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Ialeggio, James Stephen Some Effects of Nutrient and Flooding Stress Manipulation on Coastal Louisiana Wetland Vegetation Renewable Natural Resources 2014-06-10
Ichim, Ana Maria Assessing Cost Efficiency and Economies of Scale in the European Banking System, a Bayesian Stochastic Frontier Approach Economics 2012-11-14
Ickes, Kalan Leonard The Effects of Wild Pigs (Sus scrofa) on Woody Understory Vegetation in Lowland Rain Forest of Malaysia Plant Biology (Biological Sciences) 2001-11-16
Idewu, Wakeel Ishola, Anthony Development and Operational Analysis of Highway Alternating Merge Transition Zones Civil & Environmental Engineering 2009-07-08
Ihachi, Moses Inyanje New Strategies for the Synthesis of Porphyrinoids Chemistry 2013-11-15
Ikram, Samina Zahid Disparities in Accessibility to Pharmacies: A Case Study in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana Geography & Anthropology 2014-04-09
Iles III, David M The Contentious Performances of Culture Jamming: Art, Repertoires of Contention, and Social Movement Theory Political Science 2013-11-05
Iles, III, David Matthew Boxing with Shadows: Contentious Politics, Culture Jamming, and Radical Creativity in Tactical Innovation Political Science 2009-02-18
Illing, Sean Derek Between Nihilism and Transcendence: Albert Camus' Dialogue with Nietzsche and Dostoevsky Political Science 2014-04-25
Iltcheva, Borislava A. Peter Christoskov's Twelve Caprices for Solo Violin, Opus 1: A Historical and Theoretical Analysis of the Work and Its Connnection to Bulgarian Folk Music Music 2006-01-20
Inanc, Ozlem The Microeconomics of International Price Dispersion Economics 2007-01-09
Indala, Sudheer Development and Integration of New Processes Consuming Carbon Dioxide in Multi-Plant Chemical Production Complexes Chemical Engineering 2004-01-21
Indest, Christine Cidalise Taking PR to School: A Case Study of Three Private High School Public Relations and Development Departments Mass Communication 2002-04-16
Indest, Matthew Oliver Factors Affecting Within-plant Variation of Cotton Fiber Quality and Yield Plant, Enviromental & Soil Sciences 2015-11-16
Inikori, Solomon Ovueferaye Numerical Study of Water Coning Control with Downhole Water Sink (DWS) Completions in Vertical and Horizontal Wells Petroleum Engineering 2002-06-10
Inirio, Zuly Elizabeth A Perfomer's Guide to Jean-Yves Malmasson's Opus 6: Trois poèmes de Charles Baudelaire and Opus 30: Les fleurs du désir Music 2013-11-07
Inlow, Brittany Does endurance training alter energy balance? Kinesiology 2012-07-09
Inniss, Lorna Veronica Scientific and Management Perspectives in Wetland Groundwater Hydrology Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-04-08
Inniss , Tania The Merging of Ornamentation, Artistic Competence, and Social Structure in the Portraiture oI Jeremiah Theus in Charleston, South Carolina Art 2016-05-20
Iombo, Claudio Jose Predictive Data Compression Using Adaptive Arithmetic Coding Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007-07-03
Ionita, Costel Class Groups and Norms of Units Mathematics 2004-07-01
Ipek, Gamze Log-Derived Cation Exchange Capacity of Shaly Sands: Application to Hydrocarbon Detection and Drilling Optimization Petroleum Engineering 2002-04-09
Ippolito, Victoria D Evaluating Remote Setting Techniques for Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Seed Production in Louisiana Renewable Natural Resources 2010-11-16
Iqbal, Javed Effect of Temperature on Efficiency of in Situ Bioremediation Technology: A Laboratory Microcosm and Field Study Environmental Studies 2003-07-08
Iqbal, Javed Development of Cost-Effective and Benign Lipid Extraction System for Microalgae Engineering Science (Interdepartmental Program) 2012-01-23
Irizarry, Ramon Restructuring the Spaces under Elevated Expressways: A Case Study of the Spaces below the Interstate-10 Overpass at Perkins Road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Landscape Architecture 2003-05-30
Irshad, Ahmed Syed Fuzzyfying Markov Decision Process Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005-04-11
Isaacson, Kristin Yardbird Cello: Adapting the Language of Charlie Parker to the Cello through Solo Transcription and Analysis Music 2007-11-16
Ishihara, Yuri Investigation of Accuracy in Quantitation of 18F-FDG Concentration of PET/CT Physics & Astronomy 2004-10-11
Israyelyan, Anna Henrik The Development of Molecular Diagnostics for Breast Cancer Veterinary Microbiology & Parasitology (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2003-06-26
Istre, Tai Anderson Use of Actigraphy to Objectively Measure Motor Restlessness in Restless Legs Syndrome Psychology 2002-08-20
Istvan, Kyle Manifestations of Symmetry in Polynomial Link Invariants Mathematics 2017-04-10
Ito, Shima Impact of Intrafraction Motion on Post-Mastectomy TomoTherapy of the Chest Wall Physics & Astronomy 2009-03-31
Iverson, Perry K. Refining the Characterization of Projective Graphs Mathematics 2013-07-07
Iverstine, Wiley Application of Peer Instruction in the High School Seting Natural Sciences (Interdepartmental Program) 2010-07-08
Ivy-O'Donnell, Camille Nicole In the Shadow of Big Oil A Media Content Analysis of the 'Big Oil' Stigma Mass Communication 2015-04-09
Iwai, Roy Ryuta Denitrification Potential of Sediment from a Future Mississippi River Diversion Site in Louisiana Oceanography and Coastal Sciences 2002-04-16
Iyer, Diwakar Suryanarayana Electrodeposited Nanoscale Multilayers of Invar with Copper Mechanical Engineering 2005-11-16
Iyer, Arun Venkatesh Phylogenetics and New Approaches to Vaccine Development for West Nile Pathobiological Sciences (Veterinary Medical Sciences) 2008-10-30
Izadi, Foad U.S. Public Diplomacy toward Iran: Structures, Actors, and Policy Communities Mass Communication 2009-04-02
Izdepski, Caleb W. Early Flotant Establishment and Growth Dynamics in a Nutrient Amended Wetland in the Lower Missisippi River Delta Oceanography & Coastal Sciences 2007-11-08

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