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Aguilar, Francisco Xavier Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution of Natural Resource-Based Industries: The Case of the Softwood Lumber Industry in the United States South Renewable Natural Resources 2007-03-30
Ambardekar, Amogh Arun Comparison of the Efficiency of Utilization of Amino Acids from Intact Protein and Amino Acids in Crystalline Form by Channel Catfish, (Ictaluras punctatus) Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-08
Amos, John Blake Dendrochronological Analysis of Productivity and Hydrology in Two Louisiana Swamps Renewable Natural Resources 2006-06-28
Anderson , Angelle Nicole Development of an Alternative Bait for the Louisiana Commercial Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) Fishery Renewable Natural Resources 2014-04-18
Anteau, Michael J. Nutrient Reserves of Lesser Scaup during Spring Migration in the Mississippi Flyway: A Test of the Spring Condition Hypothesis Renewable Natural Resources 2002-07-07
Anteau, Michael Jason Ecology of Lesser Scaup and Amphipods in the Upper-Midwest: Scope and Mechanisms of the Spring Condition Hypothesis and Implications for Migration Habitat Conservation Renewable Natural Resources 2006-01-24
Armas-Rosales, Alvaro M Genetic Effects Influencing Salinity and Cold Tolerance in Tilapia Renewable Natural Resources 2006-11-17
Arquilla, Brian Joseph Effects of Predator Activity on the Nesting of American Black Ducks and Other Birds on Barrier Islands in the Mid-Atlantic Coast Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-10
Baffoe, Abraham Certification: Implications for Sustainable Forest Management and Timber Export Trade in Ghana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-11-07
Bahm, Jesse Adam The Ecology of Blacktail Redhorse Moxostoma poecilurum in West Fork Thompson Creek, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2007-11-13
Baldwin, Michael John Winter Bird Use of the Chinese Tallow Tree in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-14
Baldwin, Heather Quebedeaux Effects of Fire on Home Range Size, Site Fidelity and Habitat Associations of Grassland Birds Overwintering in Southeast Texas Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-21
Barlow, Sarah Jane Evaluation of Anuran Richness in Restored Wetlands of Central Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2007-01-04
Bechard, Anne M. Influence of Row Spacing and Debris Distribution on Vegetation and Small Mammals in Louisiana Pine Plantations Renewable Natural Resources 2008-08-28
Beck, Steven Lee The Effects of Oyster Harvest on Resident Oyster Reef Communities and Reef Structure in Coastal Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2011-12-12
Benson, John Farnum Ecology and Conservation of Louisiana Black Bears in the Tensas River Basin and Reintroduced Populations Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-11
Birdsong, Timothy W. Complexity and Nekton Use of Marsh Edge Habitats in Barataria Bay, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-11
Bohora, Som Bahadur Spatial Variability in Response of Deltaic Baldcypress Forests to Hydrology and Climate Renewable Natural Resources 2012-02-27
Bonvillain, Christopher Paul Red Swamp Crayfish Procambarus clarkii in the Atchafalaya River Basin: Biotic and Abiotic Effects on Population Dynamics and Physiological Biomarkers of Hypoxic Stress Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-05
Borchert, Sinead Mary Site-specific Habitat and Landscape Associations of Rusty Blackbirds Wintering in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2015-07-06
Bordelon, Seth Taylor Effects of White-Tailed Deer Herbivory on the Growth and Survival of Seedlings in a Coastal Wetland Forest Renewable Natural Resources 2005-10-21
Brooks, Matthew Edward Status of Wintering Grassland Birds in a Post-hurricane, Salvage-logged Forest Renewable Natural Resources 2010-02-25
Brown, Kristopher Effectiveness of Forestry Best Management Practices in Minimizing Harvesting Impacts on Streamflow and Sediment Loading in Low-Gradient Headwaters of the Gulf Coastal Plain Renewable Natural Resources 2010-09-22
Brown, Charles Alexander Developmental Responses to Abiotic Conditions during Aquatic and Air Incubation of the Gulf Killifish (Fundulus grandis) Renewable Natural Resources 2011-04-26
Budnick, William Robert Metacommunity Dynamics and the Biogeography of Central Louisiana Crayfishes Renewable Natural Resources 2015-04-09
Burke, Jason Douglas Effects of Silvicultural Techniques and Landscape Management on Habitat Quality and Relative Abundance for Northern Bobwhites in a Pine Plantation Forest Renewable Natural Resources 2006-11-16
Burnside, Wesley Michael The Influence of Two Estrogens on the Sex and Ovarian Development of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) Maintained in a Closed Recirculating System Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-14
Buxton, Michael Effects of Predator Reduction on Nest Success of Upland Nesting Ducks in Low-Grassland Density Landscapes in Eastern North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2013-06-05
Byrne, Michael E Influences of Landscape Characteristics on the Nesting Ecology of Female Wild Turkeys and Behavior of Raccoons Renewable Natural Resources 2011-10-28
Caillouet, Brendan Factors Influencing Mottled Duck Nest Success on the Atchafalaya River Delta Renewable Natural Resources 2015-05-16
Cannaday, Christopher Dean Effects of Terraces on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Shallow Marsh Ponds in Coastal Southwest Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2006-06-03
Cerame, Blain Annette Bachman's Sparrow (Peucaea Aestivalis) Population Structure Across the Southeastern USA Renewable Natural Resources 2013-11-18
Cochran, John Wesley Coarse Woody Debris Characteristics of Managed and Unmanaged Bottomland Hardwood Forests Renewable Natural Resources 2008-06-12
Crook, Annelie Crook A Multi-Scale Assessment of Den Selection of Louisiana Black Bears (Ursus americanus luteolus) Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-11
Cuevas Uribe, Rafael A General Approach for Vitrification of Fish Sperm Renewable Natural Resources 2011-08-25
Culpepper, Denton William Minimizing Epicormic Branch Formation on Louisiana Leading Commercial Bottomland Red Oaks Renewable Natural Resources 2012-05-30
Das, Joy Forest Stakeholders, Policies and Trade in India's Forest Sector Renewable Natural Resources 2015-07-05
DaSilva, Abram Atys Water Quality Dynamics of Low-Gradient, Headwater Streams in a Timber-Industry Dominated Watershed in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-01-15
Davis, Bruce Edward Habitat Use, Movements, and Survival of Radio-Marked Female Mallards in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Renewable Natural Resources 2007-10-29
Davis, Bruce Edward Habitat Use, Movements, and Ecology of Female Mottled Ducks on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas. Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-12
DeLeon, Emma Elizabeth Ecology of Rusty Blackbirds Wintering in Louisiana: Seasonal Trends, Flock Composition and Habitat Associations Renewable Natural Resources 2012-06-01
DiBenedetto, Kayla Cheree Life History Characteristics of Alligator Gar, Atractosteus Spatula, in the Bayou DuLarge Area of Southcentral Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-09-01
DiMiceli, Jennifer K. Winter Diet, Seed Preferences and Foraging Behavior of Henslow's Sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Southeastern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Dimov, Luben D Spatial Analyses and Growth of Trees in Selected Bottomland Hardwood Stands Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-09
Domson, Odoom Strategic Analysis of Ghana National Wood Export Sector Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-09
Dong, Qiaoxiang Comparative Studies of Sperm Cryopreservation of Diploid and Tetraploid Pacific Oysters Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-15
Du, Tianchuan Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Analysis of Plant Oils Renewable Natural Resources 2009-07-08
Duery, Shadia U.S. Demand for Certified Tropical Hardwood Products Renewable Natural Resources 2006-03-28
Dugue, Lincoln Hydrological Influences on Catahoula Lake in an Altered Floodplain Renewable Natural Resources 2015-04-03
Dupre, Robert Henry The Feasibility of Using GPS Technology for Continuous Time Studies of Rubber-Tired Grapple Skidders Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Eberline, Benjamin S Population Dynamics of the Eastern Oyster in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Renewable Natural Resources 2012-01-12
Fisher, Jonathan C. Do Predator Exclusion, Position, and Plant Architecture Influence Hydrilla-Dwelling Macroinvertebrate Communities? Renewable Natural Resources 2005-06-13
Fitzgerald, Alexandra Marie Effects of Varying Land Use on Headwater Stream Fish Assemblages and In-Stream Habitats in Southwestern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-25
Foley, Cullen C. Wading Bird Food Availability in Rice Fields and Crawfish Ponds of the Chenier Plain of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas Renewable Natural Resources 2015-07-02
Fortier, Barret Keith Mortality of Pen-Raised White-Tailed Deer(Odocoileus virginianus)Released on Three Areas in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2004-04-15
Fowler, Drew Nathan Evaluating Abiotic Influences on Soil Salinity of Inland Managed Wetlands and Agricultural Fields in a Semi-Arid Environment Renewable Natural Resources 2013-06-07
Fox, David M. Effects of Insectivorous Birds on Tree Growth in the Maurepas Swamp Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Fries, Melissa Ann Introgression, Health, and Condition of Florida, Northern, and Fx Hybrid Largemouth Bass in Louisiana Water Bodies Renewable Natural Resources 2010-07-07
Furlong, Jessica Nicole Artificial Oyster Reefs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Management, Material, and Faunal Effects Renewable Natural Resources 2012-06-13
Gao, Heng Chemical Analysis of Extracts from Port-Orford Cedar Wood and Bark Renewable Natural Resources 2007-06-05
Gee, Hugo The Effects of Hydrologic Modifications on Floodplain Forest Tree Recruitment and Growth in the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley, USA Renewable Natural Resources 2012-04-17
Gerald, Charlotte Ann Public Perception of Wildfire Risk and Prescribed Burning in the Wildland/Urban Interface of the Louisiana Florida Parishes Renewable Natural Resources 2010-11-17
Gordon, John Alexander Impacts of Marsh Loss and Fragmentation on Microhabitat Use by Estuarine Nekton in Southwest Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2010-06-24
Gossman, Bryan Paul Use of Terraced Marsh Habitats by Estuarine Nekton in Southwestern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2005-11-18
Gothreaux, Craig Measurement of Nutrient Availability in Feedstuffs for Florida Pompano and Development of Formulated Diets for Pompano Aquaculture Renewable Natural Resources 2008-11-13
Grace, Joshua Lee Effects of Row Spacing and Debris Distribution on Small Mammal and Vegetation Communities in Newly Established Loblolly Pine Plantations, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2011-07-01
Gray, Jacob M Habitat Use, Movements, and Spring Migration Chronology and Corridors of Female Gadwalls that Winter along the Louisiana Gulf Coast Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-27
Grisham, Blake Anthony Spatial Ecology, Habitat Selection, and Survival of Wild Turkey Gobblers in a Managed Bottomland Hardwood Forest Renewable Natural Resources 2007-10-23
Halloran, B. Thorpe Early Life History Dynamics of the Fish Community in the Atchafalaya River Basin Renewable Natural Resources 2010-07-08
Hamilton, Sarah G Effect of Hydrologic, Geomorphic, and Vegetative Conditions on Avian Communities in the Middle Rio Grande of New Mexico Renewable Natural Resources 2014-07-11
Han, Jingquan Preparation and Characterization of Cellulose Nanoparticles and their Application in Biopolymeric Nanocomposites Renewable Natural Resources 2013-10-23
Hardee, David C. The Effects of Bait Type, Trap-Soak Duration, and Trap Modification on Harvest of Red Swamp Crawfish Renewable Natural Resources 2009-11-10
Harrelson, John Henry Population Characteristics of a White-tailed Deer Herd in an Industrial Pine Forest of North-central Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2011-07-29
Herbez, Erin Translocation Success of Adult Red-cockaded Woodpeckers Renewable Natural Resources 2009-07-09
Holloway, Meya Voorhies Moderating Effects of Knowledge, Gender, and Education on the Relationship between Environmental Value Orientation and Support for Louisiana Coastal Restoration Renewable Natural Resources 2009-01-21
Honig, Aaron Jacob Population Ecology of the Ribbed Mussel in Southeastern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2013-04-15
Hsueh, Yu-Hsin Microtopographic Ecohydrology of a Forested Wetland in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2015-04-02
Hu, E High-Throughput Sperm Cryopreservation of Aquatic Species Renewable Natural Resources 2012-11-12
Humphries, Austin T. Effects of Habitat Structural Complexity on Nekton Assemblages: Lab and Field Observations in Southern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2010-07-09
Ialeggio, James Stephen Some Effects of Nutrient and Flooding Stress Manipulation on Coastal Louisiana Wetland Vegetation Renewable Natural Resources 2014-06-10
Ippolito, Victoria D Evaluating Remote Setting Techniques for Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Seed Production in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2010-11-16
Jeong, Gi Young Fracture Behavior of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Renewable Natural Resources 2005-07-06
Jimenez, Fernando Detection and Evaluation of Temperature Effects on Cell Proliferation in Somatic Tissues of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, by Flow Cytometry Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-15
Johnson, Erik Ivan Effects of Fire on Habitat Associations, Abundance, and Survival of Wintering Henslow's Sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Southeastern Louisiana Longleaf Pine Savannas Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-04
Johnson, Erik I. Fragmentation Sensitivity and Its Consequences on Demography and Host¬Ectoparasite Dynamics in Amazonian Birds Renewable Natural Resources 2011-04-27
Johnson, Erin Effects of Hydrologic Modifications on Flooding in Bottomland Hardwoods Renewable Natural Resources 2015-06-03
Jonsson, Jon Einar Effects of Body Size on Goose Behavior: Lesser Snow Goose and Ross's Goose Renewable Natural Resources 2005-09-06
Joshi, Sanjeev Evaluation of Growth Rates and Establishment Patterns of Water-elm (Planera aquatica) and Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) in Response to Hydrologic and Climatic Conditions at Catahoula Lake, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-11-12
Kaller, Michael Douglas Macroinvertebrate Community Ecology of Lowland, Subtropical Streams in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2005-03-30
Kang, Sung-Ryong Aquatic Macroinvertebrate and Nekton Community Structure in a Chenier Marsh Ecosystem: Implications for Whooping Crane Prey Availability Renewable Natural Resources 2011-11-10
Khanal, Puskar Nath Predicting First Year Seedling Survival from Quality Distributions of Bareroot Seedlings and Microsites Renewable Natural Resources 2010-08-06
Kim, Birm June The Effect of Inorganic Fillers on the Properties of Wood Plastic Composites Renewable Natural Resources 2012-04-26
Kimmel, Timothy Charles Age Related Productivity and Consistency of Nest Initiation Timing of Wild Mallards in Eastern North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-26
Kinney, Sean David Estimating the Population of Greater and Lesser Scaup during Winter in off-Shore Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2004-07-03
Kirk-Ballard, Heather Christianne PMI 5011 Regulates the Ubiquitin Proteasome System in Skeletal Muscle Renewable Natural Resources 2012-06-29
Kitts, Charles Lynn Individual and Landscape-Level Effects of Selective Herbicides, Mowing, and Prescribed Fire on Habitat Quality for Northern Bobwhite (Colinus Virginianus) Renewable Natural Resources 2004-04-15
Kizhakkepurakkal, Anil Raj Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Development of Wood Biomass Energy Production in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2008-07-09
Kizhakkepurakkal, Anil Raj Biomass Energy Production in Louisiana: A GIS Study on the Supply Chain Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-10
Klimesh, Derrick Spatiotemporal Responses of Macroinvertebrates to Timber Harvesting in Low-Gradient Headwater Streams of Central Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2011-04-26
Klock, Metha Martine Using Demographic Models to Manage Chinese Privet (Ligustrum sinense Lour.) Renewable Natural Resources 2009-09-11
Koh, Gar Yee Preparation of the Chinese Sweet Leaf Tea Extract and Its Anti-obesity Effect in Rodents Renewable Natural Resources 2009-10-20
Kuhn, Margaret Jean Quantifying the Edge Effects Associated with Predator Removal Blocks on the Nesting Success of Upland Ducks in North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2007-06-11
Kusuma, Indah D. Economic Valuation of Natural Resource Management: A Case Study of the Benuaq Dayak Tribe in Kalimantan, Indonesia Renewable Natural Resources 2005-06-14
Laborde, Lucien Jr. Paul A Contrast of Hunter Characteristics and Attitudes between Random and Convenience Samples in the 2010, 2012, and 2013 Surveys of Louisiana Waterfowl Hunters Renewable Natural Resources 2014-11-05
Landry, Keri Elizabeth Assessing Landscape-Level Impacts of Red Imported Fire Ants on Native Faunal Communities in Pine-Dominated Forests Renewable Natural Resources 2004-04-14
Latuso, Karen Doerr Sediment Patterns in Relation to Vegetative Community Shifts at Catahoula Lake, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2014-04-04
Lech, Gregory Evaluation of Selected Plant Products as Dietary Protein Sources for Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) Renewable Natural Resources 2011-08-22
Legleu, Christina Modeling Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) Habitat in a Fire-Dependent Ecosystem in North Florida Renewable Natural Resources 2012-05-04
LeGrand, Holly Grace Associations of Avian and Herpetofauna Communities with Forest Management at Multiple Spatial Scales Renewable Natural Resources 2005-08-19
Leigh, Jennifer Effects of Aversive Conditioning on Behavior of Nuisance Louisiana Black Bears Renewable Natural Resources 2007-06-22
Leonhardt, Erin R Monitoring the Survival of Hatchery-Produced Spat and Larvae on Louisiana Public Oyster Reefs Renewable Natural Resources 2013-04-11
Leonhardt, Justin Morgan An Evaluation of Oyster Stocks, Grow-Out Conditions, and Off-Bottom Culture Methods for Increasing Commercial Production of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Renewable Natural Resources 2013-06-07
Leumas, Cecilia Marie Understanding the Use of Barrier Islands as Nesting Habitat for Louisiana Birds of Concern Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-28
Li, Xiaobo Physical, Chemical, and Mechanical Properties of Bamboo and Its Utilization Potential for Fiberboard Manufacturing Renewable Natural Resources 2004-04-02
Link, Paul Thomas Survival, Habitat Use, and Movements of Female Mallards Wintering in Southwestern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2007-11-13
Liu, Yaojian Study on the Termiticidal Components of Juniperus Virginiana, Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis and Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Renewable Natural Resources 2004-01-17
Llewellyn, Christopher Bromley Evaluating Ecological Equivalence in Created Marshes Renewable Natural Resources 2008-10-28
Lorenz, Nicole F. Environmental Factors Influencing Incubation Constancy and Recess Frequency in Gadwall (Anas Strepera) in the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2005-01-25
Markos, Peter The Effects of Channel Stability on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Southeastern Louisiana Streams Renewable Natural Resources 2010-01-26
Maxwell, Vanesssa An Evaluation of an Inshore Aquaculture Park for Sustainable Coastal Community Development Renewable Natural Resources 2007-05-23
McCarty, Shanna Marie Evaluation of Harvesting Disturbance and Establishment Practices on Early Height Growth of Loblolly Pine (Pinus Taeda L.) Renewable Natural Resources 2007-01-16
McCarty, Alonda Habitat Associations of Lower Mississippi River Floodplain Fishes on St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge Renewable Natural Resources 2014-11-11
Melody, Kevin Patrick Two Post-Harvest Treatments for the Reduction of Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) Renewable Natural Resources 2008-03-24
Mendoza, Carrie Castille Factors Influencing the Participation in Environmental Stewardship Programs: A Case Study of the Agricultural and Forestry Sectors in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2006-10-26
Mesmer, Ryan Impact of Urban Runoff on Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Dissolved Oxygen in a Shallow Subtropical Lake Renewable Natural Resources 2010-08-31
Miller, Brett A Effects of Physicochemical Properties and Macrohabitat on the Foraging Ecology and Condition of the Centrarchid Assemblage of the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2013-06-05
Miller, Shea A Effects of Salinity and Temperature on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis of Gulf killifish, Fundulus grandis Renewable Natural Resources 2014-06-30
Moerschbaecher, Matthew Korbel Energy, Environment, and Sustainability: A Hierarchical Analysis of South Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-01-11
Mokross, Karl Species Composition and Spatial Ecology of Amazonian Understory Mixed-Species Flocks in a Fragmented Landscape Renewable Natural Resources 2014-11-14
Newell, Patricia Jean Pileated Woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus) and Saproxylic Beetles in Partial Cut and Uncut Bottomland Hardwood Forests Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-10
Newman, April Elea Water and Solute Transport in the Shallow Subsurface of a Riverine Wetland Natural Levee Renewable Natural Resources 2010-02-04
Novelo, Noel D. A Standardized Ultrasonography Classification for Channel Catfish Ovarian Development Renewable Natural Resources 2014-07-14
O'Connell, Jessica L. Coastal Marsh Restoration Using Terraces: Effects on Waterbird Habitat in Louisiana's Chenier Plain Renewable Natural Resources 2006-11-16
Obanda, Diana Nasirumbi Biotransformation of Organic Wood Preservatives by Micro-organisms Renewable Natural Resources 2008-03-27
Oliver, Devon Charles Movements and Habitat Use of Southeastern Blue Sucker Cycleptus Merdionalis in the Lower Pearl River Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-26
Olson, Ryan D. An Overview of Green Jobs in the Louisiana Forest Sector Renewable Natural Resources 2011-10-11
Owens, Falyn LeAnn Response of Disturbance-Dependent Breeding Bird Communities to Two Site Preparations in Loblolly Pine Plantations Renewable Natural Resources 2011-11-10
Palasz, Laura M. Effects of Burning on Henslow's Sparrow (Ammodramus henslowii) Density and Habitat Quality in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-08
Pan, Hui Wood Liquefaction in the Presence of Phenol with a Weak Acid Catalyst and Its Potential for Novolac Type Wood Adhesives Renewable Natural Resources 2007-07-16
Parajuli, Rajan Carbon Sequestration and Uneven-Aged Management of Loblolly Pine Stands in the Southern USA: A Joint Optimization Approach Renewable Natural Resources 2011-09-14
Parajuli, Rajan Game Theoretic Analyses of the United States-Canada Softwood Lumber Trade Renewable Natural Resources 2015-06-22
Patterson, Joshua Thomas Enhancement of Gulf Killifish, Fundulus grandis, Fitness and Reproduction Renewable Natural Resources 2014-03-24
Pawiroredjo, Patrice Arnold Temperature Effects on Spawning and Fingerling Production of Channel Catfish Ictalurus Punctatus Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-11
Paz, Patricio Enrique Evaluation of Growth, Production and Cold Tolerance of Four Varieties of Tilapia Renewable Natural Resources 2003-12-22
Perera, Polwattage Kushil Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners and US Home Center Retailers’ Attitudes and Perceptions of Forest Certification Renewable Natural Resources 2008-03-07
Perera, Rangika Thilaksri An Overview of the Wood Product Import Sector in the United States with an Emphasis on Opportunities for Sri Lankan Exporters Renewable Natural Resources 2008-04-08
Perera, Rangika T. Effects of Ecotourist Pre-Purchase and External Information Search Behaviors and Strategies on Forest-Based Ecotourism Travel Decisions in Sri Lanka Renewable Natural Resources 2011-04-25
Perera, Polwattage K. Marketing Forest-based Ecotourism in Sri Lanka: Predicting the Ecotourism Behavior and Defining the Market Segment through a Behavioral Approach Renewable Natural Resources 2011-04-25
Perkins, Marie The Use of Stable Isotopes to Determine the Ratio of Resident to Migrant King Rails in Southern Louisiana and Texas Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-05
Pickens, Bradley A. Modeling the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Coastal Marsh Birds Renewable Natural Resources 2012-07-06
Pierluissi, Sergio Breeding Waterbird Use of Rice Fields in Southwestern Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Pieron, Matthew R. Upland Nesting Waterfowl Population Responses to Predator Reduction in North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-20
Poudel, Krishna Prasad Evaluation of Methods to Predict Weibull Parameters for Characterizing Diameter Distributions Renewable Natural Resources 2011-06-30
Powell, Luke L. Recovery of Understory Bird Movement in Post-Pasture Amazonia Renewable Natural Resources 2013-10-17
Quintana, Roberto Effect of Estradiol-17B on the Gonadal Development of Diploid and Triploid Female Eastern Oysters Renewable Natural Resources 2005-07-14
Rogers, Holly Prevalence of Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) Diseases, Parasites, and Symbionts in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2014-05-14
Romer, Jacob Predicting Mechanical Properties of Southern Pine Lumber With Nondestructive Measurements Renewable Natural Resources 2013-11-18
Rosen, Timothy Long-term Total Suspended Sediment Yield of Coastal Louisiana Rivers with Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Atchafalaya River Basin and Delta Complex Renewable Natural Resources 2013-01-15
Rybovich, Molly Marie Growth and Mortality of Spat, Seed, and Market-Sized Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in Low Salinities and High Temperatures Renewable Natural Resources 2014-04-07
Scaroni, Amy E The Effect of Habitat Change on Nutrient Retention and Removal in the Atchafalaya River Basin Renewable Natural Resources 2011-05-20
Schaffer, Dawn Swamp Tours in Louisiana Post Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita Renewable Natural Resources 2006-07-10
Schexnayder, Jamie Camille Growth of a Slash Pine Spacing Study Five Years after Thinning Renewable Natural Resources 2005-07-14
Scognamillo, Daniel Gustavo Temporal and Spatial Harvest Patterns of River Otter in Louisiana and Its Potential Use as a Bioindicator Species of Water Quality Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-12
Sheftall IV, William Lowe Factors Structuring Zooplankton Density and Composition within a Louisiana River and Floodplain Tributaries with Emphasis on Hydrologic Processes Renewable Natural Resources 2011-06-03
Siwarski, Thomas Michael Reliability of Determining Adults from Juvenile Ducks by Presence or Absence of Notched Tail Feathers in Various Species of North American Ducks Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-03
Smith, Nickolas Ryan History, Nesting Population, Migration, Home Range and Habitats Used by Louisiana Bald Eagles Renewable Natural Resources 2014-06-04
Smithhart, Roger D Small and Medium Enterprise Agricultural Producers and Forest Landowners Attitudes and Perceptions towards New Bio-based Paths to Prosperity: A Pilot Study in Louisiana and Mississippi Renewable Natural Resources 2011-10-10
Song, Nianfu Structural and Forecasting Softwood Lumber Models with a Time Series Approach Renewable Natural Resources 2006-07-12
Szymanski, Michael L Effects of Spinning-Wing Decoys on Flock Behavior and Hunting Vulnerability of Local and Migrant Mallards and Other Ducks in Minnesota Renewable Natural Resources 2004-01-26
Temple, Danielle Lolene Spatial Ecology of Gray Foxes on a Longleaf Pine Forest and the Surrounding Landscape in Southwestern Georgia Renewable Natural Resources 2007-05-09
Thayer, Justin W. Population Characteristics of a White-Tailed Deer Herd in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest of South-Central Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-04-14
Tobias, Vanessa Danielle Developing Tools to Identify Factors that Limit Production in Coastal Marshes Renewable Natural Resources 2010-07-08
Valente, Jonathon Joseph Distribution and Habitat Associations of Breeding Secretive Marsh Birds in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Northeast Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-04-15
Vazquez, Jose Alexander Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblage Composition and Diversity at Revetted Banks in the Pearl River and the Response of These Assemblages to a Paper Mill Effluent Spill Renewable Natural Resources 2013-01-22
Via, Brian Kipling Modeling Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris Mill) Wood Properties Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-08
Villani, Rachel K Multi-Scale Habitat Associations of Shorebirds During Spring Migration in Southwestern Louisiana Rice Fields Renewable Natural Resources 2010-04-14
Voitier, Matthew Daniel Durability of Pine Strandboard Modified with Low Molecular Weight Phenol Formaldehyde Renewable Natural Resources 2004-11-10
Walley, Rachel Cathleen Environmental Factors Affecting the Distribution of Native and Invasive Aquatic Plants in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana, U.S.A. Renewable Natural Resources 2007-11-13
Wang, Fugui Spatial-Temporal Responses of Louisiana Forests to Climate Change and Hurricane Disturbance Renewable Natural Resources 2009-06-08
Ward, Brian Michael Effects of Land Use and Habitat on Stream Fish Assemblages in Tributaries of the Lower Bogue Chitto Watershed, Washington Parish, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2009-08-27
West, Jonathan L Ecosystem metabolism in coastal plain streams of southeast Louisiana: environmental and watershed effects Renewable Natural Resources 2012-11-13
Wiens, Darren Kirk Nest Success and Nest Site Selection of Shorebirds in North Dakota Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-12
Wilson, Walker Blake Seasonal Space Use, Habitat Preference and Survival of Female Wild Turkeys in a Louisiana Bottomland Hardwood Forest Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-14
Wolfe, Jared Desmond Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Central Amazonian Bird Demography Renewable Natural Resources 2014-08-22
Womack, Lee A. Impacts of Red Imported Fire Ants (Solenopsis Invicta Buren) on Native Faunal Communities in Two Pine-Dominated Forests Renewable Natural Resources 2006-03-23
Wu, Kangsheng Long-Term Freshwater Input and Sediment Load from Three Tributaries to Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2005-03-31
Wu, Xiaojun Establishment and Chemical Analysis of Hairy Roots of Eucommia ulmoides Renewable Natural Resources 2007-04-02
Wu, Lisha Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Influencing Early Height Growth in Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill) Renewable Natural Resources 2008-11-13
Xu, Yanjun Creep Behavior of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Renewable Natural Resources 2009-08-30
Yao, Fei Rice Straw Fiber Polymer Composites: Thermal and Mechanical Performance Renewable Natural Resources 2008-11-13
Yu, Shufang Branch, Crown, Tree, and Stand Water Flux in an 18-Year-Old Loblolly Pine Plantation after Thinning, Fertilization, and Throughfall Exclusion Treatments Renewable Natural Resources 2002-06-10
Yu, Bin Rapid Microwave-Assisted Acid Extraction of Chromate Copper Arsenate (CCA)-Treated Southern Pine Renewable Natural Resources 2010-01-25
Yue, Yiying A Comparative Study of Cellulose I and II and Fibers and Nanocrystals Renewable Natural Resources 2011-06-06
Zhong, Biao Spatial Analyses of Pedosphere Carbon Stock and Sequestration Potential in Louisiana’s Watersheds Renewable Natural Resources 2010-01-21
Zhou, Yiqiang Properties of Borate-Treated Strandboard Bonded with PMDI Resin Renewable Natural Resources 2004-06-30

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