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D'Abundo, Denise M. Effects of Submergence and Hypoxia on the Growth and Anatomy of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seedlings Plant Biology (Biological Sciences) 2003-01-30
D'Antoni, Jeremy Michael Three Essays on the Labor Allocation Decisions of the Modern Farm Family Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2011-11-09
D'Antonio-Del Rio, Julia Maria Traditionalism and Temporal Variance in Predictors of Gendered Homicide, 1970-2000 Sociology 2010-11-09
D'Aquin, John Adam Geothermal Energy Potential of South Bossier Parish, Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2010-11-10
D'souza, Kimberly Sevin Excluding a Weakly 4-connected Minor Mathematics 2016-04-04
da Silva, Ligia Virginia Antonia Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Microbial Safety, and Shelf Life of Smoked Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) Food Science 2002-07-10
da Silva, Ligia Virginia Antonia Control of Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Oysters Food Science 2005-07-13
Da Silva, Argenis Daniel Global Positioning System in Curved Space-Time and Other Applications of General Relativity Physics & Astronomy 2009-11-06
da Silva, Washington Luis Sweetpotato Storage Root Rots: Flooding-Associated Bacterial Soft Rot Caused by Clostridium spp. and Infection by Fungal End Rot Pathogens Prior to Harvest Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2013-04-04
Dabbous, Yasmine Tarek “Blessed Be the Critics of Newspapers:” Journalistic Criticism of Journalism 1865-1930 Mass Communication 2010-07-08
Dadhwal, Poonam Outer Surface Lipoprotein Layer Homeostasis and Gene Regulation in Borrelia burgdorferi Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2014-11-07
Daftardar, Shivani Laser Assisted Friction Stir Welding: Finite Volume Method and Metaheuristic Optimization Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2009-01-19
Dahir, Amanda M. In Search of the Optimal Cueing Schedule in Self-Monitoring of Attention with Typically Developing Children Psychology 2007-11-15
Dahir, Amanda An Analysis of Predictors of Exclusionary Discipline Practices and the Relationship with Student Achievement Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling Psychology 2010-06-24
Dahitaleghani, Negar Analysis of Disruptions in the Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Industry Supply Chain and Related Economic Impacts Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2016-06-16
Dai, Zhaoli Fecal Steroid Excretion of Rats Fed Rice Bran Oil and Oryzanol Food Science 2004-07-07
Dai, Jin huei Enya Conceptualization and Cognitive Relativism on Result in Mandarin Chinese: The Case Study of Mandarin Chinese Bă Construction Using a Cognitive and Centering Approach Linguistics (Interdepartmental Program) 2005-04-15
Dai, Wen Design and Fabrication of Micro Transducers Using Cured SU-8 Polymer as Main Structural Material Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-11-14
Daigle, Jenice Corporate America and Web Access for the Blind: Are Public Relations Practitioners Communicating with the Blind Public? Mass Communication 2002-11-13
Daigle, Erica Nicole 'Baleful Weeds and Precious-Juiced Flowers': Romeo and Juliet and Renaissance Medical Discourse English 2003-03-26
Daigle, Kay Gordon Gender Differences in Participation of Physical Activities: A Comprehensive Model Approach Kinesiology 2003-07-02
Daigle, Melissa Trosclair Castle to Condo, Country to Corporation: What Becomes of Hamlet in Almereyda's Modern World English 2005-06-13
Daigle, Brent A. Digital Storytelling as a Literacy - Based Intervention for a Sixth Grade Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Exploratory Case Study Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-11-12
Daigle, Harold J Testicular Toxicity and the Potential for 1,2-ethylene Dichloride (EDC) to Initiate Epigenetic Disruption of the Paternal Genome Biological Sciences 2009-09-03
Daigle, Julia Kaye Actue Responses of Freshwater and Marine Species to Ethinyl Estradiol and Fluoxetine Agronomy & Environmental Management 2010-07-08
Daigle, Sara Terrebonne What Is the Importance of Oil and Gas Platforms in the Community Structure and Diet of Benthic and Demersal Communities in the Gulf of Mexico? Biological Sciences 2011-04-05
Daigle, Nicholas Michael Chlorine Enrichment of Hydrous Minerals in Archean Granulite Facies Ironstone from the Beartooth Mountains, Montana, USA: Implications for High-Grade Metamorphic Fluids Geology & Geophysics 2015-05-12
Daigle, Kayla Frequent Quizzing Versus Class Reviews Biological Sciences 2015-07-07
Dailey, Jane Catherine Internet Use and Environmental Justice: An Exploratory Study Mass Communication 2008-11-10
Dale, Renee Mathematical Model of the Split Firefly Luciferase Assay Biological Sciences 2015-07-02
Dalen, Marilyn Sebial Understanding Phosphorus Dynamics of Two Alluvial Soils Grown with Corn at Different Phosphorus Rates Agronomy & Environmental Management 2012-11-12
Dalen, Marilyn Sebial Integration of Optical Remote Sensor-Based Yield Prediction and Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization, Harvest Date, and Planting Scheme on Yield, Quality, and Biomass Chemical Composition in Energy Cane Production in Louisiana Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2017-04-06
Damle, Neha Shrikant Fog-smog Reactor and Photooxidation of Naphthalene Within the Fog Condensate in a UV Light Setup Chemical Engineering 2008-10-31
Danchuk, Samantha Nicole The Fate and Transport of Light Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Lower Mississippi River Delta Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-04-15
Dancy II, T. Elon Manhood Constructions among Engaged African American Male Collegians: Influences, Experiences, and Contexts Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2007-10-19
Danelia, Nino Covering the Revolution of Roses (Differences and Similarities between Georgian State and Independent Television Companies) Mass Communication 2005-11-15
Dangal, Vikash Characterization of Cry1F Resistance in Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) Obtained from Puerto Rico and Florida Entomology 2014-11-02
Dangeti, Sarita Veera Denoising Techniques - A Comparison Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-12-19
Daniel, Wesley Michael Modeling Effects of Instream Variables, Land Use, and Life History Attributes on Community Structure of Freshwater Mussels in Louisiana Streams Biological Sciences 2012-04-25
Daniels, Matthew Joseph Bells In Tower At Evening Toll: A Performer's Guide to the Songs of David P. Rossow on the Texts of William Shakespeare and A.E. Housman for Baritone Voice and Piano Music 2014-03-28
Danielson, Tess Marie Everglades Mangrove Forest Response to Large-Scale Disturbance: Long-Term Assessment of Structural and Functional Properties Oceanography 2016-11-10
Dann, Susanna Paley-Wiener Theorems with Respect to the Spectral Parameter Mathematics 2011-07-05
Dante, Roland Damasco Effects of Focused Instruction Process (FIP)on Student End-Of-Course Test (Predicting End-Of-Course Test Using Teacher-Made Test) Mathematics 2014-07-08
Daranga, Codrin Characterization of Aged Polymer Modified Asphalt Cements for Recycling Purposes Chemistry 2005-11-14
Daray, Laura A. An Evaluation of Endurance and Combined Endurance and Resistance Training on Fitness and C-Reactive Protein Kinesiology 2009-11-12
Darbonne, Katherine A. School Readiness and Preschoolers' Attachment Representations: Possible Connections Human Ecology 2007-08-29
Darby, Faith Armand Belowground Biomass of Spartina alterniflora: Seasonal Variability and Response to Nutrients Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2006-11-14
Darby, Paul Michael The Economics of Processing Ethanol at Louisiana Sugar Mills: a Three Part Economic Analysis of Feedstocks, Risk, Business Strategies, and Uncertainty Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2011-10-13
Darby, Jr. , Jeffery Joseph Exploring the Underpinnings that Attribute to Low Performance on Standardized Tests by First Year University Freshmen at a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2013-06-07
Darisipudi, Ashok Towards a Generalized Team Task Complexity Model Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-01-20
Dart, Evan Henry Test-driving Interventions to Increase Treatment Integrity and Student Outcomes Psychology 2011-03-23
Dart, Evan Henry Utilizing Students as Behavior Change Agents: An Example Using Check-In/Check-Out Psychology 2013-06-22
Dartez, Joseph John Ficta as Mentalia: Surveying Theories of Fiction in Search of Plausible Ontology Philosophy & Religious Studies 2009-07-08
Das, Ripan Transmission of Electromagnetic Power through a Biological Medium Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-08-29
Das, Anindita Regional Water Quality Models for the Prediction of Eutrophication Endpoints Environmental Studies 2003-09-16
Das, Neel Regret from Consumer Action Versus Inaction: The Effects of Post-Decision Information, Decisional Responsibility and Perceived Source Expertise Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-07-05
Das, Asis Kumar Simulation Study Evaluating Alternative Initial Responses to Formation Fluid Influx during Managed Pressure Drilling Petroleum Engineering 2007-01-18
Das, Anindita Modeling the Impacts of Pulsed Riverine Inflows on Hydrodynamics and Water Quality in the Barataria Bay Estuary Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-11-10
Das, Joy Forest Stakeholders, Policies and Trade in India's Forest Sector Renewable Natural Resources 2015-07-05
Das, Satadru Essays on the Externalities of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act of India Economics 2016-06-23
Dasari, Karthik Venkatesh Deflection Based Condition Assessment For Rolling Wheel Deflectometer At Network Level Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-06-10
Dash, Shawn T. Species Diversity and Biogeography of Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Louisiana, with Notes on Their Ecology Entomology 2004-11-09
DaSilva, Abram Atys Water Quality Dynamics of Low-Gradient, Headwater Streams in a Timber-Industry Dominated Watershed in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-01-15
Dasinger, Timothy Michael Parental Pressure, Anxiety, and Performance Among Age Group Swimmers Kinesiology 2014-07-08
Daspan, Gideon Pyelshak Comparison of KP and BBM-KP Models Mathematics 2007-06-22
Dassey, Adam James Assessing the Suitability of Coagulation Pretreatment on Poultry Processing Wastewater for Optimized Dissolved Air Flotation Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2010-07-07
Dassey, Adam James Designing a Cost Effective Microalgae Harvesting Strategy for Biodiesel Production with Electrocoagulation and Dissolved Air Flotation Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-07-02
Dastmalchi, Pouya Design and Optimization of Nanoplasmonic Waveguide Devices Electrical & Computer Engineering 2015-11-08
Daters, Andrew Timothy Approaches to Measuring the Frequency of Achondroplasia and Hypochondroplasia Causing FGFR-3 Mutations in Human Sperm Veterinary Physiology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2002-07-08
Dathathreya, Kavya Characterization of Thermoplastic Fusion Bonding of Microchannels using Pressure Assisted Boiling Point Control System Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2016-11-07
Datta, Pratim Where Have All the Flowers Gone? A Modular Systems Perspective of IT Infrastructure Design and Productivity Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2003-07-22
Datta, Kausiki Thermodynamic Characterization of DNA Binding by Type I DNA Polymerases from Thermus aquaticus and Escherichia coli Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2004-03-25
Datta, Shreya Purification of Lysozyme from Shell Liquor of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and Its Use in Antimicrobial Films to Preserve Smoked Fish Food Science 2005-07-14
Datta, Damayanti Application-Specific Reliable Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 2007-06-22
Datta, Anushree Characterization of Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications Chemical Engineering 2007-07-03
Datta, Shreya Production and Application of Antibodies Produced against the Flagella and Hemolysin of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Food Science 2009-04-14
Datta, Aritra Effect of Different Alarm Interfaces on Controller Response Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2014-02-17
Daugherty, William Jacob Spatial variation analysis of salinity to determine fluid flow pathways and reservoir compartmenalization in a deepwater Gulf of Mexico field Geology & Geophysics 2012-07-10
David, Priya Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt-Platinum Thin Films Mechanical Engineering 2005-03-17
David, Andrew Timothy The Role of Glycoprotein K (gK) in the Ocular and Neuropathogenesis of Herpes Simplex Virus-Type 1 (HSV-1) Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2012-04-26
Davidson, Tonya Renea The Chick Embryo Amnion as an In Vitro Culture System for IVF and NT Embryos Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2004-11-10
Davidson, Theresa C. Lost in Transition: Welfare to Work in Louisiana Sociology 2005-07-15
Davidson, Karen Laslie Environmental Effects on Adolescents Exposed to Hurricane Katrina Psychology 2009-04-14
Davies, Micah M Grade Level Expectations: Do They Prepare Students for Introductory College Chemistry? Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-07-06
Davis, Christopher Gazzara Factors Affecting the Selection of Business Arrangements by Hog Producers in the United States Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness 2002-07-08
Davis, Brad Edward Healing the Whole Person: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of the Rooftop Therapy Park at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, Knoxville, Tennessee Landscape Architecture 2001-12-07
Davis, Kristopher Scott Diet Similarity of Pen-Raised Versus Native, Louisiana White-Tailed Deer in Southeastern Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-11
Davis, Despina Mehedintu Electrodeposition of Magnetic Nanowires and Nanotubes Chemical Engineering 2005-04-12
Davis, Preston E The Role of Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes in Tony Kushner's Adaptation of the Illusion by Pierre Corneille A Production Thesis in Acting Theatre 2005-04-12
Davis, Despina Electrodeposition of Multilayered Nanostructures for Giant Magnetoresistance and Thermoelectric Applications Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2007-04-07
Davis, Russell R. Integration-Regulation and Rural Suicide: A Test of Three Alternative Models Sociology 2007-04-10
Davis, Bruce Edward Habitat Use, Movements, and Survival of Radio-Marked Female Mallards in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Renewable Natural Resources 2007-10-29
Davis, Kyndal A Maternal Corticosterone Influences on Fear Responses in Offspring of Quail Divergent Stress Response Lines Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-07-08
Davis, James The Impact of Natural Disasters on Employee Turnover: The Shocks and After-Shocks of Hurricane Katrina on IT Professionals Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2008-10-27
Davis, Troy Francis Development of a Total Nutrient Treatment System for Alligator and Dairy Parlor Wastewater Using Hydrated Lime and Organic Bacterial Growth Media Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2011-03-24
Davis, Bruce Edward Habitat Use, Movements, and Ecology of Female Mottled Ducks on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas. Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-12
Davis, Greggory Ryan The Effects of Chronic and Acute Exercise Modalities on Substrate Utilization and Plasma Adiponectin Concentration Kinesiology 2013-03-07
Davis, Lacy Alane Exploring the Implementation of Reading Common Core State Standards in an Elementary School Setting Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2014-06-03
Davis, Rachel K. The Effect of True Colors Workshop Participation on Time-to-Degree Education 2016-04-05
Davis, Patricia Perceptions of Criminality: An Experiment on Race, Class, and Gender Stereotypes Sociology 2016-04-08
Davis, Vicki Jean Disease, Bread, Efficiency: Rhetorics of Victorian Education Reform English 2017-03-29
Davis, Nicholas T Partisanship, Ideology, and the Sorting of the American Mass Public Political Science 2017-03-31
Davoudi, Majid A Simulation-Based Evaluation of Alternative Initial Responses to Gas Kicks During Managed Pressure Drilling OPERATIONS Petroleum Engineering 2009-11-13
Dawan, Fareed Nanotube Film-Enhanced 3-D Photoanode for Application in Microsystems Technology Mechanical Engineering 2013-12-10
Dawes, Mary An Investigation into a French Fifteenth-Century Book of Hours Art 2005-06-14
Dawes, Joshua Ryan Finding Inspiration In Invitation To A Beheading: A Thesis On The Creation And Development Of A One-Person Play Theatre 2011-04-26
Dawson, Matthew Glenn Conical Representations for Direct Limits of Riemannian Symmetric Spaces. Mathematics 2014-07-11
Day, Anita Grace Public Affairs Advertising: Corporate Influence, Public Opinion and Vote Intentions under the Third-Person Effect Mass Communication 2006-11-08
Day, Angela R. A Performer's Guide to Libby Larsen's Try Me, Good King: Last Words of the Wives of Henry VIII Music 2008-04-04
Day, Alana Blackwell A Critique of a Student-Centered Learning Approach Used in a Geometry Classroom Natural Science 2015-07-02
De Abrew, Kaluhath Kenneth The Role of Yusef Akbar Azziz Al-Nassar Gamel El-Fayoumy and the Construction of Specific Relationships in the Play The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis Theatre 2009-04-14
de Araujo Lobo, Jaime Matias Koutango Virus (Flavivirus): A Potential Agent of Arboviral Disease in West Africa Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2012-07-10
De Carlo, Cara Francesca What Content Makes People Want to Use Sports Websites? Mass Communication 2010-11-07
De Guzman, Christian Torres Genetic Analyses of Male Sterility and Wide Compatibility in U.S. Hybrid Rice Breeding Lines Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2016-06-29
de la Houssaye, Deborah Ann National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) New Orleans Helpline Analysis Social Work 2016-04-08
de Mutsert, Kim The Effects of a Freshwater Diversion on Nekton Species Biomass Distributions, Food Web Pathways, and Community Structure in a Louisiana Estuary Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-04-08
De Obaldia, Marcela Towards Establishing a Process for Preserving Historic Landscapes in Mexico: The Casa Cristo Gardens in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Landscape Architecture 2002-01-10
De Oliveira, Liduino Jose Pitombeira An Original Composition, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, and an Analysis of Camargo Guarnieri's Concerto No. 5 Para Piano E Orquestra Music 2004-04-07
de Rooy, Sergio L. Ionic Materials for Applications in Sensing and Optoelectronics Chemistry 2012-04-24
Dean, Christopher Michael The Interaction between Hydrology and Water Quality for Urban Rainfall-Runoff: Implications for Management Strategies Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-11-14
Dean, Dustin Wade Amino Acid Requirements and Low Crude Protein, Amino Acid Supplemented Diets for Swine and Poultry Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2005-04-05
Dean, Marla Kathleen Recovering Ancient Ritual and the Theatre of the Apache: A Journey through the False Consciousness of Western Theatre History Theatre 2005-04-15
Dean, Kimberlye Elise The impact of a transdiagnostic risk factor on willingness to seek treatment among Black students Psychology 2017-04-06
DeBiasse, Melissa Barrett Model-based Tests of Historical Demography and Species Delimitation in the Caribbean Coral Reef Sponge Callyspongia Biological Sciences 2014-06-29
Debnam, Kristopher Ian A Sense of Community and Community Change: An Ethnographic Study of a Contemporary Louisiana Juke Joint as it Compares to Historical Literature on the Subject Geography & Anthropology 2009-04-15
Decell, Matthew Accumulation and Dynamics of Petrogenic PAHs on Leaves of Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) Civil & Environmental Engineering 2017-05-18
DeCuir, Sharlene Sinegal Attacking Jim Crow: Black Activism in New Orleans, 1925-1941 History 2009-04-13
Dees, Karen Marie The Role of the Parisian Café in the Emergence of Modern Art: An Analysis of the Nineteenth Century Café as Social Institution and Symbol of Modern Art Art 2002-09-03
Deese, Steve Matthew Studies of the Properties of Designed Nanoparticles Using Atomic Force Microscopy Chemistry 2017-01-12
DeFrank, Lauren Marie Resiliency of New Orleans Following Hurricane Katrina: A Study of Communities Three Years After the Storm Environmental Studies 2009-06-26
Deggs, David M. An Investigation of the Relationship between Teaching Perspectives and Faculty Development Activities among Faculty in Higher Education Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2005-06-29
deGravelles, Karin H. In the Ruins of Zine Pedagogy: A Narrative Study of Teaching with Zines Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2011-04-29
DeHamer, Jacob Scott Salinity Variation as an Indicator of Fluid Flow in the Lower Ellesmerian Sequence, North Slope, Alaska Geology & Geophysics 2010-07-09
Dehon, Daniel D Investigating the Use of Bioengineered Oyster Reefs as a Method of Shoreline Protection and Carbon Storage Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2010-04-27
Deichmann, Jessica L. The Effects of Geomorphology and Primary Productivity on Neotropical Leaf Litter Herpetofauna: Implications for Amazonian Rainforest Conservation Biological Sciences 2009-05-13
DeJohn, Tara Valinchus An Exploration of the Paradigm of Kinship Caregiving and Caregivers’ Experiences with Child Welfare and Public Welfare Systems Using Critical Theory Analysis Social Work 2011-04-24
Dekate, Chirag Extreme Scale Parallel NBody Algorithm With Event Driven Constraint Based Execution Model Computer Science 2011-04-19
Del Rio, Ross Neurotoxin in a Louisiana Estuary: Quantitative Analysis of Domoic Acid in Gulf Menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) and Qualitative Modeling of Links in a Shark Nursery Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-05-20
dela Cruz, Albert Leo N. Detection and Characterization of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs) in Soils and Sediments from Superfund Sites Chemistry 2012-03-07
DeLany, Jr., Billy Warren Entry-Level Job Skills Needed by Wildlife Management Professionals Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2004-07-05
Delatte, Jamie Mabile How Should Sports Organizations Handle a Crisis?: A Focus on Collegiate Institutions Mass Communication 2003-11-12
DeLaune, Laura Davis An Investigation of the 150-Hour Requirement in Developing Personal Competencies in Accounting Education Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2004-07-08
Delaune, Annina Aspects of Production for Clerodendrum as Potted Flowering Plants Horticulture 2005-04-12
DeLaune, Jonathan Zachary Unwelcome Neighbors? Industrial Growth and Water Pollution in Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1940-1960 Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-30
DeLaune, Ryan Patrick How Local Nonprofit Organizations can use Narratives to Build Organizational-public Relationships on Digital Media Mass Communication 2015-03-31
DeLeon, Emma Elizabeth Ecology of Rusty Blackbirds Wintering in Louisiana: Seasonal Trends, Flock Composition and Habitat Associations Renewable Natural Resources 2012-06-01
Delgado, Lauren E Perceptions of the Motivational Climate and Gender Class Structure in Physical Education Kinesiology 2013-11-07
Delgado Morán, Gabriel A Catalogue of Twentieth-Century Spanish Music for Cello and Piano Music 2002-01-07
Delhom, Christopher D Development and Thermal Characterization of Cellulose/Clay Nanocomposites Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2009-04-03
Deliberto, Michael Anthony Evaluating Commodity Farm Program Selection and Economic Return Variability on Representative Farms in the Mississippi River Delta Region Using a Risk Return Framework Agricultural Economics 2015-06-24
DeLisi, Nicholas Alexander Susceptibility of the southern house mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus, in East Baton Rouge Parish to larval insecticides Entomology 2017-04-04
DeLong, Lori Lynn College Students' Motivation for Physical Activity Kinesiology 2006-11-06
Delrose, Laura Nicole Investigating the Use of Graphic Organizers for Writing Communication Sciences & Disorders 2011-04-12
Delrose, Laura Nicole Effects of Encoding Practice on Alphabet, Phonemic Awareness, and Spelling Skills of Students with Developmental Delays Communication Sciences & Disorders 2015-07-12
Demeterco, Danilo Evaluation of Estrous Response Patches as a Tool to Determine Optimum Timing for Artificial Insemination and if Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone is Needed at Timed-AI in Beef Cattle Animal Science (Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences) 2017-04-07
DeMeulenaere, Michelle A A Study of the Relationship of Stress, Burnout, Hardiness, and Social Support in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers Education 2016-04-02
Demiralp, Yasin Effects Of Drill-pipe Whirling Motion On Cuttings Transport Performance For Horizontal Drilling Petroleum Engineering 2014-11-07
Demirci, Efecan Removal of Sustained Casing Pressure by Gravity Displacement of Annular Fluid Petroleum Engineering 2014-12-18
DeMoor, Emily A. Soils of Regeneration: Exploring Conceptualizations of the Natural World as a Context for an Ecologically-Sensitive Curriculum Theory Curriculum & Instruction 2004-01-28
Dempsey, Timothy Michael Symptom Profiles and Rates of Diagnosis in Autistic and Other Atypically Developing Infants and Toddlers Psychology 2011-06-26
Deng, Lu System Identification of Bridge and Vehicle Based on their Coupled Vibration Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-03-02
Denham, Jonathan Paul Teacher Matters: Teacher Normative Influence and Student Persistence in College Communication Studies 2014-07-14
Denning, John H.,II The Effects of Auditory Distraction on Attention Performance in Asymptomatic College Students with a History of Mild Head Injury Psychology 2004-07-07
Dennis, Whitney Blake Euskera as a Defining Feature of Euskadi Linguistics (Interdepartmental Program) 2008-04-08
Dennis, Alice B The Evolution of Freeze Tolerance in a Historically Tropical Snail Biological Sciences 2010-03-24
Denver, Jenny Ageism and Psychological Well-Being in Older Adults Psychology 2010-07-08
Deochand, Dinesh Kumar Gene Regulation by MarR Family Proteins that Responds to pH or Oxidative Stress. Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2016-11-04
Deppe, Brian Randall Dislocation Art 2017-07-05
DeQueiroz, Giovanna Aita A New Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Suitable for the Food Industry Food Science 2004-10-21
Deras, Jose Roberto Degradation and Water Quality Dynamics of Sugar Cane Residue in South Louisiana Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2008-01-18
Deredge, Daniel J Characterization of the "Glutamate Effect" on the Solution Thermodynamics and Function of the Large Fragments of the Type I DNA Polymerases from E.coli and T.aquaticus Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2009-11-11
Deroche, Dara Lynn Elizabeth A Survey of Selected Representations of the Stroke and Aphasia Quality of Life Scale-39 Items Communication Sciences & Disorders 2011-04-26
DeRosa, Andrew Allan Isolation and Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrase from Ostertagia ostertagi Veterinary Microbiology & Parasitology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2004-05-22
DeRosa, Ryan Thomas Performance of Active Vibration Isolation in the Advanced LIGO Detectors Physics & Astrononomy 2014-11-17
DeRouen, Jusonda LeRay Discrimination of Cardiac Health and Disease by Assessment of Heart Rate Variability: Wavelet Vs. Fast Fourier Transformation Kinesiology 2002-11-12
Derouen, Valerie Anestazia Bridging Research and Education: A Look into the Evolutionary History of Batfishes and How Museum Exhibits Can be Used to Engage the Public Biological Sciences 2014-12-22
DeRouen Polito, Amanda Paige Depletion of 32-Kbp Circular Plasmids from Borrelia burgdorferi Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2007-09-05
Desai, Vinay Kumar Traffic Engineering in Multiprotocol Label Switching VPNs Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-03-04
Deshotel, Kelly Thompson Losch Behind the Scenes: Uncovering the Structures and Manipulations of Tabloid Talk Show Workers, Guests and Audiences Mass Communication 2003-11-04
Deshpande, Pradyot Sudhakar The Determination of Appropriate Phosphogypsum: Class C Fly Ash: Portland Type II Cement Compositions for Use in Marine Applications Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-07-09
DesOrmeaux, Anna Louise The Black Death and Its Effect on Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-Century Art Art 2007-04-11
Despain, Katrina Michelle The Creation of "Habitat Five: The Children's Crusade" A Solo Play Theatre 2013-04-02
Dessens, Alexander Scott Res Voluntaria, Non Necessaria: The Conquest and Forced Conversion of the Saxons under Charlemagne History 2013-08-05
Desta, Yohannes Mamo Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Vibrating Cylinder Microgyroscope Structures by Use of the LIGA Process Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-18
Dettinger, Michael B. A Technology-Enhanced German Language Course: Effects of Technology Implementation and Cross-Cultural Exchange on Students’ Language Skills, Perceptions and Cultural Awareness Education 2015-04-08
Devarakonda, Lalitha Srigouri Performance Based Switching Control for Single Input Linear Time Invariant Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-11-09
deVeer, Melissa J. Hemodynamic and Ocular Responses to Caloric Stimulation and Age-Related Disparities Kinesiology 2005-09-01
Devillier, James E. The Louisiana Calf-to-Carcass Program: Growth and Carcass Traits Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences) 2003-04-10
Devitt, Thomas James Systematics of the Western Lyresnake (Trimorphodon biscutatus) Complex: Implications for North and Middle American Aridland Biogeography Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-03-31
Dew, Tameka LaShon Ozone Degradation of Off-Flavors in Catfish Food Science 2005-11-11
DeWalt, Saara Jennie The Invasive Tropical Shrub Clidemia hirta (Melastomataceae) in Its Native and Introduced Ranges: Tests of Hypotheses of Invasion Plant Biology (Biological Sciences) 2003-03-24
Dewell, Richard Burkett Functional Implications of the Neuromuscular Transform in Decapod Crustacean Locomotion Biological Sciences 2009-04-15
Dhakal, Sanjay Kumar Stabilization of Very Weak Subgrade Soil with Cementitious Stabilizers. Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-08-13
Dhakal, Nirmal Evaluation and Validation of a Model to Predict the Effect of Asphalt Mixtures and Vehicle Speed on Fuel Consumption Excess Civil & Environmental Engineering 2016-05-23
Dhar, Shilpa Energy Aware Topology Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Science 2005-11-11
Dhar, Pratik Structural Studies of Lipoxygenases: Cloning, Expression and Purification of Lipoxygenases from Ananbaena and Fusarium Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2007-07-12
Dharmasiri, Udara R. Dharmasiri Rasika Highly Efficient Selection, Enumeration, Enrichment, and Molecular Profiling of Low-Abundance Biological Cells Chemistry 2010-10-29
Dhavale, Dhruva Dilip Efficacy of Multifunctionalized Saccharide Constructs for the Attenuation of Amyloid-beta Toxicity Chemical Engineering 2012-04-25
Dheenadayalu, Yogesh Kandaswamy Analysis of Methods for Assigning Capacity in a Transportation Planning Network Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-03-23
Dhindsa, Jastinder Singh The Effects Of Lean Intervention (5S) On Perceived Musculoskeletal Workload And Perceived Hazardous Working Conditions In A Health Center Pharmacy Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2012-05-31
Dhungel, Alok Film Cooling from a Row of Holes Supplemented with Anti Vortex Holes Mechanical Engineering 2007-07-12
Dhurandhar, Emily Jane The Role of Ad-36 and Its E4orf-1 Protein in Modulating Glycemic Control Human Ecology 2011-06-08
Di Cavalcanti, Maria Jose Bernardes Brazilian Nationalistic Elements in the Brasilianas of Osvaldo Lacerda Music 2006-08-10
Diagne, Aboubacar Seasonal Occurrence of Phyllophaga Species and Biological Studies of Phyllophaga ephilida (Say)on Sweet Potato, Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam, in Louisiana Entomology 2004-11-11
Diakite, Boubakary De la Page d'Écriture et du Mythe de l'Ancêtre Rebelle: La Problématique de l'Écrit et de la Parole dans le Roman Francophone Ouest Africain French & Italian 2003-09-03
Dial, David Students' Perceptions of Leadership and the Ways in Which LeaderShape Influences the Development of Student Leaders Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-04-04
Diaz, Maria Alejandra Plasmid-Mediated High-Level Gentamicin Resistance in Bacteria from the Turtle Farm Environment in Louisiana Biological Sciences 2005-11-18
Diaz, Fabian Andres Vitrification of Equine Expanded Blastocysts Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-11-16
Diaz-Cortes, Dagoberto The Influence of Three Types of Interaction: Student-Instructor, Student-Student, Student Content, and Selected Demographic Characteristics on the Cognitive Achievement of Online Graduate Students Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2017-04-04
Diaz-Figueroa, Orlando Characterizing the Health Status of the Louisiana Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2005-04-13
DiBenedetto, Kayla Cheree Life History Characteristics of Alligator Gar, Atractosteus Spatula, in the Bayou DuLarge Area of Southcentral Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-09-01
DiBiano, Robert Jacob Novel Texture-based Probabilistic Object Recognition and Tracking Techniques for Food Intake Analysis and Traffic Monitoring Electrical & Computer Engineering 2015-10-02
Dibra, Denada Revealing the Role of Receptor WSX1: a Double-edged Sword in Tumor Progression Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2010-04-13
DiCarlo, Perry Principals' Perceptions of Meeting Vision and Collaboration Standards in Alternative Schools Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2010-11-07
Dick McGeough, Danielle Performing Toilets: Putting Matter Into Place Communication Studies 2011-11-01
Dickerson, Ronald Eric Musical Play across Ethnic Boundaries in Western Jamaica Geography & Anthropology 2004-07-29
Dickerson, Mandy Garner I-Tal Foodways: Nourishing Rastafarian Bodies Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-02
Dickson, Carly Nicole Nutrition and Eating Habits in Adolescent Television Programs: A Content Analysis of Food and Beverage Consumption on Popular Teen Television Mass Communication 2009-07-07
Dickson , Kaleigh Elizabeth Public Perception of Male Athletes Vs. Female Athletes in the Media Mass Communication 2015-04-06
Dicle, Betul Factors Driving Turkish Foreign Policy Political Science 2008-11-02
Dicle, Betul Impact of Religion and Religious Differences on Political and Economic Cooperation between Countries Political Science 2012-04-26
Didier, Hannon Biogeomorphic Evaluation of Caminada-Moreau Maritime Beach Ridges with Respect to Future Restoration Initiatives Environmental Studies 2007-07-11
Dieterle, Brian Patrick Reservation for Two Art 2008-06-06
Dietz, Kari Anne Influence of Teaching in an Outdoor Classroom on Kindergarten Children's Comprehension and Recall of a Science Lesson Curriculum and Instruction 2002-07-11
Digilormo, Jamie Rene Three From The Bottom: Examining Racial and Ethnic Identity Among Italian Americans in Bossier City Geography & Anthropology 2013-07-08
DiGiovanni, Lisa C. Factors Affecting Basal and Post-Exercise Prolactin Secretion in Horses Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-04-13
Dill, Roxanne Kearns An Investigation of Focus: Local, Regional, and National Newspaper Coverage in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Mass Communication 2006-11-16
Dill, Nathan Lamont Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Hypothetical River Diversion Near Empire, Louisiana Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-06-14
Dillard, James Joseph Effect of Heavy Vehicle on Conventional and Joint Work Zone Merges Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-05-26
Dillemuth, Forrest Paul Invasion of Smooth Brome into North American Tall-grass Prairies; Impact on Native Plant/Herbivore Species and Mechanisms Responsible for Successful Invasion Biological Sciences 2012-01-18
Dillon, Benjamin M. (Re)solution Art 2004-06-18
Dillon, Erica New Programs in the Old Asylum: The Deinstitutionalization of Long-Term Psychiatric Hospital Patients in Argentina Geography & Anthropology 2006-06-10
Dilores, Kurt Daniel Evidence of Sea-level Rise Shown From Analysis of Marine Sediment at Five Underwater Sites at The Paynes Creek Salt Works, Belize Geography & Anthropology 2017-03-28
DiMario, Robert John The Characterization of Alpha- and Beta-Carbonic Anhydrases of Arabidopsis thaliana Biological Sciences 2016-03-30
Dimattia, Gina Ann Analysis of Death Trends in Coroner Cases in East Baton Rouge Parish from January 1, 1991, to December 31, 2001 Geography and Anthropology 2002-06-11
DiMiceli, Jennifer K. Winter Diet, Seed Preferences and Foraging Behavior of Henslow's Sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Southeastern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Dimitrov, Mario The Violin Concerto and Its Development in Bulgaria Music 2006-03-16
Dimler, Melanie Matherne Experiences of a Novice Modeler Navigating the Alternative Certification Process Physics & Astrononomy 2014-07-12
Dimov, Luben D Spatial Analyses and Growth of Trees in Selected Bottomland Hardwood Stands Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-09
Dinecola, Cassie Correlates of Interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders Among Social Work Graduate Students Social Work 2012-04-23
Ding, Song Optimal Binary Trees with Height Restrictions on Left and Right Branches Mathematics 2006-07-12
Ding, Wei Effective Bootstrapping of Peer-to-Peer Networks over Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Computer Science 2006-07-13
Ding, Baojin The Roles of Transcription Factors in Nucleotide Excision Repair in Yeast Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2010-04-07
Ding, Yun Data-Driven Rational Drug Design Physics & Astrononomy 2016-11-03
Dinkins, Erica L. Examining Middle School Students Learning Language Arts Skills in Context Communication Sciences & Disorders 2006-01-05
Dinu, Irina Erosion Control Products from Sugarcane Bagasse Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2006-11-15
Diponegoro, Ahmad Finite-Horizon Operations Planning for a Lean Supply Chain system Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-07-02
DiSalvio, Nicholas Vincent Charles Ruggiero's "Tenor Attitudes": An Analytical Approach to Jazz Styles and Influences Music 2016-04-10
DiSalvio, Pagean Marie “A Voice, A Messenger” by Aaron Jay Kernis: A Performer's Guide and Historical Analysis Music 2016-04-10
Ditty, James G. Ontogeny and Intervals of Development in Five Reef-Associated Species of Blenny from the Northern Gulf of Mexico (Teleostei: Blenniidae) Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-11-04
Dix, Martha L. Non-Medical Skills and Competencies Needed by Paraprofessional Caregivers Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2005-07-01
Dixon, Dennis R In Defense of Malingering: A Cautionary Note Psychology 2002-11-15
Dixon, Dennis R The Sleep Problems Inventory: A Measure for the Assessment of Sleep Problems in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Psychology 2006-07-12
Dixon, Devona Linette The Influence of Values and Other Social and Psychological Factors on the Dress and Appearance of African American College Students Human Ecology 2007-06-11
Dobrescu, Mihaela Wavelet Sets with and without Groups and Multiresolution Analysis Mathematics 2005-07-14
Dobrosielski, Devon Vascular Function, Physical Performance and Aging Kinesiology 2007-07-10
Dobzhanskyi, Oleksandr Study On Permanent Magnet Transverse Flux Machine Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-04-24
Dochterman, Mark A An Exploratory Case Study of Racial Climate in an Academic Unit at a Predominantly White, Southern Institution Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-01-23
Dodla, Syam Kumar Physical and Chemical Factors Controlling Carbon Gas Emissions and Organic Matter Transformation in Coastal Wetlands Agronomy & Environmental Management 2009-04-15
Doescher, Ryan Effects of Varying Levels of Cottonseed Hulls on Growth and Metabolic Indications of Rumen Development of Dairy Calves. Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2010-04-29
Dolan, Whitney Nicole Using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) to Discriminate between Children with Autism and Children with Language Impairments without Autism Communication Sciences & Disorders 2009-04-10
Doland, Elizabeth Leigh The Effect of War on Art: The Work of Mark Rothko Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-04-12
Domangue, Thomas James The Effects of Implicit, Explicit, and Synergistic Training on Learning an Artificial Grammar Psychology 2002-11-07
Domangue, Elizabeth A A Critical Examination into Motivation and Gender in Youth Physical Fitness Testing Kinesiology 2009-06-07
Domingue, Joshua Dean Genetic (Co) Variance for Growth and Tenderness Related Traits in Purebred Brahman Steers Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2005-04-08
Domingue, John Earl A Comparative Study of the United States Marine Corps and the Imperial Japanese Army in the Central Pacific War through the Experiences of Clifton Cormier and Hiroo Onoda Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2005-11-09
Domingue, Errol K. Social Policy, Social Action and the Black Church: A Praxis for Social Vision Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-04-26
Domingue, Errol K. The Application of Prophetic Pragmatism: The Intersection of the Theologically-based Education of the Black Church Leader, The Black Church, The Community, and Social Action Education 2017-01-16
Dominique, Dean James The Attack Will Go on: The 317th Infantry Regiment in World War II Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-07-10
Domson, Odoom Strategic Analysis of Ghana National Wood Export Sector Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-09
Donald, Nicole M. "Of One Kind or Another:" Rape in the Fiction of Eudora Welty English 2001-11-12
Donaldson, Dennis Girard Geologic Extremes of the NW Himalaya: Investigations of the Himalayan Ultra-high Pressure and Low Temperature Deformation Histories Geology & Geophysics 2016-07-11
Dong, Qiaoxiang Comparative Studies of Sperm Cryopreservation of Diploid and Tetraploid Pacific Oysters Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-15
Dong, Jianan Merged Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2009-11-11
Donkor, Ben Nathan Evaluation of Government Interventions in Ghana's Forest Product Trade: A Post-Intervention Impact Assessment and Perceptions of Marketing Implications Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-08-22
Donsbough, Amanda L The Use of Serum Uric Acid as an Indicator of Amino Acid Utilization in Diets for Broilers Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-08-26
Dooley, Rion A Distributed Quadtree Dictionary Approach to Multi-Resolution Visualization of Scattered Neutron Data Computer Science 2004-02-13
Doomes, Edward Earl X-Ray Spectroscopy of Geometrically Constrained Systems Chemistry 2002-05-28
Dorband, Ernst Nils Computing and Analyzing Gravitational Radiation in Black Hole Simulations Using a New Multi-Block Approach to Numerical Relativity Physics & Astronomy 2007-03-20
Dore', Ryan Thomas Comparing Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass Cultivars at Different Stages of Harvest for Dry Matter Yield and Nutrient Content Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2006-01-25
Dorgan, Robert J. A Nonlocal Model for Coupled Damage-Plasticity Incorporating Gradients of Internal State Variables at Multiscales Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-04-03
Dorrell, David Understanding the New York Rabies Epizootic 1985-2005 Geography & Anthropology 2007-05-29
Dorsey, Lydia Jane The Idiosyncratic Fantasies of Bele Bachem: The Life and Work of Germany’s Forgotten Postwar Artist Art 2013-04-11
Doshi, Sheela A Compiler Assisted Cache Prefetch Using Procedure Call Hierarchy Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-01-25
Dotcheva, Alexandra Quintet for Two Violins, Viola, Cello and Piano, and String Quartet No. 1 by Lazar Nikolov Music 2007-04-11
Dotson, Jennifer Whitney Considering Blackness in George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead: An Historical Exploration English 2006-04-19
Dotson, Jr., Paul R. "Magic City" Class, Community, and Reform in Roanoke, Virginia, 1882-1912 History 2003-11-13
Doucet, Garrett John Dynamics of Complex Polymer Solutions: Putting Diffusion to Work and Exploring Rigid Rod Diffusion Chemistry 2004-03-23
Doucet, Jessica M. Crime in New Orleans: Applying the Civic Community Perspective to Urban Violence Sociology 2011-07-05
Doucet, Julie Ann Oysters and Marine Catfish: Resource Exploitation at Rollins Shell Ring, Ft. George Island, FL Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-26
Doughty, Lauren Marie Viking Nobility in Anglo-Saxon England: The Expansion of Royal Authority Through the Use of Scandinavian Accommodation and Integration History 2017-03-30
Douglas, Angela Nakeeta Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Study a Molecular Micelle as an Anionic Polymer for Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Deposition on Polymeric Substrates Chemistry 2006-09-01
Douglas, Racquel Rena Evaluation of Compliance with the Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule Environmental Studies 2007-11-16
Douglas, Coretta Willis Visual Language Representation for Use Case Evolution and Traceability Computer Science 2008-03-07
Dowden, Jennifer Michelle Effects of Warming End of Lay Broiler Breeder Eggs During the Storage Period on Hatchability Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2009-04-16
Dowling, Shanell Examining Teachers' Attitudes on the READ 180 Program in Six Southern Louisiana Schools Education 2016-04-11
Downey, Carlton M Child Acquisition of Referring Expressions Communication Sciences & Disorders 2010-04-20
Doyle, Tracy A. Erik Satie's Ballet Parade: An Arrangement for Woodwind Quintet and Percussion with Historical Summary Music 2005-07-11
Doyle, Melinda Sue The Choral Works of Augusta Read Thomas: An Examination of Ring Out, Wild Bells, To The Wild Sky and An Annotated Survey of Her Complete Works Music 2011-04-18
Doyle, Bronwyn Perry Metacognitive Awareness: Impact of a Metacognitive Intervention in a Pre-Nursing Course Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2013-06-25
Doyle, Shawn Diversity and Activity of Bacteria in Basal Ice Environments Biological Sciences 2015-01-14
Drab, Danae L The Relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Insomnia: Implications for Treatment Psychology 2003-07-30
Drake, Webster Ford Performance as Ministry: An Ethnographic Study of Three Christian Repertory Theatre Troupes Speech Communication 2004-06-02
Drake, Kathryn Mary A Performance Guide to Lori Laitman's Living in the Body Music 2010-11-09
Drewery, Merritt LeAnne Maternal fatty acid and inflammatory status during pregnancy are related to infant heart rate and heart rate variability Nutrition and Food Science 2017-06-19
Dribus, Benjamin F. On the Infinitesimal Theory of Chow Groups Mathematics 2014-04-06
Driessen, Julie Jean-Paul Sartre's Les Mots and the Nouvelles Autobiographies of Alain Robbe-Grillet, Nathalie Sarraute, and Marguerite Duras: A Comparison French Studies 2005-11-11
Driskell, Luke Mapping the digital divide in neighborhoods: Wi-Fi access in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-28
Droddy, Jason J Do TOPS Eligibility Requirements Predict In-System College Retention? Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2009-06-06
Druhan, Mary Alice A Performer's Guide to Multimedia Compositions for Clarinet and Visuals: A Tutorial Focusing on Works by Joel Chadabe, Merrill Ellis, William O. Smith, and Reynold Weidenaar Music 2003-03-31
Drumev, Kalin Towards an Extended Microscopic Theory for the Upper-fp-shell Nuclei Physics & Astronomy 2008-04-11
Drumm, Timmon Geothermal and Geopressure Assessment with Implications for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, a Regional Scale Study, Lower Tuscaloosa Formation, Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2011-11-07
Druta, Cristian Tensile Strength and Bonding Characteristics of Self-Compacting Concrete Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-07-03
Druta, Cristian A Micromechanical Approach for Predicting the Complex Shear Modulus and Accumulated Shear Strain of Asphalt Mixtures from Binder and Mastics Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-08-29
Dryburgh, John L Herbivore Response to Soybean Under Differing Induction Methods Entomology 2015-07-12
Du, Tianchuan Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Analysis of Plant Oils Renewable Natural Resources 2009-07-08
Du, Wei Essay on Anti-takeover Provisions and Corporate Spin-offs Finance 2015-12-21
Dua, Sumeet Techniques to Explore Time-Related Correlation in Large Datasets Computer Science 2002-03-02
Duan, Shengkai Progressive Water-Oil Transition Zone Due to Transverse Mixing Near Wells Petroleum Engineering 2009-06-09
Duan, Qinglin An Intelligent Computational Approach to the Optimization of Inventory Policies for Single Company Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2012-09-18
Duan, Wei The Effects Of Chemical Reagents And Physical Environment On The In Vitro Adn In Vivo Properties Of Adipose-Derived Multipotent Stromal Cells Iisolated From Different Species Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2017-07-03
Dubansky, Brooke Hopkins The Functional Morphology of the Intermandibulo-cervical Envelope of the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Biological Sciences 2012-04-19
Dubansky, Benjamin David The Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Stressors on the Stress Response and Tissue-level Response in Teleost Fish Biological Sciences 2013-04-11
Dubroc, Anita Michelle City as Prison: Negotiating Identity in the Urban Space in the Nineteenth-Century Novel Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2009-11-12
Dubuclet, Keisha Smith Teaching Presence: A Focus on the Instructor'a Role in Online Collaborative Learning Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-11-06
Ducote, Matthew John Transfer Functions of Streptomyces Plasmid pIJ101: Insights into a Novel Bacterial Conjugation System Microbiology (Biological Sciences) 2004-05-04
Ducote, Jay Douglas Can I Play Too? A Look at Minor Party Entrance and Success in U.S. Gubernatorial Elections Political Science 2007-04-12
Duery, Shadia U.S. Demand for Certified Tropical Hardwood Products Renewable Natural Resources 2006-03-28
Duff, Richard An Experimental and Computational Investigation of Rotating Flexible Shaft System Dynamics in Rotary Drilling Assemblies for Down Hole Drilling Vibration Mitigation Petroleum Engineering 2013-07-08
Dufour, Nicole M Dialogic Dogs and Phatic Felines: Speaking to and through Our Pets Geography & Anthropology 2003-07-03
Dufrene, Triniti A Geologic Variability and Holocene Sedimentary Record on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Inner to Mid-Continental Shelf Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-03-29
Dufrene, Valarie D. Exploring the Impacts of Wiki Collaborative Technologies Within the English Writing Environment Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2010-11-18
Dugas, Alton John Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Collected Bioaerosols Chemistry 2007-12-13
Dugas, Anna Charron A Non-Invasive Semiconductor Optical System To Measure Skin Tension Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2009-11-05
Dugue, Lincoln Hydrological Influences on Catahoula Lake in an Altered Floodplain Renewable Natural Resources 2015-04-03
Duhe, Shelly Ann Swimming Versus Voluntary Running Exercise on Bone Health in Ovariectomized Retired Breeder Rats Human Ecology 2003-06-26
Duhon, Amanda Marie Contemporary Art of Iraqis and Categorical Assumptions of Nationality: An Analysis of the Art and Narratives of Hana Mal Allah, Adel Abidin and Wafaa Bilal Art 2008-07-10
Duhon, Lauren E In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of a Brucella Putative Hemagglutinin Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2010-01-27
Duhon, Chelsea Ann Effects of Traditional versus Electronic Note Taking in a High School Biology Classroom Biological Sciences 2015-07-06
Duhon, Madelyn Kay Journalist and Hoaxer: William Francis Mannix and the Long History of Faked News Mass Communication 2017-04-07
Duke, Cason Austin A Performer's Guide to Theatrical Elements in Selected Trombone Literature Music 2001-03-07
DuMars, Anton J Distributary Mouth Bar Formation and Channel Bifurcation in the Wax Lake Delta, Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana Geology and Geophysics 2002-11-12
Dumas, Allison Marie Antimicrobial Activity of CPC and ASC against Foodborne Pathogens and the Physiological Effect on Fresh-Cut Cantaloupe Cubes at Refrigerator Temperatures Food Science 2006-11-15
Dumas, Tao Lotus Community Preferences and Trial Court Decision-Making: The Influence of Political, Social, and Economic Conditions on Litigation Outcomes Political Science 2011-09-30
Dumke, Jonathan Carver Luminescence Studies: Part I. Lanthanide NanoGUMBOS, and Part II. Near Infrared Photothermal NanoGUMBOS Chemistry 2013-01-05
Dunaway, Deborah L. The Role of Experience and Active Learning in Web-Based Training for Applying Knowledge Psychology 2001-09-11
Dunbar, Amy Elizabeth A Comparison of Self-Report and Performance-Based Measures of Physical Function in Older Adults Kinesiology 2001-12-14
Dunbar, Brian A Performance Guide to Etüden für Flöte(n) solo by Isang Yun Music 2016-07-11
Duncan, Tracey Anne Beating the Red Stick English 2011-04-29
Duncan, William Evans Gene Set Based Ensemble Methods for Cancer Classification Computer Science 2013-05-27
Duncan, Christy De'sha A Study of Mathematical Equivalence: The Importance of the Equal Sign Mathematics 2015-07-10
Dunlap, Cliff Dunlap A Safety Elements Model for the Building Construction Industry Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-11-08
Dunn, John Robert The Epidemiology of Shiga-Toxigenic Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Louisiana Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, and White-Tailed Deer Agronomy & Environmental Management 2003-04-09
Dunn, Robert A. Fever, Firepower, and Flood: The Transformation of the Missouri River Bottomlands in the Dakotas 1804-2005 Geography & Anthropology 2007-01-18
Dunn, Christopher Leslie Assessing Levels of Reliability for Design Criteria for Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction Structures Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-04-05
Dunn, John T. The Representation of Disability in the Music of Alfred Hitchcock Films Music 2016-04-05
Dunphy, James Gay-Marriage in 2004 U.S. Presidential Election Political Science 2011-04-27
Dupard, Tracie Michelle Antimicrobial Effect of Cetylpyridinium Chloride against Listeria monocytogenes Growth on the Surface of Raw and Cooked Shrimp Food Science 2005-07-13
Duplantier, Jean-Marc Allard "Nos Frères d'Outre-Golfe": Spiritualism, Vodou and the Mimetic Literatures of Haiti and Louisiana French Studies 2006-11-15
duPlessis, Renee Chantal A Convergence of Modes: Present Status of Online News Sites. A Content Analysis of 100 Online Newspaper Web Sites Mass Communication 2003-06-29
Dupont, Allison Marie Location and Allocation of Emergency Medical Services Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2016-04-11
Dupre, Andrea S. The Roles of Silanes as Coupling Reagents and in Deoxygenative Alkylations Chemistry 2003-04-10
Dupre, Robert Henry The Feasibility of Using GPS Technology for Continuous Time Studies of Rubber-Tired Grapple Skidders Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Dupreé, Lacey Theresa Transitioning to Organic: Fertility Management in Potato Production Horticulture 2008-06-09
Dupree, Payton Integrating Soil Nitrate Level in Refining Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Louisiana Corn Production Systems Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2015-07-09
Dupuy, Jason Paths of Most Resistance: Navigating the Culture Industry in William Faulkner, Richard Wright, Delmore Schwartz, and Eudora Welty English 2010-06-30
Duque, Guillermo Influence of the Marsh Edge on the Structure and Trophic Ecology of the Fish and Macroinvertebrate Community in a Louisiana Estuarine Ecosystem Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-04-15
Duque, Richard B. How the Internet is Shaping the Chilean Scientific Community: Globalization and Dependency Sociology 2007-04-12
Duran Tapia, Claudia de Lourdes Analysis of Cost and Energy Performance of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems in Southern Louisiana Construction Management 2017-07-10
Durand, Brittany Anne Vocal Fold Vibratory Characteristics Pre And Post Phonosurgery Investigated By Stroboscopy Communication Sciences & Disorders 2008-04-10
Durand, Elizabeth Sybil Examining the Curricular and Pedagogical Challenges and Possibilities of Post-colonial Young Adult Literature: A Narrative Inquiry of Book Clubs with Pre-service Teachers Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-04-26
Durham, Richard Sean The Sociomoral Atmosphere Rating Template (SMART): An Investigation of Reliability and Validity Human Ecology 2007-11-13
Durham, Justin W. Stacy Garrop's Settings of Sonnets by Edna St. Vincent Millay: A Conductor's Analysis Music 2010-11-12
Durham, Myra Elizabeth Evaluation of Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coated AO Cortical Screws in Equine Third Metacarpal Bone Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2012-06-05
Durham, Jr., Michael Stanley Wolf's Spanisches Liederbuch: The Story of Redemption Music 2014-11-18
Durio, Charles Russell Domestic/Terror Art 2013-11-17
Duronslet, Ciera Vonn Exploration of Bimetallic Nickel and Cobalt Complexes for Catalytic Oxidative Cleavage of Alkenes and Hydroformylation Chemistry 2016-10-18
Durrani, Aaminah Chorale and Canon in Alfred Schnittke's Fourth String Quartet Music 2005-01-24
Dursun, Omer Bahadir Essays on the Impact of Education on Economic Outcomes in a Developing Country Economics 2017-07-06
Duru, Adaobi Vivian Framing the Ebola Outbreak: Systemic Influences on News Coverage Mass Communication 2016-07-06
Dusch, Michael Allen Heidegger and Dewey: Science in a Post-Metaphysical World Philosophy & Religious Studies 2009-04-09
Dushi, Ardita Refurbishment of Louisiana State University Calibration Chamber Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-09-06
Dussenova, Dinara Quantifying Phase Configuration Inside an Intact Core Based on Wettability Using X-ray Computed Tomography Petroleum Engineering 2014-08-27
Dutsch, Ryan A A Risk-Averse Strategy for Blackjack Using Fractional Dynamic Programming Mathematics 2003-07-09
Dutta, Sujay Postpurchase Implications of Low Price Guarantees and Consequences of Low Price Guarantee Default Marketing (Business Administration) 2004-04-01
Dutta, Monalisa Enhanced Flushing with Cyclodextrin for the Remediation of Creosote Contaminated Soil Geology & Geophysics 2004-07-08
Dutta, Anandi Kalyan The Development of a Compact Optical System for a Forward-Looking Endoscope Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-11-18
Dutton, Gareth R. Major and Minor Life Events as Predictors of Medical Utilization Psychology 2003-03-26
Dutton, Gareth R Effects of a Primary Care Weight Management Intervention on Physical Activity in Low-Income African American Women Psychology 2005-06-28
Duval-Diop, Dominique Rediscovering the Delta: A Reassessment of the Linkages between Poverty, Economic Growth and Public Policy Using Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2006-11-10
Duvall, Matthew David Props Management in Professional and Educational Institutions Theatre 2015-04-11
Dwarapureddy, Arvind Kumar Study of Particle Growth and Breakdown in Single Size Gamma Prime Distribution and High Temperature Creep in IN738LC Nickel Supperalloy Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-09
Dyer, Sarah Claire Improving Middle School Math Achievement Using a Web-Based Program and Extended Written Tasks Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-03
Dykes, Ashli LeeAnn Situation Comedies and the Single Woman on Television English 2011-01-24
Dylla, Heather The Effects of Highway Environmental Conditions on Photocatalytic Pavement's Ability to Reduce Nitrogen Oxides Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2011-06-23
Dylla, Heather Lee Quantification of the Environmental Impact of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Pavements for Air Pollution Remediation Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-04-15
Dytrych, Tomas Evidence for Symplectic Symmetry in Ab Initio No-Core Shell Model Results Physics & Astronomy 2008-11-02
Dziobiak, Stanislaw Excluded-Minor Characterization of Apex-Outerplanar Graphs Mathematics 2011-07-06

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