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Aaron, Laura S. Responsibilities and Leadership Styles of Radiologic Technology Program Directors: Implications for Leadership Development Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2005-11-09
Aaron, Belinda Powell The Relationship Between Faculty Salary Outlays and Student Retention in Public Four-Year Universities in the Sixteen States of the Southern Regional Education Board Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-04-29
Abad, Andrew Exploring Intermedia Agenda Setting Effects of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Mass Communication 2016-04-07
Abalkhail, Tagreed Saleh An Assessment of Values Concerning Luxury Brand Purchase Intention: A Cross-Culture Comparison Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising Design 2015-07-06
Abbe, Omosefe Osarieme Modeling the Relationship Among Occupational Stress, Psychological/Physical Symptoms and Injuries in the Construction Industry Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2008-07-10
Abbondante, Kristen The Effect of Stimulus Choice on a Discrimination Task: Pictures vs. Objects Psychology 2009-09-29
Abbondante, Kristen Nicole The Effect of Video Self-Monitoring on Teaching ABA Paraprofessionals Psychology 2012-07-02
Abbott, Katherine Mary Blue Carbon Accumulation and Microbial Community Composition in a Chronosequence of Created Coastal Marshes in the Chenier Plain, Louisiana Oceanography 2017-06-29
Abdel-Khalek, Ahmed Moustafa Pavement Structural Evaluation Using the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-11-11
Abdelrahim, Mohamed Measurement of Interfacial Tension in Hydrocarbon/Water/Dispersant Systems at Deepwater Conditions Petroleum Engineering 2012-04-24
Abdul Razak, Nor Azam Income Inequality and Economic Growth Economics 2006-10-27
Abe, Ayodeji Adebola Relative Permeability and Wettability Implications of Dilute Surfactants at Reservoir Conditions Petroleum Engineering 2005-11-17
Abeare, Shane Comparisons of Boosted Regression Tree, GLM and GAM Performance in the Standardization of Yellowfin Tuna Catch-Rate Data from the Gulf of Mexico Longline Fishery Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2009-11-04
Abed, Farid H Physically Based Multiscale-Viscoplastic Model for Metals and Steel Alloys: Theory and Computation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-07-06
Abedin, Rubaiyet Effect of process mixing on the size distribution and mean diameter of the thiol-triacrylate microcapsules Chemical Engineering 2014-04-14
Abel, Joseph Martin Leaving Special Educators Behind? An Analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act and its Impact on Special Education Teachers Social Work 2009-11-10
Abera, Adeyabeba Point-of-Care Immunoassay System Using Carbon Nanotube Labels Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010-11-03
Abernathy, Susan Marie Obstructions to Embedding Genus-1 Tangles in Links Mathematics 2014-07-04
Abeynanda, Gayan Shanaka Dynamic Resonant Scattering of Near-Monochromatic Fields Mathematics 2016-07-06
Abington-Cooper, Michele An Evaluation of the LSU Agricultural Center's Agriculture Leadership Development Program, 1988-2004 Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2005-10-27
Abraham, Amanda J. Lock'em Up and Throw Away the Key: Racial Attitudes and the Structural Determinants of Support for Crime Policy among White Americans Sociology 2006-04-01
Abraham, Kevin Three Dimensional Behavior of Retaining Wall Systems Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-04-09
Abshire, Sue Antoinette Exploring Implicit Versus Explicit Methods of Teaching Phonemic Awareness Instruction to Kindergarten Students Curriculum & Instruction 2006-01-25
Abu Al-Rub, Rashid Kamel Material Length Scales in Gradient-Dependent Plasticity/Damage and Size Effects: Theory and Computation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-04
Abu-Laban, Mohammad Biomass Catalytic Upconversion with a Metallic Catalyst Bed under Radio Frequency Induction Heating Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2016-04-11
Abushelaibi, Aisha Antimicrobial Effects of Copper and Brass Ions on the Growth of Listeria Monocytogenes at Different Temperatures, PH and Nutrients Food Science 2005-07-13
Acatrinei, Alice Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study and Neutron Diffraction Measurements on LaSb2 Physics & Astronomy 2003-09-04
Accamando, Amanda K Costs and Benefits of Induced Responses in Soybean Biological Sciences 2011-06-23
Achanta, Kamalesh Characteristics of Reduced Fat Milks as Influenced by the Incorporation of Folic Acid Dairy Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2005-11-07
Acharya, Tathagata Freezing Processes in Cell Suspensions Evaluated Using Cryomicroscopy Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-07
Acharya, Deepa Commuting Patterns and Labor Markets: A New Regional Classification for Louisiana Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2012-05-31
Acharya, Jiba Raj Preparation and Studies of Ratiometric Fluorescent Chemosensors Based on the Attenuation of Excitation Energy Transfer Chemistry 2011-07-11
Acharya, Namoona Analysis of Insect Pest Reports at LSU Residential Life Entomology 2016-07-01
Acharya, Binod Fitness costs and inheritance of Bt Cry2Ab2 resistance in fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) Entomology 2017-04-04
Achee, Timothy Paul The Poisonous Wine from Catalonia: Rebellion in Spanish Louisiana during the Ulloa, O'Reilly, and Carondelet Administrations History 2010-04-07
Achord, Rebecca Lynn Kling The Effect of Frequent Quizzing on Student Populations with Differing Preparation and Motivation in the High School Biology Classroom Biological Sciences 2015-06-26
Acklin, Dina Cognitive bias and learning from experience: Reflective processes for reducing bias Psychology 2015-02-20
Acosta, Richelle LeBlanc An Exploration of Reading Methods in First-Grade: Comparing the Basal Approach and Balanced Literacy Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-10-10
Acree, Autumn Danielle Soil Properties' Response to Wheat and Corn Stubble Residue Management in Louisiana Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2017-07-10
Adamack, Aaron Thomas Quantifying Habitat Quality of Larval Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) in Chesapeake Bay by Linking an Individual-Based Model with Spatially-Detailed Field Data Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2003-11-11
Adamack, Aaron Thomas Predicting Water Quality Effects on Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) Growth and Production in Chesapeake Bay: Linking Water Quality and Individual-Based Fish Models Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-07-12
Adams, James Edward,IV Molecular, Genetic and Physiological Characterization of a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Insertional Mutant Plant Biology (Biological Sciences) 2004-04-09
Adams, Andre Antonio Novel Devices and Protocols Enabling Isolation and Enumeration of Low Abundant Biological Cells from Complex Matrices Chemistry 2008-07-11
Adams, Vincent Clyde Do Laminated Sediment-Gravity-Flow Deposits on the Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf Record Ice Sheet Grounding Events? Geology & Geophysics 2009-04-13
Adams, Claire E Effects of Mindfulness on Body Image, Affect, and Smoking in Women Psychology 2011-06-23
Adams, Leah M. Maternal Variables as Predictors of Parenting Practices Post-Disaster Psychology 2010-11-10
Adams, Hilary Lynn The Moderating Effect of Gender on the Relationship Between Socialization and Internalizing Problems in Early Childhood Psychology 2014-03-24
Adams, Tricia Response of Bovine Fetal Fibroblasts to Pluripotency induction with In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-11-15
Adams, YaSheka Alternative Teacher Certification: The Politics, the Preparation, and the Promise of a Quality Education Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2014-10-27
Adams, Ashley Nicole Missing. . . A Story of Ambiguous Loss Theatre 2015-04-12
Adams, Leah Michelle Utilization of the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire across Family Structures: Do the Same Constructs Apply? Psychology 2016-01-19
Adams, Hilary Lynn Caregiver Choice in Autism Intervention: Selections and Influential Factors Psychology 2016-08-04
Addepalli, Sunil Effects of Mental Rotation, Visual Aids and Training on Inspection Performance during Airport Baggage Inspection Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2005-07-13
Addison, Laura An Examination of the Differential Outcomes Effect When Teaching Discriminations to Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Psychology 2006-06-02
Addison, Elizabeth Neuerburg Getting Warm(er):An Investigation into Linguistic Relativity and Its Significance in the Translation of the English Lexical Term "Warm" into French French Studies 2008-04-10
Addison, Meredith Kathleen Lentiviral Transduction of Epigenetically Modified Bovine Adult Stem Cells Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2012-07-16
Addo, Benjamin Kojo Bacterial Plume Dynamics in the Marshland Upwelling System Employed in the Near Freshwater Conditions Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-09-30
Adedipe, Adetoyese Itunu Adams-Jefferson: An Inquiry Into Human Nature, Politics, and the Implications For a Republic Political Science 2011-04-26
Adeniyi, Olubode James Detection and Alleviation of Pesticide Residue in Food and Water Nutrition and Food Science 2016-06-17
Adesanya, Folasade A'lyce In-Group Effects of News Use on African Americans Mass Communication 2017-07-10
Adhikari, Arun Three Essays on Modeling Economic and Fiscal Change for Communities Under Disequilibrium Following Natural Disasters Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2012-04-24
Adhikari Devkota, Nirmala Three Essays on Environmental Issues Associated with Broiler Production in Louisiana Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2009-04-16
Adimurthi, Karthik Global a priori Estimates and Sharp Existence Results for Quasilinear Equations on Nonsmooth Domains. Mathematics 2016-04-06
Adio, Oluwakemi Damilola Assessing the Accuracy of Task Time Prediction of an Emerging Human Performance Modeling Software - CogTool Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2013-11-18
Adkins, Jeremy Paul Experimental Predator Removal: A Response in Small Mammal Communities and Relations to Duck Nest Success Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-04-07
Adlaon, Ritchie Assessing Effectiveness of Concept Map as Instructional Tool in High School Biology Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-09
Adolph, Andrea Body and Soul: Food, the Female (In) Corporeal, and the Narrative Effects of Mind/Body Duality English 2002-07-01
Adorno, Glauco Brazilian Surrealism: The Art of Walter Lewy Art 2016-06-27
Adusumilli, Sumana Desulfurization and Tar Removal From Gasifier Effluents Using Mixed Rare Earth Oxides Chemical Engineering 2010-01-21
Afanasieva, Liudmyla Study of the Low Energy Solar Neutrino Spectrometer (LENS) Concept with the μLENS Prototype Physics & Astronomy 2014-04-14
Afanasieva, Liudmyla Nuclear Structure of 26Si and 32Cl for Astrophysics Physics & Astrononomy 2016-01-19
Afolayan, Folaranmi Sojourner Diaspora Crossroads Theatre 2017-04-08
Afonja, Gbolahan I Development of a Framework for Scaling Surfactant Enhanced CO2 Flooding from Laboratory Scale to Field Implementation Petroleum Engineering 2013-07-08
Afsharpoor, Ali Mechanistic Foam Modeling and Simulations: Gas Injection during Surfactant-Alternating-Gas Processes Using Foam-Catastrophe Theory Petroleum Engineering 2009-06-19
Agarwal, Peeyush Heat/Mass Transfer in Smooth and Ribbed Rectangular Serpentine Passages of Different Aspect Ratio's and Orientation Mechanical Engineering 2004-01-13
Agarwal, Deepmala Mechanisms by Which Exercise Training Attenuates Blood Pressure in Animals: Roles of Cytokines, Oxidative Stress, and Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3â Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2012-03-23
Agarwal, Utsav Improved Subset Generation For The MU-Decoder Electrical & Computer Engineering 2017-02-07
Agbasimalo, Nnamdi Charles Experimental Study of the Effect of Drilling Fluid Contamination on the Integrity of Cement-Formation Interface Petroleum Engineering 2012-07-10
Agboola, Adedeji Ebenezer Development and Model Formulation of Scalable Carbon Nanotube Processes:HiPCO and CoMoCAT Process Models Chemical Engineering 2005-11-17
Aghassi, Arash Investigation of Qualitative Methods for Diagnosis of Poor Bit Performance Using Surface Drilling Parameters Petroleum Engineering 2002-12-04
Agnew, Jeffrey Guy Dactyls Reveal Evolutionary Patterns in Decapod Crustaceans Geology & Geophysics 2008-04-07
Agosta, Lucie J. Patient Satisfaction with Nurse Practitioner Delivered Primary Health Care Services Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2005-07-01
Agostinho, Flávia Bastos Evaluation of Absorption and Uptake of Soil- and Foliar-Applied Silicon in Rice and its Accumulation under Different Phosphorus Rates Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2016-04-11
Aguero, Mauricio Gabriel Toward a Redefinition of Musical Learning in the Saxophone Studios of Argentina Music 2013-11-16
Aguilar, Francisco Xavier Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution of Natural Resource-Based Industries: The Case of the Softwood Lumber Industry in the United States South Renewable Natural Resources 2007-03-30
Aguillard, Amber E Barriers When Implementing the Continuity-of-Care Organizational Structure in Infant and Toddler Child Care Settings Human Ecology 2003-04-10
Ahmad, Rasheed A Characterization of Endoreplicated Nuclei in Arabidopsis thaliana Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2009-07-01
Ahn, Bonnie The Perceptions of and Attitudes toward Partner Abuse among First Generation Korean-Americans: Their Relationships to the Incidence of Partner Abuse Social Work 2002-04-01
Aiken, Christopher Adam Motor Learning Effects of Two Types of Stressors: Implications for Practice Specificity Kinesiology 2015-06-26
Aikin, Jeremy M. The Structure of 4-Separations in 4-Connected Matroids Mathematics 2009-07-08
Aikins, Jamarri Raimon Predictors of Positive Adjustment in Children Exposed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina Psychology 2012-07-10
Aikins, Jamarri Raimon The Moderating Effects of Anxiety on the Relationship Between Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Psychology 2015-07-10
Ainsworth, Mary "Kitty" Taylor An Investigation into the Implementation of the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum Reading/English Language Arts in Selected First Grade Classrooms Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-08-14
Akash, Muhanad Walid Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping for Agronomic and Fiber Quality Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Using Molecular Markers Agronomy & Environmental Management 2003-08-01
Akbarzadeh, Meisam Prioritization of Safety Countermeasures for the State of Louisiana Using Fuzzy Inference Systems Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-07-08
Akbarzadeh, Meisam Dynamic Route Choice in Hurricane Evacuation Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-08-09
Akbay, Cevdet Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Novel Pseudostationary Phases in Micellar Capillary Electrophoresis for Separation of Chiral and Achiral Compounds Chemistry 2002-07-10
Akbulut, Asli Yagmur An Investigation of the Factors That Influence Electronic Information Sharing between State and Local Agencies Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2003-06-19
Akhmadullin, Ildar Design and Analysis of Geothermal Wellbore Energy Conversion System Working on Zero Mass Withdrawal Principle Petroleum Engineering 2016-07-07
Akkawi, Bandali K. Physical Layer Secrecy Channel Coding Electrical & Computer Engineering 2008-07-02
Akkerman, Robin Believing is Seeing Art 2010-05-03
Akond, Imran Laboratory Evaluation of Geosynthetics to Stabilize/Reinforce the Subgrade/Base in Unpaved Roadways Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-07-09
Akrami, Nazanin Transport and Retention of Cadmium, Copper, and Lead in Soils: Miscible Displacement Experiments Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2014-08-27
Akter, Tajreen Conversation Art 2016-05-23
Akturk, Ismail Asynchronous Replication of Metadata Across Multi-Master Servers in Distributed Data Storage Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-11-04
Akudo, Christopher Osita Quantification of Tars and Particulates from a Pilot Scale, Downdraft Biomass Gasifier Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2008-04-09
Akudo, Christopher Bioremediation of Chlorinated Ethanes and Ethenes in Vertical Flow Engineered Wetland Systems Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-07-08
Akunuri-Venkata, Prathyusha A Collaborative High Performance and Grid Computing Portal Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-10-09
Akyuz, Isil Palynology of the Upper Cretaceous Ferron-Notom Sandstone, Utah Geology & Geophysics 2014-11-07
Al Attar, Atheer Mohammad Investigating Different Coding Environments for Simplified Reservoir Characterization Models Petroleum Engineering 2014-11-07
Al Dhamen, Ali A Fault Kinematics Along the Coastal Plain of South Louisiana: Implications for Tectono-Climatic-Induced Deformation Along a Passive Continental Margin Geology & Geophysics 2014-07-14
Al-Azzam, Moh'd Essays on Group Lending: Evidence from Jordan Economics 2006-11-01
Al-Mudhafar, Watheq Jasim Mohammed Statistical Reservoir Characterization, Simulation, and Optimization Of Field Scale-Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage (GAGD) Process with Uncertainty Assessments Petroleum Engineering 2016-04-07
Al-Qaisi, Saif K. The Investigation of Valve Operators' Torque Production Capabilities and Optimal Handwheel Height, Angle, and Opening Technique Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-04-15
Al-Raoush, Riyadh Ibrahim Extraction of Physically-Realistic Pore Network Properties from Three-Dimensional Synchrotron Microtomography Images of Unconsolidated Porus Media Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-11-15
ALAdwani, Faisal Abdullah Application of Mechanistic Models in Predicting Flow Behavior in Deviated Wells Under UBD Conditions Petroleum Engineering 2003-04-09
ALAdwani, Faisal Abdullah Mechanistic Modeling of an Underbalanced Drilling Operation Utilizing Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Petroleum Engineering 2007-06-23
Alali, Bacim Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Media for Local and Nonlocal Continuum Theories Mathematics 2008-07-09
Alam, Mohammad Shah Structural Integrity and Fatigue Crack Propagation Life Assessment of Welded and Weld-Repaired Structures Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-14
Alapati, Raghava Atomistic Simulations of Lipid Bilayers in the Presence of Dimethylsulfoxide Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-12
Albert, Jeffrey Vernon Interactive Musical Partner: A System for Human/Computer Duo Improvisations Music 2013-03-27
Albrecht, Misty Dawn The Plame Game: Framing a Political Scandal Mass Communication 2009-04-14
Albu, Sebastian A Survey of Ballistosporic Basidiomycete Phylloplane Yeasts in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the Description of Two Yeasts in Ustilaginales Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2012-11-13
Albu, Sebastian Evolutionary Relationships among Fungal Soybean Pathogens and Molecular Marker Development in the Genus Cercospora Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2015-11-12
Alcanzare, Robyn Joy Cabrido Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Wood Soot Extracts from Henan, China Chemical Engineering 2006-07-12
Aldana, Manuel Estuardo Effect of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertility on Fruit Quality and Growth of Tabasco Pepper (Capsicum frutescens) in Hydroponic Culture Horticulture 2005-06-23
Aldana, Manuel E. Economic Evaluation of Potential Changes in Farm Program Price Support for Typical Louisiana Rice and Cotton Farming Operations Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2005-06-28
Alderman, Steven L Infrared and X-Ray Spectroscopic Studies of the Copper(II) Oxide Mediated Reactions of Chlorinated Aromatic Precursors to PCDD/F Chemistry 2005-01-11
Aldridge, Ryan Jerel Dress in the United States of America as Depicted in Postmortem Photographs, 1840-1900 Human Ecology 2008-11-04
Aldridge, Ryan Jerel The Responsibility of Clothing Slaves in the United States as Described in Slave Petitions, 1775 to 1867 Human Ecology 2012-06-06
Aldridge, Anna Carey Between-Space: Bungalows and Shadows of Spanish Town Art 2015-06-03
Alecsandru, Ciprian Danut A Hybrid Model-Based and Memory-Based Short-Term Traffic Prediction System Civil and Environmental Engineering 2003-05-15
Alecsandru, Ciprian Danut A Stochastic Mesoscopic Cell-Transmission Model for Operational Analysis of Large-Scale Transportation Networks Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-07-13
Aleixo, Alexandre Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography, and Population Genetics of Xiphorhynchus (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) in the Amazon Basin Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2002-07-09
Alexander, Toni Ann From Oklahomans to "Okies": Identity Formation in Rural California Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-15
Alexander, Angela A Qualitative Exploration of Students' Experiences with Tutorial Learning Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2004-06-09
Alexander, Melanie Woods The Effect of Music Tempo on Movement Responses of Preschool Children Music 2006-06-02
Alexander, Catherine L. Thomas Studies of Homogeneous Dirhodium Catalyst System Chemistry 2009-04-13
Alexander, Alison Elaine A Study of Children's Musical Play at the Little Gym Music 2012-06-28
Alfandre, Danielle Rachel The Topography of Syntactic Islands Linguistics (Interdepartmental Program) 2004-11-08
Alfandre, Danielle Rachel The Interdependence of Modality and Theory of Mind Linguistics (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-06-04
Alfaro, Adriana Gender bias in leadership: Do gender of leader, type of error, diversity climate, and gender of subordinate affect faculty perceptions of academic leaders' effectiveness? Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2017-06-08
Alfaro Sanabria, Luis Alonso Development of a Frozen Yogurt Fortified with a Nano-Emulsion Containing Purple Rice Bran Oil Food Science 2012-11-09
Alfonso, Elio Consistency between Earnings Forecasts and Stock Recommendations: The Effect of Political Connections Accounting 2013-04-15
Alford, Allen Contesting for Power in Public Performance: Hegemonic Struggles in the Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival Theater 2003-04-08
Alghafli, Zahra Aqeel Familial Relationships Among Muslim Couples and Parents in the United States: A Qualitative Study Social Work 2015-03-09
Ali, Ahsan-Abbas Spectrum Allocation in Networks with Finite Sources and Data-Driven Characterization of Users' Stochastic Dynamics Electrical & Computer Engineering 2015-05-21
Alise, Mark A. Disciplinary Differences in Preferred Research Methods: A Comparison of Groups in the Biglan Classification Scheme Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-02-22
Aliyu, Mohammad Dikko A Factorization Approach for Solving the Hamilton-Jacobi Equations in Nonlinear Optimal Control Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-04-12
Aliyu, Mohammad Dikko A Parametrization Approach for Solving the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation and Application to the A2 Toda Lattice Mathematics 2003-04-09
Aljarrah, Abdulhakeem Hashim Methods to Induce Earlier Onset of Cyclicity in Transitional Mares Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2004-07-06
Alla, Prathima Dynamic Behavior of Unsaturated Soils Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-07-08
Allahdadi, Mohammadnabi Numerical Experiments of Hurricane Impact on Vertical Mixing and De-Stratification of the Louisiana Shelf Waters Oceanography 2015-01-09
Allaire, Maria T. Postmortem Interval (PMI) Determination at Three Biogeoclimatic Zones in Southwest Colorado Geography and Anthropology 2002-11-11
Allam, Atef Khalil Power and Memory Optimization Techniques in Embedded Systems Design Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-07-12
Allegrezza, William Politicizing the Reader in the American Lyric-Epic: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass and Pablo Neruda's Canto General Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-10-29
Allen, Jason David The Time-Course of Vascular Adaptations Following Localized Short-Term Exercise Training Kinesiology 2001-11-12
Allen, Josephine Ann The Perceptions of Effects of a Study Skills Course, "Dynamics of Effective Study," on the Academic Achievement of African American Students at a Dedicated Academic Magnet High School Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2003-09-03
Allen, Brian Taylor Hydroclimatic and Circulation Anomalies Associated with the North Atlantic Subtropical High Geography & Anthropology 2004-11-09
Allen, Ann McCoy Quiet Revolutions: Neighborhood Urban Forestry Programs Landscape Architecture 2005-04-13
Allen, Cleo Joffrion Foreign News Coverage in Selected U.S. Newspapers 1927-1997: A Content Analysis Mass Communication 2005-07-08
Allen, Christine Burczyk The Solo Piano Music of Andrzej Dutkiewicz Music 2006-04-01
Allen, Sheri Writers on Writing Instruction: Experiences and Advice from Professional Writers Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2009-04-15
Allen, Aleidra What about the Black Greeks? Supporting NPHCs at PWIs Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2013-04-15
Allen, Amanda Wrenn Flesh, Blood, and Puffed-Up Livers: The Theological, Political, and Social Contexts behind the 1550-1551 Written Eucharistic Debate between Thomas Cranmer and Stephen Gardiner History 2014-10-28
Allen, Jarrette K. i'ay recours a vous: An Historical and Discursive Analysis of the Lettres Circulaires des Décédées of the Ursuline Order in Old and New France during the Louisiana French Colonial Period French Studies 2014-11-07
Allen, Warwick Biological Invasions: Biogeography and Multitrophic Interactions Biological Sciences 2016-08-10
Allerton, Timothy The Immediate and Extended Effect of Diet and Exercise on Metabolic Flexibility Kinesiology 2017-04-03
Allerton, Alison Elizabeth "Leave All That You Have, That You May Take All:" What Hugo Distler's Totentanz Reveals About His Life and Music Music 2017-04-10
Alli, Pavan K Testing a CMOS Operational Amplifier Circuit Using a Combination of Oscillation and IDDQ Test Methods Electrical & Computer Engineering 2004-05-27
Allison, Kelly Dale Stress, Anxiety Symptomology, and the Need for Student Support Services for University Freshmen of First-Generation Status, Low-SES Backgrounds, and those Registered with Disabilities Social Work 2015-04-13
Alomari, Mahmoud Awad Arterial and Venous Adaptations to Short-Term Handgrip Exercise Training Kinesiology 2003-09-03
Alonzo, Jill D. Jury Knowledge of Eyewitness Memory: Can Jurors Use This Knowledge in the Courtroom? Psychology 2005-11-10
Alphonso, Tiah B. Determining Impact: Using Formative Evaluation in a Professional Development Program for Teachers of Mathematics and Science Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-06
Alphonso, Taylor C. Experimental Fragility Analysis of Aluminum Storm Panels Subject to Windborne Debris Civil & Environmental Engineering 2013-04-12
Alphonso, Taylor C. Sustainable Architecture: Addressing the Conditions of Poverty and Homelessness Architecture 2013-04-12
Alphonso, Tiah B Investigating Curriculum Use and Its Impact on Teachers and Their Practice Education 2016-11-11
Alpturk, Onur Lanthanide Complexes as Fluorescent Indicators for Neutral Sugars and Cancer Biomarkers Chemistry 2007-04-11
Alramahi, Bashar Adeeb Assessment of Shearing Phenomenon and Porosity of Porous Media Using Microfocus Computed Tomography Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-06-03
Alsaleh, Mustafa Numerical Modeling of Strain Localization in Granular Materials Using Cosserat Theory Enhanced with Microfabric Properties Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-06-17
Alshammari, Khalid Abdulaziz Filippov's Operator and Discontinuous Differential Equations Mathematics 2006-04-04
Alshamsi, Khalid Salim Development of a Mix Design Methodology for Asphalt Mixtures with Analytically Formulated Aggregate Structures Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-03-31
Alshawaf, Mohammad Evaluating the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Water Subsidies in Kuwait Environmental Studies 2008-09-22
Alsup, Clayton James Monck Grateful Gifts: Toward an Ethic of Donativity Philosophy & Religious Studies 2010-04-29
Alt, Daniel Computer Simulation of Modern Recirculation Systems and their Production Strategies Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-11-04
Altazin, Keith The Northern Clergy and the Pilgrimage of Grace History 2011-06-01
Althauser, Laura Lynette An Ecopath/Ecosim Analysis of an Estuarine Food Web: Seasonal Energy Flow and Response to River-Flow Related Perturbations Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-04-07
Altimus, Elizabeth Lane Out of Many, One: Glimpses of the USA by Charles and Ray Eames, The Family Of Man by Edward Steichen, and Universal Thought in Cold War Propaganda Art 2012-04-24
Altinay, Zeynep Melis Communicating Sustainability with Visuals: Issue Perception and Issue Engagement Mass Communication 2015-04-07
Altindag, Duha T. Essays on the Economics of Crime Economics 2011-05-15
Altintig, Zeynep Ayca CEO Succession Processes and Agency Costs Finance (Business Administration) 2005-08-19
Altorairi, Mohammed Film Cooling from Cylindrical Holes in Transverse Slots Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-01
Aluko, Gabriel Kayode Genetic Mapping of Agronomic Traits from the Interspecific Cross of Oryza sativa (L.) and Oryza glaberrima (Steud.) Agronomy & Environmental Management 2003-11-10
Aluri, Srinivas Rao Iddq Testing of a CMOS 10-Bit Charge Scaling Digital-to-Analog Converter Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-10-31
Alvarez, Elaiza Maria Influence of Typha latifolia and Phragmites communis Root Matter on Degredation of Aged 1,2,3,4-Tetrachlorobenzene in Bayou Sediments Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-04-04
Alvarez, German Adolfo In Search of State Government: The Lack of State Legislative Coverage in Local Television News Mass Communication 2010-08-05
Alvarez, Jessica Pearl Comparing Extinction and Noncontingent Reinforcement Under Challenging Conditions: The Discriminative Effects of Reinforcement Delivery Psychology 2012-03-20
Alvarez, Diane Impact of IUdR in Rat 9L Glioma Cell Survival for 25-35 keV Photo-Activated Auger Electron Therapy Physics & Astronomy 2013-08-01
Alvarez, Jessica Pearl Fixed-Time Schedule Effects on Participant Responding: An Evaluation Of Similar vs. Dissimilar Schedule Programs Using a Group Design Approach Psychology 2014-06-30
Alvarez Alonso, Jose Characteristic Avifauna of White-Sand Forests in Northern Peruvian Amazonia Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-07-03
Alvergue, Luis Donaldo Feedback Control of Sector-Bound Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Aeroengine Control Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-12-06
Alvergue, Alejandro Jose Laboratory Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures and Binders with Reclaimed Asphalt Shingle Prepared Using the Wet Process Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-07-11
Alvin, Christopher Thomas Synthesis With Hypergraphs Computer Science 2015-06-18
Alwala, Sreedhar Identification of Molecular Markers Associated with Resistance to Aspergillus flavus in Maize Agronomy & Environmental Management 2007-07-08
Alwala, Sreedhar Predicting Progeny Performance and Genome Analysis in Sugarcane (Saccharum spp) Agronomy & Environmental Management 2007-07-11
Amariucai, George Traian Physical Layer Security in Wireless Networks: Intelligent Jamming and Eavesdropping Electrical & Computer Engineering 2009-05-28
Amatya, Vinay Chandra Parallel Processes in HPX: Designing an Infrastructure for Adaptive Resource Management Computer Science 2014-11-17
Amaya Arroyave, Ana Lucia Evaluation of Different Harvesting and Storage Practices: Sweet Sorghum and Energycane Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2014-08-13
Ambardekar, Amogh Arun Comparison of the Efficiency of Utilization of Amino Acids from Intact Protein and Amino Acids in Crystalline Form by Channel Catfish, (Ictaluras punctatus) Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-08
Amin, Maryam Muhammed Influence of Circadian Rhythm on the Physical and Mental Performance Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2006-11-16
Amin, Rupal Shashikant Modeling Thermal Phenomena and Searching for New Thermally Induced Monitor Signals in Large Scale Gravitational Wave Detectors Physics & Astronomy 2010-04-22
Amiot, Leodore Mathew, Jr. The Particulate Nature of Polyatomic Ions: An Exploratory Study Using Molecular Drawing Software Curriculum & Instruction 2007-06-05
Amirani, Maziar Automated Sensor Platform for Distribution Pattern Characterization of Agricultural Equipment Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2013-03-27
Amirsadeghi, Alborz Developing Defect-tolerant Demolding Process in Nanoimprint Lithography Mechanical Engineering 2013-06-07
Amoroso, Samuel Wind Loads for Petrochemical Structures Civil & Environmental Engineering 2007-11-08
Amos, John Blake Dendrochronological Analysis of Productivity and Hydrology in Two Louisiana Swamps Renewable Natural Resources 2006-06-28
Amrinto, Lorna E. A Semiparametric Assessment of Export-Led Growth in the Philippines Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2006-04-07
Amrinto, Lorna Econg The Worlds of Agriculture in Asia: Agricultural and Economic Development Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2014-03-16
Amstad, George The Business Dynamics in Telecommunication Market Consolidation Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2006-09-06
Amuhaya, Edith Khavwajira Synthesis, Biological and Photophysical Studies of Novel Compounds for Cancer Therapy Chemistry 2011-04-14
An, Hee-Joung Effects of Ozonation and Addition of Amino Acids on Properties of Rice Starches Food Science 2005-07-11
Anantha, Raghavendra Reddy A Programmable CMOS Decimator for Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter and Charge Pump Circuits Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-14
Ancona, Martin Cognitive Adaptation's Implication on Diabetic Adherence Psychology 2005-03-22
Ancona, Martin Nicholas Psychopathology in Person With and Without Co-Morbid Autism Psychology 2009-11-03
Andem, Santosh Kumar A Comparative Analysis of Hurricane Evacuation Traffic Conditions Using Static and Dynamic Traffic Assignments Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-05-31
Anderson, Samuel Kauffman Pink Paper and the Composition of Flann O'Brien's At-Swim-Two-Birds English 2002-08-30
Anderson, Matthew Christian Out the Loop English 2003-04-10
Anderson, LaShunda L Assessment of Thelypteris palustris, Asparagus sprengeri, and Lolium perenne for Their Potential Use in the Phytoremediation of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils Agronomy & Environmental Management 2007-04-10
Anderson, David Lawrence Structure and Organization of Canopy Bird Assemblages in Lowland Neotropical Rainforests Biological Sciences 2010-03-31
Anderson, India T. Are Local Chemical Releases Causing an Increase in Cancer Rates in East Baton Rouge Parish? Environmental Sciences 2011-07-07
Anderson, Callie Elizabeth Sources of Salinization of the Baton Rouge Aquifer System: Southeastern Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2012-04-19
Anderson, Jason Robert Effects of Seeding Rates of Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) on Sediment Loading and Nutrient Transport via Surface Runoff Agronomy & Environmental Management 2012-11-15
Anderson, Edward C. "Cinematic Suite for Orchestra" and Notable Composers in the Evolution of Film Music from Hollywood's Golden Age to the Present Music 2013-04-15
Anderson, Jake Everitt Effects of Different Weaning Management Strategies on Preconditioning Performance, Haptoglobin Serum Levels, Feedlot Morbidity and Mortality, and Carcass Characteristics Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-11-15
Anderson , Angelle Nicole Development of an Alternative Bait for the Louisiana Commercial Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) Fishery Renewable Natural Resources 2014-04-18
Anderson, Morgan Lynn After;life Art 2017-06-04
Andino, Jose Roberto Evaluating International Agricultural Trade in Central America: Three Analyses Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2004-09-07
Andrews, Frank L. The Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902): Development of the U.S. Army's Counterinsurgency Policy Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2002-04-19
Andrews, Alexa Jo Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tropical Storm and Hurricane Strikes in the Bahamas, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles Geography & Anthropology 2007-11-07
Andrews, Jennifer Erin A Comprehensive Study of Dust Formation and Evolution in Core Collapse Supernovae Physics & Astronomy 2011-04-18
Andru, Suman Genetic Linkage Map of LCP85-384, Genetic Diversity of A S.Spontaneum Collection and the Contribution of S. Spontaneum to Louisiana Commercial Germplasm Agronomy & Environmental Management 2009-11-11
Andrus, Thomas Mitchell Sediment Flux and Fate in the Mississippi River Diversion at West Bay: Observation Study Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-11-12
Andry, Katrina M Western Interpretation of the Other: How Negative Stereotypes Perpetuated Against Blacks Have Shaped Our Culture Art 2010-08-12
Angers, Juliette D. Integrating a Technology-Enriched Curriculum: Ethno-Case Study Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2004-08-17
Angert, Erica Brady Rhetoric, Form, and Sovereignty in Schubert's "Prometheus," D. 674 Music 2005-11-16
Angulo Campos, Jaime Manuel Effects of Serum Addition to Culture Medium on Gene Expression in Day-7 and Day-14 Bovine Embryos Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2010-11-12
Angulo Julio, Alvaro Jose Colombian Composer Adolfo Mejia, Four Works for Small Ensembles Music 2017-03-21
Aniker, Pooja S Traffic Engineering and Path Protection in MPLS Virtual Private Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-12
Ansari, Esmail Mathematical Scaling and Statistical Modeling of Geopressured Geothermal Reservoirs Petroleum Engineering 2016-03-23
Anteau, Michael J. Nutrient Reserves of Lesser Scaup during Spring Migration in the Mississippi Flyway: A Test of the Spring Condition Hypothesis Renewable Natural Resources 2002-07-07
Anteau, Michael Jason Ecology of Lesser Scaup and Amphipods in the Upper-Midwest: Scope and Mechanisms of the Spring Condition Hypothesis and Implications for Migration Habitat Conservation Renewable Natural Resources 2006-01-24
Antipova, Anzhelika Hurricane Andrew and Pregnancies in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-02
Antipova, Anzhelika Land Use, Individual Attributes, and Travel Behavior in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2010-07-09
Antoine, Kristen Alana The Effect of Graphic Organizers on Science Education: Human Body Systems Biological Sciences 2013-06-28
Antoine, Damien Ramon The Correlation Between Parental Involvement and Student Academic Achievement Natural Science 2015-07-13
Antoine, Kristen Alana Prison to School to Redemption: A Full Circle Channel to the Complete ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’ Education 2017-07-06
Antonellis, April New Orleans and Fazendeville (de)Segregated: Challenging a Narrative of School Integration Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2013-05-09
Antonov, Ivan M. A Catalogue of Twentieth-Century Cello Ensemble Music Music 2005-11-15
Antosova, Natalia Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Implications to Global Wine Market Agricultural Economics 2016-11-04
Antunes, Tania Serigado Permeability of Rice Cystatin across Caco-2 Cells Food Science 2002-11-13
Apavaloaie, Loredana Early Cumulative Caregiver Sensitivity and Its Relationship with Children’s Later Perceptions of Peer and Maternal Acceptance Human Ecology 2008-10-17
Apavaloaie, Loredana Children's Representations of Parenting Behaviors, Basic Negative Emotions, and Negative Self-Conscious Emotions in the Narrative Story Stem Technique Human Ecology 2012-06-14
Appeaning, Maria A. Applications of Titanium-Mediated Reductive Coupling and Cyclocarbonylation Reactions toward Natural Product Synthesis Chemistry 2006-10-21
Apperson, Megan RaNae Effects of Smoking Cessation and Female Sex Hormones on Food Intake in Postmenopausal Women Psychology 2006-11-03
Applegate, Heather Rech Effects of a Screening Instrument and Parent Handouts on Physicians' Recognition and Intervention of Children's Behavioral and Emotional Problems Psychology 2002-04-15
Arab, Christine C. An Examination of Teacher Migration in a Large, Urban School District Curriculum & Instruction 2005-04-12
Arab Khazaeli, Mahdi Automated Semantic Content Extraction from Images Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-07-05
Arab-Khazaeli, Soha Context Aware Textual Entailment Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2015-11-15
Aral, Gurcan Parallel Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Dynamics of Oxidation and Reactive Wetting in Metal/Ceramic Systems Physics and Astronomy 2003-04-07
Arana Valencia, Nicole Changes in Plasma Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, ACTH, Prolactin, GH, LH, FSH, and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone in Response to Injection of Sulpiride, Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone, or Vehicle in Insulin Sensitive and Insensitive Mares Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-07-02
Arancibia, Ramon Alejandro Enhanced Pectin Degradation is Associated with the Ease of Fruit Detachment in Tabasco Pepper Horticulture 2003-11-12
Araujo, Marcio Costa Non-Linear Kinematic Hardening Model for Multiaxial Cyclic Plasticity Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-07-08
Araujo, Marcio Costa Slab-on-Girder Prestressed Concrete Bridges: Linear and Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Load Tests Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-01-06
Arauz, Alejandro Creatures del Monte Art 2008-06-05
Aravena, Veronica Cuartas Mexican Women and Migration: The Effects of Education and Family Status Sociology 2002-04-19
Arce , Arturo Exercise and Peripheral Vascular Function in Health and Disease Kinesiology 2008-01-22
Arceneaux, Kelly An Analysis of Change in Policy Context Regarding COREXIT Dispersant Use Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Environmental Sciences 2013-07-08
Arceneaux, Amanda J. The Slow Evolution of a Chimeric Field: Perceptions of Chymistry Through Early Learned Journals, 1665-1743 History 2017-04-06
Archer, Jennifer Aby Characteristics of an Effective Teacher of Reading in an Elementary School Setting Curriculum & Instruction 2004-10-28
Archer, Lester A Mixed Methods Analysis of School- and Student-Level Effects: Mathematics Course Completion and Achievement Beyond Algebra 2 Among Mexican American Female High School Students Education 2017-04-03
Arden, William Brennan Urban Yellow Fever Diffusion Patterns and the Role of Micro-Environmental Factors in Disease Dissemination: A Temporal-Spatial Analysis of the Memphis Epidemic of 1878 Geography & Anthropology 2005-11-14
Arden, William Brennan Medical Geography in Public Health and Tropical Medicine: Case Studies from Brazil Geography & Anthropology 2008-11-10
Arenas, Helbert An Agent-Based Simulation Model for Business Reopenings in New Orleans Post Hurricane Katrina Geography & Anthropology 2011-09-24
Arguello, Alejandro Jose Concerto for Orchestra Music 2005-07-05
Arguello, Alejandro José Latin Rhapsody for Clarinet and Orchestra and Magical Realism in Alejandro Cardona's String Quartet No. 4 Music 2009-10-20
Arin, Kerim Peren An Empirical Investigation of Tax Policy in G-7 Countries Economics 2003-07-02
Aristidou, Michael Irrationality and Human Reasoning Philosophy & Religious Studies 2004-04-13
Aristidou, Michael Laguerre Functions Associated to Euclidean Jordan Algebras Mathematics 2005-07-13
Armas-Rosales, Alvaro M Genetic Effects Influencing Salinity and Cold Tolerance in Tilapia Renewable Natural Resources 2006-11-17
Armbruster, Caroline Elizabeth "A Woman For Many Imperfections Intolerable": Anne Stanhope, the Seymour Family, and the Tudor Court History 2013-11-07
Armenta, Miguel Mechanisms and Control of Water Inflow to Wells in Gas Reservoirs with Bottom Water Drive Petroleum Engineering 2003-11-06
Armond, Cody The Head and Tail Conjecture for Alternating Knots Mathematics 2012-07-03
Armstrong, Delroy Anthony The Potential Impact of Trade Policy Changes on Caribbean Sugar Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2003-11-21
Armstrong, Summer Ann A Meta-Analysis of Randomness in Human Behavioral Research Mathematics 2004-07-09
Armstrong, Corine Kay Provenance Studies of Volcanic Clasts from the Santa Fe Group, San Luis Basin, Colorado: A Guide to Tectonic Evolution Geology & Geophysics 2009-02-23
Armstrong, Terry LeMan Implementing And Managing Self Assessment Procedures Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-04-15
Armstrong IV, William Hamilton Neo-Onnagata: Professional Cross-Dressed Actors and Their Roles on the Contemporary Japanese Stage Theater 2002-04-19
Arnall, Cody Tyler This Doorknob is on the Ceiling. Art 2010-06-07
Arnaudov, Plamen Ivanov Caller ID English 2003-04-02
Arnaudov, Plamen Ivanov Elements of Mythmaking in Witness Accounts of Colonial Piracy English 2008-04-10
Aronhime, Barry Richard Predator-prey Interaction in Estuarine Bivalves: Size Selection, Effects of Salinity, and Indirect Interactions Biological Sciences 2010-04-16
Arquilla, Brian Joseph Effects of Predator Activity on the Nesting of American Black Ducks and Other Birds on Barrier Islands in the Mid-Atlantic Coast Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-10
Arro, Jie Alojado Genetic Diversity among Sugarcane Clones Using Target Region Amplification Polymorphism (TRAP) Markers and Pedigree Relationships Agronomy & Environmental Management 2005-01-20
Arseneault, Mark E. The Effects of Modeling Instruction in a High School Physics Classroom Natural Science 2014-07-10
Arslan, Ozan Optimal Operating Strategy for Wells with Downhole Water Sink Completions to Control Water Production and Improve Performance Petroleum Engineering 2005-01-13
Arslan, Mustafa Integral Cohomology of the Siegel Modular Variety of Degree Two and Level Three Mathematics 2006-03-14
Arsuaga, Carmen Beatriz Quantitation of anti-Pythium insidiosum antibodies before and after immunotherapy in healthy dogs Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2017-07-10
Arthur, Scottt Now and Then Art 2013-06-06
Arvello, Angel D. A Hellenistic Masterpiece: The Medici Aphrodite Art 2005-04-14
Asadi, Somayeh Evaluation of The Thermal Performance and Cost Effectiveness of Radiant Barrier Thermal Insulation Materials In Residential Construction Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-06-04
Ashenafi, Michael Sissay TomoTherapy for Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT): Comparison with Conventional Electron Beam Technique Physics & Astronomy 2006-08-30
Ashfaq, Naveed Shaik Improved Watermarking Scheme Using Decimal Sequences Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-08
Ashley, Nicholas A. Particle-Chemical Interactions and Environmental Chemodynamics of Fine and Ultrafine Particles in a Natural Disaster Scenario Chemical Engineering 2009-06-30
Ashrafi, Arash An Architecture for Configuring an Efficient Scan Path for a Subset of Elements Electrical & Computer Engineering 2016-04-11
Assiri, Basem Ibrahim Fairness and Approximation in Multi-version Transactional Memory. Computer Science 2016-06-29
Astete R., Carlos Ernesto Synthesis of Poly(DL-Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Nanoparticles with Entrapped Magnetite Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2005-11-15
Aswathanarayana setty, Narendra Nallapeta An Electronic Architecture for Mediating Digital Information in a Hallway Facade Electrical & Computer Engineering 2012-11-16
Atchison, Amy D Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms as Stepping Stones for Expansion of Coral Communities: A Molecular Genetic Analysis Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-04-05
Atkinson, Christopher Augmented Renaissance: From Creation to Revelation Theatre 2015-04-01
Atluri, Sriharsha Comparison of Different Integral Histogram Based Tracking Algorithms Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2011-04-29
Atoche, Jorge C. Treatment of Mixtures of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) and Toluene Using Continuous and Sequencing Batch Operated Biofilters Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-11-06
Attaway, Ava Denise Utilizing Community Media to Facilitate Cross-Cultural Communication between LSU AgCenter Field and State Agents and Louisiana Agricultural Producers Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-11-18
Atwood, Travis Lamar A Geochemical Paleoecological Analysis of Miocene Mammalian Mega Fauna of Fort Polk, Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2009-11-11
Aubry, David Synthesis, Separation, and Reactivities of Multidentate Phosphine Ligands and Investigation into Dirhodium Hydroformylation and Hydrocarboxylation Catalysis Chemistry 2004-06-08
Aucoin, Jed Paul Protein Aggregation Studies-- Inhibiting and Encouraging Beta-Amyloid Aggregation Chemistry 2004-04-16
Aucoin, Amy Louise The Illumination of E. E. Cummings’ Poetry in J. A. C. Redford’s “love is the every only god” Music 2010-11-12
Auerbach, Stephen "Encourager le Commerce et Répandre les Lumières:" The Press, the Provinces and the Origins of the Revolution in France: 1750-1789 History 2001-11-13
Augustine, John Ebenezer Offline and Online Variants of the Traveling Salesman Problem Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-08-23
Augustine, Andrew Douglas An Assessment of Atmospheric Factors Impacting Tropospheric Ozone in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Non-attainment Zone Geography & Anthropology 2010-12-15
Aulia, Eka Hierarchical Indexing for Region Based Image Retrieval Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2005-03-22
Aulie, Joel Shay Toward a Design Process Landscape Architecture 2002-06-06
Ausburn, Marielle Elaine Controls on the Composition of Saline Waters from Coastal and Offshore Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2013-05-30
Aust, Christiane Cost-Efficacy of Wetland Preservation and Restoration in Coastal Louisiana Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2006-02-17
Auster, Tracey Lauren Cognitive Performance as a Predictor of Functional Capacity in Schizophrenia Psychology 2013-04-01
Auster, Tracey Lauren Social Functioning in Schizotypy: An Exploration of Communicative Effectiveness through Speech Analysis and Observer Rated Performance in a Socially Demanding Task Psychology 2015-11-06
Austin, Aaron Matthew Fundamental Characterization of Unbound Base Course Materials under Cyclic Loading Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-04-12
Autin, Troy Influences of Perceived social Network Structure Characteristics on College Student's Perceptions of Social Capital Value and Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2017-07-10
Autrey, Pamela Kay The Trouble with Girls: Autoethnography and the Classroom Curriculum & Instruction 2003-07-08
Avellaneda Barbosa, Mavir Carolina Screening for Resistance to Sugarcane Brown Rust with Controlled Conditions Inoculation Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2014-07-11
Avellaneda Barbosa, Mavir Carolina Identification of Genes Associated with Resistance to Brown Rust in Sugarcane and Prevalence of One Major Gene Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2016-04-11
Avery, Jared Christian Examining the Persistence of Students in Academic and Leadership Development Programs Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2014-06-11
Avva, S. V. Satya Prakash Characterization of Boundary Element-Associated Factors BEAF-32A and BEAF-32B and Identification of Novel Interaction Partners in Drosophila Melanogaster Biological Sciences 2016-07-07
Ayala, Caitlan Elizabeth Contemporary Organic Transformations Enabled by Novel Cationic Processes Chemistry 2016-02-26
Ayeni, Oladapo Olanrewaju Sedimentation of Swarms of Particles at Low and Moderate Reynolds Numbers Chemical Engineering 2013-07-02
Ayer, Kevin Curtis Measuring Skeletal Kinematics with Accelerometers on the Skin Surface Mechanical Engineering 2007-01-08
Ayers, James E. "The Colossal Vitality of His Illusion": The Myth of the American Dream in the Modern American Novel English 2011-06-23
Ayirala, Subhash C. Surfactant-Induced Relative Permeability Modifications for Oil Recovery Enhancement Petroleum Engineering 2002-11-13
Ayirala, Subhash C. Measurement and Modeling of Fluid-Fluid Miscibility in Multicomponent Hydrocarbon Systems Petroleum Engineering 2005-07-13
Ayoobi, Mohsen Chemical Structure and Dynamics in Laminar Flame Propagation Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2015-11-07
Ayrer, James Subsurface Stratigraphic Architecture of Pleistocene Sediments in the Greater New Orleans Area Geology & Geophysics 2013-06-04
Azzarito, Laura Students' Construction of the Body in Physical Education Kinesiology 2004-08-12

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