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Vaca Moran, Franklin Fernando Application of Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis to Determine Consumers' Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Grass Fed Beef in the United States Agricultural Economics 2014-11-05
Vaddiraja, Radhika Generalized D-Sequences and Their Application to CDMA Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2003-06-05
Vaden, Sam An Analysis of Printemps d'amour (op. 40) and L'Union (op. 48): Two Programmatic Piano Solos by Louis Moreau Gottschalk Music 2014-01-19
Vadlamani, Srividya Development of an Alternative Approach to Estimate Vehicle Miles Traveled Using a Classification Procedure Civil & Environmental Engineering 2005-04-14
Vaidya, Varada Vasant East African Hydroclimatic Variability: 1950-1999 Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-13
Valadez, Rafael Una pluma fuera de serie: La (re)presentación de la lesbiana en la trilogía de Lola Van Guardia Foreign Languages & Literatures 2011-04-25
Valencic, Lynne Angela The Extinction Properties of Reddened Galactic OB Sightlines Physics & Astronomy 2003-10-31
Valente, Jonathon Joseph Distribution and Habitat Associations of Breeding Secretive Marsh Birds in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Northeast Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-04-15
Valiantis, Marios Anastasis Influences on State-Level Policies for Wildfire Risk Reduction Environmental Studies 2003-04-01
VALLABHU, BHANU VIJAY Fundamental Characterization of Asphalt Mixtures: Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies in Flexible Pavement Systems Civil & Environmental Engineering 2012-11-16
Valle, Bertha Cedillo An Evaluation of the Enantiomeric Recogntion of Amino Acid Based Polymeric Surfactants and Cyclodextrins Using Spectroscopic and Chromatographic Methods Chemistry 2005-11-13
Valle, Laura Pier Interrelationships among Medication Types and Health Characteristics in Individuals with Bipolar Disorder Receiving Integrated Health Services Social Work 2017-04-10
Vallejo-Arrieta, Victor Gerardo Analytical Model to Control Off - Bottom Blowouts Utilizing the Concept of Simultaneous Dynamic Seal and Bullheading Petroleum Engineering 2002-07-06
Valliyil Thankachan, Sharma Space-Efficient Data Structures for String Searching and Retrieval Computer Science 2014-01-16
Van Brunt, Patricia Kuhlman LA Grad Act’s Effects on Developmental Faculty: A Case Study Education 2015-09-22
Van Camp, Carole Marie Behavior Analysis in Child Welfare: A Preliminary Program Evaluation Psychology 2004-11-05
Van Hook, James Albert The Reliabiliity and Validity of Screening Measures in Reading Psychology 2008-03-05
van Lamsweerde, Amanda Attention Is Not Required to Maintain Feature Bindings in Visual Working Memory Psychology 2010-04-12
van Lamsweerde, Amanda Elaine What You Attend to is What You Remember: Investigating the Unit of Representation in Visual Working Memory Psychology 2013-04-03
Van Why, Kyle Ryan Feasibility of Restoring the Louisiana Black Bear (Ursus Americanus Luteolus) to Portions of Their Former Range Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2003-05-26
Vance, Michael J. Function Based Interventions Versus Non-function Based Interventions Within a General Education Setting Psychology 2008-04-11
Vance, Carla Bota The Hegemony of Language - Literary Writing and the Quest for Subjectivity in the Works of Michel de Montaigne and Charles Ferdinand Ramuz French Studies 2011-08-30
Vance, Michael James Examination of the Relationship between Specific Classes of Social Skill Behaviors and Academic Competence on the Social Skills Improvement System Rating-Scales Psychology 2012-04-24
VanDenburgh, William Meriwether Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of l998: A Test of New Public Management Accounting 2004-11-06
Vanderford, Chad Rights of Humans, Rights of States: The Academic Legacy of St. George Tucker in Nineteenth-Century Virginia History 2005-05-25
VantLeven, Kimberly Tracing Legends Art 2007-05-31
VanWeelden, Matthew Travis Impact and Management of the Mexican Rice Borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Bioenergy Crop Agroecosystems Entomology 2015-11-05
VanZomeren, Christine M. Fate of Mississippi River Diverted Nitrate on Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Coastal Marshes of Breton Sound Estuary Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2011-06-28
Varanasi, Srinivas Assessing the Feasibility of Supplying Vehicle Activity Data to MOBILE6 Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) Civil & Environmental Engineering 2003-11-13
Vargas, Jose Luis Determinants of Fluid Milk Quality Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2009-01-22
Vargas Lopez, Luis Alfonso Influence of “Added” Whey Protein Isolate on Probiotic Properties of Yogurt Culture Bacteria and Yogurt Characteristics Dairy Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2013-11-15
Vargas-Rodriguez, Yalma Luisa Ecology of Disjunct Cloud Forest Sugar Maple Populations (Acer Saccharum Subsp. Skutchii) in North and Central America Biological Sciences 2005-07-15
Vargo, Amanda The Effect of Extrinsic Rewards in the High School Classroom Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-02
Varin, Vanessa “Pure Americanism": Building a Modern St. Louis and the Reign of Know Nothingism History 2012-04-03
Varnado, Drew A Evaluating Alternative Techniques for Forecasting Industrial and Occupational Employment Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2014-04-09
Varnado, LaTerence Edward Musical Explorations in Creation and Performance: A School's Alternative Approach to Music Education Music 2015-04-08
Varnado, Chantelle B. Treatment Efficacy of Manual Therapy on Speech Outcomes in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: A Single-Subject Experimental Design Communication Sciences & Disorders 2015-04-13
Varukolu, Venu Technology Adoption of Indian Garment Manufacturing Firms Human Ecology 2007-07-01
Varuso, Richard James Influence of Unstable Soil Movement on Pile-Founded Concrete Floodwalls and a Resulting Design Methodology Civil & Environmental Engineering 2010-04-19
Vasanjee, Sunil C. Phenotypic Characterization of Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Associated Synoviocytes Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2008-04-10
Vasbinder, Fiona Helena The King George Island Mounds Site (16LV22): A Late Archaic Mound Complex along the Lower Amite River Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-11
Vassiliou, Likourgos James Spirit Matter(s): Post-Dualistic Representations of Spirituality in Fiction by Walker Percy, Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor English 2002-07-06
Vaughan, Elizabeth Louisiana Sugar: A Geohistorical Perspective Geography and Anthropology 2003-02-28
Vaughn, Holley Ann A Critical Ethnography of The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana with Ruminations on Hauntology Communication Studies 2012-11-13
Vaughn, Erin Coquese Assessing Altruistic Behavior, Burnout, and Wellness Outcomes of Entry Level, Live-in and Live on Residence Life Professionals Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2014-06-07
Vavasseur, Cynthia Beatty How Principal Participation in an Online Community of Practice Impacts the Professional Development Experience of Middle School Teachers Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2006-03-30
Vazquez, Jose Alexander Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblage Composition and Diversity at Revetted Banks in the Pearl River and the Response of These Assemblages to a Paper Mill Effluent Spill Renewable Natural Resources 2013-01-22
Vebrosky, Emily Noelle The Photodegradation of 2,6-dichloro-4-nitroaniline (DCNA) in Freshwater and Saltwater Environmental Sciences 2016-04-05
Vega, Maria Twisted Frobenius-Schur Indicators for Hopf Algebras Mathematics 2011-10-31
Vegunta, Sri Sai Surface Functionalization of Crystalline Silicon Substrates Chemical Engineering 2011-08-22
Veillon, Lucas James The Biological Activity of Rare Carbohydrates and Cyclitols in Coptotermes Formosanus Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2011-11-08
Vejerano, Eric Warren Pimentel Formation and Stabilization of Combustion-Generated Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals on Transition Metal Oxides Supported on Silica Chemistry 2011-04-12
Velardo, Brian Detailed Geochronology of the Mississippi Sound during the Late Holocene Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2005-04-07
Velástegui, Marco Absalón Analysis of the Impact and Importance of Re-Wholesalers in the Ornamental Market Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness 2008-07-10
Veltman, Gayna B. A Louisiana Plantswoman: Margie Yates Jenkins Landscape Architecture 2004-11-11
Vemparala, Satyavani Molecular-Dynamics Simulations of Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) on Parallel Computers Physics & Astronomy 2003-10-29
Vemparala, Satyavani Scalable Parallel Molecular Dynamics Algorithms for Organic Systems Computer Science 2003-10-17
Vempati, Harsha Satyanarayana Physico-Chemical Properties of Green Leaf Volatiles Chemical Engineering 2014-11-13
Venkat Rao, Dinesh Prasad Designing Switches for Routing in Circuit-Switched Trees Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-01-23
Venkata, Harish N Ternary and Quaternary Logic to Binary Bit Conversion CMOS Integrated Circuit Design Using Multiple Input Floating Gate MOSFETs Electrical and Computer Engineering 2002-11-13
Venkateswaran, Sanjith Implementing Lean in Healthcare Warehouse Operations-Evaluation of 5S Best Practice Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2011-06-08
Venturella, Katelyn Beth The Effectiveness of Language-Literacy Training for Child Care Workers Communication Sciences & Disorders 2004-11-01
Verdree, Vera Tamisha The Spectral and Photophysical Characterization of Water Solubilizing Metal Phthalocyanines for Highly Sensitive Detection in Biological Studies Chemistry 2007-07-10
Verhoeve, Victoria Irene Identification and Characterization of a Relish-type NF-kB, DvRelish in Dermacentor variabilis, the American Dog Tick Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2016-04-06
Verma, Santhosh Reducing Complexity of Processor Front Ends with Static Analysis and Selective Preloading Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-09-16
Verma-Bueche, Sheetal Malini Celiac Disease: Increasing Awareness for a Better Life Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2011-08-30
Verret, Lisa Babin Factors Affecting University STEM Faculty Job Satisfaction Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2012-01-20
Vessel, Kanika Nicole Parametric and Sensitivity Analysis of a Vibratory Automobile Model Mechanical Engineering 2002-04-18
Vezier, Clementine Dynamics of Vortical Structures in a Low-Blowing-Ratio Pulsed Transverse Jet Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-05
Via, Brian Kipling Modeling Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris Mill) Wood Properties Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-08
Viana Pagan, Erika Modeling Churn and Annular Flow Regimes in Vertical and Near-Vertical Pipes with Small and Large Diameters Petroleum Engineering 2016-07-01
Viator, David Brent Detrital Tourmaline as an Indicator of Provenance: A Chemical and Sedimentological Study of Modern Sands from the Black Hills, South Dakota Geology & Geophysics 2003-06-11
Viator Jr, Robert Paul Spectral Properties of Photonic Crystals: Bloch Waves and Band Gaps Mathematics 2016-07-07
Vickers, Takea The (In)Visible Road Map: The Role of Mentoring for First-Generation Black Female Doctoral Students at Predominantly White Institutions Education 2014-11-14
Vickery, Andrea Jean Advice in Troubles Talk Conversations Between Strangers: The Role of Problem Seriousness and the Impact of Advice on Helper Supportiveness and the Desire for Future Interactions Communication Studies 2012-07-03
Vickery, Andrea Jean Relational Effects of Person-Centered Comfort Communication Studies 2016-07-06
Victoriano, Jackie Rae An Investigation of the Generalizability of Buoyancy from Academics to Athletics Kinesiology 2016-04-06
Vidal, Martin Andreas Characterization and Comparison of Cell Frequency, Growth, and Multipotential Differentiation of Adult Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Derived from Equine Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2008-04-03
Vidal Covas, Lee-Ann Marie El uso variable de los pronombres sujetos en el castellano puertorriqueño hablado en Luisiana y Puerto Rico Foreign Languages & Literatures 2013-11-18
Vidal Gadea, Andres Gabriel Comparative Aspects of the Control of Posture and Locomotion in the Spider Crab Libinia emarginata Biological Sciences 2008-04-08
Vidrine, Kirk Adam Resistant Starch and Sodium Butyrate Reduce Body Fat in Rodents Human Ecology 2010-10-10
Vidrine, Matthew Ryan The Effectiveness of ISCO Injection Methods for Remediation of Groundwater Environmental Sciences 2017-04-05
Vieira, Kathleen M. The Truth about Lying: The Memorial Effects of Deliberately Producing Misinformation Psychology 2012-04-16
Vigna, Julia F. Predicting Conduct Problems in Youth: The Moderating Effects of Hurricane Katrina Psychology 2008-04-01
Vignes, Danielle Sears An Ethnography of "Hang It Out To Dry" Communication Studies 2009-10-26
Vijapurapu, Chandra S The Effects of Rock and Fluids Characteristics on Reservoir Wettability Petroleum Engineering 2002-10-23
Vijaya Varma, Aswin A Study of FPGA Resource Utilization for Pipelined Windowed Image Computations Electrical & Computer Engineering 2016-07-11
Vila, Jorge Luis Structural and Molecular Pathology of the Atrium in Boxer Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2012-10-16
Villa, Tina M Split-Intransitivity in Swahili and Hittite: An Optimality-Theoretic Perspective Linguistics 2014-11-17
Villalpando, Andres Synthetic Methods Development Towards the Total Synthesis of Chlorosulfolipids Chemistry 2015-12-22
Villani, Rachel K Multi-Scale Habitat Associations of Shorebirds During Spring Migration in Southwestern Louisiana Rice Fields Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-14
Villarrubia, Alissa Understanding Parents' Decisions about Serving Vegetables to Their Children Kinesiology 2006-09-06
Vincent, Bethaney June Following the LINEs (Long INterspersed Elements): Human Specific L1 Elements and Their Orthologous Loci in Non-Human Primates Biological Sciences 2003-04-03
Vincent, Christina Ratio and Proportion: Mapping the Conceptual Field Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2009-07-09
Vincent, Michael David Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Devices - Mixed Scale Systems For Bioanalytical Applications Chemistry 2014-11-07
Vinci, Justin Accuracy of Cranial Coplanar Beam Therapy with BrainLAB ExacTrac Image Guidance Physics & Astronomy 2007-11-15
Vindas, Jasson Local Behavior of Distributions and Applications Mathematics 2009-06-19
Vines, Emily Arnette Is This Journalism?: A Study of Whether the Snapshots on the Front Page of USA Today Adhere to Journalistic Standards Mass Communication 2002-04-15
Vines, Natalie Amanda Hydroclimatic and Circulation Anomalies Associated with the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone Geography & Anthropology 2005-04-15
Vining, Michael Alden Bench-Scale Compost Reactors System and the Self-Heating Capabilities Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-11-01
Vining, Patricia Ferguson Dr. Frankenstein Was a Designer: Methods for Educating Gen H—The Hybrid Design Student Art 2006-12-19
Vinnakota, Srinivas Kumar Socioeconomic Characteristics of Cancer Mortality in the United States of America: A Spatial Data Mining Approach Geography & Anthropology 2006-11-13
Vinukonda, Phaneendra A Study of the Scale-Invariant Feature Transform on a Parallel Pipeline Electrical & Computer Engineering 2011-04-27
Virani, Aneesha Effects of Two Different Behavioral Swallowing Exercise Protocols Performed During Radiation Therapy on Swallowing Physiology, Function, Quality-of-life and Weight Outcomes Following Organ-Preservation Treatments for Head and Neck Cancers Communication Sciences & Disorders 2012-04-22
Vitale, Sarah J Towards Pragmatic Competence in Communicative Teaching: The Question of Experience Vs. Instruction in the L2 Classroom Foreign Languages & Literatures 2009-11-09
Viteri, Gabriela M Efficacy of Nutrition Education Lessons Targeting a Group of Low Income Elderly Human Ecology 2006-05-17
Vives Habeych, Maria Carolina Yougurt cultures survive upon exposure to two antimicrobials and Streptococcus thermophilus ST-M5 acquired resistance to both antimicrobials Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2012-04-24
Vizcarrondo, Thomas Edward Examining the Effect of Innovation on the Market Structure of the U.S. Media Industry Mass Communication 2013-06-22
Vlasnik, Amber Leigh "Sacred Duties": How Historical Constructs of Gender and Work Inform Women's Involvement in U.S. Higher Education Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2005-07-11
Vlosky, Denese Ashbaugh Social Sector Participatory Development in Honduras: A Process across Institutions, Cultures and Continents Human Ecology 2003-11-10
Vo, Lai Van Essays on Corporate Innovation Finance (Business Administration) 2014-04-14
Voisin, Erin Elizabeth Saint Malo Remembered Geography & Anthropology 2008-07-09
Voitier, Matthew Daniel Durability of Pine Strandboard Modified with Low Molecular Weight Phenol Formaldehyde Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-10
Volety, Indrani V Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Confined Concrete Cylinders Mechanical Engineering 2006-01-08
Volkert, Valerie Marie The Effects of Reinforcement Magnitude on Functional Analysis Outcomes Psychology 2004-09-13
Volkert, Valerie Marie An Applied Evaluation of Resurgence: Functional Communication Training (FCT) and Treatment Relapse Psychology 2007-06-23
Von Hoven, Terri M. Characterization of Alligator, Ostrich and Emu Skins and Comparisons to Traditional Leathers Human Ecology 2002-10-29
Vongala, Venkata S Knowledge-Based Fault Detection Using Time-Frequency Analysis Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-08-19
Voon, Eng Chong A Screening Assessment of Dissolved Air Flotation for Control of Nonindigenous Invasive Species Transported in Shipping Ballast Water Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-09-05
Vorndran, Christina Marie The Effects of Discrimination Training on Choice-Making Accuracy during Symbolic Preference Assessment Formats Psychology 2005-11-10
Vosburg, Sarah Beth Accountable Actors: Politics and Poetic Imagination in Huxley, Lewis, and Orwell Political Science 2014-10-22
Vosper-Woghiren, Ehimwenma O Translating the Fashion Story: Analyzing Fashion Captions in Two Women's Fashion Magazines Human Ecology 2013-11-20
Vozzo , Maria Louise Oyster Spat Survival in Response to Hydrocarbon Contamination and Predation in Barataria Bay, Louisiana Biological Sciences 2014-07-02
Vu, Phuoc Doan Huu Graphical Models in Characterizing the Dependency Relationship in Wireless Networks and Social Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-07-14
Vun, Ronnie Yunheu Ultrasonic Characterization of Engineering Performance of Oriented Strandboard Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-08
Vuskovich, Matthew Anthony A Sociolinguistic Perspective toward Hiatus Resolution in Mexico City Spanish Foreign Languages & Literatures 2006-04-03

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