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Cabrera-Davila, Jose Antonio An Economic Evaluation of Using Management Zones in Cotton Production Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2004-08-17
Cael, Matthew Daryl Vacuum Tumbling for the Incorporation of Phosphates in Gulf Shrimp. Food Science 2012-06-06
Cai, Guohong Cercospora Leaf Blight of Soybean: Pathogen Vegetative Compatibility Groups, Population Structure, and Host Resistance Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2003-12-11
Cai, Zhijun Nonlinear Control and Its Application to Active Tilting-Pad Bearings Mechanical Engineering 2005-07-14
Cai, Wei Impulsive Control Systems Mathematics 2009-07-10
Cai, Chuan V2O5-WO3 Composite Films and Surface-Coated LiCoO2 for Enhanced Li-Ion Intercalation Properties Mechanical Engineering 2010-12-08
Cai, Xuanting Skein Theory And Topological Quantum Field Theory Mathematics 2013-04-05
Cai, Xuanting Approximate Sequence Alignment Computer Science 2013-05-16
Cai, Xiaoyu Graph Rigidity-Based Formation Control of Planar Multi-Agent Systems Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-05
Cai, Ziliang Physics and Applications of a PDMS Based Centrifugal Microfluidic System Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2015-07-04
Caillet, Matthew David "Are you Better Off"; Ronald Reagan, Louisiana, and the 1980 Presidential Election History 2011-03-30
Caillouet, Brendan Factors Influencing Mottled Duck Nest Success on the Atchafalaya River Delta Renewable Natural Resources 2015-05-16
Cain, Ann-Marie A Spatial Analysis of the Smallpox Epidemic in Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1887-1888 Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-10
Cain, Erin Lofton Examining the Effects of Non-Intensive Therapy on Word Retrieval, Apraxic Errors and Quality of Life Following Intensive Therapy Communication Sciences & Disorders 2008-04-03
Cain, Monique Fondren Impact on the Engagement of At-Risk Students: Evaluation of Postsecondary Living Learning Communities Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-04-24
Calabrese, Gioel Constraint Preserving Boundary Conditions for the Linearized Einstein Equations Physics & Astronomy 2003-11-05
Caldarera, Colin Douglas High School Musicians' and Non-musicians' Listening Preference for Authentic Versus Transcribed Musical Excerpts Music 2015-04-06
Caldera, Maria Alejandra Development of a Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification for the Detection of Burkholderia glumae Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2014-06-09
Calderon, Gina Marie The Radiation Induced Degradation of Poly(Diene Sulfones) as X-Ray Resists Chemistry 2002-04-25
Calderon, Paula Summers A Case Study of a University-School Partnership: Impacting the Success of Children, Teacher Candidates, and Inservice Teachers Curriculum & Instruction 2004-06-30
Caldwell, Aaron Bailey Do Terraces and Coconut Mats Affect Seeds and Submerged Aquatic Vegetaion at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge? Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-06-25
Cale, Tabitha Marie Climate Change Policy in the European Union: Examining the Emissions Trading System Political Science 2012-11-10
Calix, Alexandra R Is the Ecomap a Valid and Reliable Social Work Tool to Measure Social Support? Social Work 2004-04-07
Calix, Ricardo A. Automated Semantic Understanding of Human Emotions in Writing and Speech Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2011-06-29
Call, Jay Michael Generalized Curvilinear Advection Formalism for Finite Volume Codes Doing Relativistic Hydrodynamics Physics & Astronomy 2010-07-05
Callahan, Paul William Without Words: An Exhibition of Functional Objects Art 2013-05-24
Callais, Mari Ann Sorority Rituals: Rites of Passage and Their Impact on Contemporary Sorority Women Educational Leadership, Research and Counseling 2002-04-18
Callaway, Dallas A. Abnormal Emotional Experience in Schizophrenia Psychology 2012-12-11
Callen, John Michael In Situ Geochemistry of Middle Ordovician Dolomites of the Upper Mississippi Valley: Evaluation of the Dorag Model and New Implications for Dolomitizing Fluids Geology & Geophysics 2016-02-09
Callihan, Jody Lynn Spatial Ecology of Adult Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in Louisiana Coastal Waters Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-08-07
Callinan, Pauline Ann Alu Retrotransposition-Mediated Genomic Variation within the Primate Order Biological Sciences 2005-03-16
Caltabilota, Thomas Joseph The Hyperinsulinemia-Hyperleptinemia Syndrome in Horses: Assessment of Methods of Diagnosis and Differential Effects of Insulin Injection on Glucose, Glucagon and Nonesterified Fatty Acids in Plasma Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2009-04-07
Cambas , Sarah P Priceless Portals: The Bronze Doors of the Florentine Baptistery Art 2011-04-20
Cambre, Belinda Marie An Examination of Louisiana Educational School Improvement Legislation, Policy Decisions, Iniatives, and Fiscal Expenditures from 1997 to 2005 Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2009-04-09
Caminita, Cristina M. Explaining the Explanation: Byron's Notes to Childe Harold's Pilgrimage English 2002-06-08
Camp, Albert Sidney Louisiana's Hope for a Francophone Future: Exploring the Linguistic Phenomena of Acadiana's French Immersion Schools A Thesis French Studies 2010-11-10
Camp, Albert L'essentiel ou Lagniappe: The Ideology of French Revitalization in Louisiana French Studies 2015-07-06
Camp, Seth Jacob Resonant Interactions in Strong Field Laser Physics Physics & Astrononomy 2017-06-23
Campany, Lawrence Christopher Sustainable Agriculture and the Red Stick Farmers' Market: An Exploration of the Use of Concept in Design Landscape Architecture 2003-05-21
Campbell, Matthew Dwain Analysis and Evaluation of a Bioengineered Submerged Breakwater Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2004-11-05
Campbell, Jason The Importance of Size and Shape in Imprinted Polymers Chemistry 2005-09-07
Campion, Patricia Marie Space and Organizations: The Ecology of Rural NGOs in San Luis Potosí­, Mexico Sociology 2002-10-17
Campos Molina, Dally Sociolinguistic Characteristics of the Latino Population in the Baton Rouge Metro Area Foreign Languages & Literatures 2009-04-14
Camyar, Isa Casting Light into "The Black Hole": Partisan Politics of European Compliance Political Science 2007-07-03
Canfield, Alicia Putting a Face on Prehistory: Reconstructing Late-Mississippian Faces Geography & Anthropology 2009-11-03
Cannaday, Christopher Dean Effects of Terraces on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Shallow Marsh Ponds in Coastal Southwest Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2006-06-03
Cannava, Kaitlin Emily The Repertoire of Understanding: The Linguistic Patterning of Repetition and Alignment within Supportive Conversations Communication Studies 2016-02-15
Cannizzaro, Peter Charles The Importance of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service as Perceived by Local Governing Bodies in Louisiana Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2007-02-21
Cannonier, Colin Darren Essays in Health Economics and Public Policy Economics 2011-05-16
Cannonier, Nicole Self-direction in Adult Learning: Effect of Locus of Control and Program Design on Learner Motivation and Training Utility Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2014-07-14
Cantey, Charity Elise (Be)Coming Home: The Complexity of Home as Revealed in Young Adult Novels of Disaster Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2011-11-04
Canton, Stephen Paul Active Versus Passive Control of Arm Swing: Implication of the Restriction of Pelvis Rotation during Human Locomotion Kinesiology 2015-11-16
Cantu, Maximilian Hiram Animal Scavenging on Human Skeletal Remains in the Southwest United States: A Preliminary Model Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-07
Cao, Dongmei Replication of Metal-Based High-Aspect-Ratio Microscale Structures by High Temperature Micromolding Mechanical Engineering 2004-07-01
Cao, Hua A Novel Automated Approach of Multi-Modality Retinal Image Registration and Fusion Computer Science 2008-02-26
Cao, Yifang Visual Translation: A New Way to Design a Chinese Typeface Based on an Existing Latin Typeface Art 2012-04-25
Cao, Shuo Effect of Surfactants on the Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse with Dilute Ammonia Food Science 2012-11-11
Cao, Jing Evaluation of Alkaline- and Fungal-Assisted Wet Storage of Energycane Bagasse Nutrition and Food Science 2016-04-04
cao, wenjia Impacts of Particulate Matter on Gulf of Mexico Tropical Cyclones Geography & Anthropology 2017-07-07
Caparotta, Stephen The Madden-Julian Oscillation and Tropical Cyclone Frequency Variability Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-06
Capelle, Kristy Durham Evaluating Survival of Released Ranched American Alligator in Coastal Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2016-12-19
Capps, Stephan Alexander Modeling a Mississippi River Diversion into a Louisisana Wetland Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-07-10
Caranica, Constantin Cristian Algorithms Related to Subgroups of the Modular Group Mathematics 2009-07-09
Caraway, Angela Prejudice and The New Latino Migration: The Geographic Locus of Anti-Latino Sentiment Sociology 2010-11-15
Cardetti, Fabiana On Properties of Linear Control Systems on Lie Groups Mathematics 2002-07-11
Cardneaux, Austin Pourciau Mapping of the Oil Window in the Eagle Ford Shale Play of Southwest Texas using Thermal Modeling and Log Overlay Analysis Geology & Geophysics 2012-07-11
Cardona, Vaughn Aristides Conducting Elgar’s Wand of Youth Suites: Programming Possibilities and Perspectives on Performance Music 2014-04-14
Carhee, LaKeshia Marie The Qualities That Black Men and Women Most Appreciate about One Another: A Qualitative Examination Social Work 2014-12-11
Cariker, Christopher C. The Role of Killer Joe in Tracy Letts' Killer Joe: A Production Thesis in Acting Theater 2003-04-03
Caris, Evan M. British Masculinity and Propaganda during the First World War History 2015-11-12
Carle, Melissa Spatial Structure and Dynamics of the Plant Communities in a Pro-grading River Delta: Wax Lake Delta, Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2013-11-15
Carlin, Robyn Williams A Comparative Study of Geometry Curricula Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2009-07-08
Carling, Matthew D Evolutionary History and Hybridization in Passerina Buntings Biological Sciences 2008-04-04
Carlson, Jane Elizabeth Floral Traits, Pollinator Behavior, and Plant Reproduction: Tests of Natural and Sexual Selection in the Hummingbird-Pollinated Herb Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana Biological Sciences 2007-06-27
Carlson, Tyler Paul Value of Clearfield Rice: An Agronomic and Economic Approach Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2010-04-28
Carmichael, Becky Jolene Effects of Fire and Treefalls on Japanese Climbing Fern and Native Species Groundcover in a Restored Longleaf Pine Savanna Biological Sciences 2012-01-23
Carney, Colleen E. The Effects of an Evening Structured Problem-Solving Procedure in Undergraduate College Students with Insomnia Psychology 2003-08-27
Carney, Courtney Patterson Jazz and the Cultural Transformation of America in the 1920s History 2003-11-10
Caro, Cary Allen The Influence of a State Law Enforcement Training Academy on Future Performance of Law Enforcement Officers in a Southeastern State of the United States Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2010-11-15
Carpenter, Kate Effects of Adding Sediment to a Fresh Water Thin Mat Floating Marsh Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-11-01
Carpenter, Suzanne H. Deterrents to Participation in Web-Based Graduate Nursing Programs Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2010-01-08
Carpenter, David Christopher Site Unseen Art 2010-06-10
Carraher, Sarah Sally The Body Politic: Splitting Gender Medically in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-07
Carranza, Arturo Deep-Eutectic Solvents as Delivery Vehicles in The Synthesis of Non-Aqueous high Internal Phase Emulsion Templated Functional Macroporous Nanocomposites and Their Application as Selective fuel Sorbents and tissue Scaffolds Chemistry 2016-10-15
Carraway, Tiia Maria An Analysis of the Influences on Household-level Adaptations to Environmental Hazards Environmental Sciences 2013-08-27
Carriere, Julien F. Samuel Beckett and Bilingualism: How the Return to English Influences the Later Writing Style and Gender Roles of All that Fall and Happy Days French Studies 2005-07-28
Carriere, Melody Boyd Displacement and the Text: Exploring Otherness in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea, Maryse Cond's La Migration des Cœurs, Rosario Ferr's The House on the Lagoon, and Tina De Rosa's Paper Fish Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2007-07-03
Carriere, Susan B. Following the Path of Involuntary Change: The Emotional Effects Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2011-04-21
Carroll, Heather Wallace The Effects of Mutations and Viruses on Yield and Quality of Sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam Horticulture 2003-04-01
Carroll, Benjamin Elliott Learning and Identification of Wireless Network Internode Dynamics Using Software Defined Radio Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-01-22
Carroll, Allison Elise A Critical Examination of the Rehearsal Frame Model Music 2016-07-10
Carson, Mark David Beyond the Solid South: Southern Members of Congress and the Vietnam War History 2003-01-15
Carter, Joel Andrew Superfetation in Beef Cattle Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences) 2002-07-30
Carter, Anthony Bronson An Analysis of Human Alu Element Lineages Biological Sciences 2005-03-04
Carter, David Nathan Factors Related to the Developmental Experiences of Youth Serving as Louisiana 4-H Camp Counselors Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2006-11-13
Carter, Carol A. The Influence of Business Ownership and Selected Demographic Characteristics on the Perceived Effectiveness of an Entrepreneurship Training Program Among Female Participants Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2011-04-21
Carter, Brian Joseph Does Flexible Grouping Increase Retention Levels To Improve Test Scores More Than Traditional Lecture In The Science Classroom Biological Sciences 2013-07-05
Cartmill, Vessa Annette A Comparitive Study of Two Treatment Approaches for Improving Middle School Students' Reading Comprehension Communication Sciences and Disorders 2003-04-09
Cartmill, Joshua Allen Leptin in Horses: Influences of Body Condition, Gender, Insulin Insensitivity, Feeding, and Dexamethasone Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2004-04-15
Caruso, Mary Katherine Modulating Lipolysis for Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Applications Human Ecology 2006-03-28
Carvajal-Aldaz, Diana Gabriela Inhibition of Adipocyte Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Cell Line by Quercetin or Isorhamnetin. Food Science 2012-11-09
Carver, Joshua Adam Symphony No. 1: On the Creation and Chromaticism and Harmony in Henry Purcell's Sacred Music Music 2014-07-23
Carville, Lynda W. Barriers to Educational Attainment for Rural Women Exiting Welfare Human Ecology 2005-11-15
Carville, Claire S. From "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" to "If You're Reading This": Patriotic Themes in Country Music Between 2000-2010 Mass Communication 2011-04-25
Casal R. , Isaac Miguel Roque Cordero Soliloquio No. 6 and Sonata for Cello and Piano: Structure and Analysis Music 2015-03-16
Casarotti, Joao Paulo Ernst Mahle: A Pedagogical Edition of His Four Concertinos for Piano and Orchestra Music 2015-07-10
Casemore, Michael Brian The Language and Politics of Place: Autobiographical Inquiry in the American South Curriculum & Instruction 2005-11-16
Casey, Jonathan Stephen Synthesis and Analysis of Copper Beta-Diketonate Complexes Chemistry 2014-07-12
Cashell, Mary Florence Postcolonial Writing in Louisiana: Surpassing the Role of French Traditionalism in Alfred Mercier's L’habitation Saint-Ybars French Studies 2008-04-11
Cashell, Mary Florence Literary Expressions of Creole Identity in Alfred Mercier's L'Habitation Saint-Ybars and Johnelle French Studies 2012-04-19
Cashen, Luke Hendrik Governance Structures in the Post Asset Restructuring Period: Responses by Boards of Directors and Top Managers to Institutional Pressures Management (Business Administration) 2005-11-14
Caskanett, Pamela Elizabeth Led into Temptation Art 2003-06-10
Casper, Kevin Michael In Spite of Yourself: The Asignifying Force of Humor and Laughter English 2013-07-08
Cassady, Brooke Tyson Communiplaytion: Getting Our Hands Dirty Together Art 2011-06-09
Casselberry, Joseph J Charting a Path: How a Group of Urban Elementary Music Teachers Understand Their Career Decisions Music 2017-05-23
Cassidy, Patricia House and Garden Art 2004-05-27
Castaneda, Edward Landscape patterns of community structure, biomass and net primary productivity of mangrove forests in the Florida Coastal Everglades as a function of resources, regulators, hydroperiod, and hurricane disturbance Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-06-09
Castle, Luke Visionary Sociology in Action Sociology 2016-11-10
Castleberry II, Dennis Gordon A Graph-Based Taxonomic Intelligent Tutoring System Utilizing Bloom’S Taxonomy And Item-Response Theoretic Assessment Computer Science 2017-06-07
Castrillo, Anna Monique Foreign Aid's Impact on Economic Growth: Conditional on Accountable Institutions? Political Science 2011-04-14
Castro, Boris A. Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis Transgenic Field Corn for Management of Louisiana Corn Pests Entomology 2002-04-14
Castro, Margo Lynn School Gardens: Effects on Low Socioeconomic First Grade Students Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2010-07-06
Castro, Renee Naquin A Phenomenological Study of Louisiana 4-H Agents Perceived Job Expectations Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2016-11-03
Castro Aviles, Alejandro Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) for Resistance to Stripe Rust in Wheat Variety TERRAL LA841 Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2015-11-11
Castro Zuniga, Hermann Export-Led Growth in Honduras and the Central American Region Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2004-12-03
Caswell, David M. When We Break Bread Together: Perceptions of Consensus Amongst Queer Organizers Communication Studies 2014-04-14
Catak, Erdem Hydrate Dissociation during Drilling through In-Situ Hydrate Formations Petroleum Engineering 2006-01-23
Catania, Amy Lynne Flirt, Fight, or Flight: Spatial and Power Dynamics in Three Courtship Motifs in Modern European, American, and Latin American Literary Works and Musicals Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2017-04-07
Cate, Gabriel Guy Disarming the Externalist Threat to Self-Knowledge Philosophy and Religious Studies 2003-04-11
Cater, John James, III Stepping Out of the Shadow: The Leadership Qualities of Successors in Family Business Management (Business Administration) 2006-06-08
Cater, Melissa D. Wade How Voice Affects Perceptions of Relationship with Adults, Ownership, and Engagement in Youth Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2006-10-19
Caudill, Melanie Christine Nekton Utilization of Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) and Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) Sites in Southwestern Caminada Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-11-14
Caudill, Sarah Elizabeth Searches for Gravitational Waves from Perturbed Black Holes in Data from LIGO Detectors Physics & Astronomy 2012-07-11
Causey, Andrew Michael Audiating the LSU Drumline: An Ethnographic Performance Communication Studies 2004-11-08
Cavalier, Michael Christopher Insights into the Catalytic Mechanisms of the Protein Enzymes, PFKFB3 and VldE, Using X-Ray Crystallography Biological Sciences 2012-07-27
Cavanaugh, Sean P. Prisoners like Us English 2002-03-21
Cavell, Samantha A Playing at Command: Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the Royal Navy, 1793-1815 History 2006-03-31
Cavenaugh, Gregory Lee Flesh and Spirit Onstage: Chronotopes of Performance in Medieval English Theatre Speech Communication 2004-04-13
Cavin, Glynn The Problem Solving Styles of Emergency Operations Center Staffs of Local and State Government Agencies Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2009-05-25
Cawns, Elizabeth Carrick The Gallant Six Hundred: Performing the Light Brigade Into a Heroic Icon Theatre 2008-04-07
Cazacu, George Stability in Dynamical Polysystems Mathematics 2005-07-11
Cazacu, Rodica Quasicontinuous Derivatives and Viscosity Functions Mathematics 2005-11-14
Cazes, Carrie Alison Overlap Zones, Growth Faults, and Sedimentation: Using High Resolution Gravity Data, Livingston Parish, LA Geology & Geophysics 2004-08-04
Ceaser, Donovon Keith Critical EE at OSBG: A Case Study in Addressing Environmental Action through Critical Education Sociology 2012-03-09
Ceaser, Donovon Keith Educating for Environmental Justice: Social/Environmental Marginality and the Significance of Experiences for Environmental Activism and Proenviromental Behavior Sociology 2013-07-10
Ceniceros, Jose Hector On Braids, Branched Covers and Transverse Invariants Mathematics 2017-07-05
Cerame, Blain Annette Bachman's Sparrow (Peucaea Aestivalis) Population Structure Across the Southeastern USA Renewable Natural Resources 2013-11-18
Ceresnak, Natalie Differential Responses of Soil Greenhouse Gas Production and Denitrification to Salinity Alterations Along a Wetland Salinity Gradient Oceanography 2017-05-31
Cervantes, Paige Elizabeth The Contribution of Comorbid Symptomology to the Social Skill Deficits in Infants and Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder Psychology 2015-03-09
Cervantes, Paige Elizabeth The Effect of Demographic and Clinical Factors on the Performance of the Abbreviated Scoring Algorithm for the Baby and Infant Screen for Children with Autism Traits Psychology 2017-06-23
Cervantez, Sabrina Rae Facts Are Stubborn Things: The Foundation of Alfred Russel Wallace's Theories, 1823-1848 History 2016-04-08
Cesta, Kari Rose New Orleans: About Face Art 2007-05-15
Chacon Rojas, Gustavo Andres Localization and Security Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks and the Usage of Signals of Opportunity Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-10
Chafi, Hatim Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Brain Using an Ergonomic Driver: Assessment of Scan-Rescan Reproducibility Physics & Astrononomy 2015-06-27
Chafton, Leigh Ann The Effect of a Condensed Tannin Containing Forage, Sericea lespedeza, on Existing and Challenge Infections of Haemonchus contortus in Sheep Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2006-04-07
Chagas Ferreira da Silva, Eduardo Cercospora Leaf Blight of Soybeans: Symptomatology and Biochemical Responses Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2017-04-06
Chai, Yunzhou Thermo and Kinetic Studies on the Sorption and Desorption of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in Sediments Chemical Engineering 2004-12-22
Chaichitehrani, Nazanin Investigation of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter and Dissolved Organic Carbon Using Combination of Ocean Color Data and Numerical Model in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-06-26
Chaisson, Samantha Kay Drought in Georgia: Water Scarcity Issues and Implications Geography & Anthropology 2012-05-31
Chakrabarti, Agnimitro Investigations of Wave-Induced Turbulent Structures in Vegetated Flows Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-11-07
Chakraborty, Sukanta Numerical Modeling for Long Term Performance of Soil-Bentonite Cut-Off Walls in Unsaturated Soil Zone Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-06-19
Chakraborty, Somsubhra Rapid Identification of Oil Contaminated Soils Using Visible Near Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Agronomy & Environmental Management 2011-06-29
Chakravarthy, Srikanth Exploring Geometric, Kinematic and Behavioral Scalability of Microscopic Traffic Simulation Systems Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-11-12
Chakravarthy, Sunada Srinath Nagamani Meso-Scale Analysis of Deformation Induced Heating in Granular Metalized Explosives by Piston Supported Waves Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2014-08-10
Challa, Sunil Kumar Comparative Study of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Operating with the Winding Connected in Single-Phase and Two-Phase System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-07-06
Challa, Harshavardhan Framework Development For A Performance-Based Specifications For Asphaltic Concrete Pavements Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-08-13
Challuri, Sainath An Analysis of Public Transit Accessibility Using the Distance Constrained P-Median Problem Approach: Bus Stop Consolidation for the Capital Area Transit System of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2006-06-21
Chamakura, Anand K IDDQ Testing of a CMOS First Order Sigma-Delta Modulator of an 8-Bit Oversampling ADC Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-05-27
Chamberlain, Elizabeth Laurel Depositional Environments of Upper Miocene through Pleistocene Siliciclastic Sediments, Baton Rouge Aquifer System, Southeastern Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2012-07-05
Chambliss, Suzanne Michelle Blanchard New Orleans Center for Creative Arts: A History in Progress Theatre 2012-01-10
Champagne, Marie Therese The Relationship between the Papacy and the Jews in Twelfth-Century Rome: Papal Attitudes toward Biblical Judaism and Contemporary European Jewry History 2005-04-12
Champagne, Brooke Rachel Lying in Translation English 2005-04-12
Champagne, Scott Jude The Asymptotic Z-Transform Mathematics 2005-07-13
Champagne, Lakia Monique The Synthesis of Water Soluble N-Acyl Chitosan Derivatives for Characterization as Antibacterial Agents Chemistry 2007-12-05
Champagne, Matthew Stephen The Development of an AC Magneto- Optic Kerr Effect System for the Characterization of Pulsed Laser Deposited Co¬¬2MnSixAl1-x Heusler Alloy Thin Films Physics & Astronomy 2013-01-22
Champagne, Jonah Effects of Partial Confinement and Local Heating on Healing Efficiencies of Self-Healing Particulate Composites Mechanical Engineering 2013-08-30
Chan, Wing Nam Joyce In Vivo Facial Tissue Depth Study of Chinese-Americans in New York City Geography & Anthropology 2007-04-11
Chance, Linda A. Ecologically Sensitive Wetland Sites: An Investigation of Land Use Attitudes and Development Trends with Educational Objectives Landscape Architecture 2002-03-22
Chancey, Laurie Voluntary Childlessness in the United States: Recent Trends by Cohort and Period Sociology 2006-04-03
Chanda, Dipon Liposomal Uptake of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles Mechanical Engineering 2013-07-08
Chanda, Ashok Kumar Molecular Approaches to Detect and Control Cercospora kikuchii in Soybeans Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2012-07-09
Chanda, Saoli The Agronomic Use and Application of Canopy Reflectance within the Visible and Near-Infrared Wavebands and its Relation with Nitrogen Fertilization in Energy Cane Production in Louisiana Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2015-07-12
Chandler, Philip J. Environmental Factors Influencing the Siting of Temporary Housing in Orleans Parish Environmental Studies 2007-04-12
Chandolu, Anand Kumar Assessing the Needs for Intermediate Diaphragms in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-07-12
Chandrasekaran, Sabrina Implementation and Analysis of a Top-K Retrieval System for Strings Computer Science 2010-07-08
Chaney, James Powell Uncovering Nodes in the Transnational Social Networks of Hispanic Workers Geography & Anthropology 2013-11-19
Chantarangkul, Pudtan An "Ecolodge" in Thailand: A Site Design Based upon the Local Vernacular Village Landscape Architecture 2005-07-14
Chao, Min-Tzu Interpretation and Expressive Imagery in "The Butterfly Lovers" Violin Concerto on Double Bass: Transcribed by Yung-Chiao Wei Music 2011-04-28
Chapman, Anna Marie Characterizing Salmonella Fecal Shedding among Racehorses in Louisiana Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2006-09-01
Chapman, David H On Greenberg's Question: An Algebraic and Computational Approach Mathematics 2011-07-07
Chapman, Jr., John Wesley Proton Dose Calculations in Homogeneous Media Physics & Astronomy 2012-04-26
Chappell, James Hammond Is Oxidative Stress the Cause of Death When Recalcitrant Spartina alterniflora Seeds Are Dried? Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2008-04-09
Charal, Jose Wando Influence of Feeding Anise Oil to Piglets and Broilers Animal Science (Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences) 2015-01-06
Charbonnet, Aariel Roxanne From the Viewbook to Facebook: A Content Analysis of Universities' Facebook Posts to Measure Organization-Public Relationships Mass Communication 2012-06-06
Charles, David Alfred The Novelty of Improvisation: Towards a Genre of Embodied Spontaneity Theatre 2003-07-01
Charles, David Christopher Teachers’ Perspectives On The Unintended Consequences Of High Stakes Testing Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-04-09
Charnley, Deborah K. The Effect of a Planned Instructional Program on the Empathy Levels of Registered Nurses at a Metropolitan Hospital in Southern Louisiana Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2010-04-20
Charpentier, Tristi Bercegeay The Portrayal of Science in Children's Television Mass Communication 2007-04-11
Charrier, Jason Andrew Resistant Starch in the Diet of Rodents Promotes an Increase in Fermentation and a Reduction in Body Fat in an Animal Model of Obesity Human Ecology 2011-06-27
Chartier, Erica Lynn Effects of Meal Timing on Growth Hormone, Ghrelin, and Insulin Sensitivity in Male Holstein Calves Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-08-19
Chatagnier, James The Biomechanics of Salt Marsh Vegetation Applied to Wave and Surge Attenuation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-04-25
Chauvin, Darryl, Jr. An Experimental Investigation of Whirl Instability Including Effects of Lubrication Temperature in Plain Circular Journal Bearings Mechanical Engineering 2003-04-08
Chauvin, Chantel Dufrene An Ecological Analysis of US County-Level Suicide Rates: An Application of Spatial Patterning Models Sociology 2013-07-01
Chauvin, Ridley A Performer's Guide to Ivor Gurney's The Western Playland (and of Sorrow) Music 2015-08-26
Chaves, Kristina Marie Teaching Strategies for Proof Based Geometry Natural Science 2014-07-09
Chavez, Esperanza Gotoman Teaching Complex Numbers in High School Natural Science 2014-07-14
Chavis, Kim T The Foundation of an Apparel Factory: Culture's Place Becomes a Practiced Space English 2004-12-16
Chawla, Amrish Suresh Application of Ozonated Water Technology for Improving Quality and Safety of Peeled Shrimp Meat Food Science 2006-07-05
Chayakul, Jidapa Informal Landscape Architecture: A Tool to Improve Water Quality for Informal Settlements along Waterways in Bangkok Landscape Architecture 2015-04-06
Cheatham, Michael Joseph A Sustainable Remediation Approach for Complete Destruction of Chloroethanes in Groundwater Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-11-13
Chebeir, Jorge Asis Charbel Modeling the Crude Oil Scheduling Problem with Integration with Lower Level Production Optimization and Uncertainty Chemical Engineering 2015-04-08
Chebole, Veeravenkata S Murthy Long-Term Continuity Moment Assessment in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-04-05
Cheetham, Louise Curated Landscapes: The Evolution of the Postcard Shot Geography & Anthropology 2015-10-17
Chen, Chiliang Delayed Phytotoxicity Syndrome in Louisiana Rice Caused by the Use of Thiobencarb Herbicide Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology 2002-04-11
Chen, Hsin-Chih Cross-Cultural Construct Validation of the Learning Transfer System Inventory in Taiwan Vocational Education 2003-04-06
Chen, Suren Dynamic Performance of Bridges and Vehicles under Strong Wind Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-02-17
Chen, Bin Modeling Destination Choice in Hurricane Evacuation with an Intervening Opportunity Model Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-04-13
Chen, Yi-Chia Using Site-Specific Art as an Alternative for Interpreting Port Hudson State Historic Park, Louisiana Landscape Architecture 2005-07-13
Chen, Pin-Chuan Accelerating Micro-Scale PCR (Polymerase Chain Reactor) for Modular Lab-on-a-Chip System Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-15
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Coombs, Christopher K Three Essays in Labor and Health Economics Economics 2005-11-16
Cooper, Marc Romain Komatiitic Flows of the 3.3Ga Weltevreden Formation, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa: Stratigraphy, Petrology, and Geochemistry Geology & Geophysics 2008-06-19
Cooper, Jeane dos Santos Alves I Want to Know You I Want to Understand You Art 2007-04-13
Cooper, Christopher The Depression Scale for Severe Disability: A Diagnostic Tool for the Assessment of Depression in Adults with Severe and Profound Intellectual Disabilities Psychology 2007-08-20
Cooper, Allison Claire "The Prince and His People": A Study of Edwardian Propaganda, 1547-1549 History 2011-04-29
Cooper, Rich Paul Radical Realms: A Materialist Theory of Fantasy Literature English 2011-05-26
Cooper, Destiny Marie Adams Piercing Privilege: Confronting the White Problem Through Autoethnography Education 2014-07-14
Cooper III, Samuel Booth Evaluation of Volumetric and Mechanistic Properites of Asphalt Mixtures: Laboratory vs. Field Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-04-20
Cooper III, Samuel Booth Evaluation of Volumetric and Mechanistic Properties of Asphaltic Mixtures: Design, Production and Construction Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-04-10
Cooper Jr, Stefan Malone “Trans-Positioning” Carbons within Strained Caged Bicyclic(s): ROM/RCM (Ring-Opening/Ring-Closing) Metathesis and Dieckmann/Retro-Dieckmann Condensation Routes to a Cis-Decalin Infrastructure Chemistry 2015-01-22
Cooper, Jr., Samuel B. Characterization of HMA Mixtures Containing High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Content with Crumb Rubber Additives Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-11-12
Copeland, Lenora Nicole West Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat Chronology of Two Middle-Shelf Grounding-Zone Wedges in Eastern Basin, Ross Sea, Antarctica Geology & Geophysics 2011-06-03
Copes, Josh T Quantifying Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois), Resistance to Acephate in Louisiana Entomology 2010-04-16
Copes, Josh Thomas Prickly Sida (Sida spinosa L.): Biology and In-Crop and Post-Harvest Management Programs Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2016-04-08
Coppa, John Anthony The Life and Work of Mark Jacobi: Clarinet Repair in Philadelphia and the Influence of Hans Moennig Music 2014-11-14
Copperberg, Kelsey Ann Comparing the Treatment Effect of Conversational and Traditional Aphasia Treatments on Linguistic Complexity Measures Communication Sciences & Disorders 2013-04-09
Corbin, Meryll E Influence of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha and Minocycline on Microglia and Macrophage Activation during Polytropic Retrovirus Infection Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2007-01-15
Core, Chelsea Spatial Assessment and Analysis of Pollution Sources and Water Quality in the Bogue Falaya River and Abita River Watersheds, St. Tammany Parish, LA Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-13
Corey, David Dwyer The Greek Sophists: Teachers of Virtue Political Science 2002-04-15
Corey, Elizabeth Campbell Being Otherworldly in the World: Michael Oakeshott on Religion, Aesthetics and Politics Political Science 2004-11-10
Cormier, Catherine M. Health Literacy: The Knowledge and Experiences of Senior Level Baccalaureate Nursing Students Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2006-11-07
Cormier, Jiemin Concentration and Detection of Hepatitis A Virus and its Indicator from Seawater Food Science 2013-11-17
Cormier, Jordan A Study in Didactics Liberal Arts 2014-11-11
Cornett, Dillon James Inattentional Blindness and Auditory Attention: Effects of Cognitive Load on Visual Awareness Psychology 2014-03-21
Coronel, Julian Javier Frictional Interaction Properties between Geomaterials and Geosynthetics Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-12-16
Cortello, David Paul For Orchestra Music 2010-04-29
Cortes, Raul Alejandro Direct White Sugar Production: Optimization and Chemical Regeneration of Fixed-Bed Activated Carbon Adsorbers Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2007-11-14
Cortez, Cory Christopher Methionine Restriction-Induced Metabolic Changes in C57BL6J Mice Kinesiology 2014-03-31
Cortright, Amanda Bradford Moving Toward a Small-Screen Culture: Examining the Relationship Between Computer and Smartphone User Characteristics and Online Participation and Creation Mass Communication 2013-11-13
Corwin, Emily Patty An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Check-in/Check-out Intervention for Students Engaging in Relational Aggression and Their Classmates Psychology 2014-07-06
Corwin, Caleb James Does Subtype Matter?: Comparing the Effects of a Self-Monitoring Intervention on ADHD-C and ADHD-I Psychology 2014-08-29
Costa, Lais Rosa Rodrigues Cytokines and Aeroallergens in the Pathogenesis of Summer Pasture-Associated Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Effects on Endothelin Production, Neutrophil Activation and Chemotaxis Veterinary Pathology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2005-04-15
Costa, Carlos Eduardo Government Growth in Latin America Political Science 2006-05-08
Costa, Rebecca B. Policies of Loss: Coastal Erosion and the Struggle to Save Louisiana's Wetlands History 2016-10-21
Costantini, Nicole Marie The White Bicycle: Performance, Installation Art, and Activism in Ghost Bike Memorials Communication Studies 2017-03-28
Cotton, Marcia S. MCD and Magnetization Studies of NifB/NifZ Minus Molybdenum Iron Protein from Azotobacter vinelandii Chemistry 2006-11-16
Couch, Ann Sanchez The Impact of Virtual Simulations on Student Comprehension of Mechanics Natural Science 2014-07-11
Coulon, Christian Louque The Influence of the Lower Trapezius Muscle on Shoulder Impingement and Scapula Dyskinesis Kinesiology 2015-03-12
Courson, Michael Jeremy Utilizing Social Media To Build Community In The Residence Halls Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2013-06-10
Courter, Robert W. How the Mustang Trampled the Luftwaffe: The Role of the P-51 in the Defeat of the German Air Force in World War Two History 2008-07-02
Courtney, Michael William Genotypic Variability and Inheritance of Iron and Zinc in Sweetpotato Horticulture 2007-02-25
Courville, Valerie Jean Rate Change Effects on Acoustic Duration Measures on an Adolescent Who Stutters Communication Sciences & Disorders 2007-04-11
Courville, Rosemary Harrington Melancholic Epistolarity: Letters and Traumatic Exile in the Novels of Three Francophone Women French Studies 2013-11-12
Courville, Tyne Nicole The Effect of Teacher vs. Student-Set Performance Goals on Academic Achievement in a Middle School Science Classroom Biological Sciences 2015-06-29
Courville, Keith Michael The Influence of Cultural and Contextual Factors on the Scoring Decisions of Rural Louisiana Principals during the Implementation of the COMPASS System for Teacher Evaluation Education 2016-03-24
Couvillion, Brady Randall Spatial Heterogeneity in Forested Landscapes: An Examination of Forest Fragmentation and Suburban Sprawl in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-07-15
Couvillon, Thomas, Jr. Michael Text and Structure in Schoenberg's Op. 50, and an Original Composition, Symphony #1 Music 2002-11-06
Couvillon, Carrie Monasticism in Anglo-Saxon England: An Analysis of Selected Hagiography from Northumbria Written in the Years after the Council of Whitby History 2005-07-14
Covi, Joseph Antonio V-ATPase Expression and Function in the Brine Shrimp, Artemia franciscana: Role of Proton Gradients in Anoxia-Induced Quiescence Biological Sciences 2005-04-15
Cowhig, Elizabeth Full Circle Art 2005-06-28
Cox, Leslie Curtis The Role of Old-Fashioned Racism: Disaggregating Symbolic Racism in the United States Political Science 2010-04-27
Cox, Daniel C. Is a Student's Conceptual knowledge Affected by Their Vocabulary Instruction? Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-07-07
Cozma, Raluca Risk Reporting and Source Credibility: Trying to Make the Readers Interested Mass Communication 2005-04-13
Crabtree, John Manuel An Original Composition, Vestiges of Kubla and an Analysis of George Crumb's Quest for Guitar, Soprano Saxophone, Harp, Contrabass, and Percussion Music 2007-11-06
Craft, Brandon Taylor Queenship, Intrigue and Blood-Feud: Deciphering the Causes of the Merovingian Civil Wars, 561-613 History 2013-11-18
Crafts, Claire Elizabeth Impulse Buying on the Internet Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2011-12-31
Craig, Charles Chism Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Cotton Following Corn in Rotation and Foliar Fertilization of Cotton Using Leaf Blade Analysis Agronomy & Environmental Management 2002-01-23
Craig, Ryan Genetically Modified IFN-Alpha for Gene Therapy Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2006-04-06
Craig, Susannah Fowler Comparison of Middle School Student Performance on Photograph-Based Multiple-Choice Items and Test-Based Multiple-Choice Items on a State Science Achievement Test Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2007-10-30
Crain-Dorough, Mindy L. A Study of Dropout Characteristics and School-Level Effects on Dropout Prevention Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2003-07-10
Craioveanu, Mihaela Oana Essays on Models for Financial Volatility Economics 2008-06-06
Cramer, Kathryn Elizabeth The Influences of Parenting Styles on Children's Classroom Motivation Human Ecology 2002-07-12
Cramer, Neva Virginia Literacy as a Performing Art: A Phenomenological Study of Oral Dramatic Reading Curriculum and Instruction 2003-01-27
Cramer, Jerame Joseph Logs, Labor, and Living: An Archaeological Investigation of African-American Laborers at the Upper and Middle Landing Sawmills at Natchez-under-the-Hill Geography & Anthropology 2003-06-08
Cramer, Jennifer Mei Forest Fragmentation Effects on Seed Dispersal, Seed Fate, and Fruit Production of Duckeodendron cestroides and Bocageopsis multiflora in the Brazilian Amazon Biological Sciences 2007-04-10
Crandall, Raelene Marie The Ecology of Congeneric Resprouters and Reseeders (Hypericum spp.) Along Fire-Frequented Pine Savanna Ecoclines Biological Sciences 2011-01-20
Crane, James Michael Effects of Stress and Water Saturation on Seismic Velocity and Attenuation in Near Surface Sediments Geology & Geophysics 2013-08-13
Cranfield, Eileen G-box Model for the Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Soil Chemical Engineering 2014-04-11
Cranston, Wayne Anthony Survey of Forensically-Important Calliphoridae in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies Geography & Anthropology 2008-09-09
Credeur, Daniel Paul Plasma Nitrite Reserve and Vascular Function Before and After Handgrip Training in Patients with Heart Failure Kinesiology 2011-08-16
Creek, Cassidy The Truth About Your Monsters Art 2017-06-01
Creekmore, Sean Brandon Modeling the Population Effects of Hypoxia on Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-06-29
Creekmore, Emily Qualls Characterization of the Effect of Alcohol on Recombinant Proteins Derived from Mammalian Adenylyl Cyclase Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2013-10-30
Creel, David B. Assessing the Influence of Religion on Health Behavior Psychology 2007-05-16
Creel, Yvette The Art of the Circle Art 2014-04-08
Crespo Gutierrez, Gabriela Melissa Palatable Foods for a Methionine Restricted Diet Nutrition and Food Science 2015-04-08
Crevello, Stacy Marie Local Land Use on Borneo: Applications of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Natural Resource Utilization among the Benuaq Dayak of Kalimantan, Indonesia Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-02
Crews, Janice Elizabeth Jennifer Higdon's Oboe Concerto: The Composition, Transformation, and a Performer's Analysis Music 2010-06-03
Crider, Stephanie Marie Ancestry Determination from Foramen Magnum Geography & Anthropology 2010-04-19
Crisler Roberts, J. Robin Evaluation of Helicobacter hepaticus Bacterial Shedding in Fostered and Strategically Housed C57BL/6 Mice Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2005-01-24
Cristina, Chad Michael Modeling the Hydrologic and Particulate Loadings from Paved Urban Surfaces Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-15
Crochet, Michael Wayne Mesoscale Predictions for the Dynamic Compaction of Explosively-Coated Aluminum Micro-Particles Mechanical Engineering 2006-06-28
Crochet, Michael Wayne Modeling, Numerical Analysis, and Predictions for the Detonation of Multi-Component Energetic Solids Mechanical Engineering 2013-11-11
Crochet, Robert Blake Insights into the Development of Chemotherapeutics Targeting PFKFB Enzymes Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2015-11-16
Crocker, Harry Martin Chinese Intervention in the Korean War Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2002-10-31
Crocker, Elizabeth Thomas A Trinity of Beliefs and a Unity of the Sacred: Modern Vodou Practices in New Orleans Geography & Anthropology 2008-04-09
Croghan, Jon M. "You Stupid, Lazy Kid": Perceptions of Verbal Aggressiveness in Older Adults Speech Communication 2003-05-19
Croghan, Jon M. Toward a New Understanding of Wisdom: The Role of Communication on Perceptions of Wisdom Communication Studies 2007-11-13
Croghan, Tammy L. When Shakespeare Meets Al Gore: Imagined Interactions, Communication Competence, and Immediacy in Traditional and Online-Based Distance Education Communication Studies 2008-05-04
Crook, Annelie Crook A Multi-Scale Assessment of Den Selection of Louisiana Black Bears (Ursus americanus luteolus) Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-11
Cropley, Peter Albert Digital Image Analysis of Selected Tchefuncte and Alexander Series Ceramics Geography & Anthropology 2014-11-07
Cropper, Robin Differences between Targeted and Measured Body Weight Support with the Usage of a Body Weight Support System Kinesiology 2005-11-18
Cross, John Admiral Use of an Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model to Assess Impacts of Development and Management Practices in an Urban Watershed Environmental Studies 2007-07-12
Cross, Rhonda Ann An Exploration of How Closely Upper Elementary Magnet School Reading Teachers' Perceptions of Evidence-based Practices in Reading Compared to Actual Practices in Their Classrooms Education 2015-06-05
Cross, Christopher Adam Partial Cosine-Funk Transforms at Poles of the Cosine-λ Transform on Grassmann Manifolds Mathematics 2015-07-07
Crosswell, Laura H. Unconscious Awareness of a Branded Life: Consumer Disillusionment and the Cultivated Commercialization of Public Health Mass Communication 2013-07-01
Crouch, Russell Ryan Palynological Analysis of Tiger and Trinity Shoals, Louisiana Continental Shelf Geology & Geophysics 2010-11-16
Crousillac, Scott Michael Receptor-Mediated Calcium Entry in Retinal Amacrine Cells Biological Sciences 2007-11-13
Crowley, Nara Maria Ersilia The Expansion of the St. Joseph Altar in South Louisiana Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-04-15
Croyle, Meredith H. Commitment to Displaying Positive Emotions at Work: An Examination of Individual and Situational Antecedents Psychology 2003-12-29
Crutchfield, Jandel The Louisiana Recovery School District's Long Term Relationship to Student Dropout and Achievement Social Work 2013-05-30
Csaszar, Imre The Effect of Loving Kindness Meditation and Student Teachers Stress and Empathy Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-06-27
Cuadra, Ana Maria Sanchez de Factors Potentially Influencing the Abundance of Mosquitoes in Louisiana Rice Fields Entomology 2008-01-23
Cueva, Olga Antonina Pulsed Electric Field Influences on Acid Tolerance, Bile Tolerance,Protease Activity and Growth Characteristics of Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-K Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-11-19
Cuevas Uribe, Rafael A General Approach for Vitrification of Fish Sperm Renewable Natural Resources 2011-08-25
Cui, Zhengfang RNAi Knockdown of Nopp140 Induces the Minute Syndrome in Drosophila: A Potential Model for the Human Treacher Collins Syndrome Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2006-05-26
Cui, Jintao Multigrid Methods for Maxwell's Equations Mathematics 2010-06-18
Culbertson, Jared Lee Perverse Poisson Sheaves on the Nilpotent Cone Mathematics 2010-04-15
Cullen, Holly Houk An Evaluation of Post-Katrina Emergency Preparedness Strategies in Hospitals on the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Coastline Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2011-09-16
Culli, Daniel R. "Never Could Read No Road Map": Geographic Perspectives on the Grateful Dead Geography & Anthropology 2004-06-03
Culp, Robert A.II North Korean Invasion and Chinese Intervention in Korea: Failures of Intelligence Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2004-05-16
Culpepper, Denton William Minimizing Epicormic Branch Formation on Louisiana Leading Commercial Bottomland Red Oaks Renewable Natural Resources 2012-05-30
Cummings, Jr., Jimmie E. Unbalanced Media Coverage and the 2004 Presidential Election: The New York Times Vs. the Washington Times Mass Communication 2006-04-03
Cummins , Nicholaus B The Unaccompanied Choral Works of Vytautas Miškinis with texts by Rabindranoth Tagore: A Resource Guide Music 2012-05-25
Cunev, Irina A Performer's Guide to Sergei Lyapunov's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1, Op.4 Music 2015-04-10
Cunningham, Geoffrey David “You Can Never Convert the Free Sons of the Soil into Vassals”; Judah P. Benjamin and the Threat of Union, 1852-1861. History 2010-05-18
Cunningham, Geoffrey D. To Begin Anew: Federalism and Power in the Confederate States of America History 2015-07-13
Currier, Rebecca Owen The Relation between Knowledge of ADHD and Treatment Acceptability in a Multi-Disciplinary Pediatric Clinic Psychology 2004-04-01
Currin, Frances Heyward Transformation of Paradise: Geographical Perspectives on Tourism Development on a Small Caribbean Island (Utila, Honduras) Geography and Anthropology 2002-11-14
Curtis , Meagan Relationship Between Adult Mentors and Placement Outcomes Among At-Risk Youth Social Work 2012-04-26
Curtis, David Nelson Biodegradation of Mc252 Crude Oil After Mobilization by Washover Events on Coastal Headland Beaches Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-04-14
Cush, Randall Charles Diffusion of a Rodlike Virus in Complex Solutions Chemistry 2003-04-09
Cutlip, Anna Influence of Locus of Control on Court Attendance Sociology 2002-04-18
Cutlip, Anna Community Social Capital and Suicide Rates Sociology 2009-06-09
Cutrera, Jeffry Identification of a Tumor-Targeting- Peptide and Development of a Tumor-Targeted-Cytokine Vector for Systemic Treatment of Primary and Metastatic Malignancies Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2010-10-25
Cuttner, Elizabeth The Future of Broadcast Television: Online Streaming Infringement and the U.S. Supreme Court Mass Communication 2014-04-06
Cvetkov, Vasil Atanasov "Chromatic Fantasy Sonata" by Dave Brubeck Music 2010-11-16
Cygan, Adam Modeling and Fabrication of a Microthermocouple Array Mechanical Engineering 2006-03-24
Cynar, Paul Edward Human Rationality: A Defense of Subjective Deliberation Philosophy & Religious Studies 2013-04-15
Czarneski, Debra Zeta Functions of Finite Graphs Mathematics 2005-07-07
Czubakowski, Jessica Estuarine Phytoplankton Response To Annual and Manipulated River Inputs Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-07-08

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