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Du, Wei Essay on Anti-takeover Provisions and Corporate Spin-offs Finance 2015-12-21
Kelly, James David Essays in Corporate Equity Transactions Finance 2016-04-11
Le, Huong Thi Thu On the Governance of Innovation: Institutional Ownership vs. Stock Price Finance 2015-01-19
Lee, Hong Essays on Mortgage Securitizations Finance 2014-07-07
Lin, Wenguang Essays on Alternative Weighting Schemes for Active Equity Indexes Finance 2016-02-29
McCollum, Meagan Nicole Essays on Mortgage Debt Payment Finance 2015-03-31
Wang, Hui Two Essays on Institutional Investors and U.S. Bank Holding Companies Finance 2015-05-13
Yun, Mu-Shu Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing Finance 2016-06-15
Altintig, Zeynep Ayca CEO Succession Processes and Agency Costs Finance (Business Administration) 2005-08-19
Beard, David Robert The Mitigation of Asymmetric Information through the Use of Earnouts Finance (Business Administration) 2004-06-17
Chen, Fan Essay 1: Does Ownership Structure Matter? Essay 2: Asset Sale in Mutual Fund Industry Finance (Business Administration) 2008-02-21
Chen, Jiun-Lin Essays on the Effect of Financial Institution’s Dual Holdings of Debt and Equity Securities Finance (Business Administration) 2010-04-11
Fang, Yanhao Two essays on information in trading Finance (Business Administration) 2012-07-04
Hayunga, Darren Keith Spatial Diversification, Dividend Policy, and Credit Scoring in Real Estate Finance (Business Administration) 2006-06-12
Hilliard, Jitka Three Essays in Option Pricing: 1. Volatilities Implied by Price Changes in the S&P 500 Options and Futures Contracts 2. Price Changes in the S&P 500 Options and Futures Contracts: A Regression Analysis 3. Hedging Price Changes in the S&P 500 Options and Futures Contracts: The Effect of Different Measures of Implied Volatility Finance (Business Administration) 2008-11-12
Huang, Pinghsun Two Essays on Corporate Hedging: The Choice of Instruments and Methods Finance (Business Administration) 2003-06-19
Hwang, Hyoseok Essays on Institutional Trading Behavior with Conflicts of Interest and Information Sharing Finance (Business Administration) 2013-07-07
Jia, Zi Essays on Dividend Equivalent Rights and CEO Compensation Finance (Business Administration) 2014-06-03
Kim, Haksoon Essays on Management Quality, IPO Characteristics and the Success of Business Combinations Finance (Business Administration) 2009-04-10
Kim, Sungjae Francis Essays on Foreign Currency Risk Management Finance (Business Administration) 2011-10-28
Lee, Ming-Long Three Essays on Real Estate Research Finance (Business Administration) 2002-06-29
Lei, Yung-Chou The Trading Volume Trend, Investor Sentiment, and Stock Returns Finance (Business Administration) 2005-06-23
Li, Huihua Three Essays on Corporate Acquisitions, Bidders' Liquidity, and Monitoring Finance (Business Administration) 2006-06-28
Rauterkus, Stephanie Yates The Interrelations Between Investor Beliefs, Information and Market Liquidity Finance (Business Administration) 2004-11-02
Shynkevich, Andrei Three Essays on the Interest Rate Futures Differential 1. Empirical Investigation of the Size and the Nature of the Eurodollar Futures-Forward Differential 2. Decomposition of the Interest Rate Forward-Futures Price Differential 3. How Much Premium Is There for Interest Rate Futures? Finance (Business Administration) 2009-05-17
Song, Kyojik Market Timing and Cost of Capital of the Firm Finance (Business Administration) 2003-08-04
Sun, Ping-Wen Aggregate Analyst Forecast Errors, Price Delay, and Business Cycle Finance (Business Administration) 2012-04-20
Ulupinar, Bahar Two Essays on Analyst Bias and Management Entrenchment Finance (Business Administration) 2010-04-17
Uzmanoglu, Cihan Essays on Credit Default Swaps and Debtor-Creditor Relationships Finance (Business Administration) 2013-04-12
Vo, Lai Van Essays on Corporate Innovation Finance (Business Administration) 2014-04-14
Yang, Tung-Hsiao Managerial Ability and the Valuation of Executive Stock Options Finance (Business Administration) 2007-03-30
Yang, Hsiao-Fen Liquidity and Speculative Trading: Evidence from Stock Price Adjustments to Quarterly Earnings Announcements Finance (Business Administration) 2007-07-10
Zhu, Shuang Three Essays on Real Estate Finance Finance (Business Administration) 2011-06-28
Abushelaibi, Aisha Antimicrobial Effects of Copper and Brass Ions on the Growth of Listeria Monocytogenes at Different Temperatures, PH and Nutrients Food Science 2005-07-13
Alfaro Sanabria, Luis Alonso Development of a Frozen Yogurt Fortified with a Nano-Emulsion Containing Purple Rice Bran Oil Food Science 2012-11-09
An, Hee-Joung Effects of Ozonation and Addition of Amino Acids on Properties of Rice Starches Food Science 2005-07-11
Antunes, Tania Serigado Permeability of Rice Cystatin across Caco-2 Cells Food Science 2002-11-13
Bansode, Rishipal Rastrapal Treatment of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants in Municipal Wastewater by Agricultural By-Product Based Granular Activated Carbons (GAC) Food Science 2002-07-10
Bansode, Rishipal Rastrapal In Vitro and In Vivo Anti-Angiogenic Activities of Milk Sphingolipids Food Science 2005-11-15
Bentley, Annette Camnetar The Development of Gluten-Free Milk-Free French Bread Food Science 2013-01-22
Beverly, Richelle Lynn The Control, Survival, and Growth of Listeria Monocytogenes on Food Products Food Science 2004-11-10
Bond, Ashley Elizabeth Consumer Sensory Characteristics of Butter Cake Made from Wheat and Rice Flours Food Science 2004-07-07
Burnham, Veronica Elaine Strain to Strain Differences in the Growth, Survival and Adaptation of Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Broth Food Science 2006-07-07
Cael, Matthew Daryl Vacuum Tumbling for the Incorporation of Phosphates in Gulf Shrimp. Food Science 2012-06-06
Cao, Shuo Effect of Surfactants on the Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse with Dilute Ammonia Food Science 2012-11-11
Carvajal-Aldaz, Diana Gabriela Inhibition of Adipocyte Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Cell Line by Quercetin or Isorhamnetin. Food Science 2012-11-09
Chawla, Amrish Suresh Application of Ozonated Water Technology for Improving Quality and Safety of Peeled Shrimp Meat Food Science 2006-07-05
Chen, Siyi Detect Live Salmonella Cells in Produce by Coupling Propidium Monoazide with Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (PMA-LAMP) Food Science 2010-06-23
Chintagari, Sailaja Determination of Minimum Safe Cooking Temperatures for Shrimp to Destroy Foodborne Pathogens Food Science 2009-06-10
Chung, Chang-Ho A Potential Nutraceutical from Leuconostoc Mesenteroides B-742 (ATCC 13146); Production and Properties Food Science 2002-04-17
Cook, Lauren Nicole Comparisons of Physicochemical Properties of Watermelon Juice Treated with Pulsed Electric Fields and Thermal Pasteurization Food Science 2009-11-09
Cormier, Jiemin Concentration and Detection of Hepatitis A Virus and its Indicator from Seawater Food Science 2013-11-17
da Silva, Ligia Virginia Antonia Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Microbial Safety, and Shelf Life of Smoked Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) Food Science 2002-07-10
da Silva, Ligia Virginia Antonia Control of Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Oysters Food Science 2005-07-13
Dai, Zhaoli Fecal Steroid Excretion of Rats Fed Rice Bran Oil and Oryzanol Food Science 2004-07-07
Datta, Shreya Purification of Lysozyme from Shell Liquor of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and Its Use in Antimicrobial Films to Preserve Smoked Fish Food Science 2005-07-14
Datta, Shreya Production and Application of Antibodies Produced against the Flagella and Hemolysin of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Food Science 2009-04-14
DeQueiroz, Giovanna Aita A New Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Suitable for the Food Industry Food Science 2004-10-21
Dew, Tameka LaShon Ozone Degradation of Off-Flavors in Catfish Food Science 2005-11-11
Dumas, Allison Marie Antimicrobial Activity of CPC and ASC against Foodborne Pathogens and the Physiological Effect on Fresh-Cut Cantaloupe Cubes at Refrigerator Temperatures Food Science 2006-11-15
Dupard, Tracie Michelle Antimicrobial Effect of Cetylpyridinium Chloride against Listeria monocytogenes Growth on the Surface of Raw and Cooked Shrimp Food Science 2005-07-13
Edwards, Genevieve Anne Consumer and Processor Methods to Control Salmonella and Listeria in Shrimp Food Science 2011-12-19
Estrada Andino, Jose Daniel Production And Processing of a Functional Yogurt Fortified With Microencapsulated Omega-3 and Vitamin E Food Science 2011-06-28
Fernandez-Kim, Sun-Ok Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Crawfish Chitosan as Affected by Different Processing Protocols Food Science 2004-11-10
Futch, Jonathan Altering Sweet Potato Starch Functionality by Amino Acids and pH Treatments Food Science 2009-07-07
Gao, Chenfei Inhibitory Effects of Berry Anthocyanins on Palmitic Acid- or Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation in Human Preadipocytes Food Science 2011-07-07
Garcia, Karen Melissa Quality Characterization of Cholesterol-Free Mayonnaise-Type Spreads Containing Rice Bran Oil Food Science 2006-07-07
Goita, M'Famara Determination of Cane Berry Pomaces Benefits Through In Vitro Model for Human Colonic Fermentation Food Science 2013-09-02
Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel Quality Evaluation of Cheddar Cheese Containing Gamma-Oryzanol Food Science 2004-07-06
Han, Feifei Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Genotypic Characterization, and Molecular Detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus from Louisiana Oysters Food Science 2010-07-02
Hazard, Nicole Watson Cooking Times and Temperatures for Safe Consumption of Louisiana Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) Food Science 2010-11-18
Holliday, Darryl Lourey Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Oat Bran by Various Extraction Methods Food Science 2006-11-15
Hoogewind, Adam Production of 2-Propanol, Butanol and Ethanol using Clostridium beijerinckii optonii Food Science 2014-01-16
Huang, Chih-chun Jean Potential Functionality and Digestibility of Oryzanol as Determined Using in Vitro Cell Culture Models Food Science 2003-06-09
Jiang, Lin Comparison of Disk Diffusion, Agar Dilution, and Broth Microdilution for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Five Chitosans Food Science 2011-06-07
Johnson, Jessica Danielle Detection and Confirmation of Veterinary Drug Residues in Commercially Available Frozen Shrimp Food Science 2014-04-08
Jombai, Tamaratina In Vitro Inhibitory Activity of Black Seed Oil and Potassium Chloride against the Biomarkers of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Food Science 2011-07-08
Karki, Namrata Inhibitory Activity of Ginger Oil Against Breast Cancer Cells Food Science 2011-07-07
Khachatryan, Armen Random Centroid Optimization of Lutein-Enriched Oil in Water Emulsion at Acidic PH Food Science 2003-07-11
Kim, Junghong Wax Extraction and Characterization from Full-Fat and Defatted Rice Bran Food Science 2008-06-12
Koh, Foong Ming Physicochemical Properties of Pepper Mash Fermented in Wood and Plastic Food Science 2005-07-12
Kosal Ram, Ahalya Production of Spray-Dried Honey Powder and its Application in Bread Food Science 2011-07-05
Lee, Yong-Jae Oxidation of Sugarcane Bagasse Using a Combination of Hypochlorite and Peroxide Food Science 2005-11-04
Liu, Da Detection of Clostridium difficile in Louisiana oysters, harvesting water and sewage Food Science 2014-06-11
Lockwood, Stephanie Helen Effects of Amino Acids on the Properties of White-fleshed and Orange-fleshed Beauregard Sweet Potato Starch Food Science 2007-07-11
Manaois, Rosaly Vallejo Modification of Rice Starch Properties by Addition of Amino Acids at Various pH Levels Food Science 2009-07-02
Maza Gomez, Sabina Rum Aroma Descriptive Analysis Food Science 2002-11-14
Mis Solval, Kevin Estuardo Spray Drying Technology for the Production and Processing of Microencapsulated Omega-3 Fish Oil with Egg Powder Food Science 2011-04-27
Mohideen, Fathima Waheeda Comparison of Thermally Pasteurized and Ultrasonically Pasteurized Blueberry Juice (Vaccinium corymbosum) and an Investigation of Blueberry Juice Effect on Lipid Oxidation During Microencapsulation of Polyunsaturated Fish Oils Food Science 2011-07-01
Moreno, Reynaldo Identification of Algal Strains by PCR Amplification and Evaluation of Their Fatty Acid Profiles for Biodiesel Production Food Science 2012-01-04
Mumphrey, Luke Aaron Changes in Anthocyanins Throughout the Processing of Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) Wine Food Science 2013-10-23
Munene, Cate Nakaweesa Development of Chicken Polyclonal and Mouse Monoclonal-Based Enyzyme Immunoassays for the Detection of Beta-Cyclocitral in Catfish Pond Water Food Science 2004-11-10
Nadarajah, Kandasamy Development and Characterization of Antimicrobial Edible Films from Crawfish Chitosan Food Science 2005-04-14
Oufnac, David Swenson Determination of Antioxidant Capacity in Corn Germ, Wheat Germ and Wheat Bran Using Solvent and Microwave-Assisted Solvent Extraction Food Science 2006-11-15
Pavon, Noemi Raquel Sensory Characteristics of Flavored Milk Candies Food Science 2003-07-03
Plauche, Sajida Begum Detection and Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Cattle Water Troughs and the Effects of Cetylpyridinium Chloride against Escherichia coli O157:H7 Biofilms on the Surface of Stainless Steel Food Science 2006-11-13
Prudente, Jr., Alfredo Domingo Evaluation of Aflatoxin-Related Products from Ozonated Corn Food Science 2008-07-10
Pu, Shuaihua Effects of Plant Maturity and Bacterial Inoculum Level on the Surface Contamination and Internalization of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Growing Spinach Food Science 2009-08-16
Pu, Jianing Development of Stable Microencapsulated Astaxanthin Powders Using Extracted Astaxanthin from Crawfish and Shrimp Byproducts Food Science 2010-08-30
Qiu, Zenghui The Use of Ionic Liquid for the Pretreatment of Energy Cane Bagasse Food Science 2012-11-09
Rogovskyy, Artem S. Control of Listeria Species and Other Bacteria in Crawfish and Crab Processing Facilities, Utilizing Copper Drains, Coatings and Concrete, Containing Copper Ions Food Science 2006-07-11
Saidu, Janette Ethel-Pessi Development, Evaluation and Characterization of Protein-Isoflavone Enriched Soymilk Food Science 2005-11-16
Sandlin, Carla Michele The Model System C. elegans Demonstrates the Health Benefits of Legumes and the Potential Benefits of Legume Consumption Food Science 2010-11-18
Scott, Ronson Renard Treatments to Reduce the Risk of Vibrio Species In Vitro and in Shucked Oysters Food Science 2013-07-03
Senevirathne, Reshani Nisansala Detection of Vibrio vulnificus by Direct Colony Immunoblot Food Science 2007-04-10
Seo, Seung-wook Depolymerization and Decolorization of Chitosan by Ozone Treatment Food Science 2006-07-09
Smith, Elizabeth Katherine Food Safety and Sanitation Issues in Day Care Centers Food Science 2005-04-11
Soler, Luciana Development of Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Containing Soy Protein and Coconut Milk Food Science 2005-11-16
Sonti, Sirisha Consumer Perception and Application of Edible Coatings on Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables Food Science 2002-12-20
Soto Rodriguez Gil, Adriana Differential Effect of 14 Free Fatty Acids in the Expression of Inflammation Biomarkers on Human Coronary Arterial Cells Food Science 2013-07-02
Soto Rodriguez Gil, Adriana Potential Influence of Blueberry and Black Raspberry Pomace Phenolics on Inflammatory Cytokines in Coronary Cells Food Science 2013-06-27
Stein, Samantha Nichole Analysis of the Mineral Composition of Louisiana Wild Caught Shrimp by ICP-OES and Classification of Geographical Origin Food Science 2014-04-09
Sundalius, Naomi Marie Examination of Blueberry Anthocyanins in Prevention of Age-Related Macular Degeneration through Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Culture Study Food Science 2008-11-11
Sundararajan, Srijanani Evaluation of Green Tea Extract as a Glazing Material for Shrimp Frozen by Cryogenic and Air-Blast Freezing Food Science 2010-11-17
Tan, San Chiang Vinegar Fermentation Food Science 2005-11-09
Tan, Siow Ying Resistant Rice Starch Development Food Science 2003-07-07
Tan, Yen-Ping Changes in Select Phenolic Compounds During Ethanol Fermentation and Acetification of Raspberry, Blueberry and Persimmon Food Science 2011-07-04
Torrico, Damir Dennis Effects of Emulsion Coatings on the Internal Quality and Shelf Life of Eggs Food Science 2010-10-25
Waimaleongora-Ek, Pamarin Sensory Characteristics of Salt Substitute Containing L-Arginine Food Science 2006-11-15
Walker, Jonathan Aaron Development of Low-Fat Sugar-Free Orange Sherbet Containing Soy Protein Food Science 2002-11-08
Wan, Yuting Optimized Extraction of Soluble Defatted Rice Bran Fiber and Its Application for Microencapsulation of Fish Oil Food Science 2010-08-30
Wang, Fei Development and Application of Serogroup-independent and Serogroup-specific Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification Assays for Detecting Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Food Science 2011-09-25
Wu, Qiju Purification and Antioxidant Activities of Soybean Isoflavones Food Science 2003-06-05
Wu, Chiung-Ta Cold Adaption Behaviors of Vibrio Vulnificus and Vibio Parahaemolyticus in Oysters Food Science 2007-11-13
Yang, Qianru Development and Evaluation of Molecular-Based Assays for Detecting Salmonella Serovars in Various Food Commodities Food Science 2013-06-29
Yuan, Xianglong Evaluation on Antioxidant Activities of the Soybean Oils and Gums Food Science 2006-05-01
Zhang, Ting Cholesterol Oxidation in Roasted Salmon Fish with Different Cooking Oils Food Science 2005-01-21
Biolo, Brooke Ann Make American Great for Mexicans? The Effects of Donald Trump's Political Campaign on Public Opinion of Mexican Immigrants Foreign Language 2017-04-10
Colin, Stephanie Discursos contrasexuales: Subversiones queer Foreign Language 2017-04-07
Estrada Andino, Monika El Tú no es de Nosotros, es de otros Países: Usos del Voseo y Actitudes hacia Él en el Castellano Hondureño Foreign Language 2016-05-26
Hachem, Caroline Let's (Not) Talk About Sex: An Exploration of Taboo and Politeness in Modern Peninsular Spanish Foreign Language 2017-04-10
Linder, Christopher Structuring Language and Community in an Online Space Foreign Language 2014-07-14
Majors, Adam Logan Social Media And Discourse: A Comparative Study Of English And Spanish Apologies Foreign Language 2017-04-10
McGuffin-Naranjo, Liliana Rituales de reciprocidad en los carnavales indígenas andinos Foreign Language 2014-07-10
Mickel, Katherine The Effect of the Use of the Students' First Language in Grammar Instruction: A Report on Student Preferences and Performance in the Target Language Foreign Language 2016-04-07
Olivares, Mariana Yanina La cámara insurrecta. La fotografía como desobediencia al sistema heteronormativo Foreign Language 2016-04-11
Puscama, María Gabriela Is Book the Same as Libro? A Comparative Study of Lexical Access in Heritage Speakers and L2 Learners Foreign Language 2016-04-07
Rojas, Jose Fernando Pretérito vs. Imperfecto: Variación en la producción lingüística de los Mexicanos en el sur de Luisiana. Foreign Language 2015-04-07
Simmons, Chassidy Latrece Redefining the Image of the Afro-Puerto Rican Woman in Recent Narrative by Mayra Santos-Febres Foreign Language 2017-07-10
Stover, LeeAnn Michelle Consecutive Connectors: A Study on Discourse Markers in Honduran Speech Foreign Language 2016-04-08
Baron, John Edmund La "Guerra Sucia" Argentina: Nombrar lo Innombrable y Hablar del Horror para no Olvidar ni Repetir Foreign Languages & Literatures 2007-11-15
Berard, Sarah Hijos de la Decadencia: Trangressive Representations of Gender in the Works of Emilia Pardo Bazan Foreign Languages & Literatures 2012-05-14
Berchak, Katie Judith Nueva Orleans: Hispanics in New Orleans, the Catholic Church, and Imagining the New Hispanic Community Foreign Languages & Literatures 2007-11-15
Bivin, Alexandria Janine “Mi mamá es cuatro pies”: A study of the use of calques in Hondurans and Salvadorans in Southern Louisiana Foreign Languages & Literatures 2013-04-15
Boudreaux, Madeline Collaboration Via Wikis: Social Aspects And Adapting Teacher Feedback in an Online Environment Foreign Languages & Literatures 2010-11-18
Bourg, Cameron Hideo Ancient Maya Music Now with Sound Foreign Languages & Literatures 2005-11-16
Campos Molina, Dally Sociolinguistic Characteristics of the Latino Population in the Baton Rouge Metro Area Foreign Languages & Literatures 2009-04-14
Everett, Joshua Clay Appropriation, Subversion, and Restoration in Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala's El primer nueva coronica y buen gobierno Foreign Languages & Literatures 2010-04-10
Goff, Michelle J Socio-Religious Factors and Their Influence in Semantic Interpretation Foreign Languages & Literatures 2011-11-10
Hubbard, Kristen Michelle Sexo asimétrico: el pensamiento no dicotómico del cuerpo a partir de la sexualización del Otro (sobre algunas fotos de María Zorzon y Gabriela Liffschitz) Foreign Languages & Literatures 2011-08-25
Kanney, Angela Rose Political Activism Among Dominican Women in Literature: Imagined Experiences and Rising Voices Foreign Languages & Literatures 2013-04-10
Krom, Mary Bateman Understanding Teen Pregnancy amongst Latinas: An Investigation of the Cultural Values and Societal Factors that Contribute to Adolescent Motherhood Foreign Languages & Literatures 2010-11-17
Kyzar, Kendall Lamar El futuro es perifrástico: Un análisis sociolingüístico de la expresión de futuridad en dos comunidades mexicanas Foreign Languages & Literatures 2014-04-08
Radmann, Jana Anette Do You Speak English?: A Study on English Language Proficiency Testing of Hispanic Defendants in U.S. Criminal Courts Foreign Languages & Literatures 2005-04-14
Ray, Christopher M Didacticism and Reconciliation: Instructive Discourse in the Novels of Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Foreign Languages & Literatures 2009-04-07
Reagan, Georgia Elena Postmemory, Feminism, and Women's Writing in Contemporary Spanish Novels set in the Spanish Civil War and Franco Dictatorship Foreign Languages & Literatures 2013-04-15
Roberts, Simone Renee La Actitud Hacia el Castellano en San Antonio, Texas Foreign Languages & Literatures 2013-04-15
Schneider, Julia Maria Recreating the Image of Women in Mexico: A Genealogy of Resistance in Mexican Narrative Set during the Revolution Foreign Languages & Literatures 2010-04-14
Sullivan, Sarah Ward Creencias y Actitudes Populares Hacia la Mezcla del Castellano y el Inglés (Popular Attitudes and Beliefs Towards the Mixing of Spanish and English Foreign Languages & Literatures 2010-04-30
Valadez, Rafael Una pluma fuera de serie: La (re)presentación de la lesbiana en la trilogía de Lola Van Guardia Foreign Languages & Literatures 2011-04-25
Vidal Covas, Lee-Ann Marie El uso variable de los pronombres sujetos en el castellano puertorriqueño hablado en Luisiana y Puerto Rico Foreign Languages & Literatures 2013-11-18
Vitale, Sarah J Towards Pragmatic Competence in Communicative Teaching: The Question of Experience Vs. Instruction in the L2 Classroom Foreign Languages & Literatures 2009-11-09
Vuskovich, Matthew Anthony A Sociolinguistic Perspective toward Hiatus Resolution in Mexico City Spanish Foreign Languages & Literatures 2006-04-03
White, Kelli Listen, Sing and Learn: The Effects of Musical Activities on Phonemic Awareness in the Foreign Language Classroom Foreign Languages & Literatures 2008-04-10
Kallioranta, Sanna Maria Role of eIntermediaries in the United States Paper Supply Chain Forest Products 2003-04-04
Caldwell, Aaron Bailey Do Terraces and Coconut Mats Affect Seeds and Submerged Aquatic Vegetaion at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge? Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-06-25
Colon-Gaud, Jose Checo Macroinvertebrate Abundance and Distribution of Hydrilla and Ceratophyllum Habitats in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-06-09
Davis, Kristopher Scott Diet Similarity of Pen-Raised Versus Native, Louisiana White-Tailed Deer in Southeastern Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-11
Donkor, Ben Nathan Evaluation of Government Interventions in Ghana's Forest Product Trade: A Post-Intervention Impact Assessment and Perceptions of Marketing Implications Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-08-22
Engel, Matthew Aaron Physicochemical Effects on the Abundance and Distribution of Larval Fishes in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-09
Gray, Erica Deshay Establishment of a Callus Culture and Measurement of Seasonal Changes in Secondary Compound Production in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-09
Jones, Judy Diane James Effects of Selective Herbicide Application on Vegetation and Invertebrates for Northern Bobwhite, and Small Mammal Communities within Managed Pine Forests Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-09
Kanouse, Sarai C. Nekton Use and Growth in Three Brackish Marsh Pond Microhabitats Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-03
Liu, Bo Toxicity of South Louisiana Crude Oil, Alaskan North Slope Crude Oil, and Dispersant COREXIT 9500 to Gulf Killifish, White Shrimp, and Eastern Oyster Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-13
Lu, Ziqiang Chemical Coupling in Wood-Polymer Composites Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-12
McGowan, Joseph Michael Habitat Assessment and Subspecies Identification of Sandhill Cranes Wintering in Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-30
Poku, Kofi Impact of Corporate Orientation on Information Technology Adoption in the United States Forest Products Industry Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-06-26
Vun, Ronnie Yunheu Ultrasonic Characterization of Engineering Performance of Oriented Strandboard Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-08
Wagner, Robert Owen Developing Landscape-Scaled Habitat Selection Functions for Forest Wildlife from Landsat Data: Judging Black Bear Habitat Quality in Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-11
Wayman, William Rittenhouse From Gamete Collection to Database Development: Development of a Model Cryopreserved Germplasm Repository for Aquatic Species with Emphasis on Sturgeon Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-10
Winslow, Christian Jesse Estimation of Waterfowl Food Abundance in Coastal Freshwater Marshes of Louisiana and Texas Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-11
Adkins, Jeremy Paul Experimental Predator Removal: A Response in Small Mammal Communities and Relations to Duck Nest Success Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-07
Alvarez Alonso, Jose Characteristic Avifauna of White-Sand Forests in Northern Peruvian Amazonia Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-07-03
Bauman, Tessa Annette Interaction of Fire and Insects in the Restoration and Management of Longleaf Pine Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-01-29
Bolduc, Francois Effects of Structural Marsh Management and Salinity on Sediments, Hydrology, Invertebrates, and Waterbirds in Marsh Ponds during Winter on the Gulf Coast Chenier Plain Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-07-08
Bush, Christina Samantha Nekton Utilization of Restored Habitat in a Louisiana Marsh Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-07
Chodachek, Kristen Dawn Evaluation of Repeated Removal of Mammalian Predators on Waterfowl Nest Success and Density Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-02-25
Crevello, Stacy Marie Local Land Use on Borneo: Applications of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Natural Resource Utilization among the Benuaq Dayak of Kalimantan, Indonesia Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-02
Fernand, Vivian Esther Initial Characterization of Crude Extracts from Phyllanthus amarus Schum. and Thonn. and Quassia amara L. Using Normal Phase Thin Layer Chromatography Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-07
Groat, Derek R. Effects of Feeding Strategies on Growth of Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) in Closed Recirculating Systems Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-04-23
Herbst, Eric Christopher Induction of Tetraploidy in Zebrafish Danio rerio and Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-07-11
Hightower, Dwayne Allen Fine-Scaled Movements and Habitat Use of Black Bears in South Central Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-01-30
Hoover, Andrea Kim Patterns of Female Nest Attendance in Northern Pintails and Mallards Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-05-02
Jerez Rico, Mauricio Modeling Canopy Structure Effects on Loblolly Pine Growth Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-01-23
Lee, Sunyoung Fundamental Properties of Borate-Modified Oriented Strandboard Manufactured from Southern Wood Species Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-12-19
Li, Zhanhai Effects of Several Abiotic and Biotic Factors and Plant Hormones on Growth, Morphology, and Camptothecin Accumulation in Camptotheca Acuminata Seedlings Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-04-07
Li, Wei Technical Fesibility of Flakeboard Production from Recycled CCA-Treated Wood Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-07-09
Mason, Torrance D. The Influence of Hydrilla Infestation and Drawdown on the Food Habits and Growth of Age-0 Largemouth Bass in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-11-11
Michalek, Alexander J. A Mid-Rotation Bottomland Red Oak Stand Three Years after Thinning and Fertilization Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-01
Nugon, Robert Welsh Salinity Tolerance of Juveniles of Four Varieties of Tilapia Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-04
Oetgen, Jesse G. Effects of Repeat Sampling in the U.S. Waterfowl Parts Collection Survey Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-04-15
Piao, Cheng Wood Laminated Composite Poles Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-03-05
Poleo, German Antonio Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) in Fishes Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-01-23
Richkus, Kenneth Daniel Northern Pintail Nest Site Selection, Nest Success, Renesting Ecology, and Survival in the Intensively Farmed Prairies of Southern Saskatchewan: An Evaluation of the Ecological Trap Hypothesis Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-04-05
Riley, Kenneth Lee Pickrell Refrigerated Storage and Cryopreservation of Sperm for the Production of Red Snapper and Snapper Hybrids Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-06-11
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