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Fabre, Jennifer Marie Identification of Falls Risk Factors in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Validation of the Comprehensive Falls Risk Screening Instrument Kinesiology 2009-04-10
Fabre, Jeffrey Bryant Sediment Flux and Fate for a Large-scale Diversion: The 2011 Mississippi River Flood, the Bonnet Carré Spillway, and the Implications for Coastal Restoration in South Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2012-04-11
Fafoutakis, Andrew Paul Jewish Identity on the Stage: The Roles of Saint Matthew and Caiaphas the Elder in Stephen Adly Guirsis"s’ The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Theatre 2009-04-14
Fagan, William Francis From Lime Kilns to Art Galleries: A Historical Anthropogeography of the Maine Coast City of Rockland Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-05
Faghihi Shahrestani, Danial Continuum and Crystal Strain Gradient Plasticity with Energetic and Dissipative Length Scales Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-11-05
Fahandezhsadi, Fatemehsadat Assimilation, a Biological Nitrogen Removal Strategy For Freshwater Ornamental Fish Hatcheries Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-01-08
Fahrig, Brooke Cryopreservation by Pellet Freezing of Epididymal and Ejaculated Spermatozoa from Male Dogs Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences) 2003-04-05
Faiz, Tasnim Ibn Minimization of Transportation, Installation and Maintenance Operations Costs for Offshore Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2014-04-11
Fan, Xing Particle Analysis in Infrared Laser Desorption and Ablation Chemistry 2010-11-17
Fan, Qi An Euler Solver for Nonlinear Water Waves Using a Modified Staggered Grid and Gaussian Quadrature Approach Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2011-11-09
Fan, Chennu Analysis of Microseismic Events Associated with Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Petroleum Engineering 2014-01-16
Fan, Shuzhan The Spatial-Temporal Prediction of Various Crime Types in Houston, TX Based on Hot-Spot Techniques Geography & Anthropology 2014-06-05
Fan, Fenghong Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Fly Ash-based Geopolymer Cement Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-12-19
Fang, Xiaobing Reproductive Biology of Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) Agronomy & Environmental Management 2002-02-25
Fang, Liqun Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations with Fractional Brownian Motions Mathematics 2009-11-11
Fang, Jing Stock Liquidity, Price Informativeness, and Accruals-Based Earnings Management Accounting 2012-06-21
Fang, Yanhao Two essays on information in trading Finance (Business Administration) 2012-07-04
Faradj, Mabrouck K. Which Mean do you Mean? An Exposition on Means Mathematics 2004-07-08
Farhadi, Nafiseh Quantitative Analysis of Marine Transportation Systems Resiliency Civil & Environmental Engineering 2016-06-02
Farkas, Beatrice Appropriate Technology, Human Capital, and Economic Development Economics 2009-07-27
Farlow, Shawn Server Assignment in Mirrored Server Environments Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-11-07
Farlow, Jake Andrew Chronic Toxicity of Nano Metallics on Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) in Laboratory and Mesocosm Studies Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2014-04-07
Farmer, Bradley Donovan Improved Methods for the Isolation and Characterization of Flavobacterium columnare Veterinary Microbiology & Parasitology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2004-11-11
Farmer, Sarah Regulation of Oocyte Meiotic Resumption Using cAMP Modulators in Bovine In Vitro Maturation Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2014-04-04
Farney, Tyler Mitchell Relationship Between Metabolic By-Products and Nervous System Failure/Fatigue Kinesiology 2016-07-10
Farquar, Hannah D. The Ligase Detection Reaction: The Evolution of a Mutation Detection Strategy Chemistry 2002-11-04
Farquar, George Synchrotron Radiation as a Probe of Chemical Information Using Novel Experimental Configurations Chemistry 2003-11-10
Farrell, Aaron Michael A Practical Guide to Twentieth-Century Violin Etudes with Performance and Theoretical Analysis Music 2004-05-13
Farrell, Jennifer Kelso Synaptic Boojums: Lewis Carroll, Linguistic Nonsense, and Cyberpunk English 2007-07-06
Farris, Rachael Ann Decomposition and Entomological Associations of Swine in Louisiana Micro-environments Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-11
Farris Lopez, Krista Lynn Palm Community Development and Influence on Seedling Establishment in a Tropical Moist Forest, Panama Plant Biology (Biological Sciences) 2001-11-15
Farritor, David Using Brownfield Redevelopment to Mitigate Technological Hazards in Shreveport, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-05-31
Farshchian, Bahador 3D Integration of Micro- and Nanostructures into Bio-Analytical Devices Mechanical Engineering 2013-04-13
Fassbender, Troy Dwayne Free Will and Responsibility: Indeterminism and Its Problems Philosophy and Religious Studies 2002-04-18
Fassbender, Joyce Litter and Ground Dwelling Spiders of Mixed Mesophytic Forests in Southeast Louisiana Entomology 2002-04-18
Fattah Hesary, Kasra Hybrid Atomistic–Continuum Simulation Methodology for Handling Nanoparticle- Wall Interaction Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2017-03-29
Faubion, James Matthew The Electrodeposition of Cerium/Copper PROX Catalysts on Metal Foam Chemical Engineering 2007-08-21
Faucheux, Chase Language Classification and Manipulation in Romania and Moldova Linguistics (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-07-13
Faulk, Christopher Don Evolution of YY1, YY2, REX1 and DNA-binding Motifs in Vertebrate Genomes Biological Sciences 2010-04-07
Faulk, Karen Caring Attitudes Among Child Welfare Caseworkers: Associations with Client Participation in Services Social Work 2010-07-07
Faulk II, Larry Hugh Pay Satisfaction Consequences: Development and Test of a Theoretical Model Management (Business Administration) 2002-09-05
Faulkner, Barbara Naron The Disciples of Light: A Way of Seeing and the Educational Transfer of Ideas Linking Spirituality and Art among Southern Painters in the Hensche-Hawthorne Tradition Curriculum & Instruction 2007-01-10
Fava, Colleen Helen Adventures of a Former Girlfriend: A Novel English 2005-04-14
Favret, Karen Perry Detection of Stress Biomarkers in Sperm, Embryonic, and Early Larval Stages of Aquatic Invertebrates Following Pesticide Exposure Biological Sciences 2009-11-06
Fazekas, Margaret Ann Teaching High School Geometry with Tasks and Activities Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2011-07-06
Febo, Lawrence A. Paleoceanography of the Gulf of Papua Using Multiple Geophysical and Micropaleontological Proxies Geology & Geophysics 2007-11-15
Feduccia, Mary D. Career Counseling for College Students: The Influence of a Computer-Assisted Career Decision-Making Program on the Stability of College Major Selection at a Research-Extensive University Vocational Education 2003-03-20
Feeney, Joseph Leland Continunity and Revolution: The Basis of the American Revolution in the Common Law and the Ancient Constitution, as Explicated by John Dickinson Political Science 2003-11-12
Feighery, Mary Elizabeth Educational Looping and Retention in the Middle School Setting Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-01
Feike, Meredith Morgan Logging-on to Sai Baba: The Poetics of Sacred Globalization Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-04
Feike, Meredith Morgan Revitalizing the Suburban Dream: Disaster, Displacement and Resilience in Eastern Orleans Parish Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-19
Felicien, William Lucas Assessment of the Phosphorus Index for Louisiana Agronomy & Environmental Management 2007-07-09
Feltz, Mallory Lynn Yours, Mine, & Ours Art 2009-05-16
Fendrich, Jennifer Marie Student Resiliency Post Hurricane Katrina Education 2017-04-05
Feng, Juan A Bio-MEMS Device for Separation of Breast Cancer Cells from Peripheral Whole Blood Mechanical Engineering 2004-04-15
Feng, Zhixuan Hydrodynamic Response to Cold Fronts along the Louisiana Coast Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-06-10
Feng, Yin Numerical Study of Downhole Heat Exchanger Concept in Geothermal Energy Extraction from Saturated and Fractured Reservoirs Petroleum Engineering 2012-07-11
Feng, Lin Nature's Geometry Art 2015-04-03
Feng, Sheng Study of Condensed Matter Systems with Monte Carlo Simulation on Heterogeneous Computing Systems Physics & Astrononomy 2016-04-11
Fennell, Jason A Decision Making Framework for Hurricane Evacuation and Sheltering Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-04-14
Fennell, Patrick The Dual Role of Price on Purchase Likelihood Marketing 2017-04-01
Ferachi, Kara King Multileaf Collimator Positional Reproducibility Evaluated with a Two-Dimensional Diode Array Physics and Astronomy 2003-02-18
Ferachi, Kellye A Physical Function and Quality of Life in the Very- and Oldest-Old: Gender Differences Kinesiology 2003-07-09
Ferdous, Md Rubiat Pile Capacity Utilization for Bridge Bents Designed Using Simplified Procedures Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-07-04
Ferguson, Clarence Edward The Use of Altrenogest to Control Reproductive Function in Beef Cattle Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2004-08-25
Ferguson, Shannon Evaluation of Pleistocene to Holocene (MIS 5 to 1) Climatic Changes in Southwestern Black Sea: A Palynological Study of DSDP Site 380 Geology & Geophysics 2012-04-17
Ferguson, Kristen Michelle Treatment effects of attention process training for an individual with idiopathic Parkinson's disease Communication Sciences & Disorders 2013-04-08
Ferguson, Adam Beau Excluding Two Minors of the Petersen Graph Mathematics 2015-03-16
Fermaglich, Daniel H. The Effect of Aging on the Immune Response to Vaccination in the Horse Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2003-05-26
Fernand, Vivian Esther Initial Characterization of Crude Extracts from Phyllanthus amarus Schum. and Thonn. and Quassia amara L. Using Normal Phase Thin Layer Chromatography Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-07
Fernandez, Mary Frances Crime Prevention and the Perception of Safety in Campus Design Landscape Architecture 2005-03-24
Fernandez, Jesus Abraham Comparative Biogeography of the Arid Lands of Central México Biological Sciences 2011-11-10
Fernandez, Desmond Joseph Interplay Effects in Highly Modulated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Lung Cases Treated with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Physics & Astrononomy 2016-07-08
Fernandez Lopez, Perla del Rocio Eduardo Gamboa's Life, Music, and Inspiration. Understanding the Influence of Folk Music on his Work "Transparencias:" an Analysis, Performance Guide, and Violin Transcription Music 2017-04-08
Fernandez-Kim, Sun-Ok Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Crawfish Chitosan as Affected by Different Processing Protocols Food Science 2004-11-10
Fernando, Sayakkarage R. G. Computational Studies on Bimetallic Catalysis and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Chemistry 2015-11-14
Ferranti, Taylor Lee A Historical Approach to Training the Vocal Registers: Can Ancient Practice Foster Contemporary Results? Music 2004-04-13
Ferreira, Gustavo Filipe Canle The Expansion and Diversification of the Export Sector and Economic Growth: The Costa Rican Experience Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2009-08-12
Ferrer, Marí­a Soledad Post-Breeding Endometritis after Low Dose Insemination in the Mare Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2005-01-08
Fetters, Carol An Exploration of Strategy-Based Reading Instruction Using Expository Science Text in Grades 2-5 Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2010-06-22
Fielding, Russell Artisanal Whaling in the Atlantic: A Comparative Study of Culture, Conflict, and Conservation in St. Vincent and the Faroe Islands Geography & Anthropology 2010-10-15
Fields, DeChantel D. The Life and Times of Black Millennial Males: Teacher Methodology Juxtaposed to Classroom Satisfaction Education 2017-01-08
Fields III, Deacue Beef Producer Preferences for Various Livestock Revenue Protection Products: A Conjoint Approach Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2002-07-04
Fikru, Nebiyu Self-healing of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Mechanical Engineering 2009-07-09
Filipe, Manuel Duarte An Economic Analysis of Pre-Harvesting Marketing Strategies and Financial Performance Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness 2002-11-14
Filiz, Sukriye Elif Essays in Labor Economics Economics 2015-07-02
Fillingim, Carron Stewart Revelations from "Cheesecake Manor": Agatha Christie, Detective Fiction, and Interwar England History 2007-06-03
Finch, Joshua David Masculinity and Social Change: Exploring Generative Masculinity Development in Resident Assistant Men through the Social Change Model of Leadership Development Education 2016-04-10
Finck, Sylviane Reading Trauma in Postmodern and Postcolonial Literature: Charlotte Delbo, Toni Morrison, and the Literary Imagination of the Aftermath Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-11-13
Fink, Richard John Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene El Molino Formation, Eastern Cordillera and Altiplano, Central Andes, Bolivia: Implications for the Tectonic Development of the Central Andes Geology and Geophysics 2002-06-19
Fink, Carl Allen The Design of a Computer System to Determine the Causes of Edema Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Computer Science 2011-01-27
Finley, Keith M. Southern Opposition to Civil Rights in the United States Senate: A Tactical and Ideological Analysis, 1938-1965 History 2003-07-02
Finney, James Charles Optimization of a Skewed Logistic Distribution with Respect to the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2004-05-18
Firth, Robert James A Novel Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Ocean and Weather Forecasting Computer Science 2016-04-11
Fischer, Jeffrey Lynn Chemotactic and Inflammatory Responses to and Recognition of Encephalitozoon spp. of Microsporidia Biological Sciences 2008-06-26
Fischer, Aaron Jason Evaluating The Differential Effects of Parental Involvement on Check In/Check Out in Children with Externalizing Behavior Problems Psychology 2012-04-27
Fischer, Aaron Jason Evaluating the Efficacy and Acceptability of Videoconferencing in School-Based Behavioral Consultation Psychology 2014-05-19
Fischer , Molly Voelz Resiliency and Selfless Service Development in Army ROTC Physical Training: A Qualitative Investigation Kinesiology 2014-07-11
Fischer, Jr, Douglas Henry Distributions and Associations of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Leptin Gene of Bos taurus and Bos indicus Cattle. Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-05-30
Fisher, Jonathan C. Do Predator Exclusion, Position, and Plant Architecture Influence Hydrilla-Dwelling Macroinvertebrate Communities? Renewable Natural Resources 2005-06-13
Fisher, Bethany Leann Effects of Resistant Starch in Milk Replacer on Health and Performance in Neonatal Holstein Heifer Calves Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2011-06-30
Fitch, LeeAnn Renee Biodegradation of Buried MC252 Oil in Coastal Beach Sands by PAH Degraders in Response to Oxygen Biostimulation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2016-07-05
Fitz-Fitzharris, Jane Compositional Techniques in Thomas Kerr, Jr.'s Anguished American Easter, 1968 and Their Application to the Theme of African American Theology Music 2006-03-30
Fitzgerald, Alexandra Marie Effects of Varying Land Use on Headwater Stream Fish Assemblages and In-Stream Habitats in Southwestern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-25
Fitzgerald-DeJean, Donna Mineo The Investigation of Treatment Outcomes for Adults with Chronic Brain Injury Following Intensive Multidisciplinary Treatment Communication Sciences & Disorders 2008-07-01
Flanagan, Lisa The Bauhaus (Per)Forms Speech Communication 2002-05-31
Flanagan, Charles Allen Mapping the Other Truth in the Shintech Case: Emancipatory Mapping for Environmental Justice in South Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-06-30
Flanagan, Lisa A House Performs Communication Studies 2008-07-09
Flanagan, Michael B Identification of Genes Responsible for Maintenance of Differentiation Capability in Dental Pulp Stem Cells Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2013-11-18
Fleck, Erica Lynn The Effect of High Frequency Amplification on Subjective and Objective Benefit with Digital Hearing Instruments Communication Sciences & Disorders 2003-09-04
Fleming, Debbie A. A Vivid Exploration of Shakespeare's Silvia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona: An MFA Production Thesis in Acting Theater 2003-04-08
Fleming, Angela Michelli Louisiana State University During World War I: A Military Tradition Liberal Arts 2017-04-05
Fletcher, Bobby Hugh The Impact of the Louisiana Master Gardener Program on the Perceived and Actual Horticultural Knowledge Levels of Program Participants Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2006-03-29
Fletcher, Rene The Observatory Art 2006-06-02
Flores-Avila, Fernando Sebastian Experimental Evaluation of Control Fluid Fallback during Off-Bottom Well Control in Vertical and Deviated Wells Petroleum Engineering 2002-04-18
Florez, Luz Edith Removal of Toxic Organics in Wetlands: A Mechanistic Model Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-07
Flory, Simone On the Stabilization and Regularization of Rational Approximation Schemes for Semigroups Mathematics 2002-04-04
Flory, Sean How to Remember Thee?: Problems of Memorialization in English Writing, 1558-1625 English 2008-11-11
Flournoy, John Craig Reporting the Movement in Black and White: The Emmett Till Lynching and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Mass Communication 2003-06-11
Flynn, Matthew Lane Flood Damage and Shutdown Times for Industrial Process Facilities Construction Management 2016-04-07
Fodstad, Jill Cherie A Comparison of Feeding and Mealtime Problems in Intellectually Disabled Adults with and without Autism Psychology 2008-06-27
Fodstad, Jill Cherie The Emergence of Challenging Behaviors in At-Risk Toddlers with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-sectional and Risk Factor Study Psychology 2011-06-27
Foersterling, Lee Antarctic Plant and Phytoplankton Response to the First Phase of the Mid Miocene Climatic Optimum at South McMurdo Sound Geology & Geophysics 2011-04-07
Fofana, Souleymane L'Engagement dans la Litterature Africaine: Etude du Mythe Poetique: Maieto Pour Zekia de Joachim Bohui Dali ou la Violence comme Symbole de l'Amour French and Italian 2003-05-26
Fofana, Souleymane La Réécriture des Mythes et le Combat des Femmes Pour leur Libération: Étude de Maïéto Pour Zékia de Bohui Dali, de la Guerre des Femmes de Zadi Zaourou, de la Révolte d'Affiba de Régina Yaou et de Assémien Déhylé, roi du Sanwi de Bernard Dadié French Studies 2006-03-26
Foil, Heather Chance Psychometric Extension of the Memory for Names Test Social Work 2016-04-05
Foley, Cullen C. Wading Bird Food Availability in Rice Fields and Crawfish Ponds of the Chenier Plain of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas Renewable Natural Resources 2015-07-02
Fonseca, Antonio A. Hearing Assessment of Forest Loggers Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2009-08-17
Font, Laurie Impact of Teaching Style on Student Learning of Evolution Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-05
Fontenot, Jeremy The Fate of Nitrogen in the Marshland Upwelling System Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-06-10
Fontenot, Royce Landon An Evaluation of Reference Evapotranspiration Models in Louisiana Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2004-06-30
Fontenot, Kayla Determinants of the Onset of Disability in Old Age Sociology 2007-04-05
Fontenot, Dexter Paul Evaluating Seashore Paspalum Seed Germination and Enhancement, Erosion Abatement and Potential use as a Vegetative Landfarm Cap Horticulture 2007-11-12
Fontenot, Christopher J. Administrative Responses to Hurricane-Induced Mobility Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-11-14
Fontenot, Mary Catherine A Phenomenological Study of Couples Who Pursue Infertility and the Impact on Their Lives Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2008-11-20
Fontenot, Kathryn Karsh The Feasibility of Using Select Landscape Species for Phytoremediation of Cumene and 4-Cumylphenol Contaminated Groundwater Horticulture 2009-04-09
Fontenot, Kyle Andrew Effects of Acephate on the Distribution of Tarnished Plant Bugs within the Cotton Plant Profile Entomology 2009-06-11
Fontenot, Dexter Paul Assessment of Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) Biotypes and Bermudagrass Interference with Sugarcane (Saccharum spp. Hybrids) Agronomy & Environmental Management 2014-04-04
Fontenot, Kayla R. Civic Community, Structural Disadvantage, and Suicide: An Ecological Analysis of Middle-Age Non-Hispanic White Male Suicide Across the Rural-Urban Continuum Sociology 2015-04-06
Fooshee, Jeffrey Steven The Development of a Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Prediction Model for the Ewing Banks 910 Area in the Gulf of Mexico Petroleum Engineering 2009-01-20
Forbes, Jeffrey Evan Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Credibility, Engagement, Interactivity and Brand Metrics of Social Network Sites Mass Communication 2010-01-13
Ford, Sean M. Fabricating Microfluidic Devices in Polymers for Bioanalytical Applications Chemistry 2002-01-24
Ford, John M. Organizational Politics and Multisource Feedback Psychology 2002-08-13
Ford, Sherry Greenwood The Role of Imagined Interaction and Self-Efficacy in Psychosocial Adjustment to Spousal Bereavement: A Communication Perspective Speech Communication 2003-11-07
Ford, Darlene Noble The Use of the Online Tutorial and Assessment System, MathXL, in Teaching of Algebra I Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2009-07-09
Ford, Peter James Electric Elevator Drive with Position Control Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-04-17
Ford, Stephen Andrew Age, Performance and Retention Interval Effects on Acceptance of a Consumer Health Information Technology System Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2014-10-22
Ford, Robert Joseph Hybridization and Population Structure of Western Gulf Coast Mottled Ducks Renewable Natural Resources 2015-11-02
Foreman, Shawn Quincy The Expedition Art 2009-04-16
Foreman, Christopher Characterization and Verification of a Closed Loop Wind Tunnel with a Linear Cascade and Upstream Wake Generator Mechanical Engineering 2013-03-21
Foreman, Jeremy Joseph Managerial Labor Mobility in the National Football League Kinesiology 2017-07-07
Forestieri, Daniel Ernesto Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Yield in Louisiana Sugarcane Production Systems Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2017-07-07
Foret, Amanda Sharon Reflections on Pleasure: The Fourteenth-Century Alhambra Art 2009-04-14
Foretich, Rachel Suzanna Government Spending and Child Well-being: A correlational study of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Countries Social Work 2013-04-11
Forghani, Anoosha Fabrication And Characterization Of Thiol-Acrylate Based Polymer for Bone Tissue Engineering Application Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2016-04-11
Forkner, Benjamin Sands Yves Short Story Cycles of the Americas, a Transitional Post-colonial form: a Study of V.S. Naipaul’s Miguel Street, Ernest Gaines’s Bloodline and Gabriel Gracía Márquez’s Los funerales de la Mamá Grande Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-05-31
Forman, Julianne Photobiological and Thermal Effects of UVA Light on Cell Culture Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2005-11-16
Forney, Laura Vitamin D Status, Adiposity, and Athletic Performance Measures in College-Aged Students Kinesiology 2012-06-22
Forney, Laura Ann The Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Vitamin D and Exercise Kinesiology 2014-11-07
Forsman, Johan Quantitative Clay Mineralogy of Several Louisiana Soils Geology & Geophysics 2005-03-16
Fort, Ellen Professional Development for Geometry Teachers Under Common Core State Standards in Mathematics Natural Science 2014-11-05
Fortes, Santiago Prado Parentes Power Series Expansions for Waves in High-Contrast Plasmonic Crystals Mathematics 2010-04-21
Fortier, Barret Keith Mortality of Pen-Raised White-Tailed Deer(Odocoileus virginianus)Released on Three Areas in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2004-04-15
Fortier, Andre' Alzheimer's Caregiving Appraisal Social Work 2008-07-09
Fortier, Alicia Rae Calibration of Resistance Factors Needed in the LRFD Design of Drilled Shafts Civil & Environmental Engineering 2016-04-01
Foss, Kristin Leanne Feeding Ecology of Red Snapper and Greater Amberjack at Standing Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Disentangling the Effects of Artificial Light Oceanography 2016-07-01
Fossum, Ross Pytracks: A Tool for Visualizing Fish Movement Tracks on Different Scales Computer Science 2016-01-17
Foster, John Robert Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Monitoring the Evolution of an Agency through Rhetorical Snapshots of Speeches by Generals Omar N. Bradley, Earle G. Wheeler, George S. Brown and Colin L. Powell Speech Communication 2003-01-29
Foster, Anserd Julius Reducing Phosphorus Runoff Using Poultry Litter Derived from Phytase-Amended Diets Agronomy & Environmental Management 2003-11-11
Foster, Nicholas Ed The Persian Policies of Alexander the Great: From 330-323 BC History 2005-04-11
Foster, Jamye Conceptualizing the Consumer-brand Relationship as a Truly Dyadic Process Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-01-26
Fotso, Herbert Two-Particle Level Diagrammatic Approaches for Strongly Correlated Systems Physics & Astronomy 2011-07-06
Fountain, Kenneth Alexander Mathematical Models for Estimating Volatile Chemical Emissions from Dredging Operations Chemical Engineering 2005-04-12
Fourrier, Jonathan Edward Urban Stream Stabilization Using Regional Hydraulic Geometry Curves for Bankfull Floodplain Design Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-07-03
Fowler, Matthew Threat, Violence, and Voters: Race and Context in the 2008 Presidential Election Political Science 2011-04-26
Fowler, Drew Nathan Evaluating Abiotic Influences on Soil Salinity of Inland Managed Wetlands and Agricultural Fields in a Semi-Arid Environment Renewable Natural Resources 2013-06-07
Fox, David M. Effects of Insectivorous Birds on Tree Growth in the Maurepas Swamp Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Fox, Deborah Elizabeth Developing/Testing a New Approach for Assessing Rapid Visual Identification of Hematological Cells Using Principles of Visual Cognition: A Health Science Education Study Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2007-07-03
Fox, Anne-Liese Juge Restoring Performance: Personal Story, Place, and Memory in Post-Katrina New Orleans Theatre 2013-11-18
Foy, Jacob Stephen Impact of Algae on Sugar Mill Effluents: Water Treatment and Added Value Assessment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-06-08
France, Jr., Bruce Eric From Guerrilla Theater to Media Warfare Abbie Hoffman's Riotous Revolution in America: A Myth Communications Studies 2003-12-20
Franchitti, Nicolas Cyril La Place de L'Honneur dans l'Evolution de la Guerre au Moyen Age French Studies 2016-05-25
Francis, Jennifer L. Psychosocial Predictors of Dietary Fat Reduction: The Role of Stress and the Transtheoretical Model in a Dietary Intervention Psychology 2003-11-13
Francis, Varsha Development of Process Techniques for Bistable Microbeam Fabrication Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-08-25
Francis, Lue Anda The Impact of Structural Adjustment Loans on Civil Conflict Political Science 2010-07-02
Francis, Felix Comparative genomics, transcriptome analysis and characterization of selected regulatory genes of Burkholderia glumae Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2012-06-01
Frank, Alison Christina The Orthographic Characters (in No Particular Order) Art 2004-06-08
Franklin, Ashley Marie Comparison of Occlusal Area and Postcanine Mesiodistal Length in Old World and New World Monkeys Geography & Anthropology 2015-12-21
Franks, Stephenie E. An Integrated Approach to Judicial Decision Making: The Death Penalty in South Africa Political Science 2003-03-30
Franks, Bryan Feedback as a Source of Criterion Noise in Recognition Memory Psychology 2014-07-13
Franzella, Rebecca Seeing the Divine: The Origin, Iconography, and Content of Santa Pudenziana's Apse Mosaic Art 2012-04-26
Fraser, Elizabeth Ann Conservation Versus Survival: A Cultural Ecological Study of Changing Settlement Patterns, Cultures, and Land Use in the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve of Northeast Honduras Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-07
Frederick, Dale G. Application of Anoxic/Aerobic (A/A) Biological Treatment to Swine Wastewater Biological and Agricultural Engineering 2002-11-12
Freeman, Angelina Regional-Scale Eutrophication Models: A Bayesian Treed Model Approach Environmental Studies 2004-07-08
Freeman, Angelina Analysis and Modeling of Hurricane Impacts on a Coastal Louisiana Lake Bottom Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-01-24
Freeman, Charles An Investigation into Technology and Motivational Influences in Creativity and Product Output in Apparel Design Students Human Ecology 2012-06-20
Freeman, Matthew Evaluation of Thermal Insulation by Coal Beds in the Western Arkoma Basin, OK and Implications for Large Scale Geothermal Resources Geology & Geophysics 2013-05-09
French, Kellye Alyse Head Shaping of the Ancient Maya at Wild Cane Cay and Moho Cay, Belize Geography & Anthropology 2010-01-27
French, Kit Island Hunting: A Field Guide Art 2011-06-05
French, Hilari Maree Characterization of Spiroplasma mirum and Its Role in Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2011-07-06
French, Layne Bryan Multiscale Modeling of Particle Transport in Petroleum Reservoirs Petroleum Engineering 2015-07-05
Fresina, Katherine Palladio’s Religious Architecture in Venice Art 2012-04-24
Fricke, Tobin Thomas Homodyne Detection for Laser-Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors Physics & Astronomy 2011-11-08
Friedland, Carol J. Residential Building Damage from Hurricane Storm Surge: Proposed Methodologies to Describe, Assess and Model Building Damage Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-04-15
Fries, Melissa Ann Introgression, Health, and Condition of Florida, Northern, and Fx Hybrid Largemouth Bass in Louisiana Water Bodies Renewable Natural Resources 2010-07-07
Frisard, Madlyn Irene Health and Lifestyle Profiles across the Lifespan: Results from the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study Kinesiology 2005-11-15
Fritsche, Reto The Effects of Prostatic Fluid on Functional Characteristics of Cooled Canine Semen Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2015-07-13
Fritz, Shannon Characterization of Photon Counting CZT Detectors for Medical X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Physics & Astronomy 2011-01-26
Frizzo, Carlo Vincetti Symphonic Revelations Music 2006-06-21
Frnka, Richard Alexander Asymptotic Formulae for Restricted Unimodal Sequences Mathematics 2017-04-06
Fruge, Cheryl Epistemological Congruency in Community College Classrooms: Effects of Epistemological Beliefs on Students' Experiences Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2007-04-01
Frugé, Emily Dawn The Utilization of Red Blood Cells in Diets for Swine and Poultry Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-06-27
Fry, Marianne Portraits of Adolescence/Juvenile Delinquency: Something Written, Something Said, Something Constructed, Something Read Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-04-19
Fry, Mark B. Low-Order Modeling of Micro-Flier Impact with Thin Stationary Energetic Targets Mechanical Engineering 2012-04-22
Frye, Doris Ann "Vulgarized": Victorian Women's Fiction in Minor Theatres English 2013-04-12
Frye III, Charles Mitchell Country of Illusion: Imagined Geographies and Transnational Connections in F. Scott Fitzgerald's America English 2012-04-26
Fu, Yanwen Artificial Peptides Containing Cα,α- Disubstituted Amino Acids: Synthesis, Conformational Studies, and Application as β-Strand Mimics Chemistry 2002-08-07
Fu, Haoqiang Development of Dynamic Travel Demand Models for Hurricane Evacuation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-09
Fu, Yanrong Experimental Quantification and DEM Simulation of Micro-Macro Behaviors of Granular Materials Using X-ray Tomography Imaging Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-10-24
Fu, Guanyuan Development and Application of Dissociable Antibody MicroArray (DAMA) Staining Technique Biological Sciences 2009-04-09
Fuchs, Tim K. The Tardieu Moment: Andre Tardieu's Failure as Prime Minister of France, 1929-1930 History 2002-04-18
Fugler, Lee Ann Matrix Metalloproteinases in the Equine Systemic Inflammatory Response: Implications for Equine Laminitis Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2009-01-21
Fukai, Isis Metamorphic and Geochemical Signatures of Calc-Silicate Gneisses from The Sawtooth Metamorphic Complex, Idaho, USA: Implications for Crustal Evolution in Western North America Geology & Geophysics 2013-04-12
Fukawa, Nobuyuki The Effect of Supraliminal Goal Primes on Brand Preference: The Mediating Roles of Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-11-17
Fukutomi, Satomi Pot-Au-Feu Japan: Foods and Weddings Geography and Anthropology 2002-01-18
Fulfer, Kristen D'Ann Photoelectrons and Recombining Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Systems Chemistry 2015-03-17
Fullen, Steven Ray Temporal Trends in Tchula Period Pottery in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-11-16
Fuller, Scott Eric Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope and Functional Physical Performance in Elderly Adults Kinesiology 2005-01-24
Fuller, Janina Marie Assessing Intention of Volunteers to Develop Their Leadership: Creation of an Instrument Using the Theory of Planned Behavior Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2012-07-03
Fuller, Scott Factors Influencing Glycogen Branching Enzyme Activity In Mouse Liver Kinesiology 2013-01-15
Fulmer, Preston A Susceptibility of Bacillus anthracis to Gamma and Cherry Bacteriophage Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2003-04-10
Fulmer, Preston A Genetics of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 Tegument Proteins Involved in Virion Morphogenesis and Egress Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2007-07-11
Furlong, Jessica Nicole Artificial Oyster Reefs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Management, Material, and Faunal Effects Renewable Natural Resources 2012-06-13
Futch, Jonathan Altering Sweet Potato Starch Functionality by Amino Acids and pH Treatments Food Science 2009-07-07

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