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Wabuyele, Musundi Ben Genome Analysis: Mutation Analysis Using Near Infrared Laser-Induced Fluorescence (NIR-LIF) and Single Molecule Detection in Microfluidic Devices Chemistry 2003-04-03
Wade, Dylan Armstrong The Mathematical in Heidegger and Badiou Philosophy & Religious Studies 2008-07-11
Wade, Charles H. Why the Old Traditions Will Not Fail: Landscape, Legends, and the Construction of Place at Dartmouth College Geography & Anthropology 2009-07-09
Wagener, Cynthia Evaluation of Static Low Density Media Filters for Use in Domestic Wastewater Treatment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-11-13
Waggoner, Sara Katherine Food Safety Knowledge and Practices of Food Recovery Agency Workers before and after Food Safety Training Human Ecology 2004-04-05
Waghmare, Yogesh G Vibrations for Improving Multiphase Contact Chemical Engineering 2008-03-04
Wagner, Robert Owen Developing Landscape-Scaled Habitat Selection Functions for Forest Wildlife from Landsat Data: Judging Black Bear Habitat Quality in Louisiana Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-11
Wagner, Terry Joel "To Liberate Communication:" The Realist and Paul Krassner's 1960s History 2010-07-07
Wagner, Erik Paul "The Lonely Romantic": Nature, Education, and Cultural Pessimism in the Early Works of Hermann Hesse History 2015-02-19
Wagner, Terry Expertise and Disbelief: Post-1945 American Attitudes Toward the Authority of Knowledge History 2015-07-06
Waguespack, April Marie Low Crude Protein, Amino Acid-Supplemented Diets, and the Glycine Requirement in Low Crude Protein Diets for Broilers Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2007-11-14
Waimaleongora-Ek, Pamarin Sensory Characteristics of Salt Substitute Containing L-Arginine Food Science 2006-11-15
Waite, Esther June Background, Analysis, and Performance Guide for Edison Denisov's Sonata for Flute and Piano Music 2013-04-15
Walden, Michael Robison Characterizing the Epidemiology of Isopora amphiboluri in Captive Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps) Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2009-05-29
Waldhelm, Andy Assessment of core stability: developing practical models Kinesiology 2011-04-26
Waldo, Krystal Marie Effects of Brief Motivational Interviewing on Motivation for Weight Loss Psychology 2014-04-06
Waldo, Krystal Marie The Impact of Weight Bias on Psychological Functioning: The Role of Weight Discrimination and Internalized Weight Bias Psychology 2016-06-23
Waldron, Gregory Joseph Phosphorus Transport and Variability in Two Louisiana Coastal Plain Soils Agronomy 2003-11-07
Waldron, Ryan L Physical Modeling of Flow and Sediment Transport Using Distorted Scale Modeling Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-04-09
Walker, Josey Wade A Comparison of Storm Hydrographs from Small Urban Watersheds with Different Land Use Patterns in Baton Rouge Environmental Studies 2002-07-10
Walker, Jonathan Aaron Development of Low-Fat Sugar-Free Orange Sherbet Containing Soy Protein Food Science 2002-11-08
Walker, Thomas Enhanced Gas Recovery Using Pressure and Displacement Management Petroleum Engineering 2005-04-15
Walker, Rebecca Eight is Not Enough: A Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Analysis of the Flash Mob Communication Studies 2011-04-11
Walker, Chantell Holloway Increasing Student Engagement in the Secondary Math Classroom Mathematics 2015-04-12
Walker, Gordon Elliott Jean Cocteau: Orpheus Narcissus French Studies 2015-07-13
Walker, Eamonn Daire Numerical Studies of Liquid-Liquid Segmented Flows in Square Microchannels Using a Front-Tracking Algorithm Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering 2016-01-19
Walker, Marissa The Effects of Instrumental Noise on Searches for Generic Transient Gravitational Waves in Advanced LIGO Physics & Astrononomy 2017-04-07
Walker, Khirey Bennie Organizational Misconduct within the National Collegiate Athletic Association Kinesiology 2017-06-29
Wall, Melanie Robyn This is only Temporary Art 2016-05-18
Wall, Phillip Douglas Hardenbergh Database Plan Quality Impact on Knowledge-based Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning of Prostate Cancer Physics & Astrononomy 2017-07-06
Wallace, Steven Daniel Surgery Description of Colored Knots Mathematics 2008-03-08
Wallace, Mary Blanchard How Faith and Leadership are Connected: A Study of Catholic Women Administrators in a Southern Public Institution of Higher Education Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2012-06-25
Waller, Cara A Reproductive Characteristics of High Body Condition Mares with High Versus Low Leptin Concentrations Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2005-04-14
Walley, Rachel Cathleen Environmental Factors Affecting the Distribution of Native and Invasive Aquatic Plants in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana, U.S.A. Renewable Natural Resources 2007-11-13
Wallis, Terri Valentine 21st Century Transformational Leadership: The Neo-Stereotypical Phenomenon of a Black Female Principal Education 2016-03-16
Walls, Valerie L. Predictors of Resiliency in Women Affected by Hurricane Katrina Psychology 2012-04-20
Walsdorf, Shannon Kuehne The Influence of Selected Perceptual and Demographic Characteristics on the Attitude toward Mental Health of Students among Faculty at Public Universities in the Southeastern United States Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-04-01
Walsh, Marie Burns Perceived Fairness of and Satisfaction with Employee Performance Appraisal Vocational Education 2003-11-06
Walsh, Sarah Prater Nonprofit Organizations in the Making of Civic Community: Exploring How the Structure of Nonprofit Sectors Matters for Community Wellbeing Sociology 2013-04-15
Walther, John S. Surface Water Pesticide Contamination in the Upper Terrebonne Basin of Louisiana Environmental Studies 2003-04-04
Walz, Anna Maria The Definition, Creation, and Evolution of Buyer-Seller Relationships Marketing (Business Administration) 2009-07-01
Wan, Yuting Optimized Extraction of Soluble Defatted Rice Bran Fiber and Its Application for Microencapsulation of Fish Oil Food Science 2010-08-30
Wan, Zhifu Interfacial Bond Strength Between Old And New Concrete Civil & Environmental Engineering 2011-01-26
Wan, Shenghua Surface Parameterization over Regular Domains Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-10-24
Wan, Shenghua Geometric Modeling and Optimization Over Regular Domains for Graphics and Visual Computing Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-08-30
Wandler, Scott Allen Voluntary Disclosures in Mergers and Acquisitions Accounting 2007-05-16
Wang, Lan Cementitious Stabilization of Soils in the Presence of Sulfate Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-04-09
Wang, Yongping Quantification of the Spatial Gradient of Local Volume Fraction from Tomography Images Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-04-17
Wang, Haohao Equations of Parametric Surfaces with Base Points via Syzygies Mathematics 2003-05-15
Wang, Xinkun Media Ownership and Objectivity Mass Communication 2003-08-18
Wang, Yun Attachment of Oligonucleotide Probes to Polymer Biochips and Its Application for the Detection of Point Mutations Chemistry 2004-01-07
Wang, Fengli Multifunctional Nanocomposite Co-Containing Diamondlike Carbon Thin Films Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2004-11-12
Wang, Yiqian An Examination of U.S. Rice Export Promotion Programs Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2004-12-02
Wang, Lidong Chemical Vapor Deposition of Thin Films for ULSI Interconnect Metallization Chemical Engineering 2005-04-04
Wang, Feng Long Term Pressure Behavior in Turbidite Reservoirs Petroleum Engineering 2005-04-13
Wang, Xiaolan Changing Face: The Evolution of Chinese Women's Dress and Appearance Mass Communication 2005-07-14
Wang, Jianke On the Stability of Rotor Bearing Systems Based on Hopf Bifurcation Theory Mechanical Engineering 2005-10-21
Wang, Shengyu Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Grain Boundary Migration In Nanocrystalline Pd Mechanical Engineering 2006-01-24
Wang, Zhengyuan Residue Coevolution: Modeling and Interpretation Biological Sciences 2006-06-12
Wang, Weihua Direct Detection of Homocysteine and Syntheses of Lanthanide Complexes as Biosensors Chemistry 2006-09-25
Wang, Wenming An Adaptive Multi-scale Computational Method for Modeling Nonlinear Deformation in Nanoscale Materials Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-11-07
Wang, Hui SVA Elements: Hominid Specific Retrotransposons Biological Sciences 2006-11-07
Wang, Dimeng Sigma-Delta Modulation Based Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-07-08
Wang, Xiaoting Study of Ranking Irregularities When Evaluating Alternatives by Using Some ELECTRE Methods and a Proposed New MCDM Method Based on Regret and Rejoicing Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2007-07-11
Wang, Guiyuan Voices in Cultural Heritage Preservation: A Comparative Study between New Orleans and Changting (China) Geography & Anthropology 2007-07-11
Wang, Wennan “Shui Diao Ge Tou” from Poems of the Sung Dynasty Music 2008-06-08
Wang, Hongye A Unified Methodology of Maintenance Management for Repairable Systems Based on Optimal Stopping Theory Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2008-08-14
Wang, Xiaoting A Study of Regret and Rejoicing and a New MCDM Method Based on Them Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2008-11-13
Wang, Jing Insights into the Streptomycete Conjugation Mechanism and Interstrain Inhibitor Production by the Sweet Potato Pathogen Streptomyces ipomoeae Biological Sciences 2009-04-08
Wang, Fugui Spatial-Temporal Responses of Louisiana Forests to Climate Change and Hurricane Disturbance Renewable Natural Resources 2009-06-08
Wang, Yanning TNF-alpha Inhibition of Adiponectin Expression by Targeting PPAR-gamma and C/EBP in Adipocytes Human Ecology 2009-07-01
Wang, Wei Signaling of Integrin Lower Leg and Transmembrane Domains Biological Sciences 2010-09-22
Wang, Zhengjun East Meets West? Determinants of Chinese Firms' Response to Pressures towards International Corporate Governance Standards Management (Business Administration) 2010-05-27
Wang, Dong Understanding the Selective Detection of Homocysteine and Studies toward the Synthesis of Vinigrol Chemistry 2011-04-11
Wang, Zhiwei Performance of Twin-Rotor DC Homopolar Motor Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-01
Wang, Fei Structural and Electronic Properties of Noble Metals on Metal Oxide Surfaces Physics & Astronomy 2011-07-05
WANG, YI Optimization of Heat-stable Protein Extraction in Recalcitrant Spartina Alterniflora Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2011-10-26
Wang, Xinqi Semantically-Aware Data Discovery and Placement in Collaborative Computing Environments Computer Science 2012-03-08
Wang, Hua Economic Assessment of Rapid Land-Building Technologies for Coastal Restoration Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2012-03-15
Wang, Wennan Moonlight Shadows and Night Thoughts (Symphony No.1) and An Analysis of Qigang Chen’s Extase II Music 2012-04-24
Wang, Neng Boron Composite Nanoparticles for Enhancement of Bio-Fuel Combustion Chemical Engineering 2012-08-07
Wang, Weijie Modeling Population Patterns in New Orleans 2000-2010: A Density Function Approach Geography & Anthropology 2012-10-24
Wang, Fei Development and Application of Serogroup-independent and Serogroup-specific Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification Assays for Detecting Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Food Science 2011-09-25
wang, yi A Novel System to Study Seed Recalcitrance and Dormancy - Comparative Proteomics between Two Spartina Species Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2013-05-24
Wang, Li Thermal Cycling and Thermal Radiation Performances of Novel Thermal Barrier Coatings Mechanical Engineering 2013-06-25
Wang, Xuanye Extra Structures on Three-Dimensional Cobordisms Mathematics 2013-07-03
Wang, Xuan Statistical Classification Problems in Assessment of Teachers Mathematics 2013-07-05
Wang, Wei Emergence of Delamination Fractures around Casing and Its Stability Petroleum Engineering 2013-12-09
Wang, Haijun Syntheses and Characterization of Isoporphyrins and BODIPYs for PDT and Imaging Chemistry 2014-04-11
Wang, Huabo Estimating U.S. Household Seafood Demand Based on Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Data Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2014-06-11
Wang, Cai Research in Biological Control of the Formosan Subterranean Termite Entomology 2014-07-11
Wang, Xiaoping Development of Visible Light-Promoted Photocatalytic O-Glycosylation, C-H Activation of Alkanes and Deoxygenation of N-(Mesyloxy) Amides Chemistry 2014-11-12
Wang, Hui Two Essays on Institutional Investors and U.S. Bank Holding Companies Finance 2015-05-13
Wang, Qing Regulatory Impacts of Assembled Pol III Complexes on Neighboring Pol II Transcribed Genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biological Sciences 2015-10-30
Wang, Jiao Development of Satellite-Assisted Forecasting System for Oyster Norovirus Outbreaks Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-11-11
Wang, Zhen Can We Make Chinatown a More Sustainable Environment: Rethinking and Remaking Chinatown, San Francisco? Landscape Architecture 2016-04-06
Wang, Ting Essays on Regional Economic Growth in China Economics 2016-06-16
Wang, Zi Cobalt-based Catalysts for the Conversion of Biomass-derived Syngas to Ethanol and Higher Oxygenates Chemical Engineering 2016-10-27
Wang, Hua Private Market Alternatives for Maintaining Wetland Viability in Coastal Louisiana: A Double-Hurdle Approach Agricultural Economics 2016-11-07
Wang, Zinan Biology and Ecology of Crapemyrtle Bark Scale, Acanthococcus Lagerstroemiae (Kuwana) (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae) Entomology 2017-04-09
Wang, Gaomin The Role of Defects in the Metal-Nonmetal Transition in Metallic Oxide Films Physics & Astrononomy 2017-07-09
Wangila, David Sindani Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis Corn Containing Pyramided Traits for Management of Sugarcane Borer, Diatraea saccharalis (F.) Entomology 2012-04-26
Ward, Brian Michael Effects of Land Use and Habitat on Stream Fish Assemblages in Tributaries of the Lower Bogue Chitto Watershed, Washington Parish, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-08-27
Ward, Nicole A Simplicillium lanosoniveum, a Mycoparasite of Phakopsora pachyrhizi and Its Use as a Biological Control Agent Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2011-04-27
Ward, Aaryn Does School Context Matter for the Low SES Student? Investigating the Causal Effects of School Context on College Enrollment Sociology 2011-06-05
Ward, Steven Matthew A Discourse on Geospatial Technology Applications in Predictive Analytics and Evidence-Based Decision Support for Disaster Research and Management Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-09
Ward, Crystal Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services: A Study of Child Welfare Workers' Burnout Social Work 2013-04-15
Ward, Brian Michael Effects of Minor Elements on Cercospora kikuchii, Cercospora Leaf Blight and Rust on Soybeans Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2015-07-02
Ward, Brian Michael Documentation of Siderophore Activity, Metal Binding, and its Effect on Symptomatology of Cercospora Leaf Blight Caused in Soybean by Cercosporin from Cercospora cf. flagellaris Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2017-07-10
Ware, Helen Bourgeois Learner-Centered E-Learning: An Exploration of Learner-Centered Practices in Online and Traditional Instruction in Higher Education Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2006-11-14
Warren, Kim Andrepont Advising Perceptions in Student Support Services Programs Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2005-11-17
Warshauer, Lisa Some Classes of Graphs That Are Nearly Cycle-free Mathematics 2011-06-27
Wasan, Sonia Do Accruals Exacerbate Information Asymmetry in the Market? Accounting 2006-05-23
Washer, Nancy Ellen "Los motz e.l so": Words, Melody, and Their Interaction in the Songs of Folquet de Marseille Music 2002-11-06
Washington, Charity Hope Assessing Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Intention to Start a Business Among College Students Majoring in Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising Design 2017-06-04
Wasike, Ben S. The Diffusion of GIS in Journalism Mass Communication 2005-08-11
Watkins, Ariane Diane Effectiveness of Copper-Oxide Wire Particles on the Control of Haemonchus Contortus in Sheep Epidemiology & Community Health (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2003-07-09
Watkins, Katherine Shepard An evaluation of alternative approaches for simulating animal movement in spatially-explicit individual-based models Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2012-06-05
Watkins, Donald E. Faced with Faces Theatre 2013-03-23
Watkins, III, Thomas Earl The Relation between Episodic Memory and Artificial Grammar Learning Psychology 2007-04-04
Watson, Margaret M. Doing Homework: Negotiations of the Domestic in Twentieth-Century Novels of Teaching English 2002-04-17
Watson, Brandy Centrell The Effects of Phytase in Nutritionally Adequate Diets,Diets Deficient in Calcium and Phosphorus, and the Interactive Effects of Phytase and Eimeria Acervulina Infection in Broiler Chicks Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences) 2002-07-12
Watson, Erin Jean Grindley Faunal Succession of Necrophilous Insects Associated with High-Profile Wildlife Carcasses in Louisiana Entomology 2004-07-06
Watson, Stephanie F. The Effect of the Implicit Theory of Integrity on an Internal Auditor's Assessment of Management Fraud Risk Accounting 2004-10-21
Watson, Jenna Rae The Relationship between Early Cumulative Caregiver Sensitivity and Children's Later Self-Perception of Cognitive Competence and Cognitive Performance Human Ecology 2008-10-23
Watson, Joseph Alan Screening TED: A rhetorical analysis of the intersections of rhetoric, digital media, and pedagogy Communication Studies 2014-08-21
Watson, Brian Kendall The Political Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Ethical Problem of Tyrannicide Political Science 2015-07-03
Watterson, Katrina The Attitudes of African American Students Towards the Study of Foreign Languages and Cultures Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2011-04-15
Watton, Jason R Improving the Design of Golf Course Communities as Wildlife Habitats Landscape Architecture 2002-04-11
Watts, Karin Eberhardt Wash Art 2002-04-16
Watts, Paul Revisiting the 1992 Los Angeles Riots: An Analysis of Geographical Perspectives Geography & Anthropology 2003-11-11
Watts, Paul Ronald Landscape, Mobilities, and Performance: An Autoethnographic and Visual Engagement with Public Protests in Washington, DC Geography & Anthropology 2011-06-08
Watts, Adam Michael A Secondary Monitor Unit Calculation Algorithm using Superposition of Symmetric, Open Fields for IMRT Plans Physics & Astronomy 2013-10-03
Watzke, Dana Ann Short-Term Evolution of a Marsh Island System and the Importance of Cold Front Forcing, Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-09-14
Waychoff, Brianne Composing a Method: Écriture Féminine as Performance Practice Communication Studies 2012-04-25
Wayman, William Rittenhouse From Gamete Collection to Database Development: Development of a Model Cryopreserved Germplasm Repository for Aquatic Species with Emphasis on Sturgeon Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-10
Wayne, Angela Literacy Behaviors of Preschool Children Human Ecology 2006-07-13
Wayne, Christy Rose Metric Variation in the Human Sacrum: Costal Process Length Among Black and White South Africans Geography & Anthropology 2016-05-23
Weathers-Meyer, Amanda Joy An Experimental Investigation of Autonomy Support Versus Thwart in an Exergaming Context Kinesiology 2015-07-12
Weathersby, John Henry Investigation of Bond Slip between Concrete and Steel Reinforcement under Dynamic Loading Conditions Civil and Environmental Engineering 2003-03-21
Weber, Carolyn Frances Distribution, Diversity and Ecology of Aerobic Carbon Monoxide-Oxidizing Bacteria in Hawaiian Volcanic Deposits Biological Sciences 2009-05-16
Weber, Andrew Design, Fabrication, and Operation of Two Broadband Force Balance Seismometers Physics & Astronomy 2009-11-10
Weber, Jessica Ketcham Ephemeral Media, Persistent Action: Public Pedagogies of Collective Resistance English 2010-06-18
Weckstein, Jason David Systematics and Cophylogenetics of Toucans and Their Associated Chewing Lice Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2003-09-25
Wegmann, Andrew N. Christian Community and the Development of an Americo-Liberian Identity, 1824-1878 History 2010-06-09
Wehmer, Paul High Strain Rate Characteristics of Rubber Modified Syntactic Foams Mechanical Engineering 2008-11-13
Wei, Chung-Yu Traffic Engineering in Multiprotocol Label Switching Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-08-28
Wei, Lei Numerical Simulation and Field Verification of Inclined Piezocone Penetration Test in Cohesive Soils Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-08
Wei, Mei-Mei Summary of Lecture Recital: Bright Sheng's Selected Chamber Music for Strings: Two Violin Solos, and Two String Quartets Music 2006-11-08
Wei, Zhongxin Nanoindentation Behavior of Clay Minerals and Clay-based Nanostructured Multilayers Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-07-29
Wei, Zhenyi Dynamic Characterization of Vocal Fold Vibrations Mechanical Engineering 2012-06-26
Wei, Ziran Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Phosphate from Igneous Rock Weathering Profiles Geology & Geophysics 2016-08-23
Weill, Clay Carter Keys of War English 2003-04-09
Weinzettle, Ruth Thornhill Parents Whose Attitudes Do Not Support Corporal Punishment: Descriptives, Correlates, and Predictors of Parents Who Spank and Parents Who Do Not Spank Social Work 2003-11-06
Weir, Daniel Raymond No Place to Die: The Poetics of Roadside Sacred Places in Mexico Geography and Anthropology 2002-04-03
Welch, Christopher Erik Computed Tomography Imaging to Quantify Iodine Distribution in Iododeoxyuridine- Labeled DNA Physics & Astronomy 2008-11-10
Welch, Stephanie Erin Source(s) of Salinity in the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer, Iberville Parish, Louisiana Geology & Geophysics 2009-11-03
Welch, Elizabeth Damon Hill Art 2017-05-18
Weldu, Yibrah Weldemihret Automated Generation and Visualization of Initial Construction Schedules from Building Information Models Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2016-04-12
Wellman, Kevin Daniel Experimental Study of Frequency Oscillations in Islanded Power System Electrical & Computer Engineering 2017-06-05
Wells, Alair Dyan Thick Skinned Art 2004-10-12
Wells, Robert Joseph David The Effects of Trawling and Habitat Use on Red Snapper and the Associated Community Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-04-03
Wells, David D. An Introduction to the Life and Music of Javier Busto and a Conductor’s Analysis of "Missa pro Defunctis" (1997) Music 2009-01-16
Wells, Daniel Evan Poultry Litter Ash as a Phosphorus Source for Greenhouse Crop Production Horticulture 2013-04-15
Wells, Jeremy L. Power and Purpose: U.S. Foreign Aid and Development Political Science 2013-07-07
Weltman, Jerry Scott Toward Digitizing the Human Experience: A New Resource for Natural Language Processing Computer Science 2013-04-04
Weltman, Jerry Scott Language Processing and the Artificial Mind: Teaching Code Literacy in the Humanities Linguistics 2015-07-06
Wen, Shirong The Electrodeposition and Property Study of Nickel-Rhenium Alloy Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2005-11-15
Wen, Shyang Improved Seismic Isolation for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory with Hydraulic External Pre-Isolator System Physics & Astronomy 2009-01-21
Wen, Sirui Transport and Degradation of Oil Residues on Coastal Beaches Civil & Environmental Engineering 2017-04-05
Wen, Xue The Effect of Rule-Based Scaffoldings on Second Grade Students' Digital Storytelling Education 2017-04-06
werle, christopher An Integrated Approach to Ambrosia Beetle Management in Ornamental Tree Nurseries: Biology of and Control Measures for Exotic Xyleborina Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2016-04-12
Wesse, David Joseph The Influence of the Introduction of Baccalaureate Degree Programs on the Awarding of Associate Degrees at Public Community Colleges Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2012-09-10
West, Lisa Onontiyoh Re-Evaluating the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia Art 2003-04-04
West, James David Building Codes: Mapping Technology and Tradition Art 2009-05-24
West, Jennifer Ellis Birth Matters: Discourses of Childbirth in Contemporary American Culture English 2011-04-20
West, Jonathan L Ecosystem metabolism in coastal plain streams of southeast Louisiana: environmental and watershed effects Renewable Natural Resources 2012-11-13
West, Anna Catherine "In the School, Not of the School": Co-Performing Critical Literacies with English Amped English 2017-07-06
Westbrook, Phillip Thomas Bioassimilation, Burial, and Sediment Denitrification at Shallow-water and Deep-water Oyster Reefs in Two Louisiana Estuaries Renewable Natural Resources 2016-11-03
Westmoreland, Kalene Interior Revolutions: Doing Domesticity, Advocating Feminism in Contemporary American Fiction English 2006-01-22
Westrick, Autumn Anastasia Biogeochemical Controls on Fate of Subsurface Oiled Sands on a Coastal Headland Beach Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014-04-14
Whaley, C. Brian Hybridization of Lepomid Sunfishes by Use of Cryopreservation Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-09-03
Whaley, Meocha Physical Stability of Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) and PLGA/Chitosan Nanoparticles and Chemical Stability of Entrapped Alpha-Tocopherol and Lutein Biological & Agricultural Engineering 2014-07-13
Wheelock, Katherine Pulsed River Flooding Effects on Sediment Deposition in Breton Sound Estuary, Louisiana Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2003-04-04
Whelan, Emily Sashel The Response of the National School Lunch Program and Food Stamp Program in Southern Louisiana in the Wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Human Ecology 2006-11-17
Whetstone, Whitney Spectacle, Pageantry, and Parading Theatre 2011-04-11
Whipp, Michelle D Identification of Blood Protein in Louisiana Clay Soil Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-13
Whisenhunt, Brooke L. Prevention of Eating Disorders in Athletes: An Intervention for Coaches Psychology 2002-06-15
Whitaker, Jennifer A. Analyses of High School Band Students' and Directors' Perceptions of Verbal and Nonverbal Teaching Behaviors Music 2008-04-01
White, Marney A. Mediators of Weight Loss in an Internet-Based Intervention for African American Adolescent Girls Psychology 2003-05-15
White, Robin Anita 19th and 20th Century French Exoticism: Pierre Loti, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Michel Leiris, and Simone Schwarz-Bart French Studies 2004-06-09
White, Paul David The Stable Isotope Stratigraphy and Paleosols of North America’s Most Southern Exposure of Late Paleocene/Early Eocene Fosssiliferous Continental Deposits: Documenting the Initial Eocene Thermal Maximum in Big Bend National Park, Texas Geology & Geophysics 2005-03-14
White, Kelli Listen, Sing and Learn: The Effects of Musical Activities on Phonemic Awareness in the Foreign Language Classroom Foreign Languages & Literatures 2008-04-10
White, Ursula Antoinette The Effects of STAT Activators and the Crosstalk of gp130 Cytokines in Adipocytes Biological Sciences 2009-07-08
White, Carla Linville Reassembled Art and History: The San Michele in Africisco (Ravenna)Mosaics Art 2014-05-29
White, Brandon Evaluating the Effects of Silicon and Nitrogen Fertilization on Wheat Production Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2015-04-08
White Jr, John Bernell The Strategic Mind of Zbigniew Brzezinski: How a Native Pole Used Afghanistan to Protect His Homeland Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-04-25
Whitehead, Dorothy A Stage Targeted Physical Activity Intervention among a Predominantly African American Low Income Medical Population Psychology 2004-11-09
Whitehead, Dorothy Fauntleroy A Home-Based Intervention to Promote Physical Activity in Low Income African American Adults Psychology 2007-07-11
Whitehead, Amy Solomon The Unattainable Ideal: Walter Lippmann and the Limits of the Press and Public Opinion Mass Communication 2015-11-16
Whitfield, Andrew David A Performer's Guide to Virgil Thomson's "Five Songs from William Blake" Music 2004-05-19
Whitfield, Kristi Renee Canning Foods and Selling Modernity: The Canned Food Industry and Consumer Culture, 1898-1945 History 2012-10-08
Whiting, Reanna (Sara) Elise Development and Validation of the Adolescent Thought Control Questionnaire (TCQ-A) Psychology 2012-03-08
Whiting, Reanna Elise Trait Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Factors of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents: A Hierarchical Model Psychology 2015-07-08
Whitley, Kristi Lee Factors Influencing Regeneration of Plantlets from Leaf Strips of Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch.) Horticulture 2004-11-03
Whitlock, Reta Ugena This Corner of Canaan: Curriculum Studies of Place and the Reconstruction of the South Curriculum & Instruction 2005-06-14
Whitmarsh, Ernest An Analysis of the Effects of Contingent Delivery of Tasks with Different Difficulty and Noncontingent Delivery of Tasks with Different Preference Psychology 2002-04-11
Whitney, David Nathan Maladies of Modernity: Scientism in Politics Political Science 2010-11-10
Whitney, Sabrina Michelle Juvenile Justice in Louisiana: An Exploratory Study of Trends Surrounding Juvenile Incarceration Social Work 2012-04-26
Whittaker, Kelly Diane Political Conspiracy in Napoleonic France: The Malet Affair History 2007-11-13
Whittaker III, Donald Elgan Subversive Aspects of American Musical Theatre Theater 2002-04-18
Whittington, Jennifer Kaye Muscovite Pseudomorphs after Staurolite as a Record of Fluid Infiltration during Prograde Metamorphism Geology & Geophysics 2006-05-02
Whittington, Zane Jay The Impact of Student Centered Learning Strategies in Middle School Earth Science Natural Science 2014-07-14
Whitty, Kristin Factors Influencing the Importance of Incorporating Competencies Regarding Mass Casualty Incidents into Baccalaureate-Degree Nursing Programs as Perceived by Currently Employed Faculty Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2006-10-27
Wiboonton, Keng The Segal-Bargmann Transform on Inductive Limits of Compact Symmetric Spaces Mathematics 2009-07-06
Widenski, David John A Thermodynamic Framework for the Modeling and Optimization of Crystallization Processes Chemical Engineering 2012-03-30
Wiegers, Emily Faith Language Use in Forensic Settings Geography & Anthropology 2017-03-30
Wiegman, Adrian R. H. Modeling the Influence of Energy and Climate Megatrends on Future Costs and Benefits of Marsh Creation in the Mississippi Delta Oceanography 2017-05-30
Wieland, Lindsay Michelle Seed Rain and Advance Regeneration in Secondary Succession in the Brazilian Amazon Biological Sciences 2011-04-12
Wiens, Darren Kirk Nest Success and Nest Site Selection of Shorebirds in North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-12
Wiggins, Urban Terrell Cognitive Radio Network with a Distributed Control Channel and Quality-of-Service Solution Computer Science 2011-11-07
Wiggins, Megan Kliebert Evaluating and Increasing the Range of Reinforcers for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder Psychology 2015-04-10
Wiggins II, Cameron Benjamin Hatchability of Post-Peak Egg Production Broiler Breeder Eggs as Influenced by Pre-Incubation Warming. Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2008-01-22
Wignall, James Richard Computed Tomographic assessment of canine arytenoid lateralization Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2013-05-23
Wilburn, Rae Jung The Walker Art Center Website: A Study of Cultural Administration Art 2013-06-10
Wilcox, Kassi M. Detecting deception: The diagnostic utility of unanticipated questions Communication Studies 2017-04-10
Wildman, Kelli Elaine Factors That Influence College Students Who Choose Engineering as Their Major to Persist in That Major to Their Fifth Semester Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2009-11-10
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Wilkerson, Debra A. The Influence of Program Participation in Business Education Courses on Standardized Test Performance among Secondary Students in Louisiana Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2010-04-22
Wilkins, Jonathan A Comparison of Social Skills Profiles in Intellectually Disabled Adults with and without ASD Psychology 2008-05-22
Wilkins, Jonathan The Relationship Between Social Skills and Challenging Behaviors in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Psychology 2010-06-08
Wilkinson, Steven P. Uric Acid-Mediated Modulation of the Transcriptional Regulator HucR from Deinococcus Radiodurans Biological Sciences 2005-04-06
Wilkinson, Betina Cutaia Understanding Americans' Attitudes toward Latino and Asian Immigration Political Science 2007-04-10
Wilkinson, Matthew E. Destructive Behavior Among Adolescents: The Role of Social Integration in the Academic Institution Sociology 2008-11-12
Wilkinson, Betina Cutaia Commonality, Competition, and Stereotypes: Can Whites, Blacks and Latinos Play Politics Together in the United States? Political Science 2010-04-20
Will, Celina N. Temperature and Pressure Conditions of Archean Amphibolite-Granulite Facies Metamorphic Xenoliths from the Eastern Beartooth Mountains, Montana and Wyoming, USA Geology & Geophysics 2013-04-15
Willett, Randi Marie A Peculiar Paradigm of Perpetual Parallax Art 2016-01-19
Williams, Heather Anne A Mediated Hierarchical Regression Analysis of Factors Related to Research Productivity of Human Resource Development Postsecondary Faculty Vocational Education 2003-03-26
Williams, Blake Jamison Liminal Recollection . . . between Memory and Reality Art 2002-06-05
Williams, Kashunda Lynn An Evaluation of Distributed Practice Using Constant Time Delay in the Acquisition of Sight Words with Children Psychology 2003-11-07
Williams, John Dalton Design and Fabrication of Electromagnetic Micro-Relays Using the UV-LIGA Technique Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2004-04-15
Williams, Wayne Wynn,III A Historical Perspective of Governor Mike Foster's "Live Mike" Radio Program Mass Communication 2004-07-07
Williams, Heath Stuart Development of a True Triaxial Apparatus for Soil Testing Civil & Environmental Engineering 2004-04-29
Williams, Kashunda Lynn Training Parents in Consequence Delivery and To Initiate School Communication Using an Electronic Home-based Reinforcement Program To Modify Students’ Classroom Behaviors Psychology 2006-11-02
Williams, Michael G. Traversing Landscapes of Converging Worlds Art 2007-06-13
Williams, Willa Maria Synthesis, Crystal Growth, Magnetic and Transport Properties of Ln-M-X (Ln=lanthanide, M=transition metal, X=In, Ga) Compounds Chemistry 2006-07-13
Williams, Brandy Michele Association of Breakfast Consumption Patterns with Weight Status, Nutrient Intake, and Dietary Adequacy in African American Children 1-12 Years of Age and Adolescents 13-18 Years of Age Human Ecology 2008-11-03
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Williams, Michael John Miocene Herpetofaunas from the Central Gulf Coast, USA: Their Paleoecology, Biogeography, and Biostratigraphy Geology & Geophysics 2009-11-13
Williams, Gary Ecological Realism and the Tension of Realism and Idealism in Heidegger's Thought Philosophy & Religious Studies 2011-04-26
Williams, Martha Stuart The Influence of Selected Demographic and Biographical Characteristics on the Level of Cultural Intelligence Among Mid-level Managers of Home Health Care Systems in the United States Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2011-04-28
Williams, David Clayton I Saw Life Art 2012-06-03
Williams, Shaun E. Accessibility to Public High Schools and School Performance in Metropolitan Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1990-2010 Geography & Anthropology 2012-11-14
Williams , Jerel “What Do Separate and Unequal Schools Look Like in The 21st Century? The Legacy of State Sponsored Racial Segregation in The South” Political Science 2013-04-11
Williams, Ashley Jean The Effects of MorphoPhonic Faces as a Method for Teaching Sight Words Communication Sciences & Disorders 2013-04-15
Williams, Mark A. Investigating Soil Property and Quality Changes from Samples Submitted to the LSU AgCenter Soil Testing Laboratory Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-08-19
Williams, Kendrick J Assessment of Detection and Characterization of Simulated Lung Nodules with Low-Dose CT Physics & Astronomy 2013-09-12
Williams, Lindsey Willis Change in Developmental Quotient in Toddlers Assessed for Autism Spectrum Disorder Psychology 2014-04-05
Williams, Kristi Barnett Framing The Case of the Cherokee Freedmen Mass Communication 2014-04-14
Williams, Dylan P. An Analysis of a University Reclassification Effect on Applications Following a Move to a New Intercollegiate Athletic Association Kinesiology 2014-06-28
Williams, Deborah Ann Remittance and Migration: Impact on Technology Adoption, Natural Resource Conservation, and Household Welfare Agricultural Economics 2014-11-12
Williams, Laura Elizabeth Elderly Emergent Readers: A Story to Tell and a Voice to Tell It Education 2016-06-30
Williams, Lindsey Willis Perceived Barriers to Autism Spectrum Disorder Services Psychology 2016-08-14
Williamson, Christian Sacred Trust: The Voluntary Removal and Reburial of Human Remains from a Historic Cemetery in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2005-05-31
Williamson, Richard Dean Berlin & the Origins of Detente: Multilateral & Bilateral Negotiation in the Berlin Crisis, 1958-1963 History 2010-10-27
Willis, Russell Genetic Stratigraphy and Geochronology of Last Interglacial Shorelines on the Central Coast of South Carolina Geology & Geophysics 2006-03-29
Willis, Reid The Direction We Grow Music 2009-08-21
Willis, Jonathan M. Edaphic and Vegetative Controls on Mercury Cycling in Oligohaline Wetlands Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2010-04-21
Willoughby, Trey Douglas An Investigation of the Quality and Quantity of Student Motivation in Physical Education Kinesiology 2015-07-13
Willrich, Melissa Marie Evaluation of Injury and Management Strategies for Stink Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) on Cotton, Gossypium Hirsutum L. Entomology 2004-06-07
Willson, Tina Marie The Economic Importance and Management of Mercury Contamination in Pelagic Fisheries Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2009-08-14
Wilson, Stephen Price Landscape Architecture in El Salvador: A Case Study of the Cerro Verde National Park Landscape Architecture 2001-10-31
Wilson, Kathryn O'Bryan Leg-Extensor Strength and Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance in Independent-Living Older Adults Kinesiology 2002-07-31
Wilson, Michael Stanley Effective Developmental Leadership: A Study of the Traits and Behaviors of a Leader Who Develops Both People and the Organization Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2004-11-03
Wilson, Zakiya Sheni Electronic Structural Investigations of Bi- and Polymetallic Complexes Using Quantum Mechanical Methods Chemistry 2004-11-11
Wilson, Diane The Influence of Transdermally Administered Fentanyl on Isoflurane Requirements in Normothermic and Hypothermic Dogs Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2005-04-11
Wilson, Walker Blake Seasonal Space Use, Habitat Preference and Survival of Female Wild Turkeys in a Louisiana Bottomland Hardwood Forest Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-14
Wilson, Lynda Swanson A Test of Andragogy in a Post-Secondary Educational Setting Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2005-06-15
Wilson, Joseph Edward Investigating the Influence of Anti-Racist Education in Achieving Prejudice Reduction among Secondary Education Students Social Work 2006-04-05
Wilson, Harry James The Urban Development of Spanish Colonial Pensacola, 1781-1821 Geography & Anthropology 2007-04-13
Wilson, Joanie Brocato Brachial Artery Flow Mediated Vasodilation: Effect of Chemical Analytes, Diet, Exercise,and Genetic Markers Kinesiology 2008-03-27
Wilson, Jessica A. Determining Gene Copy Number in Transfected Caprine Fibroblast Cells Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2009-04-08
Wilson, Teresa Veronica Estimating Age at Death by Examining the Crystallite Size of Hydroxylapatite in Human Teeth Geography & Anthropology 2009-04-15
Wilson, Blake Emerson Advanced Management of the Mexican Rice Borer (Eoreuma loftini) in Sugarcane Entomology 2011-04-21
Wilson, Megan "A Damned Set of Rascals" The Continental Army vs. The Continental Congress: Tensions Among Revoultionaries History 2012-04-27
Wilson, Charles Algeo Louisiana’s Suitability for a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility Physics & Astronomy 2012-07-02
Wilson, Carl Brad The Roles of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Neurotransmitters in an Animal Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2014-06-30
Wilson, Blake Emerson Mexican Rice Borer (Eoreuma loftini) Pheromone Trap Efficacy and Role in Invasive Species Monitoring and Pest Management Entomology 2016-04-08
Winchester, Jason B The Use of Endocrine Markers to Predict and Monitor Performance in Strength and Power Activities Kinesiology 2008-08-16
Windsperger, Lee Gregory Operational Methods for Evolution Equations Mathematics 2012-07-11
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Winfield, Phillip Peter Designing Graphic Design History: Teaching for the 21st Century Classroom Art 2011-04-20
Wingate, Ann Elisabeth Attribution Processes in Mother-Adolescent Conflict Psychology 2004-11-09
Winkler, Anthony Greenleaf The Chemistry of Change: A Production Thesis in Directing Theater 2002-03-18
Winkler, Daniel Lawrence Giftedness and Overexcitability: Investigating the Evidence Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2014-03-10
Winslow, Christian Jesse Estimation of Waterfowl Food Abundance in Coastal Freshwater Marshes of Louisiana and Texas Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-11-11
Winters, Lisa Income Inequality and Mortality: A Test of Competing Pathways Sociology 2012-11-14
Wirta, Raina Beth The Collaged Practice: (un)familiar Art 2013-06-11
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Wischusen, Sheri Maples BIOS: A One-Week Pre-Freshman Biology "Boot Camp" as a Tool to Increase Student Success and Retention in the Biological Sciences Major Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2009-03-18
Wiser, Matthew On Contests With Complementarities Economics 2013-06-06
Wissel, Bjoern Effects of Water Color on Food Web Structure in Freshwater Lakes Zoology (Biological Sciences) 2001-10-19
Witcher, Anthony Lynn Evaluation of Fertilizer and Irrigation Production Systems for Large Nursery Containers Horticulture 2003-04-07
Witt, Christopher C. Rates of Molecular Evolution and Their Application to Neotropical Avian Biogeography Biological Sciences 2004-11-12
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Wittig, Molly Murphy Development and Validation of Child Routines Questionnaire: Preschool Psychology 2005-11-11
Woelke, Pawel Benedykt Computational Model for Elasto-Plastic and Damage Analysis of Plates and Shells Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-07-08
Wolf, Garrett Charles A City and Its River: An Urban Political Ecology of The Loop and Bridgeport in Chicago Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-25
Wolfe, Carlyle Zinnias Art 2004-04-15
Wolfe, Alice Monsters and Men: The Life and Works of Sascha Schneider Art 2013-04-15
Wolfe, Jared Desmond Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Central Amazonian Bird Demography Renewable Natural Resources 2014-08-22
Wolff, Bill Elemental: Promise of Plenty Art 2004-06-08
Woltz, Scott Matthew The Role Of Judas Iscariot in Stephen Adly Guirgis’ The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot: A Production Thesis in Acting and the Actor Director Relationship Theatre 2009-04-15
Womack, James Jeffery A Study and an Approach to Historical Performance Practices in the French Baroque Based on Francois Couperin's Treizieme Concert À 2 Instrumens À L’Unisson Music 2003-01-28
Womack, Lee A. Impacts of Red Imported Fire Ants (Solenopsis Invicta Buren) on Native Faunal Communities in Two Pine-Dominated Forests Renewable Natural Resources 2006-03-23
Womack, Jill Hattier Empirical Modeling of Late Quaternary Sediment Supply to the Gulf of Mexico Shelf Margin in a Cool Lowstand World Geology & Geophysics 2007-04-10
Womelsdorf, Charles Stowers Regarding Suicide: A Textually Informed Rhetorical and Psychoanalytic Construct of the State of Disconstituency, Disconstitutive Rhetoric, and the Disconstituent as Related to the Constitutive Rhetorical Structure of the Vanishing Subject Communication Studies 2015-07-13
Wong, Wei-Ping A Cafeteria-Based Tasting Program Improved Elementary School Children's Fruit Preferences and Self-Efficacy to Consume Fruits and Vegetables Human Ecology 2011-04-14
Wong, Douglas D. Synthetic Efforts Toward the Eastern Hemisphere of Theonellamide C Chemistry 2013-11-11
Wood, Bradley Morgan Scientific Modeling & Scientific Realism: A View from Biological Morphology Philosophy & Religious Studies 2013-04-15
Wood, Zacharias Administrator Perceptions of Intramural Coed Flag Football Modifications: A Qualitative Analysis Kinesiology 2014-03-10
Wood, Sarah Elizabeth Biogeochemical Processes Linked to Important Ecosystem Services in Restored and Natural Louisiana Wetlands Oceanography 2017-06-29
Wooden, Elizabeth Waters The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory as an Assessment Tool for Low-Income, African American Children Communication Sciences & Disorders 2006-04-03
Woodroof, Andrew Keane Determining the Performance of Breakwaters During High Energy Events: A Case Study of the Holly Beach Breakwater System Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-11-15
Woods, Jennifer Howard Stormwater Diversion as a Potential Coastal Wetland Restoration Method Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2004-06-08
Woods, David Frank Getting Off the Ground with AP Calculus Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-07-07
Woods, Runyon Colie Comparison of 3D and 4D CBCT for the Localization of Moving Targets Physics & Astrononomy 2015-06-30
Woodward, Colin Edward Marching Masters: Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army, 1861-1865 History 2005-04-12
Woodworth, Grace Ellen A Background, Analysis, and Performance Guide for Eugene Goossens's Concerto in One Movement for Oboe and Orchestra Music 2016-05-26
Woolam, Brandi C. Determining Seasonal Emergence, Growth Characteristics, and Control Programs for Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule L.) Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2016-06-29
Wooley, Dana Nadine Prepartum Maternal Cortisol Concentration on Cortisol and Immunoglobulin G Concentration in Neonatal Dairy Calves Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2010-11-18
Woosley, John Michael Improving Healthcare Supply Chains and Decision Making in the Management of Pharmaceuticals Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2009-04-09
Wooten, Sara Carrigan Campus Sexual Violence and LGBTQ Students: A Mixed Methods Study of Risk, Decision-Making, and Resource Awareness Education 2017-04-10
Wootten, Forest Christopher Toxicological Monitoring and Protocol Development for Abandoned Pipeline Removal in Louisiana Environmental Studies 2009-04-16
Worley, Julie A Comparing Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders using the Current DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Criteria and the Proposed DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria Psychology 2012-06-10
Worley, Chloe Michelle Potential Impacts of the TPP on Agricultural Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region Utilizing a Gravity Model Framework Agricultural Economics 2016-05-27
Worms, Jamie Lauren Mental Mapping the Transformation of Social Space in Rio's Oldest Favela: Morro da Providência Geography & Anthropology 2015-01-19
Worrell, Franklin Donald The Genealogy of Morals: Contemporary Empirical Accounts Philosophy & Religious Studies 2007-04-09
Wosula, Everlyne Nafula Dynamics of the Sweetpotato Potyvirus Aphid Pathosystem in Louisiana Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2012-11-05
Wowor, Andy James Budiman DNA Structural Selectivity of Binding by the Pol I DNA Polymerases from Escherichia coli and Thermus aquaticus Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2009-11-11
Wrenn, Margaret Kathryn Designing Pots: Determining Orange Incised Design Variation and Distribution at the Rollins Shell Ring Site and the Guana Shell Ring Site in Florida Geography & Anthropology 2012-04-19
Wreyford, Brad Play Pretty Art 2010-05-01
Wright, Christine Michelle Significance of Variations among Ancient Deltaic Deposits in the Arkoma Basin, North-Central Arkansas Geology and Geophysics 2002-11-12
Wright, Merrie Marie Memories Near and Far Art 2004-07-06
Wright, Robert A. The Loss of Parental Contact: Prevalence and Consequences Experienced Past and Present Psychology 2004-11-09
Wright, John William Performing Citizenship: Tensions in the Creation of the Citizen Image on Stage and Screen Theatre 2006-10-25
Wright, Robert Allen An Examination of the Good Behavior Game and Behavior Specific Praise Statements on Student and Teacher Behavior Psychology 2008-11-09
Wright, Julie Adele The Impact of Oral Fluency and Silent Fluency on the Comprehension of Fourth Graders Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2011-11-08
Wright, Ashleigh Renee' Studies of Core-Shell NanoGUMBOS and Liposomal Ionogels Chemistry 2013-04-06
Wright, Amy L. Relationship between Childhood Sexual Abuse, Weight, and Attitudes toward Obesity in Lesbians Social Work 2013-04-15
Wright, Zachary Neodymium Isotope Ratios and a Positive δ13C Excursion: Connecting Oceanographic and Climate Changes Near the M4-M5 Sequence Boundary of the Late Ordovician Geology & Geophysics 2015-07-13
Wright, Jonathan Walker Intimate Immensities Art 2016-05-25
Wrona, Kalyn MacKenzie Long-Term Changes and Variability in Northern Hemisphere Circumpolar Vortex Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-15
Wroten, Kathryn Resemblance in Dietary Intakes of Snacks, Sweets, Fruit, Vegetables, Energy, Macronutrients, and Selected Micronutrients Among Mother-Child Dyads from Families with Limited Incomes Human Ecology 2011-11-08
Wrzenski, Rhonda Testing Democracy: The Case of the 17th Amendment and Constituency Representation Political Science 2005-04-14
Wrzenski, Rhonda Probing the Finance Gap Theory: Does Gender Affect Campaign Contributions? Political Science 2010-07-07
Wu, Zhongshan Simulation Study and Instability of Adaptive Control Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001-11-07
Wu, Junqing Implementation of an Integrated Quality Assurance Program for a CT-TPS Process Physics and Astronomy 2002-11-14
Wu, Qishi Control of Transport Dynamics in Overlay Networks Computer Science 2003-04-01
Wu, Qingfang A Disjoining Pressure for Small Contact Angles and Its Applications Mechanical Engineering 2003-04-11
Wu, Qiang Mathematical Modeling Analysis of Floating Bead Biofilter Application to Domestic Wastewater Treatment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-06-12
Wu, Qiju Purification and Antioxidant Activities of Soybean Isoflavones Food Science 2003-06-05
Wu, Kangsheng Long-Term Freshwater Input and Sediment Load from Three Tributaries to Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2005-03-31
Wu, Zhongshan MIMO-OFDM Communication Systems: Channel Estimation and Wireless Location Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-04-04
Wu, Wenjie Theoretical and Experimental Study on Cable Vibration Reduction with a TMD-MR Damper Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-04-05
Wu, Jie Limit Theorems for Weighted Stochastic Systems of Interacting Particles Mathematics 2006-11-15
Wu, Xiaojun Establishment and Chemical Analysis of Hairy Roots of Eucommia ulmoides Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-02
Wu, Wilbur Fong Wah Self-Control of Learning Multiple Motor Skills Kinesiology 2007-06-14
Wu, Chiung-Ta Cold Adaption Behaviors of Vibrio Vulnificus and Vibio Parahaemolyticus in Oysters Food Science 2007-11-13
Wu, Xiaoyi Resistance to Bacillus Thuringiensis in Sugarcane Borer, Diatraea Saccharalis (F.) Entomology 2008-11-12
Wu, Lisha Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Influencing Early Height Growth in Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill) Renewable Natural Resources 2008-11-13
Wu, Jessica The Role of Nina in Diana Son's SATELLITES: A Production Thesis in Acting Theatre 2009-04-15
Wu, An Model-Based Nonlinear Control of Active Tilting-Pad Bearings Mechanical Engineering 2010-06-24
Wu, Li-Fang The Alfred Cortot Study Edition of Chopin's Etudes & How the Alexander Technique Can Facilitate Progress towards Performance through His Suggested Exercises Music 2010-10-19
Wu, Bingqing Optimal Production and Delivery Scheduling Models for a Supply Chain System of Deteriorating Items Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2012-07-06
Wu, Yinglu Online Reviews and Consumers' Willingness to Pay: The Role of Uncertainty Marketing (Business Administration) 2012-10-31
Wu, Jiahao Fabrication and Characterization of a Polymeric Nanofluidic Device for DNA Analysis Mechanical Engineering 2012-12-10
Wu, Xin The Power of Affective Factors (Self-Efficacy, Motivation and Gender) to Predict Chemistry Achievement With the Benefits of Knowledge Surveys on Metacognition Level Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-09-04
Wu, Bingqing Optimal Location of Biomethane Gas Manufacturing Plants and Allocation of Feedstock and Liquified Carbon Product Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2015-04-04
Wu, Mengxi Attosecond Transient Absorption in Gases and High Harmonic Generation in Solids Physics & Astrononomy 2015-07-04
Wu, Yan Interactions Between Local Magnetic Moments and Itinerant Charge Carriers in Fe-based systems Physics & Astrononomy 2016-04-11
Wunderlich, Michael Shane The Rebranding of the Brooklyn Nets: A Discourse Analysis Mass Communication 2013-04-10
Wyatt, Sara O'Neil A Study of the Effectiveness of a Common Household Chemical for Maceration Geography & Anthropology 2015-04-06
Wydra, Michelle M. From the Top Down and the Bottom Up: the Contemporary Practice and Choice of Midwifery in Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2006-04-06
Wymer, Joy Helena Psychological and Neuropsychological Correlates of Postconcussional Disorder Psychology 2004-06-16
Wynn, Christy Gayle Alternative Language Sample Analyses for the Assessment of Low-Income African-American Children Communication Sciences and Disorders 2003-04-10

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