elderly Adults Kinesiology 2005-01-24
Fuller, Scott Factors Influencing Glycogen Branching Enzyme Activity In Mouse Liver Kinesiology 2013-01-15
Gao, Zan Understanding Studentsí Motivation in Physical Education: Integration of Expectancy-Value Model and Self-Efficacy Theory Kinesiology 2007-06-28
Gill, Julie Franks The Influence of Controllability on College Women's Efficacy and Attributions in Physical Activity Kinesiology 2007-04-11
Godawa, Travis Michael Comparing the Effects of Ten Weeks of Equipped vs. Non-Equipped Training on Performance in Collegiate Powerlifters Kinesiology 2011-07-07
Goudeau, Stephanie Marie Principal Motives of Positive Youth-Adult Relationships: A Model for Identifying the Motives of Adult Volunteers and Youth-Adult Relationships in Physical Activity-Based Youth Development Programs Kinesiology 2015-11-15
Green, Ryan Mark Self-Determination in Injury Rehabilitation: Designing a Climate for Promoting Adherence Kinesiology 2006-11-14
Grodesky, Janene Marie Self-Regulation in Physical Activity: Understanding Decisions That Older Adults Make Kinesiology 2006-11-10
Gu, Xiangli Physical Activity and Health-related Quality of Life among Elementary Students:An Integrated Perspective Kinesiology 2011-07-04
Guillory, Ivan Kenyon The Effect of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C Supplementation upon Work Capacity during a Protocol of Arm Curl Exercise Using the Biodex Dyanamometer Kinesiology 2004-06-10
Guillot, Dennis Jonathan The Effects of Respiratory Muscle Warm-up on Exercise Performance and Pulmonary Functions Kinesiology 2014-12-19
Hamilton, Jasmine M Physical Activity for African American Females: Salience of Race, Gender-Role, and Exercise Identities Kinesiology 2013-07-03
Henagan, Tara Michelle Exercise-Induced Alterations in Melanocortin Receptor Expression and Inflammation Kinesiology 2010-08-30
Hines, Louis A Multi-theoretical Analysis of Motivation in College Activity Courses Kinesiology 2015-04-01
Holton, Fernanda Predictors of ADL Disability in Culturally Diverse Older Adults Kinesiology 2007-07-11
Inlow, Brittany Does endurance training alter energy balance? Kinesiology 2012-07-09
Jackson, Meghan Reid Kinetic and Kinematic Variables Related to Medial Elbow Joint Space in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers Kinesiology 2017-03-23
Jeansonne, Jennifer Johnson The Effect of Environmental Context on Performance Outcomes and Movement Coordination Changes during the Learning of Complex Motor Skills Kinesiology 2003-03-30
Johnson, Lisa Gaye Physical Activity Behavior of University Students: An Ecological Approach Kinesiology 2006-04-03
Johnson, Loren Elizabeth Training, Nutrition, Injury and Lifestyle Characteristics of Shorter Distance Triathletes Kinesiology 2012-07-03
Kadivar, Zahra Does Practice of Multi-directional Stepping with Auditory Stimulation Improve Movement Performance in Patients with Parkinsonís Disease? Kinesiology 2009-10-09
King, Christina M. Brachial Artery Dimensions, Flow-Mediated Reactivity, and Physical Function in Older Adults Kinesiology 2004-04-14
Kluess, Heidi A Vagal Modulation of the Heart and Central Hemodynamics during Dynamic Handgrip Exercise and Forearm Occlusion Following Forearm Exercise Training Kinesiology 2002-04-15
Kwon, Taegyong Target Eccentricity Effects for Defensive Responses Kinesiology 2010-11-19
Landry, Joan B. Using Self-Determination Theory to Understand African American Women's Physical Activity Patterns Kinesiology 2003-01-27
Leach, Susan Joy A Divided-Attention Timed Stepping Accuracy Task as a Procedural Learning Intervention Improves Balance and Functional Performance in Healthy Older Adults Kinesiology 2009-01-13
Lee, Clarence Matthew Influence of Short-Term Endurance Exercise Training on Heart Rate Variability Kinesiology 2001-11-08
Lestage, Robert B. Examination of Blood Flow Using Vasoconstrictor and Vasodilator Stimuli: Stability and Reproducibility Kinesiology 2006-05-31
Li, Weidong Examining the Relationships between Ability Conceptions, Intrinsic Motivation, Persistence, and Performance Kinesiology 2004-03-02
Lowe, Adam Conrad Physiological and Psychological Well-being During the Spring Season in Female Soccer Players Kinesiology 2017-07-03
Manor, Bradley The Influence of Peripheral Neuropathy on Walking Kinematics and Physical Function Kinesiology 2008-07-02
Marsh, Lee A. Six-Month Follow-Up of a Primary Care Managed Weight Loss Program for Overweight and Obese African-American Women Kinesiology 2003-01-16
McGregor, Andrew James Adolescents' Expectancy Beliefs and Task Values for Physically Interactive Video Games Kinesiology 2010-07-01
McMillan, Ryan Peyton Interrelationships between Mitochondrial Function, Maximal Oxygen Consumption, Running Economy, and Diet in Elite Male and Female Runners Kinesiology 2006-03-28
Menickelli, Justin The Effectiveness of Videotape Feedback in Sport: Examining Cognitions in a Self-Controlled Learning Environment Kinesiology 2004-04-05
Miskowiec, Ryan William-Ignatius The Acute Effects of Stretching on Pennation Angle and Force Production Kinesiology 2012-04-04
Miskowiec, Ryan Recovery from Exercise: The Influences of Supplementation and Rest Interval Kinesiology 2015-04-11
Moore, Delilah Susanne A Comparison of Fall-Related Psychological Measures in a Community-Based Setting Kinesiology 2008-06-19
Moreau, Noelle G. Quantification of Muscle Fatigue in Cerebral Palsy and Its Relationship to Impairments and Function Kinesiology 2007-03-02
Ogden, Lorna Louise Coordination of the Lower Extremity Muscles during Gait Transitions Kinesiology 2002-04-15
Olson, Michael William Biomechanical Characteristics of Low Back Tissues during Trunk Flexion-Extension Kinesiology 2006-03-20
Ortego, Jennifer Pitre One-Week Stability of Forearm Venous Outflow as Assessed by Venous Occlusion Plethysmography Kinesiology 2002-04-02
Otundo, Joseph Opiri Exploring Social Indicators of Situational Interest in Physical Education and Activity Classes: Integration of Interest and Self-Determination Theories Kinesiology 2017-06-30
Page, Phillip A Comparison of Isotonic and Elastic Resistance Exercise on Trapezius Muscle Balance in Overhead Athletes Kinesiology 2009-11-10
Pan, Zhujun The Control of Amplitude and Direction in Bimanual Coordination Kinesiology 2014-07-09
Parish, Tracie Rena Examination of the Constructs of the Transtheoretical Model in Patients with Heart Failure: A Focus on Physical Activity Readiness Kinesiology 2005-12-16
Park, Melissa Ann Collective Efficacy: A Framework for Understanding Classroom Teachers' Perceptions of Integrating Physical Activity Kinesiology 2003-07-11
Penczek, Gregory A An Examination of the Relationship between Psychological Conditions and the Incidence of Athletic Injury Kinesiology 2004-04-13
Pfleegor, Adam G An Etho-Conventional Decision-Making Model for Sport Managers Kinesiology 2013-06-28
Piattoly, Tavis Joseph L-Glutamine Supplementation: Effects on Recovery from Exercise Kinesiology 2005-06-16
Polk, Darren Michael Neural Recovery Rates of Knee Extensors Following a Resistance Exercise Protocol Kinesiology 2016-04-11
Porter, Jared Marak Systematically Increasing Contextual Interference Is Beneficial for Learning Novel Motor Skills Kinesiology 2008-04-04
Prisby, Rhonda Dianne Effects of High-Load Eccentric Exercise Training on Rat Soleus Muscle Myofibrillar Disruption Following One-Week of Hindlimb Suspension Unloading and Subsequent Reloading Kinesiology 2002-07-11
Randazzo, Keith David How do Social Norms Affect Physical Activity and Performance on an Endurance Task? Kinesiology 2016-07-08
Reyes, Rafael Antonio Hemodynamic Responses Following Dynamic Resistance Exercise in Young and Older Adult Women Kinesiology 2004-04-08
Rhodes, John Brent Jr. Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Physical and Cognitive Function in Elderly Men and Women: Role of Physical Activity Kinesiology 2009-07-08
Rietschier, Helena The Effectiveness of a Natural Carbohydrate Source (Sun-Dried Raisins)Versus Sports Jelly Beans on Prolonged Cycling Performance Kinesiology 2010-04-28
Ritchie, Jonathan Samuel Does Acute Passive Stretching Alter the Optimum Height for Drop Jumping? Kinesiology 2009-05-24
Roth, James Frederick The Role of Teachers' Self-Efficacy in Increasing Children's Physical Activity Kinesiology 2005-03-31
Ruan, Mianfang Maximize Muscle Mechanical Output during the Stretch-Shortening Cycle--The Contribution of Preactivation and Stretch Load Kinesiology 2007-05-16
Rukavina, Paul Bernard The Effect of Scaffolding Movement Challenges on Students' Task-Related Thoughts and Performance Kinesiology 2003-08-15
Russell, Ryan Damion Examination of Metabolism in Diabetic Offspring Kinesiology 2011-06-07
Saltzman, Tiffany Noel Oxygen Consumption During Exercise: The Role of Venous Occlusion Kinesiology 2013-11-18
Samson, Ashley Ann Sources of Self-efficacy in Distance Runners Kinesiology 2011-04-18
Scott, Matthew Casey Changes in Bone Mineral Density Following Exercise Training in Older Adults Kinesiology 2014-04-11
Simmons, Jonathan A Autonomic Nervous System Response to Repeated Cold Exposure Kinesiology 2013-09-18
Simonton, Kelly L Class-Related Emotions in Physical Education: A Control-Value Theory Approach Kinesiology 2016-04-01
Simonton, Angela Nicole Testing Fitness-Related Phone Application Technology in Physical Activity Classes Kinesiology 2016-04-05
Soebbing, Chelsea Marie Can Gravitational Influences Explain Endpoint Precision Between Visual Conditions? Kinesiology 2014-01-17
Soileau, Jeff Lee The Effects of Quercetin on Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Biogenesis and OXPHOS Regulation Kinesiology 2008-11-12
Solomito Pugh, Angela Nickole Validity of the Yale Physical Activity Survey for Older Adults Kinesiology 2006-11-16
Stevens, Ellen Kane The Role of Motivation and Physical Activity in a Weight Loss Program Kinesiology 2011-11-02
Stone, Deborah Jean Reliability of Wavelet Analysis of Heart Rate Variability during Rest and Exercise Kinesiology 2002-11-13
Tahayori, Behdad Effects of Exercising with a Weighted Vest on the Output of Lower Limb Joints in Countermovement Jumping Kinesiology 2009-07-08
Thompson, Melissa Deen Dynamic Acromiohumeral Interval Changes During Scapular Plane Arm Motions Kinesiology 2010-11-04
Tisdell, Eric Joseph Evaluation of the Relationship between Venous Function and Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption Recovery Kinetics Kinesiology 2004-04-15
Trionfante, Cardyl The Effects of Using Knee Wraps on Back Squat and Vertical Jump Performance. Kinesiology 2016-11-08
Tsouloupas, Costas Nicou Examining the Perceptions of Teachersí Efficacy in Handling Student Misbehavior (TEHSM) in Classroom and Physical Education Settings Kinesiology 2011-04-07
Tutka, Patrick Michael An Ideal-Type through Innovation Diffusion: Recording the Construction History of Football Stadiums in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Kinesiology 2016-03-25
Victoriano, Jackie Rae An Investigation of the Generalizability of Buoyancy from Academics to Athletics Kinesiology 2016-04-06
Villarrubia, Alissa Understanding Parents' Decisions about Serving Vegetables to Their Children Kinesiology 2006-09-06
Waldhelm, Andy Assessment of core stability: developing practical models Kinesiology 2011-04-26
Walker, Khirey Bennie Organizational Misconduct within the National Collegiate Athletic Association Kinesiology 2017-06-29
Weathers-Meyer, Amanda Joy An Experimental Investigation of Autonomy Support Versus Thwart in an Exergaming Context Kinesiology 2015-07-12
Williams, Dylan P. An Analysis of a University Reclassification Effect on Applications Following a Move to a New Intercollegiate Athletic Association Kinesiology 2014-06-28
Willoughby, Trey Douglas An Investigation of the Quality and Quantity of Student Motivation in Physical Education Kinesiology 2015-07-13
Wilson, Kathryn O'Bryan Leg-Extensor Strength and Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance in Independent-Living Older Adults Kinesiology 2002-07-31
Wilson, Joanie Brocato Brachial Artery Flow Mediated Vasodilation: Effect of Chemical Analytes, Diet, Exercise,and Genetic Markers Kinesiology 2008-03-27
Winchester, Jason B The Use of Endocrine Markers to Predict and Monitor Performance in Strength and Power Activities Kinesiology 2008-08-16
Wood, Zacharias Administrator Perceptions of Intramural Coed Flag Football Modifications: A Qualitative Analysis Kinesiology 2014-03-10
Wu, Wilbur Fong Wah Self-Control of Learning Multiple Motor Skills Kinesiology 2007-06-14
Young, Michael Development and Application of an Optimization Model for Elite Level Shot Putting Kinesiology 2009-04-17
Zhang, Tao Motivating Middle School Students to Be Physically Active: The Role of Supportive Environments Kinesiology 2009-07-08
Zhang, Shuqi The Effects of Peripheral Nerve Impairments on Postural Control and Mobility among People with Peripheral Neuropathy Kinesiology 2014-06-09

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