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Achee, Timothy Paul The Poisonous Wine from Catalonia: Rebellion in Spanish Louisiana during the Ulloa, O'Reilly, and Carondelet Administrations History 2010-04-07
Allen, Amanda Wrenn Flesh, Blood, and Puffed-Up Livers: The Theological, Political, and Social Contexts behind the 1550-1551 Written Eucharistic Debate between Thomas Cranmer and Stephen Gardiner History 2014-10-28
Altazin, Keith The Northern Clergy and the Pilgrimage of Grace History 2011-06-01
Armbruster, Caroline Elizabeth "A Woman For Many Imperfections Intolerable": Anne Stanhope, the Seymour Family, and the Tudor Court History 2013-11-07
Auerbach, Stephen "Encourager le Commerce et Répandre les Lumières:" The Press, the Provinces and the Origins of the Revolution in France: 1750-1789 History 2001-11-13
Badredinov, Evgeny Problems of Modernization in Late Imperial Russia: Maksim M. Kovalevskii on Social and Economic Reform History 2005-11-16
Baggett, Ashley The Rise of the Surgical Age in the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis:A Case Study of the Mississippi State Sanatorium History 2010-04-28
Baker, Harold Douglas Misguided by Experience: A Defense of Custer's Actions at the Little Bighorn History 2002-04-17
Beaman, Greg Alan Nature, Nurture, Mythology: A Cultural History of Dutch Orangism during the First Stadholderless Era, 1650-1672 History 2007-11-15
Belton, Roshunda Lashae A Non-Traditional Traditionalist: Rev. A. H. Sayce and His Intellectual Approach to Biblical Authenticity and Biblical History in Late-Victorian Britain History 2007-11-14
Berg, Scott M In the Shadow of Josephinism: Austria and the Catholic Church in the Restoration, 1815-1848 History 2010-07-09
Bertolette, William F. German Stereotypes in British Magazines Prior to World War I History 2004-06-09
Bertolette, William F. British Identity and the German Other History 2012-01-24
Blank, Katherine British Women and Orientalism in the Early Nineteenth Century: A Study of Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali’s Observations on the Mussulmauns of India History 2013-05-31
Bowers, Paige Building the Big Chief: Charles Garnier and the Paris of His Time History 2012-06-04
Brandt, Karl Gerard Deficit Politics and Democratic Unity: The Saga of Tip O'Neill, Jim Wright, and the Conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives during the Reagan Era History 2003-07-10
Brown, Yvonne “Kill That Snake": Anti-ERA Women and the Battle Over the Equal Rights Amendment in Louisiana, 1972-1982 History 2014-11-17
Buman, Nathan A. To Kill Whites: The 1811 Louisiana Slave Insurrection History 2008-07-11
Buman, Nathan Two Histories, One Future: Louisiana Sugar Planters, Their Slaves, and the Anglo-Creole Schism, 1815-1865 History 2013-04-15
Burlette, Julia Alayne Grenier French Influence Overseas: The Rise and Fall of Colonial Indochina History 2007-10-26
Caillet, Matthew David "Are you Better Off"; Ronald Reagan, Louisiana, and the 1980 Presidential Election History 2011-03-30
Caris, Evan M. British Masculinity and Propaganda during the First World War History 2015-11-12
Carney, Courtney Patterson Jazz and the Cultural Transformation of America in the 1920s History 2003-11-10
Carson, Mark David Beyond the Solid South: Southern Members of Congress and the Vietnam War History 2003-01-15
Cavell, Samantha A Playing at Command: Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the Royal Navy, 1793-1815 History 2006-03-31
Cervantez, Sabrina Rae Facts Are Stubborn Things: The Foundation of Alfred Russel Wallace's Theories, 1823-1848 History 2016-04-08
Champagne, Marie Therese The Relationship between the Papacy and the Jews in Twelfth-Century Rome: Papal Attitudes toward Biblical Judaism and Contemporary European Jewry History 2005-04-12
Childers, Robert Christopher Popular Sovereignty, Slavery in the Territories, and the South, 1785-1860 History 2010-03-02
Cloyd, Benjamin Gregory Civil War Prisons in American Memory History 2005-07-11
Collins, Brian David The New Orleans Press-Radio War and Huey P. Long, 1922-1936 History 2002-07-11
Cooper, Allison Claire "The Prince and His People": A Study of Edwardian Propaganda, 1547-1549 History 2011-04-29
Courter, Robert W. How the Mustang Trampled the Luftwaffe: The Role of the P-51 in the Defeat of the German Air Force in World War Two History 2008-07-02
Couvillon, Carrie Monasticism in Anglo-Saxon England: An Analysis of Selected Hagiography from Northumbria Written in the Years after the Council of Whitby History 2005-07-14
Craft, Brandon Taylor Queenship, Intrigue and Blood-Feud: Deciphering the Causes of the Merovingian Civil Wars, 561-613 History 2013-11-18
Cunningham, Geoffrey David “You Can Never Convert the Free Sons of the Soil into Vassals”; Judah P. Benjamin and the Threat of Union, 1852-1861. History 2010-05-18
Cunningham, Geoffrey D. To Begin Anew: Federalism and Power in the Confederate States of America History 2015-07-13
DeCuir, Sharlene Sinegal Attacking Jim Crow: Black Activism in New Orleans, 1925-1941 History 2009-04-13
Dessens, Alexander Scott Res Voluntaria, Non Necessaria: The Conquest and Forced Conversion of the Saxons under Charlemagne History 2013-08-05
Dotson, Jr., Paul R. "Magic City" Class, Community, and Reform in Roanoke, Virginia, 1882-1912 History 2003-11-13
Edmondson, Tereal Wayne Cranks, Libertarians, and Zealots: An Examination of Opposition to Jefferson Davis in the Provisional and First Confederate Congresses History 2004-07-06
Eskridge, Sara K Rube Tube: CBS, Rural Sitcoms, and the Image of the South, 1957-1971 History 2013-01-02
Fillingim, Carron Stewart Revelations from "Cheesecake Manor": Agatha Christie, Detective Fiction, and Interwar England History 2007-06-03
Finley, Keith M. Southern Opposition to Civil Rights in the United States Senate: A Tactical and Ideological Analysis, 1938-1965 History 2003-07-02
Foster, Nicholas Ed The Persian Policies of Alexander the Great: From 330-323 BC History 2005-04-11
Fuchs, Tim K. The Tardieu Moment: Andre Tardieu's Failure as Prime Minister of France, 1929-1930 History 2002-04-18
Garbarino, Collin S. Reclaiming Martyrdom: Augustine's Reconstruction of Martyrdom in Late Antique North Africa History 2007-11-13
Garbarino, Collin Resurrecting the Martyrs: The Role of the Cult of the Saints, A.D. 370-430 History 2010-11-11
Gifford, Rachel Collections Created During Conflict: Preserving the Memory of the First World War History 2015-04-10
Gonzalez, Guy Brendan Edmund Burke and His Impact on the British Political, Social and Moral Response during the French Revolution (1790-1797) History 2010-04-30
Gray, Audrey The 'Happiest Corner' of London: Bethnal Green, 1881-1951 History 2015-06-27
Guidry, Justin Grinning with the Devil: The Use of Humor in Race Record Advertisements History 2007-04-12
Hall, Nathan Thomas "The Faults of a Virginian": John Marshall and Republican Legal Culture History 2011-11-09
Hall, Ryan M. A Glorious Assemblage: The Rise of the Know-Nothing Party in Louisiana History 2015-01-26
Halloran, Erin Michelle The Influence of Humanism on English Social Structures Through the Actions of Thomas Linacre and John Colet History 2011-04-27
Hankins, Jeffery R. Local Government and Society in Early Modern England: Hertfordshire and Essex, C. 1590-1630 History 2003-11-07
Hargroder, Andrew Luke "A Circle Form'd of Friends:" Candor, Contentiousness, and the Democratic Clubs of the Early Republic History 2015-06-05
Hayes, Jean Anne Anglian Leadership in Northumbria, 547 A.D. through 1075 A.D. History 2005-06-15
Hernandez, Don J The History of Holy Rosary Institute History 2010-01-29
Hernando, Matthew James "The Bald Knobbers of Southwest Missouri, 1885-1889: A Study of Vigilante Justice in the Ozarks." History 2011-04-14
Horton, Erin Elizabeth Medieval Sources in the Early Work of Pablo Picasso History 2010-04-30
Horton, Aaron Dennis The Long Road Home: Alfred Andersch, Hans Werner Richter, and the German Search for Meaning in Catastrophe History 2011-04-04
Howell, Clara E. Richard, Son of York: The Life and Northern Career of Richard III History 2014-05-30
Huff IV, William Harrision The United States 1989 Military Intervention in Panama: A Just Cause? History 2002-06-13
Hyde, Sarah L. "Teach Us Incessantly:" Lessons and Learning in the Antebellum Gulf South History 2010-01-26
Johnson, Phillip James Seasons in Hell: Charles S. Johnson and the 1930 Liberian Labor Crisis History 2004-04-15
Jordan, Richard Lawrence The Second Coming of Paisley: Militant Fundamentalism and Ulster Politics in a Transatlantic Context History 2008-08-28
Juban, Angie Pitts Insiders: Louisiana Journalists Sallie Rhett Roman, Helen Grey Gilkison, Iris Turner Kelso History 2003-06-10
Koerber, Bennett Jeffery Nationalization and Regionalism in 1920s College Football History 2015-04-07
Kuss, Mark Davis Collective Security or World Domination: The Soviet Union and Germany, 1917-1939 History 2012-04-24
Landry, Stan Michael From Orthodoxy to Atheism: The Intellectual Development of Bruno Bauer History 2003-03-25
Landry, Meghann Lanae Fashioning the Future: The U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps, 1943-1948 History 2012-04-15
Lane, Michael David 'Of Whims and Fancies': A Study of English Recusants under Elizabeth, 1570-1595 History 2015-11-11
Lannen, Andrew C. Liberty and Authority in Colonial Georgia, 1717-1776 History 2002-10-23
LeMay, Rodney Ray Collaboration or Self-Preservation: The Military Code of Conduct History 2002-09-05
Lewis, Lyndsi The Politics of Public Relations: Concepts of Image, Reputation and Authority in Henry VIII’s England History 2015-07-03
Lilly, David Imperial Consensus: The English Press and India, 1919-1935 History 2012-04-26
Lipscomb, Sarah Elisabeth A Crisis of Opportunity: The Example of New Orleans and Public Education in Antebellum Louisiana History 2005-04-11
Lubin, Joshua Elliot American Disillusionment and the Search for Self-Fulfillment in the 1970's: A Cultural History of Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, and Saturday Night Fever History 2005-04-04
Mac Donald, James Matthew Politics of the Personal in the Old North State: Griffith Rutherford in Revolutionary North Carolina History 2006-03-02
Macenczak, Ansley L German Enemy Aliens and the Decline of British Liberalism History 2010-06-09
Malbrew, Ricardo Purnell Brownsville Revisited History 2007-03-11
Marr, Joshua Thomas Religion Beyond the Empire: British Religious Politics in China, 1842-1866 History 2007-09-24
Matteucci, Jr., Robert Attilio The Pope and the Presidents: The Italian Unification and the American Civil War History 2015-04-07
McBride, Spencer Welles The Courtship of Providence and Patriotism: The Founders' Perceptions of American Religion History 2010-05-22
McDaniel, Matthew F Emigration to Liberia from the Chattahoochee Valley of Georgia and Alabama, 1853-1903 History 2007-11-13
McGowan, Brian M. Sufficient to Make Heaven Weep: The American Army in the Mexican War History 2005-03-12
McKenzie, Kristina D The Desegregation of New Orleans Public and Roman Catholic Schools in New Orleans, 1950-1962 History 2009-04-12
Mitchell, Nicholas Ensley Towards Nakba: The Failure of the British Mandate of Palestine,1922-1939 History 2007-07-10
Mitton, Steven Heath The Free World Confronted: The Problem of Slavery and Progress in American Foreign Relations, 1833-1844 History 2005-01-19
Morlas, Katy Frances La Madame et la Mademoiselle: Creole Women in Louisiana, 1718-1865 History 2005-04-04
Morrison, Heather Pursuing Enlightenment in Vienna, 1781-1790 History 2005-06-09
Murray-Miller, Gavin Defining Modernity: Mentality and Ideology under the French Second Empire History 2005-04-12
Novak, Neal A. Une Societe Nouvelle: The Decline of the Gaullist Party and France's Move to the Left History 2005-04-11
Pastor, Lori Renee Black Catholicism: Religion and Slavery in Antebellum Louisiana History 2005-04-04
Patenaude, Marc The McCarran Internal Security Act, 1950-2005: Civil Liberties Versus National Security History 2006-04-07
Patenaude, Marc A. Providing for the Common Defense: Internal Security and the Cold War, 1945-1975 History 2011-04-14
Perkins, Lyle Kenneth Failing the Race: A Historical Assessment of New Orleans Mayor Sidney Barthelemy, 1986-1994 History 2005-07-11
Perkins, Katherine Lee Pierret The Education of Princess Mary Tudor History 2007-11-16
Perreault, Matthew Saul Jockeying for Position: Horse Racing in New Orleans, 1865-1920 History 2016-04-11
Pinard, Matthew Douglas The American and South Vietnamese Pacification Efforts during the Vietnam War History 2002-04-19
Poche, Eric The Passion Over Perpetua: A New Approach to the Passio Perpetuae et Felicitatis History 2009-11-10
Poche', Eric James Agnes in Agony: Damasus, Ambrose, Prudentius, and the Construction of the Female Martyr Narrative History 2015-07-13
Poirot, III, John Joseph Perceptions of Classical Armenia: Romano-Parthian Relations, 70 BC-AD 220 History 2003-11-09
Pratt, Adam Jeffrey The Cavalier in the Mind of the South, 1876-1916 History 2007-11-14
Pratt, Adam Jeffrey Regulating the Republic: Violence and Order in the Cherokee-Georgia Borderlands, 1820-1840 History 2012-04-26
Reed, Matthew Ryan Sulpicius Severus and Martin of Tours: Defending a Mentor, Securing a Saint History 2009-04-16
Rein, Christopher Trans-Mississippi Southerners in the Union Army, 1862-1865 History 2004-08-15
Renfro, Blake Barton The Reunification of American Methodism, 1916-1939 History 2010-04-29
Reonas, James Matthew Once Proud Princes: Planters and Plantation Culture in Louisiana's Northeast Delta, from the First World War through the Great Depression History 2006-11-08
Reynolds, Kimberly Kay All the World's a Stage: Pageantry as Propaganda at the Court of Elizabeth I, 1558-1569 History 2006-11-14
Rigole, Julius The Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany during World War II History 2002-04-13
Rountree, Kathryn Catholic Missionaries in Africa: The White Fathers in the Belgian Congo 1950-1955 History 2009-11-10
Rowan, Jeremy David Imagining Corporate Culture: The Industrial Paternalism of William Hesketh Lever at Port Sunlight, 1888-1925 History 2003-04-05
Ruckel, Ryan "A Kind Providence" and "The Right to Self Preservation": How Andrew Jackson, Emersonian Whiggery, and Frontier Calvinism Shaped the Course of American Political Culture History 2006-07-13
Rush, Kimberly Reynolds “Princes upon Stages”: the Theatricalization of Monarchy in the Reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1569 History 2015-03-31
Sailus, Christopher Rebels, Settlers and Violence: Rebellion in Western Munster, 1641-2 History 2012-04-24
Saucier, Craig Edward Mr. Kerr Goes to Washington: Lord Lothian and the Genesis of the Anglo-American Alliance, 1939-1940 History 2008-06-03
Sawyer, Katherine E. "Unspottyd Lambs Of the Lord": Presbyterianism and the People in Elizabethan London History 2010-04-29
Schandler, Matthew The Economics of Neutrality: Switzerland and the United States in World War II History 2005-11-16
Seyfried, Kathrine These Savages Are Called the Natchez: Violence as Exchange and Expression in Natchez-French Relations History 2009-05-06
Smith, Mary Jane Constructing Womanhood in Public: Progressive White Women in a New South History 2002-11-12
Smith, Eric T That Memorable Campaign: American Experiences in the China Relief Expedition During the 1900 Boxer Rebellion History 2004-01-28
Smith, Lee Davis A Settlement of Great Consequence: The Development of the Natchez District, 1763-1860 History 2004-07-01
Smith, Leanna Deveres "Fame's Eternal Camping Ground": Louisiana and Virginia Civil War Cemeteries History 2007-07-07
Spruell, Megan Elizabeth "A simple zeal and earnest love to the truth": The Religious Journeys of Catherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk, and Katherine Parr, Queen of England History 2013-04-16
Steen, Kirk Michael Arthur Koestler's Hope in the Unseen: Twentieth-Century Efforts to Retrieve the Spirit of Liberalism History 2005-06-12
Stout, Arthur Wendel A Return to Civilian Leadership: New Orleans, 1865-1866 History 2007-04-11
Stout, Arthur Wendel White Manhood in Louisiana During Reconstruction, 1865-1877 History 2015-11-12
Thornton, Heather Restoration, Religion, and Revenge History 2005-11-11
Thornton, Heather D. "Beat the Drum Ecclesiastic": Gilbert Sheldon and the Settlement of Anglican Orthodoxy History 2010-08-25
Tiegs, Robert Wrestling with Neptune: The Political Consequences of the Military Inundations during the Dutch Revolt History 2016-04-01
Todd, Sam Beardsley The Politics of Improvement:Internal Improvements, Sectionalism, and Slavery in Mississippi, 1820-1837 History 2007-06-07
Trosclair, Wade James Alfred von Waldersee, Monarchist: His Private Life, Public Image, and the Limits of His Ambition, 1882-1891 History 2012-04-24
Tully, Stuart Lucas Selling the Ghetto: Rap Music and Entrepreneurialism History 2009-11-09
Tully, Stuart Lucas Buying In and Selling Out: African-American Ownership of Record Labels in the Twentieth Century History 2016-04-04
Ulentin, Anne Free Women of Color and Slaveholding in New Orleans, 1810-1830 History 2007-04-03
Ulentin, Anne Shades of Grey: Slaveholding Free Women of Color in Antebellum New Orleans, 1800-1840 History 2012-04-24
Vanderford, Chad Rights of Humans, Rights of States: The Academic Legacy of St. George Tucker in Nineteenth-Century Virginia History 2005-05-25
Varin, Vanessa “Pure Americanism": Building a Modern St. Louis and the Reign of Know Nothingism History 2012-04-03
Wagner, Terry Joel "To Liberate Communication:" The Realist and Paul Krassner's 1960s History 2010-07-07
Wagner, Erik Paul "The Lonely Romantic": Nature, Education, and Cultural Pessimism in the Early Works of Hermann Hesse History 2015-02-19
Wagner, Terry Expertise and Disbelief: Post-1945 American Attitudes Toward the Authority of Knowledge History 2015-07-06
Wegmann, Andrew N. Christian Community and the Development of an Americo-Liberian Identity, 1824-1878 History 2010-06-09
Whitfield, Kristi Renee Canning Foods and Selling Modernity: The Canned Food Industry and Consumer Culture, 1898-1945 History 2012-10-08
Whittaker, Kelly Diane Political Conspiracy in Napoleonic France: The Malet Affair History 2007-11-13
Williamson, Richard Dean Berlin & the Origins of Detente: Multilateral & Bilateral Negotiation in the Berlin Crisis, 1958-1963 History 2010-10-27
Wilson, Megan "A Damned Set of Rascals" The Continental Army vs. The Continental Congress: Tensions Among Revoultionaries History 2012-04-27
Woodward, Colin Edward Marching Masters: Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army, 1861-1865 History 2005-04-12
Yoder, Joshua Luke The Case of Human Plurality: Hannah Arendt's Critique of Individualism in Enlightenment and Romantic Thinking History 2008-07-04
Zeringue, Joshua Thomas Booker T. Washington and the Historians: How Changing Views on Race Relations, Economics, and Education Shaped Washington Historiography, 1915-2010 History 2015-11-16
Aldana, Manuel Estuardo Effect of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertility on Fruit Quality and Growth of Tabasco Pepper (Capsicum frutescens) in Hydroponic Culture Horticulture 2005-06-23
Arancibia, Ramon Alejandro Enhanced Pectin Degradation is Associated with the Ease of Fruit Detachment in Tabasco Pepper Horticulture 2003-11-12
Bertrand, Sarah E A Comparison of Calcium and Magnesium Ratios in Soilless Media for Optimum Vegetable Production Irrigated with Alkaline pH Water Horticulture 2014-04-08
Borst, Steven Michael Influence of Turfgrass Coverage on Nutrient and Pesticide Transport as Affected by Water and Sediment Displacement during Surface Runoff Horticulture 2011-11-02
Brock, Andre A Determination of the Physical, Chemical, and Biological Features of Suspended Dark Flecks in Hot Sauce Horticulture 2008-11-11
Broussard, Mary Catherine A Horticultural Study of Liriope and Ophiopogon: Nomenclature, Morphology, and Culture Horticulture 2007-04-10
Burwell, Jr., Robert Wilson Nutrient and Sediment Losses from Surface Runoff during Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L.) Establishment on a Levee Embankment Horticulture 2009-11-10
Carroll, Heather Wallace The Effects of Mutations and Viruses on Yield and Quality of Sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam Horticulture 2003-04-01
Courtney, Michael William Genotypic Variability and Inheritance of Iron and Zinc in Sweetpotato Horticulture 2007-02-25
Delaune, Annina Aspects of Production for Clerodendrum as Potted Flowering Plants Horticulture 2005-04-12
Dupreé, Lacey Theresa Transitioning to Organic: Fertility Management in Potato Production Horticulture 2008-06-09
Fontenot, Dexter Paul Evaluating Seashore Paspalum Seed Germination and Enhancement, Erosion Abatement and Potential use as a Vegetative Landfarm Cap Horticulture 2007-11-12
Fontenot, Kathryn Karsh The Feasibility of Using Select Landscape Species for Phytoremediation of Cumene and 4-Cumylphenol Contaminated Groundwater Horticulture 2009-04-09
Gillett, Carly Creating a Horticultural Curriculum Addressing Environmental Concerns Horticulture 2012-04-19
Harris, III, Russell Stanley The Fate of Bifenthrin and Fipronil in Pine Bark Nursery Media Horticulture 2004-07-07
Hasing, Julio Eduardo Agroeconomic Effect of Soil Solarization on Fall-Planted Lettuce Horticulture 2002-09-03
Karsh, Kathryn Lauren Integrating Horticulture Biology and Coastal Environmental Issues into the Middle School Science Curriculum Horticulture 2005-03-28
Kokkinos, Charalambos Demetriou Viral Stress Activation of Retrotransposons in Sweetpotato [Ipomoea Batatas (L.) Lam.] Horticulture 2002-07-10
Komma, Chandrasekhar R Identification of Morphological Characteristics in St. Augustinegrass and Zoyisagrass Cultivars during Establishment and Growing under Shade and Sun Horticulture 2003-11-18
LeBlanc, Mark Rene' Cultivar, Juice Extraction, Ultra Violet Irradiation and Storage Influence the Stilbene Content of Muscadine Grapes (Vitis Rotundifolia Michx.) Horticulture 2006-01-20
Liu, Miao Development of a Rapid and Effective Screening Method for Basal Stress Tolerance of Petunia x hybrida Horticulture 2009-04-13
Lopez, Angelina Media Influence on Post-Harvest Container Plant Quality in a Retail Nursery Setting Horticulture 2006-04-05
Mader, Jennifer Margaret Induction of Acquired Stress Tolerance for Improving Landscape Survivability of Petunia x hybrida Horticulture 2009-07-10
McGregor, Cecilia E. Differential Expression and Detection of Transcripts in Sweetpotato (Ipomoea Batatas (L.) Lam.) Using CDNA Microarrays Horticulture 2006-05-09
Mcharo, Thomas Mwamburi Associating Molecular Markers with Phenotypes in Sweetpotatoes and Liriopogons Using Multivariate Statistical Modeling Horticulture 2005-03-14
McKnight, Lou Ann Response of Selected Warm-Season Turfgrasses and Ornamental Monocots to Short-Term, High Concentration, Ozone Fumigation Horticulture 2009-03-26
Miano, Douglas Watuku Replication of Viruses Responsible for Sweet Potato Virus Disease in Resistant and Susceptible Sweetpotato Genotypes and Identification of Molecular Markers Linked to Resistance Horticulture 2008-02-11
Natarajan, Seenivasan High Temperature Stress Responses of Salvia Splendens and Viola X Wittrockiana Horticulture 2005-07-14
Padda, Malkeet Singh Phenolic Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Sweetpotatoes [Ipomoea Batatas (L.) Lam] Horticulture 2006-04-06
Paz, Maria del Pilar Rhizome Manipulation Affects Growth and Development of Ornamental Gingers Horticulture 2003-11-10
Pecot, Heather Christianne Influence of Planting Depth and Mulch on the Growth of Nine Species of Ornamental Plants in Landscape and Container Settings Horticulture 2004-09-08
Richard, Michael Paul Effect of Nursery Media Particle Size Distribution on Container-Grown Woody Ornamental Production Horticulture 2006-03-31
Robichaux, Mary Beth Louise The Effect of Calcium or Silicon on Potted Miniature Roses or Poinsettias Horticulture 2008-07-11
Singleton, Mary Catherine Iron and Zinc Physiology in Sweetpotato Horticulture 2008-11-10
Smith, Leanna Lynn The Integration of a Formal Garden Curriculum into Louisiana Public Elementary Schools Horticulture 2003-06-04
Smith, Cody Derek Optimal Cultural Practices for Processed Sweetpotato Products Horticulture 2012-06-15
Solis Sarmiento, Julio Genomic approaches to understand sweetpotato root development in relation to abiotic factors Horticulture 2012-11-14
Sosa Nan, Sergio J Effects of Pre- and Postharvest Calcium Supplementation on Longevity of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus cv. Superior Sunset) Horticulture 2007-04-12
Strahan, Ronald Eugene Control of Two Perennial Grasses in Southern Turfgrasses Horticulture 2002-11-14
Taverner, James Influence of Cultural Practices and Herbicides on Torpedograss [Panicum repens (L.) Beauv.] Infestation in Centipedegrass [Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro, Hack)] Horticulture 2009-04-09
Wells, Daniel Evan Poultry Litter Ash as a Phosphorus Source for Greenhouse Crop Production Horticulture 2013-04-15
Whitley, Kristi Lee Factors Influencing Regeneration of Plantlets from Leaf Strips of Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch.) Horticulture 2004-11-03
Witcher, Anthony Lynn Evaluation of Fertilizer and Irrigation Production Systems for Large Nursery Containers Horticulture 2003-04-07
Young, John Burke, Jr. Field Grown Cut Flower Production in Southern Louisiana Horticulture 2003-04-03
Aguillard, Amber E Barriers When Implementing the Continuity-of-Care Organizational Structure in Infant and Toddler Child Care Settings Human Ecology 2003-04-10
Aldridge, Ryan Jerel Dress in the United States of America as Depicted in Postmortem Photographs, 1840-1900 Human Ecology 2008-11-04
Aldridge, Ryan Jerel The Responsibility of Clothing Slaves in the United States as Described in Slave Petitions, 1775 to 1867 Human Ecology 2012-06-06
Apavaloaie, Loredana Early Cumulative Caregiver Sensitivity and Its Relationship with Children’s Later Perceptions of Peer and Maternal Acceptance Human Ecology 2008-10-17
Apavaloaie, Loredana Children's Representations of Parenting Behaviors, Basic Negative Emotions, and Negative Self-Conscious Emotions in the Narrative Story Stem Technique Human Ecology 2012-06-14
Bai, Yifang Comparison of Food Security Status, Nutrient Intakes, Body Mass Index, and Multiple Diseases among Self-Reported Depressed and Non-Depressed Female Food Stamp Recipients in Southeast Louisiana Human Ecology 2006-11-16
Banning, Jennifer Lynn Feed Sack Fashions in South Louisiana, 1949-1968: The Use of Commodity Bags in Garment Construction Human Ecology 2005-06-23
Barker, Katheryn A. Contextual Influences on Faith Development in Adolescents and Emerging Adults Human Ecology 2011-05-31
Bawadi, Hiba Ahmad Applying the Transtheoretical Model to Promote Greater Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Successful Approach to Maintaining Behavioral Change Human Ecology 2004-05-27
Bayham, Brooke Erwin Obesity Treatment Alternatives: Foods to Surgery Human Ecology 2011-10-31
Bell, Holly Marie Investigating the Validity of Scores Obtained with the Home and Family Questionnaire and Their Reliability with Scores Obtained with the Home Observation for the Measurement of the Environment-Middle Childhood Human Ecology 2011-04-08
Blalock, Lydia Bentin Does Achieving Social Policy Goals Insure Positive Outcomes: From Welfare Reliance to Wage Work in Rural Louisiana Human Ecology 2002-06-13
Block, Elizabeth Benchea Adult Attachment Styles, Children's Self-Competence, and Children's Cognitive Ability: An Ecological Study Human Ecology 2004-04-08
Bonin, Leila Elizabeth Durable and Reusable Antimicrobial Textiles Human Ecology 2008-11-13
Broussard, Sheri Coates The Relationship between Classroom Motivation and Academic Achievement in First and Third Graders Human Ecology 2002-11-07
Brown, Teri Fewer Rainy Days for Those Who Praise: A Psychological Examination of Religion and Depression Human Ecology 2011-06-27
Buras, Blair Suzanne The Cost and Availability of the Thrifty Food Plan in Southeast Louisiana Human Ecology 2006-11-10
Burke, Caroline C Food Security Status, Nutrient Intake at the Beginning and End of the Monthly Resource Cycle, and Body Mass Index in Female Food Stamp Recipients Human Ecology 2005-04-07
Burnett, Lauren Measuring Children's Social Support Networks: Eco-mapping Protocol Human Ecology 2010-04-28
Caruso, Mary Katherine Modulating Lipolysis for Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Applications Human Ecology 2006-03-28
Carville, Lynda W. Barriers to Educational Attainment for Rural Women Exiting Welfare Human Ecology 2005-11-15
Charrier, Jason Andrew Resistant Starch in the Diet of Rodents Promotes an Increase in Fermentation and a Reduction in Body Fat in an Animal Model of Obesity Human Ecology 2011-06-27
Chiparus, Ovidiu Iulius Bagasse Fiber for Production of Nonwoven Materials Human Ecology 2004-02-26
Colona, Heather Compton The Effects of Oryzanol on Bone Mineral Density in Ovariectomized, Retired Breeder Rats Human Ecology 2002-07-10
Cramer, Kathryn Elizabeth The Influences of Parenting Styles on Children's Classroom Motivation Human Ecology 2002-07-12
Darbonne, Katherine A. School Readiness and Preschoolers' Attachment Representations: Possible Connections Human Ecology 2007-08-29
Dhurandhar, Emily Jane The Role of Ad-36 and Its E4orf-1 Protein in Modulating Glycemic Control Human Ecology 2011-06-08
Dixon, Devona Linette The Influence of Values and Other Social and Psychological Factors on the Dress and Appearance of African American College Students Human Ecology 2007-06-11
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