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Author Name Title Department Date/Time

Alexander, Toni Ann From Oklahomans to "Okies": Identity Formation in Rural California Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-15
Allen, Brian Taylor Hydroclimatic and Circulation Anomalies Associated with the North Atlantic Subtropical High Geography & Anthropology 2004-11-09
Andrews, Alexa Jo Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tropical Storm and Hurricane Strikes in the Bahamas, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles Geography & Anthropology 2007-11-07
Antipova, Anzhelika Hurricane Andrew and Pregnancies in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-02
Antipova, Anzhelika Land Use, Individual Attributes, and Travel Behavior in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2010-07-09
Arden, William Brennan Urban Yellow Fever Diffusion Patterns and the Role of Micro-Environmental Factors in Disease Dissemination: A Temporal-Spatial Analysis of the Memphis Epidemic of 1878 Geography & Anthropology 2005-11-14
Arden, William Brennan Medical Geography in Public Health and Tropical Medicine: Case Studies from Brazil Geography & Anthropology 2008-11-10
Arenas, Helbert An Agent-Based Simulation Model for Business Reopenings in New Orleans Post Hurricane Katrina Geography & Anthropology 2011-09-24
Augustine, Andrew Douglas An Assessment of Atmospheric Factors Impacting Tropospheric Ozone in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Non-attainment Zone Geography & Anthropology 2010-12-15
Bangs, Paul Max Decomposition at Three Aquatic and Terrestrial Sites in Southern Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-09
Baumer, Lisa Elaine Evidence of Pulmonary Disease in the Poole-Rose Ossuary Population: An Analysis of the Ribs Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-04
Beckage, Stephen An Analysis of Tropical Storm Surge Trends for the Atlantic Coast of the United States Geography & Anthropology 2012-06-15
Berchak-Irby, Katie The Body and The Bedroom: Life and Death at the Shrines of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Geography & Anthropology 2016-07-07
Bianchette, Thomas Using Hurricane Ivan as a Modern Analog in Paleotempestology: Lake Sediment Studies and Environmental Analysis in Gulf Shores, Alabama Geography & Anthropology 2007-06-05
Bitton, Michael Beach-Dune Interactions and a New Cycle of Foredune Evolution, Gulf County, Florida Geography & Anthropology 2013-01-23
Blackburn, Jason Kenna Evaluating the Spatial Ecology of Anthrax in North America: Examining Epidemiological Components across Multiple Geographic Scales Using a GIS-Based Approach Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-04
Blackwelder, Katherine Ann Reevaluating Age in Subadult Remains in Response to Secular Changes in Skeletal Growth Geography & Anthropology 2007-06-05
Bleichner, Barry James An Analysis of Marine Protected Areas Legislation in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles Geography & Anthropology 2008-06-05
Bodoh, Dominique Marie Non-Metric Cranial Differentiation Between Asian and Native American Populations for Ancestry Assessment Geography & Anthropology 2017-04-05
Bohr, Gregory S. Trends in Extreme Daily Temperature Events in the South-Central United States Geography & Anthropology 2004-12-16
Booth, Jennifer Lynn Influence of Controlled Density Arrays of Natural and Artificial Vegetation on Flow Field Characteristics Geography & Anthropology 2006-06-12
Boquin, Gerardo J A Geographical Investigation of Chagas' Disease Risk in the Community of La Brea, Guatemala Geography & Anthropology 2007-05-11
Bouzon, Helen Virginia Assessing Increases in Violence: An Analysis of Homicide Cases from Orleans Parish, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-07
Boyd, Ezra Clay-Kelly Fatalities Due to Hurricane Katrina’s Impacts in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2011-06-09
Brasdefer, Thomas Pierre-Yves Sites of Indigenous Language Practice: Geography of American Indian Language Policy Geography & Anthropology 2013-06-10
Brasseaux, Ryan Andre Bayou Boogie: The Americanization of Cajun Music, 1928-1950 Geography & Anthropology 2004-11-10
Brignac Jr, Harry Gene Further Investigations into the King George Island Mounds Site (16LV22) Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-07
Broussard, Jonathan Mark Waging Word Wars: A Discourse Analysis of the Patterns of Norse Masculinity Presented through Mannjafnaor in the Icelandic Sagas Geography & Anthropology 2010-11-02
Brown, Rebecca Muriel Investigations at the Toncrey Site (16PL7): Analysis of a Late Prehistoric Site in Extreme Southern Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-08
Buras, Karly Laine Are Enzymes Accurate Indicators of Postmortem Interval? A Biochemical Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-05
Burke, Rachel Marie Can We Estimate Stature from the Scapula? A Test Considering Sex and Ancestry Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-10
Cain, Ann-Marie A Spatial Analysis of the Smallpox Epidemic in Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1887-1888 Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-10
Canfield, Alicia Putting a Face on Prehistory: Reconstructing Late-Mississippian Faces Geography & Anthropology 2009-11-03
Cantu, Maximilian Hiram Animal Scavenging on Human Skeletal Remains in the Southwest United States: A Preliminary Model Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-07
cao, wenjia Impacts of Particulate Matter on Gulf of Mexico Tropical Cyclones Geography & Anthropology 2017-07-07
Caparotta, Stephen The Madden-Julian Oscillation and Tropical Cyclone Frequency Variability Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-06
Carraher, Sarah Sally The Body Politic: Splitting Gender Medically in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-07
Chaisson, Samantha Kay Drought in Georgia: Water Scarcity Issues and Implications Geography & Anthropology 2012-05-31
Challuri, Sainath An Analysis of Public Transit Accessibility Using the Distance Constrained P-Median Problem Approach: Bus Stop Consolidation for the Capital Area Transit System of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2006-06-21
Chan, Wing Nam Joyce In Vivo Facial Tissue Depth Study of Chinese-Americans in New York City Geography & Anthropology 2007-04-11
Chaney, James Powell Uncovering Nodes in the Transnational Social Networks of Hispanic Workers Geography & Anthropology 2013-11-19
Cheetham, Louise Curated Landscapes: The Evolution of the Postcard Shot Geography & Anthropology 2015-10-17
Chen, Yuliang A Contour Tree Based Spatio-Temporal Data Model for Oceanographic Applications Geography & Anthropology 2011-04-27
Chen, Yi-Chia Shifting Place Identities in a Post-Conflict Society: Irony and Multiculturality in Quemoy, Taiwan Geography & Anthropology 2013-05-19
Chouest, Matthew James Caves and Class: Excavations at the Lang-Jourdan House in Mandeville, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2014-11-15
Clement, Beverly Marie Late Formative Plant Use and Diet at Caylán (Peru) as Seen Through the Analaysis of Macrobotanical Remains and Human Feces Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-16
Cohen, Jessie Chaiya Africanisms and Cultural Modifications: A Study at Southall Quarter, Williamsburg, Virginia Geography & Anthropology 2008-06-27
Collier, Jamie Hughes Estimating the Postmortem Interval in Forensic Cases through the Analysis of Postmortem Deterioration of Human Head Hair Geography & Anthropology 2005-01-24
Collins, Coryn Ann Impacts of ENSO on Tornado Frequency, Intensity, and Geography Across the Eastern United States Geography & Anthropology 2017-04-03
Colquette, Marian Patricia Graceful Death: The Use of Victorian Elements in Grace Episcopal Churchyard, St. Francisville, Louisiana and St. Helena's Churchyard, Beaufort, South Carolina Geography & Anthropology 2003-11-02
Core, Chelsea Spatial Assessment and Analysis of Pollution Sources and Water Quality in the Bogue Falaya River and Abita River Watersheds, St. Tammany Parish, LA Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-13
Couvillion, Brady Randall Spatial Heterogeneity in Forested Landscapes: An Examination of Forest Fragmentation and Suburban Sprawl in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-07-15
Cramer, Jerame Joseph Logs, Labor, and Living: An Archaeological Investigation of African-American Laborers at the Upper and Middle Landing Sawmills at Natchez-under-the-Hill Geography & Anthropology 2003-06-08
Cranston, Wayne Anthony Survey of Forensically-Important Calliphoridae in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies Geography & Anthropology 2008-09-09
Crider, Stephanie Marie Ancestry Determination from Foramen Magnum Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-19
Crocker, Elizabeth Thomas A Trinity of Beliefs and a Unity of the Sacred: Modern Vodou Practices in New Orleans Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-09
Cropley, Peter Albert Digital Image Analysis of Selected Tchefuncte and Alexander Series Ceramics Geography & Anthropology 2014-11-07
Culli, Daniel R. "Never Could Read No Road Map": Geographic Perspectives on the Grateful Dead Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-03
Debnam, Kristopher Ian A Sense of Community and Community Change: An Ethnographic Study of a Contemporary Louisiana Juke Joint as it Compares to Historical Literature on the Subject Geography & Anthropology 2009-04-15
DeLaune, Jonathan Zachary Unwelcome Neighbors? Industrial Growth and Water Pollution in Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1940-1960 Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-30
Dickerson, Ronald Eric Musical Play across Ethnic Boundaries in Western Jamaica Geography & Anthropology 2004-07-29
Dickerson, Mandy Garner I-Tal Foodways: Nourishing Rastafarian Bodies Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-02
Digilormo, Jamie Rene Three From The Bottom: Examining Racial and Ethnic Identity Among Italian Americans in Bossier City Geography & Anthropology 2013-07-08
Dillon, Erica New Programs in the Old Asylum: The Deinstitutionalization of Long-Term Psychiatric Hospital Patients in Argentina Geography & Anthropology 2006-06-10
Dilores, Kurt Daniel Evidence of Sea-level Rise Shown From Analysis of Marine Sediment at Five Underwater Sites at The Paynes Creek Salt Works, Belize Geography & Anthropology 2017-03-28
Dorrell, David Understanding the New York Rabies Epizootic 1985-2005 Geography & Anthropology 2007-05-29
Doucet, Julie Ann Oysters and Marine Catfish: Resource Exploitation at Rollins Shell Ring, Ft. George Island, FL Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-26
Driskell, Luke Mapping the digital divide in neighborhoods: Wi-Fi access in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-28
Dufour, Nicole M Dialogic Dogs and Phatic Felines: Speaking to and through Our Pets Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-03
Dunn, Robert A. Fever, Firepower, and Flood: The Transformation of the Missouri River Bottomlands in the Dakotas 1804-2005 Geography & Anthropology 2007-01-18
Duval-Diop, Dominique Rediscovering the Delta: A Reassessment of the Linkages between Poverty, Economic Growth and Public Policy Using Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2006-11-10
Edwards, Brandon Investigation of the Efects of Detached Breakwaters at Holly Beach and Grand Isle, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2006-07-12
Edwards, Brandon L Investigations of the Initiation of Motion in Aeolian Transport Geography & Anthropology 2013-06-13
Elrod, Paige Whitney The Potential of the Angle of the First Rib, Head to Tubercle, in Sexing Adult Individuals in Forensic Contexts Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-11
Emery, Jason A. What Do Tin-Enameled Ceramics Tell Us? Explorations of Socio-Economic Status through the Archaeological Record in Eighteenth-Century Louisiana: 1700-1790 Geography & Anthropology 2004-11-11
Euraque, Samantha "Honduran Memories": Identity, Race, Place and Memory in New Orleans, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-15
Fagan, William Francis From Lime Kilns to Art Galleries: A Historical Anthropogeography of the Maine Coast City of Rockland Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-05
Fan, Shuzhan The Spatial-Temporal Prediction of Various Crime Types in Houston, TX Based on Hot-Spot Techniques Geography & Anthropology 2014-06-05
Farris, Rachael Ann Decomposition and Entomological Associations of Swine in Louisiana Micro-environments Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-11
Farritor, David Using Brownfield Redevelopment to Mitigate Technological Hazards in Shreveport, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-05-31
Feike, Meredith Morgan Logging-on to Sai Baba: The Poetics of Sacred Globalization Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-04
Feike, Meredith Morgan Revitalizing the Suburban Dream: Disaster, Displacement and Resilience in Eastern Orleans Parish Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-19
Fielding, Russell Artisanal Whaling in the Atlantic: A Comparative Study of Culture, Conflict, and Conservation in St. Vincent and the Faroe Islands Geography & Anthropology 2010-10-15
Flanagan, Charles Allen Mapping the Other Truth in the Shintech Case: Emancipatory Mapping for Environmental Justice in South Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-06-30
Franklin, Ashley Marie Comparison of Occlusal Area and Postcanine Mesiodistal Length in Old World and New World Monkeys Geography & Anthropology 2015-12-21
Fraser, Elizabeth Ann Conservation Versus Survival: A Cultural Ecological Study of Changing Settlement Patterns, Cultures, and Land Use in the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve of Northeast Honduras Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-07
French, Kellye Alyse Head Shaping of the Ancient Maya at Wild Cane Cay and Moho Cay, Belize Geography & Anthropology 2010-01-27
Fullen, Steven Ray Temporal Trends in Tchula Period Pottery in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-11-16
Galeucia, Annemarie Michele Mobile Homes: Class, Space and Race in Idealized Landscapes of Home Geography & Anthropology 2017-03-31
Gao, Shu Shallow Water Depth Inversion Based on Data Mining Models Geography & Anthropology 2015-11-08
Garcia , Doris Place, Race, and the Politics of Identity in the Geography of Garinagu Baündada Geography & Anthropology 2014-11-07
Gardner, Jennifer Patricia Electrical Resistivity Employed at the Livonia Mound Site (16PC1), Pointe Coupee Parish, Lousiana Geography & Anthropology 2014-01-18
Giancarlo, Alexandra The Lower Ninth Ward: Resistance, Recovery, and Renewal Geography & Anthropology 2011-04-29
Goodwin, Benjamin Shenandoah Remote Sensing at the Broussard Mounds Site: A Prehistoric Multi-Mound Site Located in the Lower Mississippi River Valley Geography & Anthropology 2003-06-10
Grace, Emily Demography, Paleopathology, and Health Status of the Moche Remains in Huambacho, Peru: A Comprehensive Osteological Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2011-04-25
Green, Mandy Michelle Physical Processes and Drivers on Landscapes in Coastal Louisiana and Cape Cod, Massachusetts Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-13
Gremillion, Abigail L Insect Colonization of Child-Sized Remains and Delay of Post Mortem Interval: An Exploratory Study in the Behavioral Analysis of Pig Carcasses Via 24 Hour High Resolution Video Surveillance Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-15
Gulyas, Sandor Creating a Blues Playground: A Comparison of Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, and Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi Geography & Anthropology 2008-06-11
Hahn, Sara Anne The Matas "Barn," Robin Plantation (16SL66), St. Landry Parish, Louisiana—History and Archaeology of a Nineteenth Century Milk House Geography & Anthropology 2005-10-31
Hanebrink, Julia Rose Datum is Only Skin Deep: In Vivo Measurements of Facial Tissue Thickness in Chimpanzees Geography & Anthropology 2006-06-14
Hanks, Gentry Powell "We Live in a Used World:" Cultural Geographies of American Garage Sales Geography & Anthropology 2011-07-07
Hardegree, Lynn Copeland Spatial Characteristics of the Remotely-Sensed Surface Urban Heat Island in Baton Rouge, LA: 1988-2003 Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-05
Harlan, David Patrick Changing Perceptions of Archaeology in Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Geographic Information Perspective Geography & Anthropology 2010-11-17
Hathorn, Jennifer Hellean Paleoecology and Paleotempestology of the Pascagoula Marsh, Mississippi Geography & Anthropology 2008-11-12
Hay, Jennifer Ann Restoring Cultural Capital through Preservation in the Holy Cross Historic District Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-14
Heim, Kelly Secular Change in the Rate of Dental Impaction Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-07
Hemmerling, Scott Allan Environmental Equity in Southeast Louisiana: Oil, People, Policy, and the Geography of Industrial Hazards Geography & Anthropology 2007-04-12
Hinman, Sarah Elizabeth Spatial and Temporal Structure of Typhoid Fever in Washington, D.C., 1895-1909: A Geographic Information Systems Exploration of Urban Health Concerns Geography & Anthropology 2007-04-09
Hochstein, Lucy Ann Edwards The Frontal Bone as a Proxy for Sex Estimation in Humans: A Geometric Morphometric Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-07
Hotard, Corey David Just Throw it in the Pot! The Cultural Geography of Hidden Landscapes and Masked Performances in South Louisiana Gumbo Cooking Geography & Anthropology 2015-08-24
Hribal, Sean Allen Crop Coefficients for Cotton in Northeastern Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2009-05-07
Hu, Yujie Temporal Trends of Intraurban Commuting in Baton Rouge 1990-2010 Geography & Anthropology 2016-06-14
Huang, Yun Sediment Records of Modern and Prehistoric Hurricane Strikes in Weeks Bay, Alabama Geography & Anthropology 2009-04-14
Huang, Jing Detecting the Spatial Patterns of Blue-green Algae in Harsha Lake using Landsat 8 Imagery Geography & Anthropology 2016-06-16
Hubbard, Audriana The Blessing of the Fleet: Heritage and Identity in Three Gulf Coast Communities Geography & Anthropology 2013-07-08
Hufnagl, Kevin Benjamin An Investigation of Time Since Injury: A Radiographic Study of Fracture Healing Geography & Anthropology 2005-07-08
Hunter, Richard People, Sheep, and Landscape Change in Colonial Mexico: The Sixteenth-Century Transformation of the Valle del Mezquital Geography & Anthropology 2009-04-02
Hurst, Christopher Aubrey Sinker Cypress: Treasures of a Lost Landscape Geography & Anthropology 2005-06-16
Ikram, Samina Zahid Disparities in Accessibility to Pharmacies: A Case Study in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-09
Jewett, Leah Wood The Body Politic: Burial and Post-War Reconciliation in Baton Rouge Geography & Anthropology 2003-10-29
Jiang, Anliu Crime analysis in the city of baton rouge and BREC park based on crime location quotient and hotspot method Geography & Anthropology 2017-07-07
Johnson, Kurt Estimating Impervious Surfaces from a Small Urban Watershed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Using LANDSAT ThematicMapper Imagery Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-14
Jones, Wendy Michelle Using Trabecular Architecture of the Proximal Femur to Determine Age at Death: An Accuracy Test of Two Methods Geography & Anthropology 2003-10-30
Jones, Audra Leigh Animal Scavengers as Agents of Decomposition: The Postmortem Succession of Louisiana Wildlife Geography & Anthropology 2011-06-09
Jones, Rebekah Danielle Quantifying the Impact of Hurricanes, Mid-latitude Cyclones and Other Weather and Climate Extreme Events on the Mississippi-Alabama Barrier Islands using Remotely Sensed Data Geography & Anthropology 2014-03-31
Jordan, Erin Colleen Turning the Table Over: Collaboration and Critique at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Geography & Anthropology 2016-07-08
Joseph, Myrtho Urban Population Density and Environmental Quality in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A Geo-Statistical Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2012-06-06
Joyner, Timothy Andrew Optimizing Peak Gust and Maximum Sustained Wind Speed Estimates from Mid-Latitude Wave Cyclones Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-05
Karolczyk, Paul Subjugated Territory: The New Afrikan Independence Movement and the Space of Black Power Geography & Anthropology 2014-11-08
Kauffeld, Valerie Decomposition Rates in Tobacco and Hay Barns in Kentucky Geography & Anthropology 2011-04-19
Kea, Jordan Rebecca "Condoms and Candy": Pro-choice Students on Campus Geography & Anthropology 2012-06-06
Keaton, Michael Anne Effect of Embalming on the Decomposition of Pigs Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-09
Kemp, Michael Ulric Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Solar Radiation in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2007-04-12
Kent, Joshua D. Essays on the Integration of Anisotropic Landscapes within Contemporary Geographic Profiling Models Geography & Anthropology 2009-10-14
Kerry, Emley Backpacker Selves in a Hostel: Discourse, Identity, and Existential Authenticity Geography & Anthropology 2013-11-18
Kimball, Marcie Anne The Social Context of Norse Jarlshof Geography & Anthropology 2003-06-05
Kittoe, Amanda Grace On Human Biological Diversity: Variation in Sexual Dimorphism of the Skull between African-Americans and European-Americans Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-15
Klingerman, Katherine Marie Binding Femininity: An Examination of the Effects on Tightlacing on the Female Pelvis Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-07
Knowles, Jason Thomas Coastal Lake-Sediment Records of Prehistoric Hurricane Strikes in Honduras and Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean Basin Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-07
Knowles, Jason Thomas A 5000-Year History of Caribbean Environmental Change and Hurricane Activity Reconstructed from Coastal Lake Sediments of the West Indies Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-02
Kuai, Xuan Examining Healthy Food Accessibility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Using A Huff-modified 2SFCA Method Geography & Anthropology 2015-04-13
Kulkarni, Amit Evaluation of the Impacts of Hurricane Hugo on the Land Cover of Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina Using Remote Sensing Geography & Anthropology 2004-08-30
Kulkarni, Amit An Object-Based Image Analysis Approach for Detecting Urban Impervious Surfaces Geography & Anthropology 2012-09-04
Landry, Bryan Michael Green Hydrogen: Site Selection Analysis for Potential Biomass Hydrogen Production Facility in the Texas-Louisiana Coastal Region Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-06
LeBlanc, Tracy Rene "Is There A Translator in Teh House?": Cultural and Discourse Analysis of a Virtual Speech Community on an Internet Message Board Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-07
Lee, Hyeon Ju Being Korean and Being Christian: Identity Making in the Korean Baptist Church of Baton Rouge in the U.S. Deep South Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-09
Maass, Audrey Adapting Resilience to a New Hazard: Oil and Oysters in Coastal Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-10
Madimenos, Felicia Dental Evidence for Division of Labor among the Prehistoric Ipiutak and Tigara of Point Hope, Alaska Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-12
Maier, Christopher Allan Palate Shape and Depth: A Shape Matching and Machine Learning Method for Assessment of Ancestry from Skeletal Remains Geography & Anthropology 2013-03-18
Matassa, Elizabeth Healy Whaddya Want? It's Coney Island!: Tourism, Play and Memory in the Illegible City Geography & Anthropology 2006-03-13
Matthews, Jessica Susan Moving Over Mountains: A Woman on the Appalachian Trail Geography & Anthropology 2009-04-16
McCann, Jessie Frances Synoptic Circulation of the North American Monsoon System and Precipitation within the Lower Colorado River Basin Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-22
McEwen, John Winsor Sense of Place, Place Attachment, and Rootedness in Four West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana Bars Geography & Anthropology 2014-07-02
McGraw, Molly J. The Effect of Environmental Forcing on the Suspended Sediment within the Naomi Wetlands as Reflected in Turbidity Data Geography & Anthropology 2005-06-16
McKenna, Winston An Evolutionary Model of Parabolic Dune Development: Blowout to Mature Parabolic, Padre Island National Seashore, Texas Geography & Anthropology 2007-10-01
McMenamin , Erin Databasing the Disappeared and Deceased: A Review of the Resources Available in Missing and Unidentified Persons Cases Geography & Anthropology 2008-06-08
McNabb, Caitlyn Yoshiko Emergent Irrigation Agriculture and Settlement Patterns in the Lower Nepeña Valley, North-Central Coast of Peru Geography & Anthropology 2013-06-09
McQuinn, Bonnie Charlana Impact of Embalming and Burial on Decomposition Rates and Diffusion of Volatile Fatty Acids in Kentucky Geography & Anthropology 2011-04-25
Miller, Deborah J. "Walking the Queen's Highway": Ideology and Cultural Landscape in Northern Ireland Geography & Anthropology 2003-12-19
Miller, Kara E. In Sickness and In Health: Experiencing Medical Spaces in Mbarara (Uganda) Geography & Anthropology 2010-11-18
Miller, Michelle Nicole Ceramic Technology, Production, and Exchange as Seen through Macroscopic Analysis of Pottery Fragments from the Early Horizon Center Caylán, Nepeña Valley, Peru Geography & Anthropology 2016-05-16
Mills, Jacqueline Warren Wealth and Deprivation in the Delta: A Landscape of Subsidization Geography & Anthropology 2005-06-14
Mince, Sylvia Starns The Power Struggle Between Americans and Creoles in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century and Its Influence on the Architecture of New Orleans Geography & Anthropology 2010-07-07
Moats, Heather Marie Can You Hear the People Sing: Community Theater, Play, and the Middle Class Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-14
Modlin Jr, Eddie Arnold Touching Plantation Memories: Tourists and Docents at the Museum Geography & Anthropology 2014-06-11
Mohammad, Bedoor Adel Object-Based Coastal Morphological Change Analysis Based on LiDAR and Hurricane Events Geography & Anthropology 2014-12-19
Moles, Aimee H Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Selected Birth Defects and Risk Factors in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Metropolitan Statistical Area Geography & Anthropology 2014-10-22
Moreno, Melissa L. The Agriculturalists of the Poole-Rose Ossuary: A Study of the Femora and Tibiae Geography & Anthropology 2006-12-19
Morris, Zoe Hensley Quantitative and Spatial Analysis of the Microscopic Bone Structures of Deer (Odocoileus virginianus), Dog (Canis familiaris), and Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) Geography & Anthropology 2007-06-11
Morris, Lauren L. Ports Resilience Index: Participatory Methods to Assess Resilience Geography & Anthropology 2017-03-08
Mujica, Frances Heyward Currin Chagas in Culture and Place: A Mixed Methods Approach to a New Medical Geography of Chagas Disease in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico Geography & Anthropology 2007-06-13
Needham, Hal Identifying Historic Storm Surges and Calculating Storm Surge Return Periods for the Gulf of Mexico Coast Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-30
Newsom, Matthew All-Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Gender, Psychoanalysis, and Meaning Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-19
Noack, Tonje Bakke Sexual Dimorphism in the Crania in a Norwegian Sample Geography & Anthropology 2015-04-10
Nogueira, Ricardo Chabarria Atlantic Tropical Cyclone: Climatology and the Contribution to Monthly and Seasonal Rainfall in the Eastern U.S, 1960-2007 Geography & Anthropology 2009-03-18
O'Keefe, Joseph Michael Feasting in Florida: Evidence of Swift Creek Ceremonial Feasting and Multi-Group Interactions at Byrd Hammock South (8WA30), Wakulla County, FL Geography & Anthropology 2017-06-03
Ochoa-Winemiller, Virginia J. Places to Live: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Maya Houses in Yucatan, Mexico Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-13
Orgera, Ryan Constructing Wilderness: The Nexus of Preservation and Ocean-space in the United States Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-12
Osborn, Michelle Lynn Effects of Handedness on the Skull and Shoulder Bones Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-02
Ostrom, Kelli Vernacular Exposures at the Aillet House: Anthropological Interpretations of Material Culture and Cultural Change Geography & Anthropology 2005-01-24
Pal, Tania Accuracy Assessment of Individually Calibrated Journey-To-Crime Geographic Profiling Models Geography & Anthropology 2007-11-12
Pemberton, Kevin Michael Models for Ancient Maya Coastal Site Development and Economy: Examination of Pork and Doughboy Point, Port Honduras, Belize Geography & Anthropology 2005-06-13
Penney, Adrienne Elizabeth Analysis of the Talus and Calcaneus Bones from the Poole-Rose Ossuary: A Late Woodland Burial Site in Ontario, Canada Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-14
Pennington, Chris Burn Scar Mapping in the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Using Landsat TM and ETM+ Imagery Geography & Anthropology 2006-09-06
Petenko, Jaime Beth Transforming the Hood: Faith-Based Organizations in New Orleans and Community Development Geography & Anthropology 2005-11-15
Pfeiffer, Martin Edward "Crappy New Year": Evaluation, Stance, and Drinking Stories Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-09
Pharr, Lauren Rebecca A Taphonomic Model of Concealment: Decomposition and the Postmortem Interval (PMI) in a 55-Gallon Barrel Geography & Anthropology 2009-07-10
Pino, Jordan Vick Impacts of the Three-Dimensional Oceanic Thermal Structure and Translation Speed on Tropical Cyclogenesis and Intensity Fluctuations during the 2005 North Atlantic Hurricane Season Geography & Anthropology 2015-09-22
Polizzi, Kristina Elaine Dragons Behind Glass: Views of China and Japan in Three American Museums Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-04
Potter, Amy E. Transnational Spaces and Communal Land Tenure in a Caribbean Place: "Barbuda is for Barbudans" Geography & Anthropology 2011-11-06
Powell, Emily J. Climate Extremes in the Southeast United States: Observed Variability, Spatial Classification, and Related Planning Geography & Anthropology 2014-01-16
Powell, Joseph Blanchard The Edible Landscape: Plant Breeding, Farming, and Sustainbility in Northwest Portugal Geography & Anthropology 2016-01-15
Price, Suzanne A Radiographic Study of the Impact of Race and Sex on 1st and 2nd Molar Development Geography & Anthropology 2005-05-31
Probasco, Susan E. Delta Memories and Delta Days: Facets of Ladies Lives as Revealed to a Southern Daughter Geography & Anthropology 2003-06-10
Punkasem, Thana-On Effects of Weather Hazards on Traffic Volume: A Case Study Focused on Atlanta, GA Geography & Anthropology 2016-07-06
Qin, Xiaojun A Social Vulnerability-Based Genetic Algorithm to Locate-Allocate Transit Bus Stops for Disaster Evacuation in New Orleans, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2009-03-19
Ramirez, Dominica Dominguez Travels in Louisiana: Journeys into Ethnicity and Heritage by Two Hispanic Groups Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-13
Reed, Amanda Kelly Companion Animals as Being-Objects: The Role of the Self/Other Binary in the Human-Animal Bond Geography & Anthropology 2006-07-11
Reese, Carl A. Pollen Dispersal and Deposition in the High-Central Andes, South America Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-08
Renken, Katherine Anne Investigations into Ecogeomorphodynamics of Coastal Embryo Dunes at Padre Island National Seashore, Texas Geography & Anthropology 2015-07-10
Robert, Lawrence Keenan Constructing Geographic Areas for Homicide Research: A Case Study of New Orleans, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-15
Roberts, Erika Sabine Digging Through Discarded Identity: Archaeological Investigations around the Kitchen and the Overseer's House at Whitney Plantation, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-01-26
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