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Abedin, Rubaiyet Effect of process mixing on the size distribution and mean diameter of the thiol-triacrylate microcapsules Chemical Engineering 2014-04-14
Adusumilli, Sumana Desulfurization and Tar Removal From Gasifier Effluents Using Mixed Rare Earth Oxides Chemical Engineering 2010-01-21
Agboola, Adedeji Ebenezer Development and Model Formulation of Scalable Carbon Nanotube Processes:HiPCO and CoMoCAT Process Models Chemical Engineering 2005-11-17
Alcanzare, Robyn Joy Cabrido Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Wood Soot Extracts from Henan, China Chemical Engineering 2006-07-12
Ashley, Nicholas A. Particle-Chemical Interactions and Environmental Chemodynamics of Fine and Ultrafine Particles in a Natural Disaster Scenario Chemical Engineering 2009-06-30
Ayeni, Oladapo Olanrewaju Sedimentation of Swarms of Particles at Low and Moderate Reynolds Numbers Chemical Engineering 2013-07-02
Bale, Shivkumar Shankar Computer Simulations of Faceted Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes in Liquid Crystals Chemical Engineering 2012-07-05
Balhoff, Matthew Modeling the Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Packed Beds at the Pore Scale Chemical Engineering 2005-06-14
Bhat, Arvind Karkal Metal-Doped Rare Earth Oxide Catalysts for Condensations to Ketones Chemical Engineering 2004-06-08
Bian, Shoujun Nonlinear State and Parameter Estimation and Model Predictive Control of Nitrogen Purification Columns Chemical Engineering 2002-08-09
Birdwell, Justin Edward Particle and Dredge-Scale Kinetic Studies of Hydrophobic Organic Chemical Desorption from Sediment Chemical Engineering 2007-11-10
Bou-Mikael, Saade Alexis Design And Optimization of 2.5 Dimension Porous Media Micromodel for Nanosensor Flow Experiments Chemical Engineering 2012-04-27
Brenskelle, Lisa Ann Cluster Kinetics Modeling of Glassforming Materials Chemical Engineering 2008-04-07
Broadhurst, Hugh Anthony Modeling Adsorption of Cane Sugar Colorant in Packed-Bed Ion Exchangers Chemical Engineering 2002-07-08
Buckley, Robert,Jr. Overview of Cogeneration at LSU Chemical Engineering 2006-05-01
Bugayong, Joel Nino Electrochemical Etching of Isolated Structures in p-Type Silicon Chemical Engineering 2011-03-03
Bugayong, Joel Niño Galvez Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Supported Cu2O Catalysts Chemical Engineering 2014-10-28
Bussard, Alan Heterogeneous Catalyzed Macromolecular Hydrogenations in Oscillating Systems Chemical Engineering 2008-03-05
Chai, Yunzhou Thermo and Kinetic Studies on the Sorption and Desorption of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in Sediments Chemical Engineering 2004-12-22
Chebeir, Jorge Asis Charbel Modeling the Crude Oil Scheduling Problem with Integration with Lower Level Production Optimization and Uncertainty Chemical Engineering 2015-04-08
Chen, Jing Adsorption and Photochemical Transformations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Atmospheric Water Films Chemical Engineering 2008-07-07
Chiragh, Imran Devloping a Tool to Characterize the Ultradian Rhythm in Diploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using the Reporter Gene Green Fluorescent Protein Chemical Engineering 2011-04-28
Cranfield, Eileen G-box Model for the Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Soil Chemical Engineering 2014-04-11
Damle, Neha Shrikant Fog-smog Reactor and Photooxidation of Naphthalene Within the Fog Condensate in a UV Light Setup Chemical Engineering 2008-10-31
Datta, Anushree Characterization of Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications Chemical Engineering 2007-07-03
Davis, Despina Mehedintu Electrodeposition of Magnetic Nanowires and Nanotubes Chemical Engineering 2005-04-12
Dhavale, Dhruva Dilip Efficacy of Multifunctionalized Saccharide Constructs for the Attenuation of Amyloid-beta Toxicity Chemical Engineering 2012-04-25
Egbebi, Adefemi Adelanwa Catalytic Synthesis of Ethanol from Biomass-Derived Syngas Chemical Engineering 2008-11-01
Estrada, Miguel Eduardo Model-Based Framework For Alloy Electrodeposition Processes Chemical Engineering 2008-01-14
Faubion, James Matthew The Electrodeposition of Cerium/Copper PROX Catalysts on Metal Foam Chemical Engineering 2007-08-21
Fountain, Kenneth Alexander Mathematical Models for Estimating Volatile Chemical Emissions from Dredging Operations Chemical Engineering 2005-04-12
Gaur, Sarthak Dry Reforming of Methane on Rhodium and Nickel Substituted Pyrochlore Catalysts Chemical Engineering 2011-04-28
Gaur, Sarthak Synthesis, Characterization, and Testing of Atomically-Precise Au Clusters Supported on TiO2 for CO Oxidation Chemical Engineering 2012-07-05
Ghadipasha, Navid A Model-Centric Framework for Advanced Operation of Crystallization Processes Chemical Engineering 2017-06-26
Gowri Shankar, Vikram Chemical Process Data Classification and Visualization for Process Monitoring Chemical Engineering 2017-01-09
Guan, Maoshi Electrodeposition of AuCo Alloys and Multilayers Chemical Engineering 2005-04-07
Guo, Gang The Effects of Local Hydrodynamics on Mass Transfer in Disordered Porous Media Chemical Engineering 2002-04-16
Hansel, Amie Kathryn Reaction of Green Leaf Volatiles as a source of Secondary Organic Aerosols in Fog Droplets Chemical Engineering 2013-11-12
Harris, Melanie Krystle An in-Situ Capping Design for the Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sediments Chemical Engineering 2005-07-13
Haynes, Daniel The Catalytic Partial Oxidation of N-Tetradecane on Rh and Sr Substituted Pyrochlores Chemical Engineering 2007-04-12
He, Gongqiang Applications of CFD Simulations on Fractal Fluid Distributor Chemical Engineering 2015-03-25
He, Xiaoxia Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Structure, Dynamics and Crystallization of Ionic Liquids under Confinement and Low Temperature Chemical Engineering 2015-10-25
Hoffman, Zachary Simulation and Economic Evaluation of Coal Gasification with SETS Reforming Process for Power Production Chemical Engineering 2005-03-28
Huang, Qiang Electrodeposition of FeCoNiCu Quaternary System Chemical Engineering 2003-12-19
Indala, Sudheer Development and Integration of New Processes Consuming Carbon Dioxide in Multi-Plant Chemical Production Complexes Chemical Engineering 2004-01-21
Jeon, Young-Pyo Distribution Dynamics of Complex Systems Chemical Engineering 2006-10-06
Kalakota, Vikram Reddy Sulphur Removal Using Regenerable Sorbents of Rare Earth/Transition Metal Oxides Chemical Engineering 2008-07-09
Khadapkar, Kalindi Pramod A Study of a Smog-Fog-Smog Cycle and the Processing of PAH and Oxy-PAH by a Fog Cloud. Chemical Engineering 2011-08-26
Koneru, Murali Krushna Stochastic Modelling of Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Chemical Engineering 2011-07-06
Lane, Nathan Matthew Numerical Studies of Flow in Porous Media Using an Unstructured Approach Chemical Engineering 2011-11-07
Lane, Courtney Edward Bioplastic Production in Cyanobacteria and Consensus Degenerate PCR Probe Design Chemical Engineering 2015-11-08
Le, Minh Tuyen Hoang Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Methanol Chemical Engineering 2011-06-15
Lee, Sungho A Correlation between the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Novel Polysilane/Polysiloxane Nanocomposites Chemical Engineering 2002-11-13
Li, Rujun Dynamic Modeling and Parameter Estimation for an Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Polymerization Process Chemical Engineering 2003-07-02
Li, Rui Rare Earth/Transition Metal Oxides For Syngas Cleanup Chemical Engineering 2014-05-19
Liang, Ya Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas Using Regenerable Sodium-Based Sorbents Chemical Engineering 2003-07-02
Libbers, Paul D Development of a Magnetite Tracer Protocol for Seasonal Measurement of Bed Sediment Biodiffusion Coefficients Chemical Engineering 2002-04-17
Lin, Hongfei Photocatalysis in a Novel Semiconducting Optical Fiber Monolithic Reactor for Wastewater Treatment Chemical Engineering 2005-07-13
Liu, Guangli High Resolution Modeling of Transport in Porous Media Chemical Engineering 2002-04-18
Liu, Honggao Numerical Studies of Reactive Polymer Flows in Porous Materials Chemical Engineering 2002-10-09
Liu, Jianrong Mercury Transport though a Capped Sediment Chemical Engineering 2008-05-26
Liu, Dongxing Catalytic Oxidative Desulfurization of a Model Diesel Chemical Engineering 2010-06-03
Loebig, Cameron Joseph Sinking of Crude Oil Amended-Model Oil Mixtures Due to Evaporative or Dissolution Weathering on the Surface and Submerged in Water Chemical Engineering 2015-07-13
Lozano Morales, Alonso Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Nanocomposites as Thin Films and High Aspect Ratio Microstructures for MEMS Chemical Engineering 2006-07-25
Lu, Xiaoxia Bioavailability and Bioaccumulation of Sediment-Associated, Desorption-Resistant Fraction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contaminants Chemical Engineering 2003-08-13
Magpantay, Gibert Merle Photocatalytic Oxidation of Ethanol Using Macroporous Titania Chemical Engineering 2008-06-20
Marquette, Andre Modeling of Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment Chemical Engineering 2005-07-12
Mirsaeidi Farahani, Seyed Amin Analysis of Hydrodynamic Drag Forces Acting on Suspended Fine Particles in Porous Media Chemical Engineering 2014-04-14
Mishra, Rohit Electrodeposition of Rare Earth-Transition Metal Alloy Thin Films and Nanostructures Chemical Engineering 2007-03-28
Mukherjee, Rajib Modeling and Multiresolution Characterization of Micro/nano Surface for Novel Tailored Nanostructures Chemical Engineering 2010-04-21
Nabatilan, Marilou Montevirgen Enhanced Degradation of Phenanthrene and Benzo(a)Pyrene in a Field-Contaminated Sediment Inhabited by Ilyodrilus templetoni: A Microcosm Study Chemical Engineering 2005-12-14
Namburi, Lakshmikanth Electrodeposition of NiW Alloys into Deep Recesses Chemical Engineering 2001-11-09
Narayana, Tejaswini Simulation of Cell Seeding and Retention in a Disordered Polymeric Scaffold Chemical Engineering 2011-01-20
Narayanan, Purnima Photoelectrochemical Etching of Isolated, High Aspect Ratio Microstructures in n-Type Silicon (100) Chemical Engineering 2011-06-11
Nguyen, Khue Dang Supercritical Pyrolysis of Toluene Chemical Engineering 2011-11-07
O'Brien, Edward The Stereospecific Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation of Rosin and Fatty Acids Chemical Engineering 2011-11-11
Pakalapati, Swathi Integrated Data-Driven Techniques for Environmental Pollution Monitoring Chemical Engineering 2009-07-09
Panda, Amrit Electrodeposition of Nickel-Copper Alloys and Nickel-Copper-Alumina Nanocomposites into Deep Recesses for MEMS Chemical Engineering 2003-04-04
Peng, Zhiyong A Novel Hydrogen and Oxygen Generation System Chemical Engineering 2003-11-02
Plaisance, Craig Zeolite and Metal Oxide Catalysts for the Production of Dimethyl Sulfide and Methanethiol Chemical Engineering 2005-07-12
Polanco, Luz Stella Assessment of Target Purity Difference for a Louisiana Sugar Mill Chemical Engineering 2009-07-02
Qu, Guoying Activity of Halide-Free Flux at Copper and Tin Surfaces Chemical Engineering 2013-04-10
Raja, Suresh Adsorption of Aromatic Hydrocarbons at Gas-Water Interface Chemical Engineering 2003-11-10
Rajput, Nav Nidhi Molecular Dynamics of Ionic Liquids in Nanoporous Electrodes Chemical Engineering 2011-06-23
Ren, Maoming Photocatalytic Reaction in Monolithic Optical Fiber Reactor with Inverse Opal Catalyst Chemical Engineering 2009-08-27
Robertson, Gregory M Advanced and Novel Modeling Techniques for Simulation, Optimization and Monitoring Chemical Engineering Tasks with Refinery and Petrochemical Unit Applications Chemical Engineering 2014-01-22
Rodriguez, Maria D The Bioturbation Transport of Chemicals in Surface Soils Chemical Engineering 2006-06-13
Salas Ortiz, Santiago David Extensive Sensitivity Analysis and Parallel Stochastic Global Optimization Using Radial Basis Functions of Integrated Biorefineries under Operational Level Uncertainties Chemical Engineering 2016-04-05
Sengupta, Debalina Integrating Bioprocesses into Industrial Complexes for Sustainable Development Chemical Engineering 2010-10-06
Shen, Yijie Image-Based Pore-Scale Modeling of Inertial Flow in Porous Media and Propped Fractures Chemical Engineering 2014-08-29
Singh, Ramesh Structural and Dynamical Properties of Liquid and Solid Phases of Ionic Liquids Confined Inside Nanoporous Materials Chemical Engineering 2012-04-26
Smith, Miranda Louise Copper-Cobalt Catalysts for Conversion of Syngas to Ethanol and Higher Alcohols Chemical Engineering 2012-06-28
Solberg, David Timothy Online Heat Transfer Measurement and Analysis for Sugar Mill Evaporators Chemical Engineering 2004-11-11
Song, Yujun Development of Catalytic Processes for Aromatic Amides and Carboxylic Acids Chemical Engineering 2002-09-24
Stevens, Christopher Clayton Sinking of Hydrocarbon Mixtures Due to Evaporative and/or Dissolution Weathering on the Surface and Submerged in Water Chemical Engineering 2014-01-27
Subramanian, Nachal Devi Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO to Higher Alcohols Chemical Engineering 2011-04-27
Sun, Liangfeng Thermal Rheological Analysis of Cure Process of Epoxy Prepreg Chemical Engineering 2002-04-12
Syed, Mohammed Shafi A New Diagnostics Tool for Water Injected Gas Turbines – Emissions Monitoring and Modeling Chemical Engineering 2013-06-06
Tate, John Joseph Differential Gene Expression in a Louisiana Strain of Microalgae Chemical Engineering 2012-04-26
Thomas, Michael C Nonlinear Data Driven Techniques for Process Monitoring Chemical Engineering 2014-04-10
Vegunta, Sri Sai Surface Functionalization of Crystalline Silicon Substrates Chemical Engineering 2011-08-22
Vempati, Harsha Satyanarayana Physico-Chemical Properties of Green Leaf Volatiles Chemical Engineering 2014-11-13
Waghmare, Yogesh G Vibrations for Improving Multiphase Contact Chemical Engineering 2008-03-04
Wang, Lidong Chemical Vapor Deposition of Thin Films for ULSI Interconnect Metallization Chemical Engineering 2005-04-04
Wang, Neng Boron Composite Nanoparticles for Enhancement of Bio-Fuel Combustion Chemical Engineering 2012-08-07
Wang, Zi Cobalt-based Catalysts for the Conversion of Biomass-derived Syngas to Ethanol and Higher Oxygenates Chemical Engineering 2016-10-27
Widenski, David John A Thermodynamic Framework for the Modeling and Optimization of Crystallization Processes Chemical Engineering 2012-03-30
Xu, Aimin Chemical Production Complex Optimization, Pollution Reduction and Sustainable Development Chemical Engineering 2004-10-25
Xu, Wanli Silicon Nanowire Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Fabrication, Characterization and Solid Electrolyte Interphase Chemical Engineering 2011-05-19
Yan, Le Stability, Transport and Applications of Polyaphrons in Porous Media Chemical Engineering 2005-01-13
Yang, Jiao A Distribution Kinetics Approach for Polymer Crystallization and Phase Separation Chemical Engineering 2006-10-11
Yela, Sampath Framework for Operability Assessment of Production Facilities: An Application to a Primary Unit of a Crude Oil Refinery Chemical Engineering 2009-11-04
Yi, Kwang Bok Ceria-Zirconia Oxide High Temperature Desulfurization Sorbent Chemical Engineering 2004-01-06
Yin, Ming Measurement of Metal Migration in Sediment Caps with X-ray Fluorescence Chemical Engineering 2007-04-13
Yuan, Qingzhong Experimental and Modeling Studies of Contaminant Transport in Capped Sediments during Gas Bubble Ebullition Chemical Engineering 2006-12-14
Zhang, Yongchun Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Oscillatory Bioreactors Chemical Engineering 2002-07-10
Zhang, Wenli Experimental and Computational Analysis of Random Cylinder Packings with Applications Chemical Engineering 2006-08-02
Zhuang, Yun Mechanism of the NiCoFe Ternary Alloy Deposition Chemical Engineering 2002-11-06
Acharya, Jiba Raj Preparation and Studies of Ratiometric Fluorescent Chemosensors Based on the Attenuation of Excitation Energy Transfer Chemistry 2011-07-11
Adams, Andre Antonio Novel Devices and Protocols Enabling Isolation and Enumeration of Low Abundant Biological Cells from Complex Matrices Chemistry 2008-07-11
Akbay, Cevdet Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Novel Pseudostationary Phases in Micellar Capillary Electrophoresis for Separation of Chiral and Achiral Compounds Chemistry 2002-07-10
Alderman, Steven L Infrared and X-Ray Spectroscopic Studies of the Copper(II) Oxide Mediated Reactions of Chlorinated Aromatic Precursors to PCDD/F Chemistry 2005-01-11
Alexander, Catherine L. Thomas Studies of Homogeneous Dirhodium Catalyst System Chemistry 2009-04-13
Alpturk, Onur Lanthanide Complexes as Fluorescent Indicators for Neutral Sugars and Cancer Biomarkers Chemistry 2007-04-11
Amuhaya, Edith Khavwajira Synthesis, Biological and Photophysical Studies of Novel Compounds for Cancer Therapy Chemistry 2011-04-14
Appeaning, Maria A. Applications of Titanium-Mediated Reductive Coupling and Cyclocarbonylation Reactions toward Natural Product Synthesis Chemistry 2006-10-21
Aubry, David Synthesis, Separation, and Reactivities of Multidentate Phosphine Ligands and Investigation into Dirhodium Hydroformylation and Hydrocarboxylation Catalysis Chemistry 2004-06-08
Aucoin, Jed Paul Protein Aggregation Studies-- Inhibiting and Encouraging Beta-Amyloid Aggregation Chemistry 2004-04-16
Ayala, Caitlan Elizabeth Contemporary Organic Transformations Enabled by Novel Cationic Processes Chemistry 2016-02-26
Bae, Gyun-Tack Computational Studies of the Properties of Copper Oxide Clusters and the Reactions of Phenol and Chlorinated Phenols with Copper Oxide Clusters Chemistry 2009-11-12
Bahamdan, Ahmad Hydrophobic Guar Gum Derivatives Prepared by Controlled Grafting Processes for Hydraulic Fracturing Applications Chemistry 2005-06-02
Bai, Wei Bio-Imprinted Hydro-Gels (BIGs) for Protein and Virus Detection. Chemistry 2014-04-10
Barker, Bobby Lloyd Separation and In Situ Catalytic Testing of a Dirhodium Tetraphosphine Catalyst Chemistry 2005-04-13
Barnett, Heath Alan Chemical Analysis of Polymer Blends via Synchrotron X-ray Tomography Chemistry 2008-11-02
Barnum, Aaron Rider Studies of a Dirhodium Tetraphosphine Catalyst for Hydroformylation and Aldehyde-Water Shift Catalysis Chemistry 2012-11-16
Battle, Katrina Nychole Microfluidics for the Analysis of Integral Membrane Proteins: A Top-down Approach Chemistry 2013-11-11
Batton, Chyree Shantel Synthetic Routes to Therapeutic Agents Via Masked Functionalities: From Orthogonal Peptide Crosslink to Photothermal Cancer Prodrug Chemistry 2014-11-17
Beck, Patricia Synthesis and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Molecular Architectures Chemistry 2001-11-09
Bhupathiraju, Naga Venkata Satya Dinesh Kumar Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of Carboranyl-Porphyrin Bioconjugates for Treatment of Brain Tumors Chemistry 2013-10-22
Bolzan, Rachel Peroxynitrite-Mediated Oxidations: Nitration and Nitrosation Chemistry 2002-06-12
Borill, Brandon L A Monte Carlo Approach to Studying the Hydrogen Storage Capabilities of Potassium Magnesium Hydride (KMgH3) Chemistry 2015-08-21
Boudreaux, Scott Michael Synthesis of Aza-Bridged Tetraphosphine Ligands for a Dirhodium Hydroformylation Catalyst Chemistry 2010-04-30
Bounds, Christopher O. Fabrication, Analysis, Application, and Characterization of Core-Containing Microparticles and Hydrophilic Microfluidic Devices Produced Via the Primary- and In Situ Tertiary-Amine Catalyzed Michael Addition of Multifunctional Thiols to Multifunctional Acrylates Chemistry 2012-09-18
Brady, Pamlea Nicole Method Development for the Assignment of NMR Peaks and the Determination of Quaternary Protein Structure using Reductive Methylation Chemistry 2015-11-16
Broach, Robyn B Spectroscopic Investigation of Nitrogenase: EPR and MCD Studies of the FeMo Cofactor and the P-Cluster Chemistry 2004-04-13
Bryant, Sherrisse Kelly The Development of Capillary Electrophoresis Enzyme Assays to Study Enzyme Inhibition Chemistry 2013-05-23
BuFaroosha, Muna Precursors for Copper Chemical Vapor Deposition Chemistry 2002-06-06
Burton, Sylvester Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Copper(II) Beta-Diketonate Macrocycles Chemistry 2006-01-25
Calderon, Gina Marie The Radiation Induced Degradation of Poly(Diene Sulfones) as X-Ray Resists Chemistry 2002-04-25
Campbell, Jason The Importance of Size and Shape in Imprinted Polymers Chemistry 2005-09-07
Carranza, Arturo Deep-Eutectic Solvents as Delivery Vehicles in The Synthesis of Non-Aqueous high Internal Phase Emulsion Templated Functional Macroporous Nanocomposites and Their Application as Selective fuel Sorbents and tissue Scaffolds Chemistry 2016-10-15
Casey, Jonathan Stephen Synthesis and Analysis of Copper Beta-Diketonate Complexes Chemistry 2014-07-12
Champagne, Lakia Monique The Synthesis of Water Soluble N-Acyl Chitosan Derivatives for Characterization as Antibacterial Agents Chemistry 2007-12-05
Chen, Hui-Wen Fully Integrated Microsystem for Bacterial Genotyping Chemistry 2011-10-25
Cherutoi, Jackson Kiplagat Beta-Diketone and Beta-Ketoenamine Based Molecular Squares Chemistry 2012-07-03
Christoforou, Anna Maria Exploring the Binding of Amine and Sulfonamide Ligands in Rhenium(I) Tricarbonyl and Platinum(II) Complexes Chemistry 2007-07-11
Clark, Jeffery Caleb Synthetic Development and Application of Compounds with Biological Relevance Chemistry 2005-07-13
Cole, Marsha Rae Chemical and Biological Evaluation of Antibiotic-based Ionic Liquids and GUMBOS against Pathogenic Bacteria Chemistry 2012-06-07
Collins, Melissa Elizabeth Phase Behavior of Silica-Polypeptide Hybrid Particles Immersed in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Chemistry 2013-10-17
Cooper Jr, Stefan Malone “Trans-Positioning” Carbons within Strained Caged Bicyclic(s): ROM/RCM (Ring-Opening/Ring-Closing) Metathesis and Dieckmann/Retro-Dieckmann Condensation Routes to a Cis-Decalin Infrastructure Chemistry 2015-01-22
Cotton, Marcia S. MCD and Magnetization Studies of NifB/NifZ Minus Molybdenum Iron Protein from Azotobacter vinelandii Chemistry 2006-11-16
Cush, Randall Charles Diffusion of a Rodlike Virus in Complex Solutions Chemistry 2003-04-09
Daranga, Codrin Characterization of Aged Polymer Modified Asphalt Cements for Recycling Purposes Chemistry 2005-11-14
de Rooy, Sergio L. Ionic Materials for Applications in Sensing and Optoelectronics Chemistry 2012-04-24
Deese, Steve Matthew Studies of the Properties of Designed Nanoparticles Using Atomic Force Microscopy Chemistry 2017-01-12
dela Cruz, Albert Leo N. Detection and Characterization of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs) in Soils and Sediments from Superfund Sites Chemistry 2012-03-07
Dharmasiri, Udara R. Dharmasiri Rasika Highly Efficient Selection, Enumeration, Enrichment, and Molecular Profiling of Low-Abundance Biological Cells Chemistry 2010-10-29
Dong, Jianan Merged Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2009-11-11
Doomes, Edward Earl X-Ray Spectroscopy of Geometrically Constrained Systems Chemistry 2002-05-28
Doucet, Garrett John Dynamics of Complex Polymer Solutions: Putting Diffusion to Work and Exploring Rigid Rod Diffusion Chemistry 2004-03-23
Douglas, Angela Nakeeta Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Study a Molecular Micelle as an Anionic Polymer for Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Deposition on Polymeric Substrates Chemistry 2006-09-01
Dugas, Alton John Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Collected Bioaerosols Chemistry 2007-12-13
Dumke, Jonathan Carver Luminescence Studies: Part I. Lanthanide NanoGUMBOS, and Part II. Near Infrared Photothermal NanoGUMBOS Chemistry 2013-01-05
Dupre, Andrea S. The Roles of Silanes as Coupling Reagents and in Deoxygenative Alkylations Chemistry 2003-04-10
Duronslet, Ciera Vonn Exploration of Bimetallic Nickel and Cobalt Complexes for Catalytic Oxidative Cleavage of Alkenes and Hydroformylation Chemistry 2016-10-18
Easson, Michael William Syntheses of Trimethylamine- and Phosphonate-Substituted Carboranylporphyrins for Application in Boron Neutron Cancer Therapy Chemistry 2008-04-09
Edagwa, Benson Jumba Total Synthesis of a Virotoxin and Analogs for Conformational Studies Chemistry 2012-04-26
Elsiddieg, Siddieg Omer Preparation and Properties of Pyridazine-aldoxime and Beta-ketoenamine Metal Complexes Chemistry 2017-07-10
Escobedo Cordova, Jorge O. Synthesis and Properties of Novel Macrocycles and Related Chromophoric Benzenoid Compounds Chemistry 2002-11-06
Evans, Catherine Spearing Comparison Studies of the Mechanistic Formation of Polyhalogentaed Dibenzo-P-Dioxins and Furans from the Thermal Degradation of 2-Bromophenol and 2-Chlorophenol Chemistry 2004-08-26
Fan, Xing Particle Analysis in Infrared Laser Desorption and Ablation Chemistry 2010-11-17
Farquar, Hannah D. The Ligase Detection Reaction: The Evolution of a Mutation Detection Strategy Chemistry 2002-11-04
Farquar, George Synchrotron Radiation as a Probe of Chemical Information Using Novel Experimental Configurations Chemistry 2003-11-10
Fernando, Sayakkarage R. G. Computational Studies on Bimetallic Catalysis and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Chemistry 2015-11-14
Ford, Sean M. Fabricating Microfluidic Devices in Polymers for Bioanalytical Applications Chemistry 2002-01-24
Fu, Yanwen Artificial Peptides Containing Cα,α- Disubstituted Amino Acids: Synthesis, Conformational Studies, and Application as β-Strand Mimics Chemistry 2002-08-07
Fulfer, Kristen D'Ann Photoelectrons and Recombining Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Systems Chemistry 2015-03-17
Galloway, Michelle Microelectrophoresis System Utilizing Conductivity Detection Analyzing Biological Molecules Chemistry 2004-04-27
Gariano, Nicholas Alexander Super-Aptamer Bio-Imprinted Hydrogels: An Investigation into the Optimization and Characterization of Cross-Linked Polymeric Materials Displaying Macromolecular Amplified Responses Chemistry 2013-07-02
Gascon, Jose Alejandro Electronic and Structural Properties of Rare Gas Cation Clusters Chemistry 2002-07-10
Gates, Arther T. Bioanalytical Methods for Studies of Homocysteine and Novel Cardiovascular Disease Indicators Chemistry 2008-11-14
Gehling, Jr., William Micheal Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs) in PM2.5: Their Contribution to Hydroxyl Radical Formation and Atmospheric Transformation Chemistry 2013-04-05
Giraldes, Jose Design and Synthesis of Handles for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis and Convergent Peptide Synthesis Chemistry 2003-04-07
Glover, Ionela Chiparus Wet and Dry Aging of Polymer Asphalt Blends: Chemistry and Performance Chemistry 2007-11-08
Goodwin, Octavia Y Expression of O-linked N-acetylglucosamine modified proteins and production and characterization of chlamydia trachomatis CT663 Chemistry 2014-11-17
Gottumukkala, Vijay Syntheses and Biological Evaluation of Water Soluble Carboranylporphyrins for Application in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Chemistry 2006-04-06
Gueorguieva, Petia Gueorguieva Spectroscopic and Synthetic Studies Relating to a Dirhodium Hydroformylation Catalyst Chemistry 2004-11-11
Hamilton, Kim Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Water-Soluble Chiral Calix[4]arene Derivatives in Spectroscopy and Capillary Electrokinetic Chromatography Chemistry 2003-07-10
Hao, Erhong Syntheses and Evaluation of Porphyrin Derivatives for Applications in Medicine and in Material Science Chemistry 2007-10-31
Hardy, David Adam Novel Nonresonant and Resonant Mechanisms Leading to the Breakdown of the Franck-Condon Approximation in Photoionization Chemistry 2012-10-23
Hargus, Jodie Angela Naturally-Derived Porphyrin and Chlorin Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy Chemistry 2005-11-21
Hayes, Juaneka Monet Detection of Microorganisms Using Maldi and Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2013-01-17
Hayes, Jaime Suzanne Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Novel BODIPY Dyes With Theranostic Applications Chemistry 2014-06-11
Haywood, Benjamin Jay Spectroscopic Measurements and Multi-way Parallel Factor (PARAFAC) Analysis and Comparison of Lake Pontchartrain Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) During Two Separate Large-Scale Mississippi River Flood Diversions Chemistry 2016-10-27
He, Ming Synthesis and Study of New Materials for the Visual Detection of Biomolecules Chemistry 2002-08-01
Hebert, Britney Lyn Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Enantiomer Separations and Biomolecular Sensors Chemistry 2016-07-11
Hollingsworth, Javoris A Study of the Self-Assembly of Water-Soluble Porphyrins in Aqueous Solution Chemistry 2009-07-10
Hollingsworth, Javoris Synthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembly of Porphyrins Conjugated to Superparamagnetic Colloidal Particles for Enhanced Photodynamic Therapy Chemistry 2012-11-16
Hollister, Kyle Allen I. Synthesis of Ascarosides for Chemical Biology Studies in Caenorhabditis elegans, II. A Photochemical Approach to Delavayine, and III. Remote Hydroxylation by Radical Translocation and Polar Crossover Chemistry 2015-09-30
Holmes, Veronica The Application of Controlled Radical Polymerization Processes on the Graft Copolymerization of Hydrophobic Substituents onto Guar Gum and Guar Gum Derivatives Chemistry 2007-02-08
Holt, TreyVon Cure-on Demand Wood Adhesives Using Frontal Polymerization of Acrylates Chemistry 2011-08-20
Huang, Fan Infrared Laser Ablation for Biological Mass Spectrometry Chemistry 2012-04-18
Huberty, Wayne Alfred Synthesis of Fluorescent Poly(styrene sulfonate) Chemistry 2012-04-16
Ihachi, Moses Inyanje New Strategies for the Synthesis of Porphyrinoids Chemistry 2013-11-15
Jiao, Lijuan Synthesis and Functionalizations of Tetrapyrrole Derivatives Chemistry 2007-10-23
Jinadasa, Raja Gabadage Waruna Eranga Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Porphyrin Derivatives for Biological Applications Chemistry 2013-11-15
Johnson, Latisha Chanette The Synthesis of Biotin Derivatives and Their Bioactivity Chemistry 2002-09-27
Johnson, Rolanda The Syntheses of Novel Indicators and Materials for Chiral Separation Chemistry 2004-01-08
Jordan, Atiya Nicole GUMBOS and NanoGUMBOS: Applications as Photosensitizers in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Chemistry 2013-06-19
Kakoullis, James Multifunctional Ligands for Supramolecular Chemistry Chemistry 2007-04-12
Kalachnikova, Ekaterina Improved Synthesis, Separation, Transition Metal Coordination and Reaction Chemistry of a New Binucleating Tetraphosphine Ligand Chemistry 2015-01-22
Kamande, Mary Waithira Analytical Separations Using Polymetric Surfactants Chemistry 2005-11-08
Kapnissi, Constantina P Analytical Separations Using Packed and Open-Tubular Capillary Electrochromatography Chemistry 2004-06-21
Karam, Tony Eugene Ultrafast and Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Colloidal Nanomaterials Chemistry 2016-02-02
Karunaratne, Chamini V Structural and Synthesis Studies of the Pro143 Region of Skp1 in Dictyostelium Discoideum Chemistry 2013-11-13
Kelley, Algernon Tremayne Applying Scanning Probe Microscopy for the Investigation of Molecular Self-Assembly Mechanisms and Properties of Designed Nanomaterials Chemistry 2009-11-11
Kim, Hyunjung New Insights into the Binding Site Formation and the Performance of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Chemistry 2004-02-10
Kim, Jae-Kuk Off-Line MALDI Mass Spectrometry of Bioaerosols Chemistry 2008-06-10
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Kiesel, Corrie Responses of African-American Girls to Two Types of Folktales Curriculum and Instruction 2002-03-26
Lachney, Randy Paul Adult-Mediated Reading Instruction for Third through Fifth Grade Children with Reading Difficulties Curriculum and Instruction 2002-07-08
Phares, Keitha Ilene The Relationship between Author and Audience: Case Study of a Young-Adult Author and a Student Audience Curriculum and Instruction 2002-03-27
Roddy, Knight Phares High School Chemistry Students’ Learning of the Elements, Structure, and Periodicity of the Periodic Table: Contributions of Inquiry-Based Activities and Exemplary Graphics Curriculum and Instruction 2003-03-25
Salcedo, Claudia Smith The Effects of Songs in the Foreign Language Classroom on Text Recall and Involuntary Mental Rehearsal Curriculum and Instruction 2002-11-11
Smith, Soledad Mujica Nursing as Social Responsibility: Implications for Democracy from the Life Perspective of Lavinia Lloyd Dock (1858-1956) Curriculum and Instruction 2002-09-03
Stringer, Angelle Rae The Impact of a Life-Application Learning Instructional Program on Struggling Readers at the Middle School Level Curriculum and Instruction 2003-03-24
Triche, Stephen Shepard Reconceiving Curriculum: An Historical Approach Curriculum and Instruction 2002-06-12

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