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Jaber, Mazen Temporal Reframing of Prices: A Conceptual Framework Marketing (Business Administration) 2010-11-18
Jabor, Mohd Khata Bin The Achievement of Business Education Students on High School Core Subjects Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2010-07-01
Jackson, Mark Allan Prophet Singer: The Voice and Vision of Woody Guthrie English 2002-11-12
Jackson, Ashunti Ria Effect of Chromium Propionate and Fat Source on Growth, Carcass Traits, and Meat Quality in Swine and the Effect of Chromium Propionate on Growth and Carcass Traits in Broilers Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2005-11-17
Jackson, Sarah Kathryn Typewriters Typing Typist: A Performance History Communication Studies 2009-06-02
Jackson, Jenna Leigh High School Students' Attitudes Toward Single-Sex Choir Verses Mixed Choir Music 2009-07-07
Jackson, Emily Ann 14-3-3 Interacts With Liver X Receptor Beta Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2010-04-29
Jackson, Crystal Betties and Broads: A Qualitative Examination of the Maiden and Whore Archetypes in "The Golden Girls," "Designing Women," and "Sex and the City" Mass Communication 2010-11-03
Jackson, Heather Bird Connections Between Individual Dispersal Behavior and the Multi-Scale Distribution of a Saproxylic Beetle Biological Sciences 2010-11-09
Jackson, Nathan Daniel Evolutionary History of Isolation and Dispersal in North American Ground Skinks (Scincella lateralis) Biological Sciences 2010-12-20
Jackson, Emily Celeste Hydraulic Fracturing: A Look at Efficiency in the Haynesville Shale and the Environmental Effects of Fracking Environmental Sciences 2014-03-17
Jackson, Sarah Kathryn Performing Joseph Cornell's Chronotopes of Assemblage Communication Studies 2014-04-02
Jackson, D'Jalon Janeece From The Valley to the Mountaintop: A Case Study of Resilience and Persistence Among First-Generation African American Males Who Have Achieved Doctoral Success Education 2016-05-18
Jackson, Meghan Reid Kinetic and Kinematic Variables Related to Medial Elbow Joint Space in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers Kinesiology 2017-03-23
Jacob, Lindsey M. Homecoming at an Old Country Church Music 2010-04-28
Jacobs, Ashley Nicole Monitoring the Molecular Weight of Poly(Lactic Acid) during Fiber Spinning and Coloration Human Ecology 2012-01-26
Jacobs, Allison Elizabeth Phonological Encoding of Medial Vowels in Adults Who Stutter Communication Sciences & Disorders 2016-04-06
Jacobson, Jeremy Allen On the Witt Groups of Schemes Mathematics 2012-07-09
Jadhav, Amol High Strain Rate Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-07-08
Jahanmard, Pedram An Efficient Fault Location Algorithm for Shipboard Power Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering 2015-11-09
Jain, Teesta DNA Topoisomerases I from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Vaccinia Virus and Their Use as Drug Targets Biological Sciences 2009-01-20
Jain, Rani Jessica Indians and Onions: An Exploration of the Creation of 'Curry Bowl' A One-Person Play Theatre 2013-03-12
Jalenak, Maia Helen M. Turner, American Impressionist Art History 2003-04-10
Jambunathan, Nithya Genetic and Mechanistic Analysis of Heterochromatin Spreading in the Yeast S.cerevisiae Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2008-06-26
James, M. Kelly Pleasure Principles: The Social Construction of Gambling and Sex Addiction Treatment Sociology 2002-05-17
James, Aida Nioma Preservation of Sperm Harvested from the Rat, Caprine, Equine and Bovine Epididymis Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2004-01-27
James, Yvonne Pierce Felt Art 2005-06-15
James, Joel Impact of Lean Production on Workers Exposure to Risk in Modular Home Building Manufacturing Construction Management and Industrial Engineering 2012-03-29
James, Erica Lynette Education Ain't Black: The Disidentification of African American Students Liberal Arts (Interdepartmental Program) 2014-04-14
James, Amanda Lee Less Class, More Sass! Art 2014-06-06
James, Allison Nucleolar Stress Due to Depletion of Nopp140 in Drosophila melanogaster Biological Sciences 2015-10-08
James, Kimberly Rayshun African-American Single Mothers' Experiences While Furthering Their Education Education 2016-11-02
Jamison, Robin Suzanne The Differences in Performance of a Left Vs. Right Brained Golfer on a Curvilinear Golf Course Landscape Architecture 2002-05-13
Jang, Byunghyun Korean Parents' Attitudes, Motivations, and Home Literacy Practices Toward Bilingualism Between Korean and English in Korea Linguistics (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-04-26
Jang, Jina Autism Severity and Comorbid Symptoms in Children with ASD Psychology 2015-03-12
Jara, Patricio Gabriel Rational Approximation Schemes for Solutions of Abstract Cauchy Problems and Evolution Equations Mathematics 2008-06-27
Jarazo, Javier Martin Effect of Tissue Source on Adult Equine Multipotent Stromal Cell Pluripotency Induction Treatment with Synthetic mRNA Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, & Poultry Sciences) 2014-04-04
Jarosz, Ewa Tidal Dynamics in the Bab el Mandab Strait Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-01-28
Jarreau, Paige Brown All the Science That Is Fit to Blog: An Analysis of Science Blogging Practices Mass Communication 2015-04-07
Jarrett, John Michael Experimental Method Development for Direct Dosimetry of Permanent Interstitial Prostate Brachytherapy Implants Physics & Astronomy 2005-04-13
Jarrett, Anne Rossi Bridging the Academic Biotechnology Commercialization Gap: Can the Mission of the Public Research University Be Preserved? Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2007-11-15
Java, Lorena Aguelo Problem Solving Strategies and Metacognitive Skills for Gifted Students in Middle School Mathematics 2014-07-09
Javadpour, Seyedeh Leili Resolving Pronominal Anaphora using Commonsense Knowledge Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2013-07-03
Jayadevan, Athira Swarna Effect of Speed Limit Increase on Crash Rate on Rural Two-Lane Highways in Louisiana Civil & Environmental Engineering 2006-03-31
Jayasimha, Poornima Interactions between Formosan Subterranean Termites, Brown Rot Fungus (Gloeophyllum trabeum) and Some of the Fungi Present on the Termite Integument and Gut Entomology 2006-09-17
Jaynes, Mark The Role of the Merchant in Bertolt Brecht's the Exception and the Rule: A Production Thesis in Acting Theatre 2007-04-09
Jean-François, Lesly Attitudes des Educateurs envers le Francais et le Creole: Le Cas d'Haiti French Studies 2006-05-27
Jeansonne, Jennifer Johnson The Effect of Environmental Context on Performance Outcomes and Movement Coordination Changes during the Learning of Complex Motor Skills Kinesiology 2003-03-30
Jeffries, Emily Robin Social Anxiety and Cannabis-Related Impairment: The Roles of Anxiety Sensitivity and Intolerance of Uncertainty Psychology 2016-03-28
Jegart, Damayanthi Srimathi Unit Assessments for High School Geometry Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-05
Jégousso, Jeanne Construction de l'identité culturelle afro-antillaise : regards croisés entre Maryse Condé, Gisèle Pineau et Fabienne Kanor French Studies 2014-11-14
Jelinek, Mercedes North to South Art 2012-06-01
Jenkins, Kathryn Ann Sulfur and Oxygen Isotope Characterization of an Eocene Playa Deposit, Northern High Plains, and Rainwater Sulfate, Baton Rouge, USA Geology & Geophysics 2005-04-15
Jenkins, Rasheedah Quiett The Songs of Black (Women) Folk: Music, Politics, And Everyday Living English 2008-07-11
Jenkins, Charlene Philleatric Caregiver Perceptions Of Aggression In Preschool-Aged Boys Human Ecology 2010-07-09
Jenkins, Benjamin Staying Objective: The Effect of Corporate Public Relations on Video Game Journalists Mass Communication 2010-11-19
Jenkins, Kerry Efficacy of Genres in Training Videos for Emergency First Responders Communication Studies 2011-04-11
Jenkins, Whitney Shay Assessing Attentional Bias and Cerebral Laterality in Specific Phobia Using a Dichotic Listening Paradigm Psychology 2011-04-19
Jenkins, Rodrick Lerone Inside the Seed of School Accountability: An African-Centered Analysis Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2012-01-25
Jenkins, Tammie A Case Study of Tracie Morris's Project Princess Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2014-01-27
Jenkins, Whitney Shay Differential Examination of Disgust in Spider, Blood-Injection, and Contamination Fear: Self-Reported and Attention-Based Assessment of Differences Psychology 2014-06-11
Jenkins, Syndney Exploration of the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study: Development of a Distracted Driving Prediction Model Civil & Environmental Engineering 2015-11-05
Jenner, Eric Jeffrey Greenwashing: Visual Communication and Political Influence in Environmental Policy Mass Communication 2005-04-14
Jennings, Kori Lea A Performance Guide to Libby Larsen's "Sifting Through the Ruins" for Mezzo-soprano, Viola and Piano Music 2011-10-29
Jensen, Kevin A High-Resolution Palynological Analysis of the St. Stephens Quarry, Alabama: Locating the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary and Characterizing the Environmental Changes Across the Margin Geology & Geophysics 2012-04-10
Jeon, Young-Pyo Distribution Dynamics of Complex Systems Chemical Engineering 2006-10-06
Jeon, Yunmi A Novel Template Stage with Superior Alignment Capability for Nanoimprint and Step and Flash Lithography Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-10-31
Jeong, Gi Young Fracture Behavior of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Renewable Natural Resources 2005-07-06
Jeong, Seok Jae UV-LIGA Micro-Fabrication of Inertia Type Electrostatic Transducers and Their Application Mechanical Engineering 2006-01-18
Jeoung, Haegap An Africanist-Orientalist Discourse: The Other in Shakespeare and Hellenistic Tragedy Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2003-08-28
Jerez Rico, Mauricio Modeling Canopy Structure Effects on Loblolly Pine Growth Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries 2002-01-23
Jeudy, Natacha La Place et le Rôle de la Mère Dans la Construction Identitaire de Ken Dans Le Baobab Fou de Ken Bugul French Studies 2012-11-10
Jewett, Leah Wood The Body Politic: Burial and Post-War Reconciliation in Baton Rouge Geography & Anthropology 2003-10-29
Jewett, Laura Marshall A Delicate Dance: Autoethnography, Curriculum, and the Semblance of Intimacy Curriculum & Instruction 2006-03-08
Jha, Chandan Kumar Essays on Corruption Economics 2015-06-22
Jia, Zi Essays on Dividend Equivalent Rights and CEO Compensation Finance (Business Administration) 2014-06-03
Jiang, Baogong Optimization of Agrobacterium Mediated Cotton Transformation Using Shoot Apices Explants and Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis of Yield and Yield Component Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Agronomy & Environmental Management 2004-11-16
Jiang, Li Integrated Circuit Metrology by Multilevel Patterning Technology Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-04-01
Jiang, Zhijie Evolutionary Patterns in Snake Mitochondrial Genomes Biological Sciences 2006-10-28
Jiang, Jing Replication of Metal-Based Microscale Structures by Compression Molding: A Combined Experimental and Finite Element Analysis Study Mechanical Engineering 2008-04-09
Jiang, Nan Fabrication and Evaluation of Specialty Nonwoven Materials Human Ecology 2008-11-13
Jiang, Nan Genome-Wide Mapping of BEAF Binding Sites in Drosophila Links BEAF to Transcription Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2009-04-13
Jiang, Lei Parallel Surrogate Detection in Large-Scale Simulations Computer Science 2011-04-26
Jiang, Lin Comparison of Disk Diffusion, Agar Dilution, and Broth Microdilution for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Five Chitosans Food Science 2011-06-07
Jiang, Lei On-the-Fly Tracing for Data-Centric Computing: Parallelization, Workflow and Applications Computer Science 2013-04-19
Jiang, Kebei Quantum Optical Metrology, Sensing and Imaging Physics & Astronomy 2014-05-28
Jiang, Xinrui Developmental Functioning of Infants and Toddlers with Autism and Cerebral Palsy Psychology 2017-04-03
Jiang, Anliu Crime analysis in the city of baton rouge and BREC park based on crime location quotient and hotspot method Geography & Anthropology 2017-07-07
Jiao, Lijuan Synthesis and Functionalizations of Tetrapyrrole Derivatives Chemistry 2007-10-23
Jimenez, Fernando Detection and Evaluation of Temperature Effects on Cell Proliferation in Somatic Tissues of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, by Flow Cytometry Renewable Natural Resources 2005-04-15
Jiménez , Silvia Homogenization of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Mathematics 2010-06-18
Jimenez Madrid, Alejandra Maria Characterization and Management of Ralstonia Solanacearum in Louisiana Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology 2017-04-09
Jin, Yoonyoung Low Dielectric Constant Fluorocarbon Films Containing Silicon by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-05-18
Jin, Lu Downhole Water Loop (DWL) Well Completion for Water Coning Control --- Theoretical Analysis Petroleum Engineering 2009-11-11
Jin, Lu A Feasibility Study of Multi-Functional Wells for Water Coning Control and Disposal Petroleum Engineering 2013-11-13
Jin, Liliang Mechanisms of Innate Immunity in Polymicrobial Sepsis Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2014-10-31
Jinadasa, Raja Gabadage Waruna Eranga Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Porphyrin Derivatives for Biological Applications Chemistry 2013-11-15
Jinka, Oblesh Combinatorial Multi-Level Mold Inserts Using Micro Machining and X-ray Lithography Mechanical Engineering 2012-01-25
Joe, Anton Anisotropic Spacetimes and Black Hole Interiors in Loop Quantum Gravity Physics & Astrononomy 2015-11-19
Joerres, Kyle Development of the Focal Plane Instrumentation of the SEparator for CApture Reactions (SECAR) Physics & Astrononomy 2017-04-10
Jogi, Venugopal Predictions for Multi-Scale Shock Heating of a Granular Energetic Material Mechanical Engineering 2003-08-11
Johansen, Troels Roussau Orbit Structure on the Silov Boundary of a Tube Domain and the Plancherel Decomposition of a Causally Compact Symmetric Space, with Emphasis on the Rank One Case Mathematics 2004-07-07
John, Jeannie Denise The Effects of Employee Service Quality Provision and Customer Personality Traits on Customer Participation, Satisfaction, and Repurchase Intentions Marketing (Business Administration) 2003-11-10
John, Manu Kuruvila A Self Healing Smart Syntactic Foam Based Grid Stiffened Sandwich Structure Mechanical Engineering 2009-11-05
Johnson, DeAnn Morris The Role of Initial Coping Strategies on Subsequent Appointment Attendance in Individuals with HIV: A Longitudinal Analysis Psychology 2002-04-17
Johnson, Carrie Ann Endocrine and Reproductive Responses to Implants of Deslorelin Acetate in Horses Animal Science (Animal, Dairy, and Poultry Sciences) 2002-07-11
Johnson, Latisha Chanette The Synthesis of Biotin Derivatives and Their Bioactivity Chemistry 2002-09-27
Johnson, Crawford Wood The Performance of the Baldcypress Leafroller (Archips goyerana Kruse, Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) in Response to Fertilization, Thinning, and Genetic Variation in Host Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum L. Richard) Entomology 2003-12-12
Johnson, Rolanda The Syntheses of Novel Indicators and Materials for Chiral Separation Chemistry 2004-01-08
Johnson, Aaron Edward An Original Composition Symphony No. 1 "Night Symphony" and an Analysis of Selected Traditional and Non-Traditional Elements of Harmony in Credo by Krzysztof Penderecki Music 2004-01-22
Johnson, Phillip James Seasons in Hell: Charles S. Johnson and the 1930 Liberian Labor Crisis History 2004-04-15
Johnson, Kurt Estimating Impervious Surfaces from a Small Urban Watershed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Using LANDSAT ThematicMapper Imagery Geography & Anthropology 2004-04-14
Johnson, Craig Bonya' Capacity of Freshwater Marsh to Process Nutrients in Diverted Mississippi River Water Agronomy & Environmental Management 2004-11-11
Johnson, Sarah Jane The Roles of Elicia/Lyse/Clarina in Tony Kushner's the Illusion: A Production Thesis in Acting Theatre 2005-04-13
Johnson, Lisa Gaye Physical Activity Behavior of University Students: An Ecological Approach Kinesiology 2006-04-03
Johnson, Erik Ivan Effects of Fire on Habitat Associations, Abundance, and Survival of Wintering Henslow's Sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Southeastern Louisiana Longleaf Pine Savannas Renewable Natural Resources 2006-04-04
Johnson, Misty Noel The Black Church and Political Mobilization of African Americans Mass Communication 2007-05-30
Johnson, Barrett Ashley An Original Composition, Galleria Armonica, Theme and Variations for Piano, Harpsichord, Harp and Orchestra and a Comparative Study between the Pedagogical Methodologies of Arnold Schoenberg and Nadia Boulanger Regarding Training the Composer Music 2007-11-13
Johnson, Brian Sidney Airlift Assisted Wastewater Treatment Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-04-08
Johnson, Alice Marie The Effectiveness of Contextualization on Second Language Acquisition Using the Situational Discourse Semantic Model Communication Sciences & Disorders 2008-04-10
Johnson, David Samuel Trophic Control of Saltmarsh Invertebrates Biological Sciences 2008-07-09
Johnson, Gail Lorraine The Effects of Cross-Age Mentoring in an Online Collaborative Environment Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2008-11-02
Johnson, Deidra Brown The Digital Disconnect: Uncovering Barriers that Sustain the Phenomena of Unplugged Teachers in a Technological Era Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2009-11-04
Johnson, Katherine The Royal Family Costume Design Theatre 2010-04-29
Johnson, Stephanie Lynn Spatial and Temporal Variabilities on Soils in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana Agronomy & Environmental Management 2010-07-06
Johnson, Erik I. Fragmentation Sensitivity and Its Consequences on Demography and Host¬Ectoparasite Dynamics in Amazonian Birds Renewable Natural Resources 2011-04-27
Johnson, Calicia Effect of Piezoelectric Actuation on Curved Beams and Single Lap Joints Mechanical Engineering 2011-04-28
Johnson, Jeffrey Harlan Sensing Synesthesia Art 2011-06-07
Johnson, Christina Marie Unveiled Pandemonium Art 2011-11-04
Johnson, Loren Elizabeth Training, Nutrition, Injury and Lifestyle Characteristics of Shorter Distance Triathletes Kinesiology 2012-07-03
Johnson, Mary Catherine Pretesting in Science: Effect on Unit Test Scores Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-07-03
Johnson, Sarah Jane Songs Without Words: The Forgotten Piano Works of Nadine Dana Suesse Music 2013-08-16
Johnson , Kimberly Gales African American Women Superintendents: Pathways to Success Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-09-04
Johnson, Jessica Danielle Detection and Confirmation of Veterinary Drug Residues in Commercially Available Frozen Shrimp Food Science 2014-04-08
Johnson, Rodney J. Based on Teacher Perceptions, Would the Use of Social Media Via Mobile Devices in Grades 9-12 Classrooms Increase Student Engagement in Learning Activities? Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2013-11-15
Johnson, Elizabeth Schwartzhoff Does the PCAOB Inspection have an Effect on Audit Fees and Audit Quality? Accounting 2015-04-01
Johnson, Erin Effects of Hydrologic Modifications on Flooding in Bottomland Hardwoods Renewable Natural Resources 2015-06-03
Johnson, Christopher Bradley Variability of Optical Counterparts to X-ray Sources within the Galactic Bulge Survey Physics & Astrononomy 2016-07-03
Johnson, Tiffany Chantelle The Effects of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes on Phytoplankton and Nutrient Concentrations in Wetland-Estuary Transition Zones along the Gulf Coast Environmental Sciences 2015-10-21
Johnson II, Richard Dean A Comparison of Career Goals and Educational Values Between Hispanic Immigrant and Caucasian United States Citizen Employees of Louisiana Crawfish Farm Operations Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2011-05-17
Johnston, Gregory Anti-Americanism: An Exploration of a Contested Concept in Western Europe Political Science 2006-05-10
Johnston, Elizabeth S. LSU Mental Health Service Program Evaluation Social Work 2007-04-12
Johnston, Joseph Atkins Accruals Quality and Price Synchronicity Accounting 2009-07-06
Johnston-Durham, Heather L. Reading and Re-Reading Young Adult Memoirs: A Narrative Study with Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2013-11-14
Jombai, Tamaratina In Vitro Inhibitory Activity of Black Seed Oil and Potassium Chloride against the Biomarkers of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Food Science 2011-07-08
Jomento-Cruz, Ingrid Lorelei Robotics as a Means of Increasing Student Achievement in Middle School Science Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-11-19
Jones, Teresa Christine The Effect of Diet/Supplement Intake and Competitive Swimming/Gymnastics upon Bone Mineral Density of Collegiate Females Human Ecology 2001-11-11
Jones, Sara Ann "The Neumeister Collection of Chorale Preludes of the Bach Circle:" An Examination of the Chorale Preludes of J. S. Bach and Their Usage as Service Music and Pedagogical Works Music 2002-01-30
Jones, Matthew Keating Buddha's Shell Art 2002-04-18
Jones, Raymond Michael Advanced Turbulence Modeling for Industrial Flows Mechanical Engineering 2003-07-07
Jones, Judy Diane James Effects of Selective Herbicide Application on Vegetation and Invertebrates for Northern Bobwhite, and Small Mammal Communities within Managed Pine Forests Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries 2003-07-09
Jones, Wendy Michelle Using Trabecular Architecture of the Proximal Femur to Determine Age at Death: An Accuracy Test of Two Methods Geography & Anthropology 2003-10-30
Jones, Robert Hankins Effect of Cotton Aphids, Aphis gossypii (Glover), on Cotton Plant Development and Yield Components Entomology 2004-05-19
Jones, Beth Ashby The Effects of Mini-Conferencing Prior to IEP Meetings on Parental Involvement in the IEP Process Curriculum & Instruction 2006-07-06
Jones, Curtis A. Red Morningglory (Ipomoea coccinea) Biology and Management in Sugarcane Agronomy & Environmental Management 2006-07-06
Jones, Emily Lee The Clinical Utility of MLU and IPSyn for AAE-speaking Children Communication Sciences & Disorders 2007-04-08
Jones, Jeannette Di Bernardo University of Pennsylvania MS Codex 436: A Description and Analysis of Contents Music 2007-04-12
Jones, Chanika Renee An Analysis of Gender Differences in Property Crime Arrest Rates Sociology 2007-11-08
Jones, Rebecca Mary Development of Attitudes of Children toward Coastal Environmental Themes Survey: Exploring Attitudes of Louisiana Middle School Students Educational Theory, Policy, & Practice 2011-04-21
Jones, Audra Leigh Animal Scavengers as Agents of Decomposition: The Postmortem Succession of Louisiana Wildlife Geography & Anthropology 2011-06-09
Jones, Owen McBride The Effects of Spinosad on Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) and Non-target Insect Species Entomology 2012-11-14
Jones, Laura Elizabeth Minding the Gap: A Rhetorical History of the Achievement Gap English 2013-05-31
Jones, Gabrielle P March Madness for Men Mass Communication 2013-11-18
Jones, Patrick Robert Polonium-210 Dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2014-01-10
Jones, Rebekah Danielle Quantifying the Impact of Hurricanes, Mid-latitude Cyclones and Other Weather and Climate Extreme Events on the Mississippi-Alabama Barrier Islands using Remotely Sensed Data Geography & Anthropology 2014-03-31
Jones, Timothy Mark Web-based Computational Tools for Studying Plant Biodiversity Biological Sciences 2015-01-21
Jones, Kimberly Reneé This Is My Attempt To Hold On Art 2015-06-09
Jones, Shanice M. Evaluation of Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers on Corn Production Systems in the Mid-South Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2015-07-08
Jones, Andrew Cessna "I Listen to Their Story, They Listen to My Comments, and Then I Pocket My Fee:" Sherlock Holmes as Rhetorical Equipment for Living Communication Studies 2016-04-04
Jones, Kelvin Deangelo What Made You Hear That? An Examination of the Rehearsal Listening of Accomplished School-Based Music Conductors Music 2016-07-11
Jones, Kimberly Y. Principals' Beliefs and Attitudes About Social and Emotional Learning: A Grounded Theory Study Human Resource Education & Workforce Development 2016-11-01
Jonsson, Jon Einar Effects of Body Size on Goose Behavior: Lesser Snow Goose and Ross's Goose Renewable Natural Resources 2005-09-06
Joo, Hyunjeong Agricultural Policy, Off-farm Income, and Farmland Values: The Case of South Korea Agricultural Economics 2015-04-13
Jopling, Rebecca LeBlanc Voice Initiation and Voice Offset Patterns in Normal Females:Investigated by High Speed Digital Imaging Communication Sciences & Disorders 2009-04-14
Jordan, Kerri Stanley Power and Empowerment in Writing Center Conferences English 2003-04-07
Jordan, Sara Sytsma Further Validation of the Child Routines Inventory (CRI): Relationship to Parenting Practices, Maternal Distress, and Child Externalizing Behavior Psychology 2003-06-12
Jordan, Matthew Collin A Configurable Decoder for Pin-Limited Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006-08-19
Jordan, Richard Lawrence The Second Coming of Paisley: Militant Fundamentalism and Ulster Politics in a Transatlantic Context History 2008-08-28
Jordan, Rhonda Lee The Effects of Coping Strategies on Burden among Louisiana Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers Social Work 2012-04-19
Jordan, Atiya Nicole GUMBOS and NanoGUMBOS: Applications as Photosensitizers in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Chemistry 2013-06-19
Jordan, Nigel Ramon Integration of Network Protector Relays on Downtown Distribution Networks with Penetration of Renewable Energy Electrical & Computer Engineering 2014-04-09
Jordan, Erin Colleen Turning the Table Over: Collaboration and Critique at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Geography & Anthropology 2016-07-08
Jordon, Tamyka Rochelle Bratya, A Symphonic Poem Music 2015-11-16
Jose, Neha Clare Social Media Network Data Mining and Optimization Computer Science 2016-05-25
Joseph , Alice A Study of Elementary School Children at Risk for Truancy: Exploring Gender Differences, Services Offered, and Other Factors Related to Truancy Social Work 2008-04-11
Joseph, Myrtho Urban Population Density and Environmental Quality in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A Geo-Statistical Analysis Geography & Anthropology 2012-06-06
Joshi, Sanjeev Evaluation of Growth Rates and Establishment Patterns of Water-elm (Planera aquatica) and Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) in Response to Hydrologic and Climatic Conditions at Catahoula Lake, Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2012-11-12
Joshi, Ishan Estuarine Water Quality and Dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using Field and Satellite Observations Oceanography 2017-06-16
Joshi, Sanjeev Sediment Transport and Channel Morphology Dynamics of Highly Regulated Alluvial Rivers - A Case Study of the Lowermost Mississippi River. Renewable Natural Resources 2017-07-07
Joukar, Alireza Analysis and Management of the Price Volatility in the Construction Industry Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2016-04-01
Joyner, Timothy Andrew Optimizing Peak Gust and Maximum Sustained Wind Speed Estimates from Mid-Latitude Wave Cyclones Geography & Anthropology 2013-04-05
Juban, Angie Pitts Insiders: Louisiana Journalists Sallie Rhett Roman, Helen Grey Gilkison, Iris Turner Kelso History 2003-06-10
Judice, Wilson Elie Reduced Tillage and Residue Management Programs in Sugarcane (Saccharum Spp. Hybrids) Agronomy & Environmental Management 2005-05-31
Judson, William Denis Diderot's Anglophilia and its Impact upon his Salons Art 2017-06-08
Judson Miller, Sheena Pattern-Based Model Transformation: A Metamodel-Based Approach to Model Evolution Computer Science 2004-11-12
Judy, Chad Robert Impacts and Recovery of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Vegetation Structure and Function of Phragmites Australis Environmental Sciences 2013-05-20
Juengling-Sudkamp, Jenifer A Single-Subject Study Examining the Effects of a Behavioral Intervention for Verbal Recurrent Perseveration Communication Sciences & Disorders 2012-01-26
Julfiker, Md Julkernine Reactivity of Iron-Sulfur Proteins with Nitric Oxide Biochemistry (Biological Sciences) 2016-04-06
Jun, Joo Won The Compositional Style of Judith Lang Zaimont as Found in Nattens Monolog(Night Soliloquy), Scena for Soprano Voice and Piano with Text by Dag Hammarskjöld Music 2005-05-21
Juneau, Jason Paul Repression and Reduction: The Apparatchik's Discourse in the Works of Ammianus Marcellinus, Denis Diderot, Victor Serge and George Orwell Comparative Literature (Interdepartmental Program) 2006-11-17
Junek, Ashley Rachelle Going with the Flow?: The Medical School Pipeline and Advising Premedical African American Students on Predominantly White Campuses Educational Leadership, Research & Counseling 2007-04-03
Jung, So-Ra The Perceived Benefits of Healthcare Information Technology Adoption: Construct and Survey Development Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2006-11-16
Jung, Hoonshin Modeling of Solute Transport and Retention in Upper Amite River Civil & Environmental Engineering 2008-10-01
Jung, Yoonhyuk Users' Understandings of the Virtual Economy in Social Virtual Worlds: Consumption and Entrepreneurship of Virtual Goods Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Business Administration) 2010-04-09
Jupin, Richard Michael Gerald Finzi and John Ireland: A Stylistic Comparison of Compositional Approaches in the Context of Ten Selected Poems by Thomas Hardy Music 2005-11-05
Jurbergs, Andrea Nichole Relative Efficacy of School-Home Notes with and without Response Cost in Impoverished Elementary Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Psychology 2003-04-03
Jurbergs, Andrea Nichole Relative Efficacy of School-Home Notes and Teacher Feedback in Minority Elementary Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Psychology 2005-08-01
Juric, Pavica Mass Media Usage during a Natural Disaster: LSU College Students and Hurricane Katrina Mass Communication 2006-04-03
Jurkovic, Ines-Ana Evaluation of a Desktop Computed Radiography System for IMRT Dosimetry Physics & Astronomy 2004-10-13
Justelien, III, Alvin James Factors that Influence Course Completion of Individuals Enrolled in Craft-Training Courses Offered by a Large Organization of Member Construction Companies Human Resource Education Workforce Development 2009-11-02

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